IMG Chapter 181 Su Family’s Retribution Part 2

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The forces were split in half. When Luo Bingshuo went to find Su Weizhi, Luo Lingxing had already blocked Su Lingping.

After Su Lingping was beaten to the plump, despite the world’s most advanced medical technology, he still had to lay at home for three whole days. These three days felt suffocating, so as soon as he recovered, he immediately went out for a breath of fresh air. However, he didn’t expect to meet Luo Lingxing here.

When Su Lingping saw Luo Lingxing, it was similar to the red eyes of someone seeing their nemesis. His eyes were so red, they seemed to be about to drip with blood. “Luo Lingxing, you dare to appear in front of me?” Su Lingping really wanted to peel Luo Lingxing apart now. All the pain he had to endure was brought upon by the person in front of him. He really loathed him!

In the past, when Luo Lingxing was still the eldest young master of the Su family, he was pressured everywhere by the other party. He was finally able to drive the other person out, but who knew that he would come back even more powerful. Everything he did was displeasing to his eyes. In the end, even his reputation was ruined and he was unable to work in the entertainment industry anymore. His engagement with Xi Liangqing was also ruined. He was even beaten and couldn’t get out of bed for days. When he was this miserable, why was the other party so free and appeared in front of him so happily? Was he provoking him?

“Is the Emperor Star your home? Are you the other one who can take a walk? I can’t?” Luo Lingxing said calmly.

“Since you dare to appear in front of me, don’t blame me for being rude. It seems that the previous beating really didn’t teach you anything. Then let me give you a deeper impression,” Su Lingping said with hate.

“It’s not certain who will learn their lesson. This time, I will return all the ‘hospitality’ you’ve given me before all at once!” The corners of Luo Lingxing’s mouth raised slightly, looking confident and arrogant. This was the last thing he needed to do for Su Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing’s momentum alone almost made Su Lingping retreat, but when he remembered the guards behind him, he suddenly regained his confidence.

In order to avoid being beaten again, he brought a few guards out with him. He never thought he’d encounter Luo Lingxing. His luck was pretty good. He could finally vent his few days of frustration using Luo Lingxing.

“Go and beat him up for me. It’ll be even better if you beat him to death,” Su Lingping ordered the guards.

The guards immediately rushed up to Luo Lingxing. Their skills were considered good amongst guards, but when they entered Luo Lingxing, who had a cheat from his previous life, they were nothing worth mentioning. The large guard was very quickly thrown to the ground like he was a fragile doll and even lost all their strength. The only one left was the leader, Su Lingping.

“Well? Do you still want to teach me a lesson?” Luo Lingxing came closer to Su Lingping step by step. The other party was also retreating step by step.

It was a shame that they were currently inside a dead end alleyway. Su Lingping was unable to retreat any longer and shouted, “D-don’t come over. Don’t come over here. my dad definitely won’t let you off.”

“I’m afraid he won’t even be able to protect himself, much less you,” Luo Lingxing sneered. His second brother had already made a move, so how could Su Weizhi have the chance to free himself?

“What do you mean? What did you do to my dad?” Hearing that his dad was in a difficult situation, Su Lingping instantly panicked. His biggest support was his dad. If something happened to his dad, then he…he didn’t dare imagine what his future would look like.

“Your dad only has himself to blame and is now paying for his past actions. As for you, don’t worry. You’ll also have a chance to atone for your past crimes.” Luo Lingxing forced Su Lingping to the deadline and slowly tormented him. He was proficient in martial arts, and he was naturally also proficient in acupuncture. He knew exactly where to hit someone to make them feel pain.

Luo Lingxing slowly tormented Su Lingping. He attacked every place available on his body. The only place left untouched was his face. It was probably because the pig’s head from a few days left too big of an impression on him.

“Ah! It hurts! It hurts!”

“Luo Lingxing, I won’t let you off!”

“Stop hitting me! Please, I’m begging you to stop. It really hurts.”

Su Lingping was in so much pain that he was constantly rolling on the ground. It was obvious that he(LLX) didn’t beat him as ruthlessly as he (SLP) did to others, but every attack . made him feel pain like he was about to pass out. However, for unknown reasons, he was unable to pass out. He could only endure the pain till he felt like he wanted to die.

“You already can’t handle it? You did much worse to me back then.” Luo Lingxing knelt on the ground to better enjoy Su Lingping’s pain. He spoke happily.

“I was wrong. I was wrong. Don’t hit me anymore. I’ll give you whatever you want. I’m begging you to stop,” Su Lingping quickly pleaded as he cried. As long as he could stop this torture, he was willing to do anything.

“Alright, I’ll give you an opportunity to reduce your punishment. Go online and stream while telling everyone everything that you’ve done. If the online friends are satisfied, I’ll reduce your punishment. How does that sound?” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. To Su Lingping, that smile was more terrifying than the devil himself.

“I-I’ll do it now,” Su Lingping instantly nodded and said. Compared to being tormented to death by Luo Lingxing, going online and confessing his crimes to people he’d never see was much easier. In any case, he wouldn’t be able to stay in the entertainment industry in the future, so he didn’t need to care about his reputation anymore.

And so, Su Lingping immediately turned on his terminal and opened a live stream. Under Luo Lingxing’s surveillance, he confessed in detail every single crime he’d committed against Su Lingxing as well as the blackmailing against Luo Lingxing previous to everyone.

There weren’t many people in the live at first, but probably because nobody expected Su Lingping to go live for this reason, as soon as they heard a tiny bit, they called their friends over. The number of viewers in the stream grew exponentially.

Luo Lingxing was amongst them. He didn’t have much reaction toward the fans who were yelling and cursing on his screen.

“I never thought Su Lingping was actually this kind of person. The negative reports surrounding Luo Lingxing previously were all caused by him. How could there be such a disgusting person in this world?”

“Luo Lingxing is also his older brother. He even got his own older brother chased out of the family, and he was even almost beaten to death by his little brother. How scary. Thankfully, I don’t have a little brother or else I would never feel at peace.”

“I never thought the little prince was so pitiful in the past. Not only was he plotted against by his little brother and unable to return home, he was even slandered by said little brother. So many people yelled at the little prince. He’s really so pitiful. Su Lingping, go die!”

“Su Lingping, get out of my sight. Get out of the entertainment industry. It’s because of disgusting rats like you inside the entertainment industry that people feel it’s hard to endure.

“I even liked him in the past. I never thought he would be a person like this. I was really blind in the past. I’m determined to be a Su Lingping hater in the future. I’ll hate even every time I see him!”

“Little prince, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have believed those reports. I let you suffer. I’m really sorry!”

There were two kinds of voices on the live stream screen. The first kind were filled with disappointment to Su Lingping and yelling at him. The other kind were filled with sympathy and remorse toward Luo Lingxing. However, none of this moved Luo Lingxing. Towards fans like this who were easily swayed, he didn’t feel happy toward them. If this matter was never cleared up and his name was still slandered, then these fans would be ones who increased his suffering.

Su Lingping confessed on the live, so he could naturally see the comments as well. Seeing the comments yelling at him, he felt indignant even though he wouldn’t be able to stay in the entertainment industry in the future. When he saw Luo Lingxing, who was in front of him, his anger dissipated again. He was terrified. He could only hope to explain things quickly and finish so that he could satisfy the other party. He wouldn’t yell or curse at him in the future either.

“I was wrong. I feel a lot of regret. I regret that Luo Lingxing had to suffer so much pain. I won’t appear in the entertainment industry in the future. I’ll carefully repent my mistakes.” When Su Lingping said the final word, he raised his gaze to Luo Lingxing, as if waiting for his response.

This live went on for an hour. The number of netizens who watched it surpassed the millions. It was expected this number would continue to increase. Su Lingping’s reputation was immediately trashed to the worst degree, and he would be unable to clear his name in the future. Without even having to look, one would know that everyone was cursing Su Lingping in the comments. As for Luo Lingxing, he had unexpectedly harvested a number of fans. He could gradually see the Power of Faith around him increase.

The result Luo Lingxing wanted had already appeared. He gently nodded his head. Su Lingping immediately turned off the live stream as soon as permission was granted.

“Then…Then can I leave?” Su Lingping endured the pain in his body. He only wanted to leave this place and get away from Luo Lingxing, this demon.

He never knew Luo Lingxing was like this. If he’d known earlier, he never would have provoked him. The other party’s attacks were many times stronger than his. He really was hurting so much that he considered committing s*icide just to get some peace.

“Who said you could leave?”

“You…Didn’t you just say you’d let me go if I live streamed?” Su Lingping widened his eyes at Luo Lingxing. The anger was stuck in his chest, making him feel very uncomfortable.

“I only reduced your punishment. I never said I’d let you go. I still haven’t repaid you for all the things you’ve done to me in the future. I’d planned on repaying you back ten times, but since you’re so obedient, I’ll reduce it to five times. I reduced it by half,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. Su Lingping was so indignant, he was going to spit a mouthful of blood. His eyes were about to roll into the back of his eyes, and he would pass out.

However, Luo Lingxing didn’t let him faint. He hadn’t tormented him enough. Su Lingxing had suffered a lot more than he (SLP) had.

The intensity of the torment increased. Su Lingping’s piercing screams echoed in this little alley, but because Luo Lingxing had set up a barrier, it didn’t spread to the outside world. He wouldn’t let others realize what was going on.

In the end, Su Lingping passed out from the pain. Luo Lingxing had even cast a spell on him that made him not easily pass out. It could be seen just how low Su Lingping’s pain tolerance was.

“Tsk! His pain tolerance is so low,” Luo Lingxing scorned. If Su Lingping heard this, he would definitely pass out again from indignation. How was his pain tolerance weak? It was clearly him who was too strong.

“Su Lingxing, you can now go to another world in peace. All your worries from this world have now been resolved. Since I’ve received the Luo family’s care, I will naturally treat the Luo family well. From now on, I’m Luo Lingxing, from the Interstellar era.

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