IMG Chapter 182 Su Family’s Retribution Part 3

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Luo Lingxing tossed the passed out Su Lingping onto the hover car, then flew the car toward the Su residence. He wanted to give the Su family one last present.

“Second brother, how are things on your end?” Luo Lingxing asked Luo Bingshuo, who appeared on the video call.

“Is there any matter your second brother can’t take care of? There’s no problem. I’m just waiting for you to bring them over.”

Luo Bingshuo gave him the okay hand signal.

“Okay, I’m bringing him to Su residence now.”

“Are you alright by yourself? In any case, I’m free right now. Why don’t I go with you?” Luo Bingshuo suggested.

He was still a bit worried about his little brother. Although the Su family was now a fallen family and all who was left was the weak and powerless Wei Xinyi and the useless Su Lingping, he was still a bit worried.

“Second brother, don’t worry. I can take care of this trivial matter myself. It’s fine to just wait for me over there. I’m hanging up first.” In order to avoid the other party’s insistence, Luo Lingxing immediately hung up the video call.

Not to mention Wei Xinyi and Su Lingping, even if there were ten or even a hundred more people, he could still handle them. The only exception was if this world also had people who used spiritual energy, otherwise nobody could hinder him.

When he arrived at the Su residence, Su Lingping still hadn’t woken up. He didn’t know if he unconsciously didn’t want to wake up or if he was truly tormented too harshly, but either way, Luo Lingxing didn’t put it to mind.

When he saw the grand entrance of the Su residence, memories that belonged to Su Lingxing continuously flashed through his mind. He knew that this was the last time he’d have these memories. After today, the Su family wouldn’t exist any longer, and all the memories belonging to Su Lingxing would also dissipate, leaving behind memories that only belonged to Luo Lingxing.

“Who are you? Who are you looking for?” A servant from the Su family looked at Luo Lingxing’s handsome appearance and asked with caution.

It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t recognize Luo Lingxing. It was because Luo Lingxing had changed so much. Along with the fact that they never thought Luo Lingxing would take a step through the Su residence doors again, so he didn’t realize.

“I’m looking for Wei Xinyi. Can you please notify her? Tell her I’m dropping off her son,” Luo Lingxing stood at the Su family’s door and said to the servant. It didn’t seem like he had any intention of going inside.

When Su Lingxing was kicked out of the Su family, he vowed that he would never take a step inside this door again. This place had nothing to do with him anymore.

Not long later, Wei Xinyi rushed out with the servant. When she saw Luo Lingxing, not only did she widened her eyes, she also screamed.

“It’s you? What are you doing here?” Wei Xinyi naturally recognized Luo Lingxing, since she followed the entertainment industry.

I told you, to drop off your son,” Luo Lingxing said calmly with a smile.

“Ping’Er? What did you do to Ping’Er?” As soon as she thought of Su Lingping, Wei Xinyi wanted to charge up and tear off Luo Lingxing’s face. She looked mad. She now only had her son. Everything that happened recently had made her a bit crazy. She couldn’t handle another attack.

“Your son is in the car. He’s doing fine. He isn’t injured,” Luo Lingxing said calmly.

What he said was the truth. From his outer appearance, he indeed didn’t suffer any injury, that was because all his injuries were internal and could not be seen.

Hearing this, Wei Xinyi rushed to open the car door. Seeing Su Lingping passed out on the floor of the back seat, she felt like she would collapse. She quickly hugged her son and called, “Ping’Er. Ping’Er?”

It didn’t matter how much she shouted, Su Lingping didn’t react in the slightest. Wei Xinyi suddenly shot Luo Lingxing an ominous glare. That gaze seemed to want to eat him alive.

“What in the world did you do to my son?”

“Your son is just sleeping. He’ll wake up soon,” Luo Lingxing said. He secretly used some force and sent spiritual energy to shock Su Lingping awake.

“Ping’Er, are you all right?” Seeing Su Lingping wake up, Wei Xinyi finally relaxed. She wanted to check if the other party had any injuries on her body, but as soon as she touched Su Lingping’s body, he let out a loud shriek.

“What’s wrong? Are you injured? Where are you hurt? Tell Mommy.” Wei Xinyi was very anxious. The more anxious she got, the harder her touch was, which only made Su Lingping’s shouts louder.

“Mommy, don’t touch me. It hurts.” As soon as Su Lingping got worked up, he pushed Wei Xinyi’s hand away. His entire body curled up.

Wei Xinyi wasn’t able to inspect him and was pushed on the ground instead. When she pulled herself up, she didn’t look for Su Lingping any longer but rushed toward Luo Lingxing instead.

“What in the world did you do to Ping’Er? Tell me!” Wei Xinyi rushed toward Luo Lingxing without a care and tried to push him to the ground. Her expression was full of hate and her eyes were filled with poison and disgust.

Luo Lingxing easily dodged her, and the one who fell on the ground again was Wei Xinyi.

Hate filled Luo Lingxing’s eyes. He didn’t plan on wasting any more time here. He directly said, “Get in the car. I’ll take you to see Su Weizhi.”

“Su Weizhi, my husband. What did you do to my husband?” Wei Xinyi’s body was filled with pain, but she still quickly asked.

In this family, the only people she could rely on were Su Weizhi and Su Lingping. If anything happened to these two people, then she…

…She really wouldn’t have a way to live anymore.

As soon as she saw Luo Lingxing act like this, she had a premonition, a very bad premonition. The days of smooth sailing and abundant food and clothing may be gone forever.

She hated, loathed the young man in front of her. If it wasn’t for his mom, she wouldn’t have been reduced to a mistress who everyone yelled at. If it wasn’t for him, her son wouldn’t have been an illegitimate child who everyone ridiculed. If it wasn’t for him, their family wouldn’t be what it was now. Her son would still be the proud young master of the Su family, and she would still be the glorious madam of the Su family.

It was all because of him. Luo Lingxing destroyed their family.

“Since you’ve already left the Emperor Star, why did you have to come back? After you’ve come back, something happened to the Su family. You came back for revenge, didn’t you? You came back to get revenge on me, didn’t you?” Wei Xinyi yelled hysterically.

“I don’t mind using violence if you still refuse to cooperate.” All of Luo Lingxing’s patience had already been exhausted. He raised his fist and threatened her.

“You dare? You’re just a bastard who’s been abandoned by the Su family, yet you dare speak to me like this. I won’t spare you. Do you think I’ll be scared of you just because my husband isn’t here? Let me tell you, don’t be fooled. Nothing will happen to my husband. I won’t go with you. Blah! Ping’Er, quickly get out of the car,” Wei Xinyi said fiercely to Luo Lingxing as she tried to pull Su Lingping out of the car to try and save him from going somewhere with this wench. Unfortunately, Su Lingping was a grown man. His weight wasn’t one Wei Xinyi could pull.

“Hehe, are you sure you won’t go? If you don’t go, you may never see him again,” Luo Lingxing said, leaning on the car with his arms crossed.

“Nonsense. My husband is still at the office. He’ll be back after work in the afternoon.”

“Tsk!  How annoying. I gave you the easy way out, but you refuse to take it.” Luo Lingxing couldn’t bother talking anymore nonsense and directly walked up, and while Wei Xinyi stared at him with fright, he knocked her unconscious. He threw her in the backseat with Su Lingping, who was still stuck on the floor of the car. He didn’t care about the terrible cries coming from the back and drove toward the courthouse. If he didn’t head over now, his second brother might not wait to go find him.

As expected, as soon as they arrived at the courthouse’s entrance, he saw Luo Bingshuo waiting there with a worried expression.

Seeing Luo Lingxing’s hover car stop, Luo Bingshuo hurried up. He first looked Luo Lingxing up and down, and was relieved to see that he wasn’t injured.

“Second brother, don’t worry. They can’t hurt me,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Mn.” Luo Bingshuo walked to the hover car, looked at Wei Xinyi, who was still unconscious, and kicked her several times without pause. It was a very violent and direct way of waking someone up.

“Ah!” Wei Xinyi’s pig-like scream echoed inside the courthouse, making those who heard it furrow their brows.  “Hurry up. If you’re any later, you might never see Su Weizhi again,” Luo Bingshuo said angrily.

“Who are you? What do you want? Luo Lingxing, I’ll sue you for battery.” Wei Xinyi looked at the hardened expression of Luo Bingshuo and was frightened, but when she saw Luo Lingxing, who was standing beside him, she gritted her teeth with anger.

“Sure. It’s perfect since we’re at the courthouse now. I’ll wait while you sue me,” Luo Bingshuo sneered. “Who else can I be? I’m the second young master of the Luo family. Well? Do you have any other questions? Why don’t I answer them all for you at once?”

“The second young master of the Luo family? That’s impossible. Our Su family has never had any interactions with the Luo family. How could you help him?” Although Wei Xinyi’s mind was usually a mess, she got to the point at the most crucial moments.

“Do your ears not work well or are you deaf? Didn’t you hear him call me second brother? Since I’m his second brother, who would I help if not him? You guys?” Luo Bingsuo spit out.

“Second brother? How can you be his second brother?” Wei Xinyi couldn’t believe it, or perhaps she didn’t want to believe it.”

“Heh! He’s my little aunt’s son. How else could I be his second brother if not?”

“That’s impossible. His mother is that sl*t, Luo Xueqing. He can’t be your little aunt’s son…ah!” Wei Xinyi was violently kicked by Luo Bingshuo. She lay on the ground, unable to get up.

“Do you have the qualifications to say my little aunt’s name?” Luo Bingshuo thought of his little aunt’s death, and he wanted to kill Wei Xinyi now to avenge her. However, he couldn’t. He couldn’t let her off so easily. She had to suffer in the second half of her life to make amends for his little aunt.

“Luo Xueqing is your aunt? Impossible. She’s just an orphan. How can she be your aunt?” Wei Xinyi shouted in disbelief. Regardless of anything, she couldn’t believe that Luo Lingxing would have such a family background.

What right did he have? She thought that after Luo Lingxing was kicked out of the Su family and lost the title and protection as the Su family’s eldest young master, he would be miserable. However, the other party turned things around and became the little young master of the Luo family instead. Although the Luo family couldn’t compare to the Su family in politics, their position, wealth, and military power could easily crush the tiny Su family’s.

The Su family was considered a prominent family in the Emperor Star, but the Luo family possessed the entire Flowing Cloud Star.

“Why is it impossible? Su Weizhi, that blind man, murdered my aunt for you. Now that he regrets it, do you really think he actually loves you? He just wanted your family background to help him. If he knew my aunt’s identity back then, he wouldn’t even have glanced your way.” Luo Bingshuo approached Wei Xinyi and whispered to her in a harsh tone.

“Get lost! That’s impossible! My husband isn’t that kind of person! I don’t believe it! Wei Xinyi shook her head vigorously. She didn’t want to believe it. She didn’t want to face the facts.

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Since you love each other so much, I’ll make your wish come true so that nobody can split apart your family of three in the future.” Luo Bingshuo glanced at the people behind him.

The people behind him understood and immediately pulled Wei Xinyi and Su Lingping up. They put handcuffs on both their hands and feet.

“What are you guys doing? Let me go! Do you know who I am? How dare you treat me this way! I won’t let you off!”

Even now, Wei Xinyi was still shouting. It was really unbearable.

“Take them to join Su Weizhi,” Luo Bingshuo instructed those people.

“Yes, second young master.”

In the courthouse, Su Weizhi sat in the defendant’s seat with his head down. He looked lifeless, and it could be seen that he’d been greatly tortured during this period of time. When Wei Xinyi and Su Lingping were brought inside, Su Weizhi glanced at them but didn’t pay much attention to them. However, when Wei Xinyi saw Su Weizhi, she screamed and was about to run over but was stopped by others.

“Honey, save us. Hurry and save me and Ping’Er. These people are bastards. You can’t spare any of them, honey!” Wei Xinyi looked at Su Weizhi as if looking at her savior. She didn’t notice where they were at all.

“Silence!” The judge knocked his gavel and signaled Wei Xinyi to be quiet.

Wei Xinyi was started. She finally noticed her surroundings. There was a judge sitting on the podium and many people sitting in the audience, listening in. All eyes fell on her. Some were disdainful, some were full of ridicule, some gloating, but there wasn’t a single kind gaze.

“You must be Wei Xinyi’s wife and son,” the judge pointed at Wei Xinyi and Su Lingping and asked.

“T-that’s right.” Wei Xinyi was still out of it and replied in a daze.

“After verifying with the court, the facts are that Su Weizhi has accepted bribes, embezzled public funds, bent the law for personal gain, and harmed his eldest son. He has committed grave crimes. This court will announce his punishment. Su Weizhi will immediately be exiled to the Dark Star to do hard labor and reflect. Wei Xinyi and Su Lingping, as Su Weizhi’s family members, will go with him. The aforementioned may not refuse!” In an unquestionable tone, the judge pronounced the final fate of the three members of the Su family.

Hearing this, Wei Xinyi fell to the ground without a care of her image. She was unaware that she had come to hear her final judgment and that she would be exiled to the Dark Star.

Where was the Dark Star? Even three year old children of the Emperor Star knew what kind of place it was. It wasn’t a place people could live. It was full of criminals and slaves who had committed the most heinous crimes. There was only endless work to be done day in and day out. Blood would flow endlessly, and the only food provided were nutrient packets. Going to the Dark Star was to live a life completely in the dark. It was the place everyone in the Emperor star was most unwilling to go to, without any exceptions.

“Your honor, you can’t do this. You can’t place your verdict like this. Ping’Er and I know nothing about this. We’re innocent. You can’t include us in your verdict. He did all of those things himself. It really has nothing to do with it. Su Weizhi is the one who did it all.” Wei Xinyi broke out of her daze and immediately tried to exonerate himself as she cried and fussed. She had completely forgotten what she’d said outside.

A “bang” sounded. Su Weizhi’s gaze Wei Xinyi a hard slap, leaving five finger prints behind. “You wench, what did you say?”

“Take them all away and head to the Dark Star now.” Luo Bingshuo couldn’t bother to watch this scene any longer, and with a wave of his hand, motioned for someone to take the three away.

“I finally avenged my little aunt. I believe my little aunt’s soul can rest in peace now,” Luo Bingshuo said, feeling a bit depressed.

“I’m sure Mom can rest in peace now. Don’t be too sad,” Luo Lingxing comforted.

“Mn, Xiao Xing, you can stay in the Luo family with peace of mind in the future. The Luo family is your only family. We will always be your relatives.” Luo Bingshuo hugged Luo Lingxing and comforted him as well.

He knew that the Su family had committed plenty of evil, but after all, he was still Luo Lingxing’s biological father. Seeing one’s own father being sent to the Dark Star would be uncomfortable.

However, what Luo Bingshuo didn’t know was that this Luo Lingxing wasn’t the same Luo Lingxing. He had no relationship with the Su family, so he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

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