IMG Chapter 183 Xia Yuan’s Male Fan

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“I never expected Su Lingping to be this kind of person. He did so many disgusting things, and even pushed the matter’s onto our boss. How can his thoughts be so vicious?”

“Who knows. He is obviously our boss’ brother. I never expected him to frame our boss like that. It’s really pitiful.”

“Not only that. Haven’t you guys read the reports online?” a staff member said mysteriously. “He was nominated for the Golden Fox Award by going through the back door. Otherwise, how could he compare to our boss’ acting skills?” “Such a thing happened? Isn’t the Golden Fox Award a very important award? How can someone go through the back door?”

It was rare for Luo Lingxing to visit Jun Ling Building, but he undoubtedly heard the three female staff members chatting.

Ever since Ye Luohan signed a contract with Jun Ling Studio, many people came to apply for a position. Fortunately, Luo Bingze had sent people to help, or else Chen Hongliang would have worked himself to death all alone.

In a short period of time, the studio was already on the preliminary track. Although not all departments were perfect, they could fully support the current operations of the studio. Other talents were also slowly being recruited.

“Xiao Luo, you’re here. Come in. The costume designer just sent the clothes over. Hurry and try it on. It if doesn’t fit, we’ll have it altered.” When Chen Hongliang saw Luo Lingxing enter, he quickly pulled the youth inside the fitting room.

“Okay,” Luo Lingxing replied and entered.

While Luo Lingxing tried on the clothes, Chen Hongliang was bored and thought of a topic to chat about. He suddenly thought of the few major events that had happened recently and said, “Xiao Luo, I never expected the prestigious Golden Fox Film Awards to have such a thing happen. It’s really a pity. Originally, you were the first to be nominated for the Golden Fox Film Awards for your re-debut. It was something we all took pride over, but now I have a different feeling about the Golden Fox Film Awards.”

“Did something happen with the Golden Fox?” Luo Lingxing while getting dressed. He heard those female staff members talking a bit about it before, and it seemed related to Su Lingping.

Chen Hongliang was a bit surprised. “You don’t know?”

“I don’t know.” Luo Lingxing had been busy dealing with the Su family these past few days, he didn’t have time to hear any news from online. Of course, he normally rarely paid attention to them as well.

“Do you remember when you were nominated, the Golden Fox Award announced a list of nominees, but later announced a new list?” Chen Hongliang asked.

“Mn.” Luo Lingxing had an impression of that. It was because the first list didn’t have Su Lingping but the second list did.

“It’s all because of the later list. I heard that two of the judges were bought, so that’s why they added people in the second list. This matter was exposed inside the Golden Fox Award, and those two people were found and kicked out. That’s why the list was changed back to the first one. The Golden Fox Award even apologized in public and announced that those people will never be nominated for the Golden Fox Award in the future. I believe that those people who were added in the second list won’t live good lives in the future.” Chen Hongliang curled his lip. There were too many discussions online about those celebrities going through the back door, especially regarding Su Lingping, who had a lot of incidents recently. It was estimated that he probably couldn’t appear in public again in the future.

It was truly a delight!

“Oh.” Luo Lingxing didn’t care much about things that didn’t concern him, especially now that the Su family had been completely uprooted. All he needed was to run his own business well, attract more fans, increase his Power of Faith, and improve his cultivation.

“The clothes fit well. All we need to do is make some minor adjustments around your waist. Pay attention to what you eat during this time. If you can eat less, it’s best if you do. If the clothes are altered and you gain weight again, I definitely won’t let you off,” Chen Hongliang flashed his fist and threatened.

Whenever he thought of the clothes being too small last time, his smile fades away. This was the Golden Fox Film Awards. There would be so much media there. If anything happens, he wouldn’t have any face to stay in the entertainment industry, even though he was considered to only be half on the backside of the entertainment industry.

“I got it. Don’t accept any work for me right now. I want to rest for a month,” Luo Lingxing said to Chen Hongliang.

He could feel his realm getting looser, and he’d stockpiled just about enough spiritual energy. He should be able to break through the fusion stage around the time of the Golden Fox Film Awards, so he needed to focus and consolidate his cultivation. Naturally, he didn’t have time to accept new work.

However, these words sounded like a thunderbolt from the sky in Chen Hongliang’s ears. He was suddenly stunned.

“What did you say? I don’t think I heard correctly. Say it again.” Chen Hongliang tried to deceive himself.

“Don’t accept any work for me for a bit after the Golden Fox Film Awards. I want to rest,” Luo Lingxing repeated patiently.

Chen Hongliang reached out to place a head against Luo Lingxing’s forehead to check his temperature. He said, “It’s not hot. Why are you speaking nonsense? It’s currently your most popular period. If…if you actually win the Golden Fox Film Awards, then it really will be the critical time. If you don’t accept jobs during this time, then either you’re stupid or I’m stupid.”

Chen Hongliang almost wanted to pry open Luo Lingxing’s head to see what was inside. Others were eager to take on more work during this period. They all packed their schedule so full every day that they even wanted to use their sleeping time. But this little artist was different. He always wanted to do the opposite of everyone else.

“Didn’t you accept a movie before?” Luo Lingxing remembered ‘My Brother-in-Law’ that he had to film in July. That was why he didn’t think his request was too overboard.

“That movie doesn’t start until July. The Golden Fox Film Awards will open mid-May. Are you going to waste that month-period in between?” Chen Hongliang was about to go crazy, but when he thought about how Guan Anhua was going to take over being Luo Lingxing’s agent, his heart burst with joy. He finally wouldn’t be the only one always having a stuffy heart.

“I’m not wasting time. I’m just not taking on more work.” He wanted to use that time to consolidate his cultivation, which was more important than taking on more work. Luo Lingxing silently finished the second half of the sentence in his heart.

“Then can you tell me why you’re not accepting more work?”

“To rest. I’ve been working for so long. I want to take a month to recuperate so that I can’t continue filming in the future. Otherwise, my body won’t be able to handle it.” Luo Lingxing spoke with dignity. It was impossible for him to say the real reason, but with his current Grade D body, it was reasonable that he needed a month to rest. After all, it was easy for his body to get tired.

Chen Hongliang remembered the other party’s physical condition and suddenly couldn’t speak.

“I got it.” Chen Hongliang’s heart was bleeding when he said this. With the month being wasted, it meant less money would be made as well. How painful.

“Then I’ll take my leave if there’s nothing less. I’ll have to trouble you with the studio, Brother Chen,” Luo Lingxing said as he waved to Chen Hongliang. He didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of acting the boss.

Luo Lingxing looked at the time on the terminal, thinking he should still be able to make it.

Today was the day Xia Yuan would participate in the finals for ‘Interstellar New Singer’. He promised to go watch it. This was also his first time attending the filming of the show as a live audience, so it was a refreshing experience for him.

“Beep beep beep”. Message prompts sounded on his terminal.

Han Junzhan: Where are you?

Luo Lingxing replied: On my way to Five Stars TV.

Han Junzhan: Why are you heading there?

Luo Lingxing: Xia Yuan has the finals today. I’m going to watch.

Han Junzhan: Then wait for me at the entrance. I’ll go as well.

Luo Lingxing: Okay.

It was only after Luo Lingxing agreed to Han Junzhan’s request that he remembered you needed a ticket to enter the place. Xia Yuan had promised to leave him one, but he didn’t know if there was a second one, so he sent a message to Xia Yuan.

Luo Lingxing: Junzhan also wants to come. Is there another ticket?

Xia Yuan quickly replied to the message and stated there wasn’t an issue. Luo Lingxing was relieved.

Not long later, Xia Yuan sent another message over: Remember to wear the mask and hat when you come. I asked Xiao Kai to pick you up outside.

Luo Lingxing was confused and replied: Why?

He didn’t like wearing masks or hats very much. He thought they were constraining.

Xia Yuan: You’re a celebrity now. If you appear at the entrance, it will definitely cause a commotion.

Luo Lingxing: Got it.

So it was like that. Luo Lingxing finally understood why those celebrities on TV always had to wear hats and masks when they traveled. It turned out it was to prevent fans from going wild.

Luo Lingxing found a hat and mask and put them on, then drove to Five Stars TV. This was the first time he came to this TV station. As soon as he got out of the car, he saw fans surrounding the entrance. Of course, these were fans of the singers who were going to participate in the finals.

Because it wasn’t time to enter yet, the fans were sitting together in pairs and chatting. There were also fans passing out handouts, support glow sticks, and other things. Luo Lingxing saw the glow sticks and banners with Xia Yuan’s name written on them. There seemed to be quite a few of them as well.

“Hell, are you here to see the finale of ‘Interstellar New Singer’?” a cute girl came over and asked Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing nodded.

“Then can I ask which singer you came to support?” the girl continued to ask.

“Xia Yuan,” Luo Lingxing replied. He did indeed come to support Xia Yuan.

Who knew that after the girl heard Luo Lingxing’s reply, her eyes would light up. Her smile deepened as she rushed back to her team. It was unknown what she said to them, but the girls who were gathered together ran to him excitedly. Luo Lingxing was frightened, thinking that he was exposed.

“Are you really here to support Yuanyuan?” a girl asked, her eyes glistening.

Luo Lingxing could only nod. He was very careful to not let the others discover his identity.

In fact, he was worried for nothing. There were many fans wearing masks there. There were many front-line fans who were there to lead the support, and many of them would be captured on camera, so these people wore masks to prevent their identities from being revealed. Therefore, Luo Lingxing’s way of dressing wouldn’t arouse suspicion. However, his identity as Xia Yuan’s “male fan” made this group of girls very excited.

“Ahh…it’s Yuanyuan’s male fan. I knew Yuanyuan had many male fans, but there are so few who actually come to support him in person. We finally met one. This is great. This is the glow stick and banner I made for Yuanyuan. It’s for you. Please continue supporting our Yuanyuan in the future as well,” the girls said excitedly as they stuffed countless items into Luo Lingxing’s hands.

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