IMG Chapter 184 Jun-Ling Drama

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And so, when Han Junzhan arrived at Five Stars TV’s entrance, what he saw was Luo Lingxing holding a huge pile of items to support their idol and standing there in a daze, looking confused.

As soon as Han Junzhan got out of the car, he heard someone shout at the top of their lungs, “Ah! It’s Han Junzhan!” As a result, everyone’s eyes focused on Han Junzhan’s body. They all looked excited and like they all wanted to rush over but didn’t dare.

It couldn’t be helped. Although Han Junzhan was popular, his cold and powerful aura as the Major General prevented his fans from getting too close. They could only feast their eyes on him from afar.

Han Junzhan didn’t pay attention to those fans. He immediately recognized Luo Lingxing, even in his disguise. He stepped up and said, “Let’s go.”

“Oh, okay.” Luo Lingxing was dragged into Five Stars TV by Han Junzhan in a daze. He’d completely forgotten that Xia Yuan had told him that Xiao Kai would come out to fetch him.

Once Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing’s figures had disappeared, the fans finally reacted. The screams became louder, resounding throughout Five Stars TV. The atmosphere didn’t lose to that of a competition at all.

“My god, I just saw Major General Han! I was actually so close to Major General Han. Major General Han is really handsome. No wonder he’s my male god!”

“Isn’t your male god Ye Luohan? When did it become Major General Han?”

“Can’t I have two male gods? God Ye and Major General Han are both my male gods.”

The Major General looked even cooler and more handsome in person than on TV. That face, that expression, that gaze was too freaking cool. I’m willing to drown in Major General’s gaze.”

“Speaking of, why is the major general here? Does Luoluo have a show that’s being recorded here? But as a Luo-fan, I haven’t heard anything about it.”

“Probably not. Luoluo only seems to be participating in the Golden Fox Film Awards recently.”

“It seems that Major General Han held that person’s hand and went inside early,” a girl replied, feeling weak.

And so, the noisy scene instantly quieted down. Everyone looked at each other. The atmosphere became very weird, but in the next moment, an even crazier scene broke out. If passersby saw this, they would think a group of crazies had escaped from the hospital.

“My god, that person must be Luoluo. I didn’t know I was actually so close to Luoluo. Do I still deserve to be a Luo-fan? The thunder should just strike me down now,” a cute and sweet looking girl pulled at her own hair. She didn’t even notice the mess she was making.

“I…I was chatting with Luoluo just now. I actually spoke to Luoluo. OMG! I even gave Luoluo Yuanyuan’s support card. I actually treated Luoluo as Yuanyuan’s fan. OMG, let me die! This is so embarrassing!” The person who gave the support card looked as if all life left her face.

“Luoluo and Yuanyuan really are good friends. Luoluo even came in person to support Yuanyuan. That’s amazing. Our Yuanyuan is really great.”

“I actually missed the chance to be so close with Luoluo. My god, I hope thunder can strike me and take me back in time.” “So does that mean Major General Han brought Luoluo to watch Yuanyuan’s finals? Are they on a date? Jun-Ling really is amazing. A public couple is so much sweeter than a fake one.”

“Sob sob sob. As a Han-Xing fan, how can I endure this.”

“Jun-Ling is the official couple, okay? Our Luoluo named his studio after the two of them. If this isn’t love, then I’ll live stream myself eating poop!”

The fans were frantically expressing their feelings. Many people even forgot the original purpose of coming here.

Ever since Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing’s engagement was announced, the Jun-Ling fans had increased at an unimaginable speed. The current number far surpassed the Han-Xing fans, making this Luo Lingxing’s new official coupling. The studio that was named after Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan had become these fans’ sweetest point, feeding these fans until they shout till their hearts were content.

Who knew how these fans would react if they knew the Jun Ling Studio was named after Luo Lingxing’s sect in his previous life?

They would probably insist that this was fate.

It couldn’t be helped. Shippers were a crazy group of fans. Any little detail would infinitely edge them on, fueling their wild imagination. They could come up with something even out of nothing. They wouldn’t miss even a tiny bit of detail.

However, even as the official accounts try to suffocate them to death, the Han-Xing fans are still going strong.Although they’re not as active as before, they are still bubbling about in their small groups.

On the other side, Han Junzhan took Luo Lingxing backstage without anyone leading them. Unexpectedly, they didn’t encounter any obstacles and nobody stopped them from going backstage.

“Xiao Luoluo, how did you get in?” When Xia Yuan saw Luo Lingxing, he ran over in surprise. He’d guessed that Luoluo would arrive soon, so he was just about to send Xiao Kai over to get him. He never thought the other party would come in by himself.

“Junzhan brought me.” Luo Lingxing took off his mask and said.

“Hello, Major General Han,” Xia Yuan greeted happily.

Han Junzhan only nodded. He didn’t have any objections to Luo Lingxing’s roommate.

There were several singers preparing backstage. When they saw Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan, they couldn’t help but gasp out in surprise. A few wanted to go up to them, but they were too timid. Seeing that Luo Lingxing and Xia Yuan seemed familiar with each other, they were all envious.

Of course, there were also the bold ones who walked up to Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan and said politely, “Hello, senior. I’m Wu Yaxu. I’ve watched all the films you participated in. I like senior a lot. Can you give me an autograph, senior?”

Although Wu Yaxu spoke to Luo Lingxing, his gaze lingered on Han Junzhan. It was a pity the other party didn’t notice him at all and didn’t even give him a single glance.

Luo Lingxing smiled and replied, “Sure.” He then took out his pen and gave him an autograph.

Wu Yaxu turned his gaze to Han Junzhan once again and said with admiration, “Major General Han, you’re my idol. Your combat skills are very impressive. Can you also give me an autograph?”

“I don’t like signing autographs,” Han Junzhan said coldly. He didn’t care that the other party’s expression immediately turned stiff.  “Um…Sorry, I was being rude,” Wu Yaxu said awkwardly.

“Ah’Xu, that’s just how Major General Han is. Don’t mind him. Beside being gentle with Luoluo, he’s cold with everyone else. I was almost frozen by him the first time we met.” Xia Yuan walked over. Remembering the first time he saw Han Junzhan, he couldn’t help but speak up.

Although in Xia Yuan’s opinion, his words weren’t an exaggeration, others thought Xia Yuan said this to help Wu Yaxu out. They’d never seen Major General Han act gentle before, but they really wanted to. At the same time, they were super envious of Luo Lingxing, who was actually Major General Han’s fiance. Why didn’t such a huge honor fall on their heads?

When the others saw that Luo Lingxing was easy to talk to, some who were more timid and the courageous ones came over to chat. After all, they hadn’t debuted yet, so Luo Lingxing was in a higher position than them. Getting acquainted with him would be beneficial to them when they entered the entertainment industry in the future.

However, not everyone had the intention of coming over to curry favor with Luo Lingxing. There was a singer who was obediently sitting in his seat, preparing for the finals.

However, it was clear that someone didn’t intend to let him be so inconspicuous.

“Zhou Shaojin, Senior Luo is here. It’s such a rare chance, so why aren’t you coming to greet him?” Wu Yaxu shouted at the boy who was sitting in his seat.

For a moment, the air in the lounge seemed to have frozen. Anyone with a brain could hear the dissatisfaction in this sentence.

Although it sounded like he was only reminding Zhou Shaojin for his own good, if it was any other celebrity who was here, they would feel neglected and hated. They would have a bad impression on his Zhou Shaojin. He would be negatively remembered by his seniors even before his debut, which would be detrimental to his future development.

Hearing this, Zhou Shaojin slightly frowned. Even if he didn’t want to go up, he had to say hello.

Luo Lingxing looked at this singer who was very handsome and had an extraordinary aura around him. He had a strong figure and was the robust handsome type of guy. Of course, he wasn’t very old, so he had a bit of childishness to him. In a few years, this person would be a showstopper.

“Luoluo, this is my good friend Zhou Shaojin, who I met here. Shaojin, this is my roommate, Luo Lingxing.” Xia Yuan introduced the two of them. He didn’t notice the previous strange atmosphere at all. On the other hand, Wu Yaxu didn’t expect Xia Yuan to speak up at this time.

“Good evening, senior,” Zhou Shaojin said without being too humble or arrogant. His voice was deep and very good sounding. This was the first time Luo Lingxing truly understood what “bass” meant.

“Hello,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. His impression of Zhou Shaojin wasn’t bad, and he didn’t feel neglected by the other party.

Han Junzhan gave Zhou Shaojin a glance, which was rare for him to do. He then looked at Luo Lingxing and said, “Luoluo, let’s take our seats in the audience first.”

“That works too. We’re almost ready as well. The show should start soon. I’ll have Xiao Kai take you to the audience first. Trust me, I’ll definitely take the championship,” Xia Yuan said happily. The last two sentences were whispered to Luo Lingxing, so only the two of them could hear it.

Luo Lingxing laughed and said, “I trust you. Good luck.”

After Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan left backstage, Xia Yuan was surrounded by the other contestants. In fact, there were only three people who would be participating in the finals, and they were Xia Yuan, Zhou Shaojin, and Wu Yaxu. The other contestants came to help.

“Xia Yuan, what did you mean when you said Senior Luo is your roommate?” Someone hurried forward and asked the question that was in his heart.

“I meant what I said. Luoluo is also a student at the Imperial University, and we’re roommates,” Xia Yuan replied.

“Xia Yuan, you’re so lucky. You’re roommates with Luoluo. Why don’t I have such an amazing roommate?” Someone was envious.

“How great. Then you’ll definitely have a lot of success in the entertainment industry in the future.”

“Xia Yuan, you can’t forget about your teammates when you become famous in the future.”

“Oh, right. Xia Yuan, which agency are you signing with after your debut? I heard several agencies came to look for you?”

“He has such a good relationship with Senior Luo. He’s probably signing with Jun Ling Studio, no? Am I right, Xia Yuan?” Wu Yaxu interjected as he fixed his makeup.

“Hehe…” Xia Yuan only giggled without speaking. As for which agency he was signing with, it would generally be kept a secret until it was finalized. Even the aloof Xia Yuan knew this fact.

Although he was very certain that he would sign with Jun Ling Studio, there was no need to tell them this. Yang Zekai just so happened to come back from sending off Luo Lingxing and appeared at the door, shouting, “Yuanyuan, come get your makeup done.”

“Okay, I’m coming. Sorry, I need to leave first.” Xia Yuan suddenly stood from the crowd. He hadn’t known how to answer that question anyway. “Xia Kai, fortunately, you called me just in time. What would I have done otherwise?”

“When you don’t know what to do, just keep your mouth shut!” Yang Zekai said calmly.

“Oh,” Xia Yuan replied. Fortunately, he’d done just that.

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