IMG Chapter 185 Pamper Song

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The huge stage, gorgeous lights, and exquisite layout made the finals of ‘Interstellar New Singer’ look different from usual. It looked even more extravagant. It could be seen how much effort the program team put in for the finale.

“Hello, everyone. Welcome to the finale for ‘Interstellar New Singer’. I am your host, Liu Ziqian.”

“I am your host, Yang Leyao.” The two hosts’ voices were heard before their persons were seen.

Many fans looked around, but they didn’t see the hosts.

Suddenly, petals fell down from the stage, attracting bursts of screams from the fans, especially female fans. And the two hosts floated down in just a romantic way on stage. They slowly landed, like celestials coming down to the mortal world.

“The program really put in a lot of effort this time and actually had us appear in such a romantic way. But it’s a pity that the person beside me is you. It really is a waste.” As soon as Yang Leyao appeared on stage, she expressed dislike for her partner.

“If not me, then who else? I’m the only one who doesn’t dislike you as a partner,” Liu Ziqian replied.The two have always gotten along like this, and the fans were also used to it.

“Such a romantic scene must be shared with the contestants and my partner. Only a handsome prince can pair with me beautiful…Cinderella self to elevate the beauty even more.”

When everyone thought she was going to say “beautiful princess,” Yang Leyao changed her words and said “Cinderella” instead, which instantly caused the audience to laugh. It can be seen that she was talented in hosting.

“Come on, stop being embarrassing and let the players out. I’m worried the fans will start throwing their water bottles at us,” Liu Ziqian said while showing a terrified expression.

“The audience will only throw at you. They won’t treat a beautiful girl like me that way.”

Liu Ziqian made an unbearable expression, then suddenly bowed at the audience and said, “I’m sorry, everyone. I’m going to drag this narcissist away and let our handsome contestants out.”

After speaking, Liu Ziqian actually dragged Yang Leyao away, causing the entire place to burst out in laughter.

The gorgeous stage suddenly changed. The colorful lights turned off and a single light appeared. The floating petals also turned into snow, flowing from top to bottom. It should have been a romantic scene, but looking at it somehow made people feel a bit sad. Emotional music came on, and the first contestant took the stage along with the music.

“Xuxu, Xuxu!” After clearly seeing the contestant, the fans in the audience immediately went crazy. The glow sticks were also raised.

Wu Yaxu used the prelude of the song to smile and interact with the fans to excite the fans up a bit.

Listening to the prelude of the song, it should be a sad one, and sure enough, as soon as Wu Yaxu opened his mouth, his expression changed. The fans in the audience also quietly listened to the song. The appearance on stage kept changing as he sang. Luo Lingxing knew this effect was brought on by the system, so he was able to treat it very calmly now.

Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan sat in the middle of the front row. It was the best seat to see the stage.

“Snowflakes in the sky, a gust of cold wind pierces my heart. Your innocence and beautiful smile hides all your sorrow. Lean on my chest. Why is your kiss so cold? Why are tears streaming from the corner of your eyes? Give me the last gentleness. After breaking up, you and I will never walk till the ends of the world. Give me the last gentleness. Turn around and don’t look back. Let the love tremble in the snow.1

Wu Yaxu’s voice wasn’t as low as Zhou Shaojin nor as cheerful as Xia Yuan’s, but it had its own characteristics, especially when singing sad love songs. His emotions were very infectious. Many fans cried after hearing this song. They sobbed quietly, but they were still unwilling to put down their glow sticks to cheer for their idol.

Luo Lingxing didn’t like this kind of music very much. He hadn’t experienced heartbreak before, so he didn’t have any feelings for Wu Yaxu’s singing. He couldn’t understand the feelings of the girls crying around him.

“Thank you for your support, everyone. I will try my best and learn more about music in the future to strive to bring better music to everyone. So if you like me, please vote for me.” After Wu Yaxu finished singing, he didn’t forget to try and pull votes for himself.

The finals used votes to determine the champion and runner-ups, but the voting period was from the start of today’s show to the end. Online votes only counted for so much, and there were a hundred special guests on site, each of which held five points. There were also five judges who held 50 points each. The three contestants would add their points, and the person with the highest points would become the champion of ‘Interstellar New Singer’.

This competition wasn’t one where the judges immediately comment after a contestant finished singing, instead, the next contestant would take the stage. This was to be as fair as possible and so that the fans’ votes wouldn’t be affected by the judges. They would vote with their hearts instead.

The next person to appear was Zhou Shaojin.

Zhou Shaojin wore a casual military uniform. Although it wasn’t an orthodox military uniform, after all civilians weren’t allowed to wear orthodox military uniforms, it still showed his tall figure. Coupled with that tough and handsome face and serious expression, he became a “lady killer”. Just hearing those fans who were screaming their lives out, one could see just how popular he was.

“Shaojin, Shaojin. Keep moving forward!”

Zhou Shaojin, I love you. I’ll always support you!”

Zhou Shaojin, please keep working hard!”

Shaojin, Shaojin. Look over here!”

The fans shouted frantically. The sound was deafening. Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but want to cover his ears. He saw countless Power of Faith floated from the audience to Zhou Shaojin, but they were like poor little things that were unable to return home. They could only circle around him without being absorbed. Luo Lingxing was distressed when he saw it.

Compared to listening to these songs, Luo Lingxing paid more attention to the Power of Faith. Every time he saw this situation, his heart would always hurt. If it was used by him instead, his cultivation would have proceeded faster.

At this time, Zhou Shaojin began to sing. The scene behind him was of a military camp, where soldiers were training hard and sweating.

Zhou Shaojin’s voice was naturally deep. When he sang a military song, it was powerful and moving, making people who heard it feel like they were at the barracks.

As the song progressed, the stage’s background changed from the military camp to a vast universe. The proud soldiers of the empire were fighting against the cruel zergs. The vast scene as well as the moving voice made all the fans there sink into the scene, as if they were there themselves. Even after Zhou Shaojin finished singing, it took a while before the fans came back to their senses.

The third person to go onstage was Xia Yuan. The fans were currently still immersed in the scene created by Zhou Shaojin, which was very unfavorable to Xia Yuan. Because the fans couldn’t come back to their senses, they couldn’t enjoy Xia Yuan’s song with their hearts. However, Xia Yuan didn’t immediately start the song, but walked onstage and looked at the fans below.

Xia Yuan was wearing a white T-shirt with denim overalls. He looked very cute and handsome, causing the fans to scream again.

“I want to sing an original song for everyone today.” Xia Yuan’s refreshing voice sounded on stage, transmitting to every corner through the microphone. While the fans were screaming and cheering again, he said, “Of course, I wasn’t the one who wrote the lyrics or composed the music.”

“My friend wrote this song. I think it’s very good, so with his permission, I decided to share it with you all on this special evening. This is the first time this song is being shared with the world, so I hope you will like it as well.”

As soon as Xia Yuan finished his words, the music started. Unlike with the first two contestants, the stage’s background wasn’t set to accompany the song.

If the stage correlated with the song, then the scene would be even more infectious, making it easier for the audience to immerse themselves and fall into the song. It was something many singers liked to do, especially during a competition, but Xia Yuan didn’t do this.

“What’s going on? Did Yuanyuan forget to change the background?” a fan said, worried.

“What should we do? Should we remind Yuanyuan?”

“But the music has already started. There’s no time to remind him.”

“Without the background, the advantages will be less. What if the audience’s support rate is low as well?”

Xia Yuan’s fans were very worried, so they didn’t listen to the music carefully.

Luo Lingxing sat in front of Xia Yuan’s fans, so he clearly heard their words.

“Listen to the song carefully and feel it with your heart.” Luo Lingxing didn’t turn his head, and his voice wasn’t loud, but those anxious fans felt as if someone had said those words into their ears. They were stunned for a moment, but their mood gradually calmed down as they focused on the song.

The song sung by Xia Yuan was different from the previous two contestants’. It could be regarded as a love song, but it was different from the sad song sung by Wu Yaxu. It was a very cheerful and relaxed song, making those who heard it feel very happy.

“I’m still young and don’t know what love is, but I was struck by your sweet smile. Your big eyes, oh, how very cute. Where should I put my hands when I talk to you? Every day after class you’ll be there. I love every second with you. Confusing geometrical shapes and your blushing face, how many answers are there? I just want to pamper you. Does this count as love? I don’t know either. I want to share my happy thoughts with you. I want to lend you my shoulder when you’re sad. This is the first time I feel nervous around someone. I really want to adore you. Just a few weeks you’re not there, and I’m already sad, because you’re not here~ A ray of light spilled down, I can’t help but look forward to this, because of love.2

Although there wasn’t a background for the stage, everyone who heard this song could see the budding and pampering love of an adolescent teen for another teen. They could hear the pampering, pureness, and happiness. Whether it was a love out in the open or in secret, it was a liveliness and youth that belonged to teenagers.

The lyrics were even sweeter, making the fans feel as if they were in a world filled with pink bubbles. The sweet bubbles flew everywhere, making everything sweeter.

There were even countless fans who couldn’t help but want to find a boyfriend to fall in love with.

“From the beginning to now, only love Xia Yuan!”

“From the beginning to now, only love Xia Yuan!”

“From the beginning to now, only love Xia Yuan!”

The fans went crazy. The slogans were shouted in unison. For a while, the only words that could be heard was the sentence, “From the beginning to now, only love Xia Yuan!” It didn’t stop for a long time. When the hosts came out, they even had trouble controlling the scene.

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  1. Song is The Last Gentleness by Bobby Chen ↩︎
  2. Song is Pamper by TFBOYS ↩︎

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