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“The fans are so enthusiastic, and the contestants are so dazzling, making me feel so self-conscious that I don’t dare come out,” Liu Ziqian said helplessly.

“Big brother Ziqian, you’re the most handsome!”

“Big brother Ziqian, you’re the best!”

Big brother Ziquan, hurry up and have our Yuanyuan come out!”

The fans belowed started to comfort Liu Ziqian and cheer him up. The words at the start were quite normal, which made Liu Ziqian elated, but who knew somewhere in the middle, things changed, making Liu Ziqian almost choke.

Liu Ziqian pitifully looked down toward the fans who were coaxing him and said, “I won’t follow you guys who like to bully people. If you continue like this, be careful that I don’t let them come out.”

“Dear fans, I’ll let your favorite contestants come out.” Yang Leyao, who was the king at pulling Liu Ziqian down, walked out with the three finalists. Liu Ziqian’s expression finally collapsed, and the fans burst out in laughter.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Why is everyone laughing so happily? Is it because you guys saw me?” Yang Leyao playfully winked at the audience.

“That’s right!” Everyone was very cooperative.

“Wow, I’m really flattered. It turned out that everyone likes me so much. I’ll make a fool of myself and sing a song for everyone.” Yang Leyao looked like she was about to sing.

Liu Ziqian quickly grabbed the mic and pretended to look at the watch on his wrist. He changed the topic and said, “Isn’t it about time to announce the results? Is everyone excited?”


“All right, since everyone is so excited, I won’t sing. Let’s take a look at the numbers of the non-site votes on the big screen.” Yang Leyao and Liu Ziqian turned their eyes to the big screen with everyone. It showed the votes of people who weren’t there in person for the three contestants.

First place: Xia Yuan 5,648,291 Second place: Zhou Shaojin 5,329,873 Third place: Wu Yaxu 4,986,325.  “Wow, it seems that every constants’ fans are very powerful. The off-site votes are converted to one for every 10,000, which means for every 10,000 votes, the constant will receive one actual vote.”

As Liu Ziqian spoke, the originally tall bar chart suddenly shrank according to scale, but the gap between the three could still be seen.

“With so many supporting and loving you guys, do you guys have anything you want to say to them?” Yang Leyao asked, giving the three of them to drag in votes.

The first person to speak was Wu Yaxu, who had the lowest score. He walked up and gave a deep bow, then said with a smile, “I will definitely work hard to live up to the fans who like and support me. I hope everyone can see a better version of myself in the future. If you like, please vote for me. Thank you!”

The second person to speak was Zhou Shaojin. Zhou Shaojin had always been a person of few votes, such a person was logically not suitable for the entertainment industry, but his singing skills and musical talent were few high. Adding in his cool appearance, he attracted a lot of fans.

“I don’t really have much to say,” Zhou Shaojin said calmly. The host was obviously stunned for a moment, but he was worthy of being a host of a large TV station and soon turned to normal.

“It seems Zhou Shaojin is as taciturn as always. How did he develop such a cool and handsome character? I can’t help but like it,” Yang Leyao said, lightening the mood.

The final person to speak was Xia Yuan. Xia Yuan always smiled optimistically no matter the situation. As long as he was around, anyone would be infected by his happy emotions.

“I really like music, and I really like singing. I feel happy whenever I sing, so I hope I can bring that happiness to everyone. If you are sad, I hope your mood turns better when you hear my music. When you’re in a good mood, I hope you become even happier after hearing it. As long as everyone is happy when they hear my songs, then I’m satisfied.” Xia Yuan didn’t ask anyone to support him but used simple words to express his inner thoughts. He expressed his love with a bright smile.

“Yuanyuan, I’ll always support you!”

“From the beginning to now, only love Xia Yuan!”

The fans immediately cheered. They held their banners and signs up high, hoping their favorite contestants could see it and feel their support.

“Thank you all for your support.” Xia Yuan gave a deep bow to everyone down in the audience.

Although he usually looked like a sweet fool, in fact, there were times when he was sentimental.

“Since the three contestants have already tried to pull votes, let’s see who the votes our 100 special guests will give to. Let the voting begin!”

A blue bar raised next to the bar chart. The blue bar continued to rise. These were the votes of the 100 guests on site.

“Wow, each contestant’s score is very close. It’s going to be a close match. The highest score will soon be revealed. This is almost the end.” With the host’s voice, everyone’s hearts were also raised to the occasion. They were all nervous as their eyes stared at the big screen. It felt like they were also the ones competing instead.

The bar chart kept rising, slower this time to indicate the voting was coming to an end. Sure enough, within a minute, the bar chart for the three people didn’t change.

“The voting has ended. Let me see everyone’s score. Hmm…Wu Yaxu’s score is 135 points, Zhou Shaojin has 160 points, and Xia Yuan has 205 points!” Yang Leyao’s voice gradually increased, and when she spoke of Xia Yuan, her voice was already high and very excited. Even with the cheering of the fans below, her voice was still more deafening.

This was the first time Luo Lingxing watched a live game. He never knew that a small girl could have so much energy in their bodies. The sound was almost enough to tear the roof off. Remembering the scene of watching the game on the virtual network last time, it was nothing compared to today.

“Now that the special guests have voted, all that’s left are the votes in our judges’ hand. Each judge has 50 points, which are the most critical votes tonight to determine the winner. Let’s start with Teacher Wu1.”

“The three performed very well today. Xia Yuan was very stable. His voice is also very special, and he’s very devoted to singing. His voice is very infectious, but who impressed me the most was Wu Yaxu. He really came out of his shell and tried a different style. He grasped the feelings very well, so my vote is for Wu Yaxu,” Teacher Wu said.

“Thank you, Teacher Wu.” Wu Yaxu bowed and thanked him with unconcealed excitement on his face. He was the one with the lowest score, after all, but he wasn’t out of the game yet. It all depended on these judges.

“I give my vote to Zhou Shaojin. This child’s singing has brought upon a different experience to the music world. I believe he will develop even more in the future.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Shaojin’s tone was the same even while thanking them.

“I vote for Xia Yuan. I have been following him since Xia Yuan started this competition. His refreshing voice left a deep impression on me, especially the original song he sang today. It’s a relaxing and cheerful tune, like he’d said. It’s one that can make those who are sad feel better and someone who’s already happy, even happier. Although he wasn’t the writer of this song, I look forward to the songs he does create in the future.”

“Thank you, Teacher Liu,” Xia Yuan said happily. His emotion was all over his face, so one would feel happy just looking at him.

“I vote for Wu Yaxu,” the fourth judge said.

“I also vote for Xia Yuan, but…Yuanyuan, can you tell me who wrote <Pamper>?” the fifth judge asked.

“Karry did,” Xia Yuan said generously. However, he didn’t know the sensation his words caused the judges.

The name Karry may not be familiar to the fans, but it was like a thunderstrike in the music industry.

No one knew when he appeared, but his music had become widely spread in the music industry three years ago when a declining male singer rose back up in the ranks because of the song <Listen>. That song was popular even till now, and was known as one of the classic songs. <Listen> was created by Karry.

Later, several singers who were declining in fame approached him to create a song for them to return to their peak of their career, and so, Karry was known as the Hua Tao2 of the music industry. As long as a singer could get a song made by Karry, it didn’t matter their past, their popularity would explode. After all, many singers scrambled and fought to have a song written by this person.

Another reason for his fame was because of how mysterious he was. No one had seen what Karry looked like or knew if they were a male or female or even their age. Even if he worked with singers before, nobody had seen him.

It was rumored that Karry was very standoffish and wouldn’t write a song for anyone unless they caught his eye. Even if they were a superstar, he didn’t care. The judges never expected to hear a Karry original at a small talent show, and it was one that had never appeared before. It was sung by a small contestant who hadn’t even debuted yet. How could this not surprise them?

Xia Yuan faced the shocked judges and blinked innocently at them. He didn’t mean to. He knew Xia Kai was very talented in writing lyrics and music composition, and he also knew Xiao Kai was a bit famous in the industry, but he didn’t expect his fame to reach this extent. If he’d known, he wouldn’t have told the judges and stimulated them.

“Yuanyuan, you’re really amazing. You actually got a Karry original song. No wonder this song is so good. Since the five judges have voted, let’s have a look at the final scores of our three contestants.” Liu Ziqian quickly came to the rescue.

Although Karry wasn’t very well known in other circles, Liu Ziqian had also heard of this name before, so he added a sentence or two.

The fans didn’t recognize this name, so they all looked at the big screen. What they cared about most was the result of the competition. However, Wu Yaxu knew the power of Karry’s name, and a deep sense of jealousy flashed in his eyes. He covered it up well so that the others didn’t notice.

“Let’s take a look at the final score. This will determine who wins tonight. Then let us see who the champion of ‘Interstellar New Singer’ is?” Yang Leyao deliberately hung his words to raise the fans’ curiosity and didn’t announce it directly.

The screen was currently adding all the points together. “Oo, the scores are out. Our champion tonight is…Contestant Xia Yuan! Congratulations!” Yang Leyao announced loudly and with excitement.

“Ah!!!” The fans stood up and cheered. They cheered for a long time and were finally able to see the person they supported win the championship. How could they not be excited?

“Everyone, please settle down and save your energy. There are still exciting things waiting for you,” Yang Leyao said, pretending to be mysterious.

“What can be more exciting than seeing our champion?” Liu Ziqian asked, cooperating with her.

“The guest invited to hand out the rewards is a very mysterious person,” Yang Leyao pursed her lips and said with a smile.

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  1. More experienced singers in China are referred to as “teacher”. Kinda like a mentor. ↩︎
  2. Doctor in the late Eastern Han dynasty who was known for his surgery practices. Read more about him here: ↩︎

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