IMG Chapter 187 Mysterious Guest

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“The guest invited to hand out the rewards is a very mysterious person,” Yang Leyao pursed her lips and said with a smile.

“Mysterious guest? Why don’t I know about this? I thought I was the one to give out the rewards to the champion? I was going to celebrate with the champion,” Liu Ziqian said with a bit of regret.

“You? You’re not qualified. So let’s invite tonight’s award presenter with a warm welcome~ Luo Lingxing!” As soon as Yang Leyao’s words fell, the entire place fell quiet for a second before bursting out in a warm applause. Everyone stared closely at the backstage and excitedly waited for Luo Lingxing to come on stage.

They didn’t expect that coming to watch the finals today, not only would they see their favorite competitor win, but they would also see Luo Lingxing. This…This was so worth it!

However, they waited a long time but didn’t see anyone come out from the back. They were confused, but then they saw someone walk onstage from the audience. Their eyes widened in disbelief.

Wasn’t…that Luo Lingxing? Why was he coming from the audience?

Originally, they thought Luo Lingxing would only appear as an award presenter, but who knew that he’d watched the entire episode in the audience. He was even so close to them, and they didn’t even notice. It was really…ahhh…What kind of situation was this!

The fans went crazy, about to collapse as they watched Luo Lingxing walk up from the audience. Their reaction was the same as the group of fans who were by the entrance of the TV station earlier. They wanted to go back in time and start over.

“I never thought I’d have another chance to see Luoluo today,” Yang Leyao said with a smile. Her impression of Luo Lingxing was still very good.

“I also never expected for our second meeting to be here. Long time no see. Sister Leyao is still as beautiful as ever. Brother Ziqian is also still so handsome,” Luo Lingxing said with a sweet mouth.

“You’re such a sweet talker,” Yang Leyao smiled shyly.

In fact, nobody expected Luo Lingxing to be the reward presenter and the guest of honor today.

Yang Leyao and Liu Ziqian received the program from the start and the final award was supposed to be given by the host. After all, the three contestants were nowcomers who hadn’t debuted yet. Their value wasn’t worth inviting an award presenter. However, just before going on stage, they received a new notice stating the final presenter would be Luo Lingxing. Yang Leyao and Liu Ziqian were very surprised, but they hadn’t said anything.

It really was an accident that Luo Lingxing had become the guest of honor. Who knew which staff member had told the program director that Luo Lingxing had come to watch their program, and he’d even come as an audience member. The program director wanted the show to be even more explosive, so he went to Luo Lingxing and chatted with him about being the guest of honor.

He didn’t have much hope originally, after all, such an invitation was too informal and ordinary celebrities would decline it. However, he never expected Luo Lingxing to actually agree, and he’d happily agreed, which immediately made the program director’s impression of Luo Lingxing one level better.

In fact, Luo Lingxing thought that since Xia Yuan was a part of this competition, he had faith that Xia Yuan would also win the championship in the end. So wouldn’t he be handing the reward to Xia Yuan? That was why he’d agreed.

Although the two thought differently, the ending was still the same. They were both happy.

“Everyone, are you satisfied with this mysterious award presenter?” Yang Leyao asked loudly and pointed the microphone to the audience.

“Very happy!” the audience responded loudly.

“Thank you, everyone. I’m also honored to be able to present the award to the contestants this time.” Luo Lingxing briefly spoke a few words, then handed the trophy and flowers brought by a young lady to the champion, Xia Yuan. He then also awarded the runner-up, Zhou Shaojin, and the third place, Wu Yaxu. This season of ‘Interstellar New Singer’ then came to an end.  “Xiao Kai, Xiao Kai, I won the championship!” Xia Yuan gave the championship trophy to Yang Zekai as soon as he got off the stage and told him.

“Mn, not bad,” Yang Zekai patted Xia Yuan’s head and said with a smile. His eyes were full of tenderness, but unfortunately, the obtuse and slow-witted Xia Yuan didn’t notice it. He was still admiring the championship trophy.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect the award presenter to be Luoluo,” Xiao Luoluo continued as he shared his excited mood with Yang Zekai. He chatted about everything.

This season of ‘Interstellar New Singer’ completely ended. The next step was for the contestants to sign with an agency and debut. The top three new singers were of course scouted by countless agencies.

Wu Yaxu signed with Huadu Entertainment while Zhou Shaojin signed with Starlight Entertainment. Naturally, Xia Yuan happily took Yang Zekai to Jun Ling Studio and became the third signed artist of Jun Ling Studio. The second was Su Yang, who kept shouting that he would go to Jun Ling Studio after terminating his current contract.

Perhaps it was because Su Yang and Xia Yuan had similar personalities, both silly and sweet, the two hit it off at first sight and soon became good friends. They made stupid mistakes together all day. The agents of these two watched it all with a heartache.

Yang Zekai was even more helpless. Originally Xia Yuan was the only silly one, but now there was another one. The degree of stupidity definitely wasn’t as simple as one plus one. It was unbearable to look at directly. Fortunately, these two people took their work very seriously, or else others would want to slap them.

“Xia Yuan is the first singer at our studio. ‘Interstellar New Singer’ just ended, and while the popularity is still high, we should create an album for Xia Yuan as soon as possible, so that he can have an official debut,” Chen Hongliang said at a meeting inside the studio.

He was very excited, after all, this was his first task over the artists since he’d become the manager of the studio. He was bound to package the other part perfectly and make him famous in one swoop.

“Mn, we’ll leave this to you, Brother Chen. Yang Zekai, if you have any requests, you can directly discuss it with Brother Chen,” Luo Lingxing said to Yang Zekai. After all, Yang Zekai signed with the studio as Xia Yuan’s agent.

“I wonder who you’ve invited to write songs for Yuanyuan?” Yang Zekai asked. The level of the lyrics and composer would affect the quality of the entire album. The album he wanted to create for Xia Yuan had to be of the highest quality.

“I’m planning on recruiting the famous music producer, Teacher Zhao Xiali, to write lyrics and compose music for Yuanyuan. Teacher Damu will do Yuanyuan’s choreography and teach him, and Teacher Liu Ziyi will be in charge of the stage. However, the first two teachers are still in negotiation and will be signed soon,” Chen Hongliang said.

If it was another singer who was there right now, they would know that this lineup wasn’t anything to scoff at, especially for a singer who was just debuting. It was enough to show how determined Jun Ling Studio was to make Xia Yuan popular.

In fact, it didn’t matter if it was privately or publicly, Xia Yuan was bound to become popular.

Privately, Xia Yuan was Luo Lingxing’s good friend. Naturally they wouldn’t spare any good resources to help him. Publicly, Xia Yuan was the first singer at Jun Ling Studio. If he could become a superstar, it would be very beneficial to the future development of the studio.

“How many songs will be included in the new album?” Yang Zekai continued to ask. After all, this was Xia Yuan’s first frenzy into the music world. He had to fight beautifully.

“I don’t think there should be too many in the first album. We need to finish it before the popularity from ‘Interstellar New Singer’ dwindles, so we’re only including ten songs.”

“That’s fine, but I hope five of those songs from Yuanyuan’s first album can be written by me. The other five songs will be handed over to Teacher Zhao Xiali,” Yang Zekai said calmly. This was Xia Yuan’s first album, so he needed to participate in it. Or perhaps it could be said that he needed to participate in every one of Xia Yuan’s albums.

In front of Xia Yuan, Yang Zekai was a person who liked to talk and nag, but in front of others, Yang Zekai was a cold person nobody could get close to. He had a strong aura surrounding him, which made others unconsciously treat him as an adult rather than someone who’d only just recently turned into an adult.

When Yang Zekai spoke these words, other than Xia Yuan, everyone else was stunned. They obviously didn’t expect him to have talent in this area.

“Just leave it to Xiao Kai. Xiao Kai is very good at writing lyrics and composing music. The song <Pamper> was also written by him,” Xia Yuan said proudly, as if the person he was talking about was himself.

Xia Yuan once asked Yang Zekai why he chose to be an agent instead of a singer or music producer. After all, with his abilities, whether he chose the singer or music producer route, he would do well in either of them, even if he did have the agent system.

However, Yang Zekai only gave Xia Yuan a profound glance and didn’t answer, so Xia Yuan never received an answer even till now. However, this didn’t affect his understanding and recognition of Yang Zekai.

After <Pamper> was sung on ‘Interstellar New Singer’, a download frenzy quickly swept over the internet. The number of downloads exceeded 10 million in just a few days, which was a high achievement in the music world. Even if those superstars in the music industry, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish this, not to mention this was just sung by a little-known newcomer. Therefore, the name Xia Yuan had become familiar to people over the past few days.

Copyright protection was very strong in this world. Piracy didn’t exist. Anything original posted online, others had to pay Star Coins to download it. It only cost 0.1 star coin to download a song. The price seemed cheap, but if the number of downloads was large, the number of Star Coins earned was also very considerable. And the money earned from these downloads were split with the website and the creator 50-50. Many people relied on this method to earn money.

However, they weren’t shocked because <Pamper> had been very popular recently. After all, Karry would definitely produce a high-quality product. This result was expected by everyone.

What they were shocked about was that Xia Yuan actually said the song <Pamper> was created by Yang Zekai. They all knew that Xia Yuan admitted the song was created by Karry on the show, so…Yang Zekai=Karry?

OMG, Chen Hongliang felt a powerful lightning strike in his mind. He was too stunned for the moment.

“You’re saying Yang Zekai is Karry?” Chen Hongliang struggled to confirm.

“That’s right.” Xia Yuan naturally nodded, not understanding their strong reaction.

But how could they not react like this? Who was that? It was Karry! The most famous lyricist and composer in the music industry. A single song of his was worth over hundreds of millions. He was a character with a mysterious identity and background, and the result was that he was the youth under the age of twenty who was sitting in front of them? It must be a joke!

However, looking at their expression, it really wasn’t a joke. They felt like their eyeballs were about to fall out. Their studio was so lucky. They thought they’d originally only signed on a new singer and agent, but who knew the agent was actually the famous Karry. Chen Hongliang felt like a huge meat pie fell on top of his head, crushing him until he was dizzy, but still, he was very happy.

“Fortunately this is only an internal meeting, or else even more people would have lost their eyes,” Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but whisper.

“Of course this is fine. You can create as many songs as you want. We’ll definitely give you the best conditions,” Chen Hongliang said excitedly.

It was difficult for others to request even a single song from Karry, but half the songs in Xia Yuan’s album were now suddenly his. This was a super luxury lineup. He didn’t have to worry about the popularity of Xia Yuan’s album at all. He just needed to worry that there wouldn’t be enough physical albums available for the fans to grab when it came out.

Thinking of such a scene, Chen Hongliang couldn’t stop laughing. It was like he’d already had the Star Coins crashing onto him.

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