IMG Chapter 188 Meeting Guan Anhua

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“Xiao Luo, do you have time today?” Chen Hongliang asked.

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Luo Lingxing looked at Chen Hongliang.

“Let’s go meet Guan Anhua today. The first few times I went to see him, the conversation wasn’t very good. It seems the matter between film queen Zhao and Star Entertainment hit him hard. I want you to meet him in person and see if you can persuade him,” Chen Hongliang frowned slightly and said. He was a bit worried.

When he thought of Guan Anhua, he remembered his appearance back then. If it weren’t for Luo Lingxing, he might be as despirited as Guan Anhua was now.

For some reason, he believed that Luo Lingxing could cheer Guan Anhua up, just like how he was encouraged in the past.

“Okay.” He was actually pretty interested in his future agent. Because he was too busy with work, he wasn’t able to head over. Now that he had time, he wanted to head over and take a look.

“Luoluo, I’ll go with you,” Han Junzhan stood beside him and said. His eyes fixed on Luo Lingxing, flashing with a bright, expectant light, which made others unable to refuse.

Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but sweat. He realized that he’d never had the opportunity to encounter Major General Han in the past, but after meeting Luo Lingxing, he saw this person often. Especially these days. It didn’t matter where Luo Lingxing was or what he was doing, he would always see a shadow of Major General Han. Even when Luo Lingxing was busy at the studio and couldn’t pay attention to Major General Han, Major General Han would quietly sit to the side and accompany him. He didn’t mind being left out at all.

He never knew that a major general was so idle they didn’t even need to go to the military district. He also didn’t expect the high-ranking Major General Han to have such a clingy side.

Especially after their engagement was made public, he’d become even more clingy. He practically followed Luo Lingxing everywhere.

Perhaps Major General Han didn’t even realize it, but he was like a police dog these days. He was only close to his “master” and ignored everyone else as if they were air.

The most excruciating point was he was also showing affection regardless of time or place. He was always spreading around dog food to the point where his 24k titanium alloy dog eyes were almost blinded and his stomach filled to the brim.

Was there a more tragic employee than him? Not only was he busy with all the affairs of the studio, he also had to see his boss show affection all the time. He strongly demanded a salary increase!

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing was already used to having Han Junzhan beside him these days. If he wasn’t there, he felt a little unaccustomed to it.

As expected, a habit was a terrifying thing.

And so, the three went to Guan Anhua’s residence.

Since Chen Hongliang had visited a few times in the past, he rang the doorbell with ease.

The large door soon opened, and a man in his thirties walked out wearing a slightly wrinkled T-shirt. He had an unshaved beard, looking very dispirited. However, he was quite handsome, and this dispirited look carried a different sense of handsomeness.

When the person inside saw Chen Hongliang, a trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes. When he saw the two strangers that were brought, he just nodded, moved out of the way, and motioned for them to enter.

“Anhua, I brought Xiao Luo to see you.” Chen Hongliang put the items he’d brought as gifts on the table, then introduced the person to Guan Anhua.

“This is Luo Lingxing. This is Luo Lingxing’s finance, Major General Han Junzhan. Xiao Luo, this is Guan Anhua.”

“Hello, Mr. Guan.” Luo Lingxing took the initiative to greet him first.

“Hello.” Guan Anhua sized Luo Lingxing up without a trace. Although he didn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, after Chen Hongliang came a few times, he couldn’t help but go online and look up information about Luo Lingxing, so he recognized Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing didn’t look very old, but he didn’t have the impetuousness people his age often had. If they interacted for a long time, he wouldn’t be able to treat him as a new adult but a peer, or maybe even an elder.

It was an inexplicable and wonderful feeling, but it was his real experience.

“Anhua, in the entertainment industry now, Xiao Xing is definitely…” Chen Hongliang wanted to praise Luo Lingxing to make Guan Anhua relax, but he was interrupted by the other party.

“Hongliang, I already told you many times. I don’t want to be part of the entertainment industry anymore. You don’t have to waste your breath. If you come to visit, I welcome you, but if you’re here to persuade me again, I’ll have to ask you to go back,” Guan Anhua bluntly said.

“Mr. Guan, you should still feel nostalgic for the entertainment industry, no?” Luo Lingxing suddenly said such a brainless sentence, and it was such an affirmative sentence at that.

Guan Anhua’s expression froze for a second before returning to normal. However, he didn’t answer but asked Chen Hongliang instead, “What does that mean?”

Luo Lingxing stretched out his hand and lightly pointed in a direction and said, “That ornament is a limited edition merchandise of XXX brand from ten years ago. That should be from XXX company, right?”

Luo Lingxing pointed at several items in a row. When Chen Hongliang was chatting with Guan Anhua just now, he casually looked around and saw these seemingly ordinary items were actually related to the entertainment industry, but because it had been a long time, not many people were able to recognize them. At least Chen Hongliang didn’t recognize them, so he was very surprised at what Luo Lingxing said.

In fact, it was just a coincidence that Luo Lingxing was able to recognize them. Not long ago, he happened to see someone post about their collectibles on Weibo, and it had included these items.

For him to keep these originals related to the entertainment industry at home, it was impossible for him to not have any feelings regarding the entertainment industry as he’d claimed.

“So what? This has nothing to do with me withdrawing from the entertainment industry,” Guan Anhua said. His expressionless face didn’t give a clue on what he was thinking.

“Then are you really willing to leave the entertainment industry?” Luo Lingxing didn’t seem to know how to speak in a roundabout way, so he was straightforward. He’d hit the nail on the wall as well.

Willing? Of course he was very unwilling! Something like that happened, and he had to leave the entertainment industry. Nobody would be willing! But what was the use of being willing or not? He had no power to fight those people! If he’d stayed in the entertainment industry, he’d only made a clown of himself!

“If you’re willing to leave, then I naturally won’t force you, but if you’re unwilling, then I will give you a chance to get revenge on those who’ve hurt you. A chance to prove that you are better than them.” Luo Lingxing spoke each word seriously and with emotion, making others trust him.

If other teenagers had said this, others would feel that they were arrogant. But when these words came out of Luo Lingxing’s mouth, they made people feel…excited and trusting.

Guan Anhua raised his head to look at Luo Lingxing suddenly, as if he was trying to distinguish truth from lies, but when he saw the seriousness in the other party’s face, he subconsciously believed it.

“Really?” Guan Anhua asked in a whisper, as if not only was he asking Luo Lingxing but himself as well.

Could he really get the chance to declare war on those people and prove that he was better than them?

Those peoples’ statuses were not normal.

“As long as you wish for it, you don’t have to worry about anything else.” Han Junzhan, who rarely spoke this much to others, suddenly spoke. His cold voice carried a domineering aura.

As long as it was related to Luo Lingxing, he wouldn’t just stand by. With him there, no one could hurt Luoluo in the slightest! This included the people or things Luoluo wanted to protect.

Guan Anhua clenched his firsts with a tangled expression. His heart was having an inner struggle. Luo Lingxing and the others didn’t speak. They were waiting for Guan Anhua to make his own decision.

No matter what Guan Anhua decided in the end, this would be the last time they came here.

If Guan Anhua wasn’t willing to go with them, they wouldn’t force it. After all, a forced melon wouldn’t be sweet. Not to mention, he wasn’t the only famous and capable agent in the entertainment industry. He didn’t need an agent who didn’t even have the basic courage.

Who knew how long later, for Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan, it probably wasn’t long, but for Guan Anhua himself, it felt like a long time.

Guan Anhua finally made up his mind, and his eyes when he looked at Luo Lingxing became firmer. He said seriously, “Then from today on, I’ll be your agent. I will definitely use all my strength to take you to the highest point.”

Years ago, he was able to produce a film queen, that meant he was capable of producing a film king now. Moreover, he had a feeling that Luo Lingxing’s final destination wasn’t a mere film king. He would go further and obtain a position higher than Zhao Mengran. And he wasn’t the type of person to receive someone’s help to obtain film queen then pretend they didn’t know them.

Perhaps, his fate was changed from this moment on!

Luo Lingxing’s mouth curved up. He stretched out a hand to Guan Anhua and said with a smile, “Happy cooperation. The best way to deal with enemies is to live better than them!”

The smile on Luo Lingxing’s face looked simple and beautiful, but his words had a creepy feeling, making others unable to provoke him.

Guan Anhua finally showed his first sincere smile in a while. The deep-seated depression in his heart also dissipated a bit. He said, “Happy cooperation!”

Although Luo Lingxing was young, he decided to believe in this young man, because this man had a trait making others can’t help but trust in him. Perhaps…by following him, his future road will be even brighter.

“That’s great. In order to celebrate Anhua joining the company, let’s have a big meal tonight,” Chen Hongliang said happily.

The thing he’d been thinking about for so long was finally being completed. His heart finally relaxed in his chest. He would be Jun Ling Studio’s manager in the future, and he had to take care of the studio even more from now on.

“You treat,” Luo Lingxing said calmly.

“Xiao Luo is so stingy. You’re Jun Ling’s boss. Your fiance is so rich. How can you bear to exploit me, a poor worker?” Chen Hongliang pursed his mouth and said pitifully.

“Since you’re so pitiful, then the monthly salary of 20,000 Star Coins seems too much. Let’s reduce it to half, or else I feel bad about you using the word pitiful,” Luo Lingxing said lightly.

Hearing that his salary would be cut, Chen Hongliang immediately changed his attitude and boldly said, “I’m treating tonight. You can eat whatever you want.”

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    Luo Lingxing raised his head to look at Luo Lingxing suddenly, as if he was trying to distinguish truth from lies, but when he saw the seriousness in the other party’s face, he subconsciously believed it.

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