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The matter of Xia Yuan signing a contract after the competition and making an album for his debut had already been discussed. Guan Anhua had officially settled in Jun Ling Studio and was preparing for his first job following Luo Lingxing to attend the opening ceremony and Golden Fox Film Awards.

The Golden Fox Film Awards was held every five years. Every time it was held, it was a good opportunity for small celebrities to get more exposure on the red carpet. Even as a small supporting role, as long as they occupied a bit of space on the report, it was enough to increase their popularity a lot.

Therefore, Luo Lingxing went to the opening ceremony as a nominee this time, which attracted the envy and jealousy of many people. Even if he couldn’t win the award, it was a great honor for a newcomer. It meant his road to stardom would be smoother in the future.

“Is there a suitable candidate for Luoluo’s female companion?” Guan Anhua asked Chen Hongliang. After all, he had only just taken over Luo Lingxing’s matters, so he was still understanding Luo Lingxing’s connections and interpersonal relationships.

“Do you think Shen Chuxia will work? She was the female protagonist of ‘Interstellar Mecha’ and was also going to the opening ceremony. With her popularity, it matched Luoluo’s very well,” Chen Hongliang suggested.

As a newcomer, although Luo Lingxing had been popular recently, his position wasn’t high. There also weren’t any female artists in their studio. There were only a few people they’d cooperated with in the past, and Shen Chuxia was the most suitable one among them.

Of course, the reason he dared propose this was on the premise that Ye Luohan wouldn’t participate. After all, Ye Luohan was the male protagonist of ‘Interstellar Mecha’. If he participated, his female companion would definitely be the female protagonist. However, many people in the industry knew that Ye Luohan always disliked participating in these kinds of award ceremonies. Even if he was nominated or awarded, his agent would receive it on his behalf.

To be so willful but still loved by all, only one person could act like this in the entertainment industry.

“Shen Chuxia will do. She has a good personality and is easy to get along with. If she goes with Luoluo, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Then I’ll contact her,” Guan Anhua said, then went to contact Shen Chuxia’s agent but was stopped by Xiao Ming, who’d just entered.

Guan Anhua and Xiao Ming used to be friends within the industry. Even if Guan Anhua withdrew from the industry, they still contacted each other often. For him to be able to become Luo Lingxing’s agent, he knew it was because Xiao Ming had recommended him. He remembered this kindness from his friend.

“What are you doing here?” Guan Anhua asked with a slight frown.

“I can’t be here? This is also my workplace.” Xiao Ming also slightly raised his brows.

“Be serious,” Guan Anhua said helplessly. When they used to contact each other in the past, they often joked around. However, it was work time now, they needed to act seriously.

“You’re still as boring as always. I came to tell you that Ye Luohan will be attending the opening ceremony and Golden Fox Film Awards. He said he wants to go on the red carpet with Luoluo, so you don’t need to find a female partner for Luoluo. Of course, he (YLH) also doesn’t need a female partner.” Xiao Ming came over to convey Ye Luohan’s message.

Guan Anhua and Chen Hongliang were speechless. They couldn’t help but be stunned and said in a daze, “God Ye also wants to participate? But he never went in the past?”

Ever since he’d had closer interactions with Ye Luohan, Chen Hongliang felt that his way of thinking had renewed, such as the fact that he only did one film a year, or that God Ye never attended banquets. As a result, God Ye also “kidnapped” Luo Lingxing from the closing banquet. Like the fact that God Ye never participated in award ceremonies, but now Xiao Ming came to tell them that God Ye was going.

Therefore, were rumors really unreliable?

As Sure enough, one must trust their eyes not their ears.

Looking at Chen Hongliang and Guan Anhua’s appearances, Xiao Ming didn’t have to guess what they were thinking. He suddenly had the urge to cover his face and cry.

The image of the great God Luo, whose image they’d cultivated over the years, instantly collapsed. In fact, the great God Luo really was cold in the past. He disliked participating in these things, but it was all because Luo Lingxing was joining in this year. In order to accompany his wife, the great god didn’t care about his image at all.

As expected, once one had a wife, everything else was fleeting.

“Ahem…the great god wanted me to pass this message along. Don’t forget about this matter. I still have some matters, so I’ll take my leave first.” Xiao Ming couldn’t stand the two’s gazes and immediately escaped.

Chen Hongliang couldn’t react for a while, then finally turned his head in a daze and asked, “Just Xiao Ming come just now?”

Guan Anhua nodded.

“What did he say?”

“He said God Ye was participating in the Golden Fox Film Awards, so there was no need to find a partner for Luoluo. In fact, this is fine as well. If God Ye is Luoluo’s partner, Luoluo will definitely gain the headlines this time. Besides, everyone knows that God Ye is from our studio. Him going with Luoluo is also appropriate. It’ll also save time to find a female partner. I’ll go take a look to see if Luoluo’s outfit has been altered yet or not.” After Guan Anhua finished speaked, he left, leaving Chen Hongliang alone to slowly return to his senses.

The opening ceremony of the Golden Fox Film Awards was coming soon. This was a grand day in the entertainment industry, and all the celebrities dressed up, especially the female celebrities. They all wore beautiful dresses, dressing up like flowers, bringing out the best qualities of their face and figures. Standing together, it was a beautiful scene. Countless reporters took nonstop photos and fought for attention.

Although the men were less extravagant, it didn’t damage their handsomeness and aura. Even if they all wore western suits, the effect for each person was different.

From the entrance of the Golden Fox Film Awards to the autograph board, the red carpet was hundreds of meters long. The celebrities who stepped on this red carpet were full of glory and accomplishment as they showed their best poses and sides.

There were certain rules for walking the red carpet, which were generally arranged by one’s position. The celebrities with higher position and relative high status would enter at the start and end, while some of the other celebrities would walk in the middle.

Needless to say, the first person in the queue naturally attracted the photographers’ attention. They had a higher exposure rate. As for the ones at the end, everyone knew that the most powerful were generally saved for the finale, so they will naturally raise their energy. As for those in the middle, the reporters would be tired of shooting at this time and planned to rest and recharge their energy for the final celebrities. Therefore, there was less attention on the celebrities in the middle.

However, no matter what, it was an honor to walk in the middle for those celebrities who didn’t have a chance to go on the red carpet. It was a chance to gain exposure.

The first to step on the red carpet were the members of ‘Interstellar Mecha’ led by Director Qian Xuewen. As soon as they appeared on the red carpet, all kinds of flashing lights began to flicker nonstop. If it was nighttime, it would be a very beautiful scene. The reporters were trying to squeeze forward like crazy, wanting to ask a few questions, but they were all blocked by the security guards within a certain range.

It wasn’t the first time Direct Qian Xuewen walked the red carpet. He had experienced it many times before, so he was very calm but wasn’t casual. It didn’t damage his image as a director.

The red carpet was about a hundred meters long, and there was a slight break in the middle for the reporters to ask questions and take pictures.

Therefore, when Director Qian Xuewen stopped, the reporters who had been waiting a long time couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Director Qian, ‘Interstellar Mecha’ has numerous nominations and is expected to win a number of awards. Do you think it can surpass ‘Records of the Demon Cultivator’?”

“I naturally hope it can. After all, everyone wants to improve,” Qian Xuewen said with a smile.

“Director Qian, I heard Luo Lingxing was nominated this time. Why didn’t he walk the red carpet with everyone? Is he going to walk the red carpet alone?” another reporter asked.

In fact, Luo Lingxing wasn’t the only celebrity from ‘Interstellar Mecha’ to be nominated. Those with higher status also followed the crew. It was only Luo Lingxing who didn’t come with them. The reporters asked in this way to hint that Luo Lingxing had a card up his sleeve.

“Xiao Luo naturally has his own arrangements. I believe you guys will all receive a huge surprise late,” Director Qian Xuewen said with a hint of mystery. He then led everyone to walk the rest of the red carpet.

A few more crews came on later, and after the crews, the rest of the celebrities walked the red carpet. Most of them were men and women walking in pairs. Of course, a few of them walked alone.

Perhaps it was because Director Qian Xuewen had whetted the reporters’ appetites, or maybe they wanted to see what kind of card Luo Lingxing had for the red carpet, so the reporters watched each celebrity on the red carpet carefully. They were waiting for Luo Lingxing’s appearance to ask him questions, but they weren’t interested in the celebrities that walked by now. The reporters waited for a long time, and they were almost at the end of the lineup, but they still didn’t see a familiar figure. They were full of doubts.

At this moment, an ultra-luxurious hover car appeared at the end of the red carpet. It steadily parked. Its contours were smooth with an imposing design and luxurious configuration. It attracted many people. Even the reporters and photographers turned their lenses to the luxury car and ignored the other celebrities who were currenting walking the red carpet.

Seeing this, the celebrities who wanted to stay for a while awkwardly hurried across the red carpet to make way.

The car door slowly opened, and a pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in everyone’s sight. It was followed by slender and powerful, long legs wrapped in suit pants that couldn’t hide its strength. The heartbeat of all the women watching paused. Their eyes were burning as they watched to see who was about to come out.

Living up to expectations, the people in the car finally appeared. The meticulous suit tightly wrapped the sturdy body. His cold face was impeccable, and his entire body exuded an aura that didn’t allow others to draw near.

When they saw the face of the person who exited, everyone couldn’t help but gasp. There was only thought in their hearts, which was: Why was the Male God here?

correct, the person was Ye Luohan. Ye Luohan, who nobody expected, Ye Luohan, who made everyone go crazy.

However, the matter wasn’t over and neither was the stimulation. They watched as he walked to the other car door and personally opened it. Everyone’s eyes moved with his actions. When they saw what he was doing, their eyes widened.

Could it be…there was someone else in the car?

Everyone’s gaze fixed on the car door, wanting to see who was inside. It was already an honor to have Ye Luohan as their partner, but to have Ye Luohan personally open their door, it was a huge privilege.

As before, the first thing that appeared were naturally long, slender legs. However, instead of slender, pale legs, these legs were wrapped in suit pants.

Everyone there immediately understood that the person inside wasn’t a woman but a man. This fact made countless women on sight breathe a sigh of relief. It was great that it wasn’t a woman, or else they would have died from jealousy.

Soon, the person came out of the car. Everyone was also very surprised, because this person was none other than the person who had caused a huge ruckus earlier: Luo Lingxing.

Nobody expected that Ye Luohan would walk the red carpet with Luo Lingxing.

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