IMG Chapter 190 Walking the Red Carpet

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Nobody expected Ye Luohan to walk the red carpet with Luo Lingxing.

This was very unexpected, but it was still reasonable. After all, Luo Lingxing, as the new boss of Ye Luohan, was qualified to walk the red carpet with him. However, there were still countless people who were jealous of Luo Lingxing.

He truly had such dumb luck.

Because as long as they can get a bit of a contract with Ye Luohan, they didn’t have to worry about not having any news. However, they couldn’t squeeze close to him no matter how much they tried. On the other hand, Luo Lingxing was able to be tied to him without any effort. Who wouldn’t be jealous of this?

Luo Lingxing was wearing a custom white suit today. Ye Luohan was wearing a black one. If one looked closely, they could see that the workmanship and style of the two suits were exactly the same. It was just the color was different. It looked like a couple’s outfit. This discovery made the reporters go crazy. The photographers felt like the hand that pressed the shutter wasn’t their own.

In fact, now that Ye Luohan participated in the red carpet event, the reporters, photographers, and fans’ attention were bound to be on Ye Luohan. Luo Lingxing, who was following him, was naturally also everyone’s focus. The other celebrities who hadn’t gone yet were basically ignored.

“God Ye, can I ask why you’re suddenly participating in this year’s Golden Fox Film Awards? Is there a specific reason?”

“God Ye, are you participating in the opening ceremony because of Luo Lingxing?”

“God Ye, can you tell us your next plans? Will you continue to film?”

The reporters asked one after another. The red carpet event was about to become Ye Luohan’s personal press conference. Even if the other celebrities were left out, they didn’t dare have any complaints. They just wanted to quickly walk the red carpet.

“Since we received the Golden Fox Award nomination, I will naturally participate in the opening ceremony. As for my work arrangements, you can ask Xiao Ming. He knows better than me,” Ye Luohan replied calmly.

However, the reporters unanimously complained in their hearts that Ye Luohan, who was the only one in the entertainment industry to obtain the Grand Slam Best Actor Trophy (Grand Slam referred to winning the Best Actor in the five most influential film festivals) had never participated in an award ceremony before. Now he was saying that he’d naturally come because of a nomination. Who would believe that?

“Luo Lingxing, you were nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer this time. Which award do you think you can win?” a reporter asked.

Luo Lingxing was originally standing there watching Ye Luohan answer the reporters’ questions and didn’t think anyone would notice him but he was suddenly mentioned. He froze for a second before immediately returning to normal. He said with a smile, “Being nominated is already a huge recognition for me. I already feel honored, and I will work harder in the future.”

Chen Hongliang and Guan Anhua had trained him to say this before he came. It was possible to avoid all of the reporters’ important and trivial tricky questions.

On this side, Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan were still people interviewed by the reporters. On another side, a person who had finished walking the red carpet stood in the corner and looked over. His eyes weren’t kind.

“Why is Ye Luohan here?” Zhao Mengran asked the agent beside her.

“I’m not sure either. He usually doesn’t like these kinds of gatherings.” Zhao Mengran’s agent was also confused. He didn’t expect Ye Luohan to actually participate this year. It made him a bit depressed.

Although Zhao Mengran was the goddess in many peoples’ dreams, and she was a powerful actress, ever since marrying into a wealthy family, she was in a state of semi-retirement from the entertainment industry. She only accepted a few films a year. The thing the entertainment industry wasn’t lacking in was newcomers. At least 90 celebrities were forgotten each year. The new quickly replaced the old.

After Zhao Mengran lived as a wealthy wife for a few more years, she wouldn’t have the aura of a celebrity anymore and wouldn’t be the focus of attention at gatherings. This made her a bit uncomfortable, so planned on returning to accept a movie. She wanted the feeling of being admired by the other celebrities.

However, the entertainment industry had a high turnaround rate, and people would be quickly forgotten. She could only come on the red carpet for film festivals to increase her exposure in order to get a better job.

Therefore, to increase Zhao Mengran’s exposure and get her in the limelight, their company specifically found Zheng Xuming to be Zhao Mengran’s male partner.

Zheng Xuming was the winner of the Best Actor Award at last year’s Golden Fox Award. He was also the guest of honor at this year’s awards. His status in the entertainment industry was not low. According to his status, he should have had the finale, but the plan didn’t keep up with the changes. Ye Luohan, who had never participated in these kinds of things before, appeared. With him here, how could anyone else be the finale?

“Who’s the person walking the red carpet with Ye Luohan?” Zhao Mengran looked at Luo Lingxing and asked.

If she’d known Ye Luohan was attending the ceremony earlier, she would have had her agency find Ye Luohan to walk the red carpet with her. She believed that her news and exposure would have been great. Just by virtue of being Ye Luohan’s female partner, she would be able to receive countless jobs.

“He’s a newcomer in the industry named Luo Lingxing. He debuted last year. The recent uproar online was mostly about him. He is also the boss of the new studio Ye Luohan signed.”  Zhao Mengran’s agent told her everything he knew. In fact, he didn’t understand why Luo Lingxing was so lucky. Not only could he sign Ye Luohan, he could even walk the red carpet with him.

“Newcomer?” Zhao Mengran looked at Luo Lingxing with a hint of disdain.

If it weren’t for the fact that her plans had been ruined by Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing, she would be walking the finale with Zheng Hexu and gained everyone’s attention.

Zhao Mengran gritted her teeth thinking about the earlier scene.

Going back in time before Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing arrived, the handsome Zheng Xuming took beautiful Zhao Mengran and slowly walked the red carpet. The two looked like a beautiful couple.

“My god, isn’t that film queen Zhao Mengran? Why is she also here?”

“I never expected to be able to see film queen Zhao Mengran here. Coming here was right. It’s worth it.”

“Film queen Zhao is holding our film king Zheng. She really is capable.”

“I wonder if she’s coming back to film movies. There have only been a few of her works in recent years.”

“…” When the fans saw Zhao Mengran, they immediately began to chat. Their eyes also focused on her, and this included the reporters and photographers.

This feeling of being in the limelight with everyone’s attention on her made Zhao Mengran feel very satisfied. It was exactly what she wanted. sure enough, they hadn’t forgotten her. As long as she showed up, other people’s eyes were still focused on her.

However, this situation didn’t last long. The eyes soon shifted, and the cheers of the fans became louder and crazier, even crazier than when they first saw her. Zhao Mengran was very curious about who was behind her, but now that she was walking the red carpet, she couldn’t turn back for the sake of her image. She had to continue walking forward with a smile.

However, the smile of her face was stiff, since she discovered the reporters and photographers all squeezed behind her. How could there be anyone paying attention to her? How could the fan’s gazes and camera still be on her?

Until the end of the red carpet, they didn’t get as much attention and pictures as the little celebrities in front of this. Zhao Mengran was very annoyed. She was counting on this red carpet appearance to make a comeback.

This was how the previous conversation arose.

However, Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing knew nothing about this.

The two continued walking the rest of the red carpet with a calm expression. They signed their signature on the autograph wall at the end. This was the first film festival Luo Lingxing participated in since coming to this world. He also signed his first name. At this moment, an emotion surged inside of him.

He was really unable to return. This was completely different from his previous life. Here, he was going to restart his own career. There was no Jun Ling Sect that he had to take care of, but with Jun Ling Studio, he had to develop it like in his previous life. He needed to let the entire world know the two words, Jun Ling. This could be regarded as fulfilling his duty to his master.

“What are you thinking about?” Ye Luohan approached Luo Lingxing and whispered in his ear.

The warm breath brushed his ear, causing a faint blush.


After the opening of the film festival, the crew members led by the celebrities and directors, began to take their seats. Each seat position was naturally carefully placed.

Although Luo Lingxing didn’t walk the red carpet with the crew, he sat with his crew. Ye Luohan’s position was naturally even higher.

Although the Golden Fox Film Awards never expected Ye Luohan to come, they had prepared a place for him. This was the default for all film festivals in order to show Luohan respect. Even if he didn’t show up, they would still prepare a place for him.

Ye Luohan’s presence this time made the senior management of the Golden Fox Award very happy. They were very honored and dared to make the slightest mistake.

However, Ye Luohan never followed common sense. He didn’t sit in his exclusive seat but ran to the crew of ‘Interstellar Mecha’ instead and found a random chair to sit beside Luo Lingxing. Besides Luo Lingxing, the other crew members were instantly flattered.

“Haha, your seat is over there. there’s no place for you here.” Qian Xuewen saw that Ye Luohan was sitting without movement and couldn’t help teasing him. The chairs here were all prepared according to the number of people, so there were no extra chairs.

Director Qian Xuewen was probably the only one who dared speak to Ye Luohan like this.

Of course, another person might be added to this list now.

“Hurry and go back. The opening ceremony is about to start,” Luo Lingxing urged.

Ye Luohan didn’t speak but looked up at the person whose chair he stole. That person looked as if he was overwhelmed with favor and quickly said, “I’ll go find another seat over there. The great god can sit here.”

With that, the man really went to the side and found another seat to sit on. The seats on the left side of the aisle were all backup seats, used for celebrities who were not on the invitation list.

Ye Luohan retracted his gaze and looked at Luo Lingxing. His eyes looked so innocent.

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to change so much after not seeing you for a bit,” Qian Xuewen said, smiling at Luo Lingxing.

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