IMG Chapter 191 Calm and Collected

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The other celebrities saw that Ye Luohan really was sitting here. They all wanted to come forward to chat with him, but they were unfortunately blocked by the other party with a cold expression. Plus, the award ceremony was about to start. They all sat upright, no longer speaking. “Welcome to the Golden Fox Film Awards. I am your host Cuicui.”

“I am your host Liu Hui. I’m honored to preside over this award ceremony and witness the presentation of various awards.”

Two hosts, a male and female, appeared on the stage wearing exquisite clothes. Their magnetic and sweet voices spoke the opening lows. Their sounds alone made others feel a sense of enjoyment.

“Let’s continue. I’m sure everyone is anxious for us to continue. Okay, without further ado, let’s take a look and see what is the first award being announced?”

“Please take a look at the big screen.”

There was a huge screen on top of the stage that showed the nominated works. The first award on the screen was Best Screenplay.

Every film festival basically awarded crews first before moving on to the individual awards.

As for the awards itself, there were many awards such as Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Post-Production ,Best Special Effects, and many others. Luo Lingxing’s ‘Interstellar Mecha’ alone was nominated for five awards, including Best Director, Best Post-Production, and Best Special Effects. Not to mention the individual award nominations for the crew members.

It could be said that ‘Interstellar Mecha’ was the work with the most nominations among all the words participating in this film festival. It was enough to show how amazing and popular it was.

“Let’s see what  works were nominated for Best Screenplay?”

As the host finished speaking, all the nominated film titles started to appear on the big screen. An introduction clip of each film played in turn, then finally, the award presenters were invited on the stage with a list of winners to announce them and present trophies.

Almost every award was presented in this process. The most nervous moment for everyone was when the ward presenters came onstage to announce the winner. At the same time, everyone’s hearts tightened, but the award presenter always whetted everyone’s appetites, making the already tense atmosphere even tenser. Even causing some people who didn’t think they would win the award become stunned when they heard their names. It was normal to see people who didn’t react in time stiffly go onstage.

“I really don’t understand why they keep procrastinating. Wouldn’t it be good to just announce those on the list?” Luo Lingxing was very puzzled by this kind of sloppy job. He was also puzzled on why they made the atmosphere so tense.

“They’re probably used to it,” Ye Luohan said. Because every award ceremony was like this, they became used to it.

Every award had almost the same process, so Luo Lingxing was feeling bored. If it wasn’t for Guan Anhua and Chen Hongliang repeatedly telling him not to show any fatigue or boredom as to not damage his reputation and be discovered by those sharp-eyed reporters, he might have closed his eyes and fallen asleep a long time again.

“The next award is Best Director. Let’s see who the nominees are?”

Seeing the Best Director mentioned, Luo Lingxing finally came to his senses, because he found Director Qian Xuewen’s name was also listed.

Several of the nominated directors were all well-known directors in the industry. The films they directed were all high-quality. There was even a director who directed literary films.

“The list of the winning directors has come out. Master Liu is invited to announce the list and present the award for Best Director,” the host said enthusiastically, followed by an old man walking up on stage.

Although the old man’s hair was completely white, he was still robust. His temperament was also good, and the hosts looked at him with respect. The identity of this award presenter must not be low.

As if seeing Luo Lingxing’s doubts, Ye Luohan whispered to him,” This Master Liu is a master in the arts world, but he is also a lover of directing. He also likes to make amateur literary films, so he’s only willing to hand out the Best Director award.”

Luo Lingxing knew that artists in this world were very respected and had high statuses. Few artists were willing to participate in activities within the entertainment industry or other circles, so it really was indeed giving the Golden Fox Film Awards face to be able to invite an artist as an award presenter.

“The winner of Best Director-Qian Xuewen.” Master Liu was different from other award presenters and didn’t deliberatly keep everyone hanging but read from the list directly. Everyone was a bit unused to this.

Although Qian Xuewen has won a lot of awards previously, he was still excited to hear his name, Especially when the award presenter was Master Liu, whom he greatly admired. He was very nervous.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Director Qian so nervous,” Luo Lingxing said as he looked at Qian Xuewen, who was slightly stiff as he walked on the stage.

“Me too,’ Ye Luohan replied with a smile.

The Best Director was the last award for crews,and the next were individual awards. It was also the climax of the award ceremony. Every celebrity had looks of nervousness and excitement as they earnestly sat in their seats and carefully listened to the hosts’ reports.

Qian Xuewen returned to his seat with the Best Director Award. The corners of his mouth were raised in a grin, as if he’d won the award for the first time. “Look at your appearance. It’s not like it’s your first time winning the award,” a director beside him joked.

“This award was awarded by Master Liu himself. Others can’t get this chance even if they beg.” Qian Xuewen didn’t care about his friends’ teasing and was extremely proud instead.

“Old Qian, you guys were extraordinary this time. You’ve won Best Special Effects, Best Post-Production, and Best Director awards. There’s also Best Male Protagonist later. You guys got a good harvest,” that director continued to say. He was very envious.

Individual awards were still only beginning to be announced, and heavyweight awards such as Best Male Protagonist and Best Female Protagonist would always be at the end.

However, everyone knew that Ye Luohan was nominated for Best Male Protagonist, so that award wouldn’t fall into anyone else’s hands. The other nominated celebrities didn’t have any hope. After all, the gap between them was too big. They couldn’t even raise their hopes a little bit.

However, to their surprise, Ye Luohan, who had never participated in film festivals before, actually came this time.

Although he was nominated this time, for Ye Luohan, who had already won the title of Grand Slam actor, winning this award wasn’t a rare thing. Not to mention, he didn’t come when he won the Golden Fox Awards Best Male Protagonist the first time, but he came this time. It was quite amazing. This was probably the first award he would accept in person. We also have nominations for Best Newcomer, Best Supporting Actress. We might get even more,” Qian Xuewen said proudly.

“You’re still not satisfied after winning four awards. Luo Lingxing is a really good kid, but you guys have already won four awards. I believe the next awards will be more suspenseful. If you win fewer awards, that kid may still have a chance, otherwise the film festival won’t give too many awards to the same film for the sake of balance.” The director didn’t care about his narcissism, and basically didn’t believe his words either.

“That’s uncertain. There might be a miracle this year,” Qian Xuewen said with a smile. He also knew about the unspoken rules of the film festival, but he had confidence in Luo Lingxing.

That director didn’t speak anymore, but he felt some pity for Luo Lingxing.

If other films had been nominated, he might have been able to win the award.

“The next award we’re presenting is the first individual award—Best Newcomer. Let’s take a look at how the newcomers have performed this year.”

Best Newcomer had five nominees. Besides Luo Lingxing, the others were also newcomers who’d debuted this year. When Luo Lingxing’s name appeared on the screen, it immediately caused an uproar.

Some time ago, there was a report that Luo Lingxing wasn’t eligible for Best Newcomer. After all, everyone knew that Luo Lingxing was Su Lingxing, who was a child star. Strictly speaking, he wasn’t a newcomer in the entertainment industry.

However, there were some unwritten rules in the entertainment industry. That was, after the awakening of the system at the age of eighteen, people who had entered the entertainment industry within a year of that were considered newcomers. Although Luo Lingxing was almost twenty now, it had been less than a year since he entered the entertainment industry as an adult. Even if many people were dissatisfied, they couldn’t voice their opinions.

When it was time for Luo Lingxing’s introductions, what appeared above was not the clip of him acting in ‘Interstellar Mecha’ but the clip of him as the little prince in ‘The Enchantress’.

He wore a beautiful ancient style robe with a golden crown. He had a noble temperament and perfectly reproduced a little prince from ancient times. Every ove, every smile brought his charming temperament. People couldn’t help but keep watching it. Some even wanted to transmigrate to the past to see this little prince in person.

At this moment, many netizens watching the live broadcast couldn’t help but type the words ‘The Enchantress’  in the search. Countless people made up their minds to rewatch ‘The Enchantress’ after finishing this live broadcast.

Neither the senior management of Golden Fox Film Awards or the celebrities present knew that within just a minute or two of the clips showing had once again set a frenzy of people rewatching ‘The Enchantress’.

“The winner of Best Newcomer is…Luo Lingxing!” Following the cheerful tone of the award presenter, everyone came back to their senses, only to notice that the nominee’s film and TV works had already played. They didn’t even notice when the award presenter came on stage.

“Congratulations. Go claim the award,” Ye Luohan smiled and congratulated Luo Lingxing.

The lights on stage were specially illuminated on Luo Lingxing. Luo Lingxing’s cute blinking expression was projected on the big screen. All the celebrities who saw this couldn’t help but chuckle.

Luo Lingxing’s expression was very calm as he calmly went on stage, and calmly received the trophy from the hands of the award presenter. He calmly delivered his speech, then calmly returned to his seat and continued to calmly watch the following awards.

He didn’t have the excited expression as the other winners, and he didn’t choke up during his speech either as the other winners had. It was as if the award he was holding wasn’t his own but was collected on the behalf of someone else.

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