IMG Chapter 192 Ceremony Closed

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“Hahaha, Director Qian, you really. This little kid really isn’t simple. He won the Best Newcomer. How amazing. His future is immeasurable.” The director who had teased Qian Xuewen before was at first surprised by the fact that Luo Lingxing was able to win the award, but then congratulated them.

However, in his opinion, since Luo Lingxing won the Best Newcomer, he was bound to miss the Best Supporting Actor. Luo Lingxing was still young, and there was still a long way to go in the future. He believed that this person would rise higher and get even more awards sooner or later.

“That’s a given. Don’t you see who recommended him?” Qian Xuewen said, acting self-important for once. That proud look made people really want to give him a punch.

The award ceremony continued. Who knew if it was because Luo Lingxing received the first individual award, the other award-winners seemed to have been infected by Luo Lingxing. They were also calm when they went on stage. There were some emotional fluctuations when they did their acceptance speeches, but they were very calm when they got off the stage, which was much better than previous film festivals. It made the entire atmosphere of the award ceremony different from before.

“Youngsters these days are so calm, much better than during our time. It seems the young will overtake the old.” A veteran actor couldn’t help but sigh.

“Exactly! These juniors have a bright future.”

Several seniors whispered together. Some of the younger celebrities sitting beside them, especially the ones who’d won awards, didn’t know if they should laugh or cry.

They didn’t know why they were acting like this as well. They were clearly very excited when they heard they won the award, but as soon as they stood up to accept it, Luo Lingxing’s calm demeanor appeared in their minds. When they came back to their senses, they had already received the award and were giving their acceptance speech.

In fact, they weren’t calm. They were just dazed the entire time. It was all a beautiful misunderstanding.

Many individual awards have been awarded. All that were left were the four most important awards. Two were the Best Supporting Actor/Actress and the other two were Best Male/Female Protagonist. These were the highlights of the award ceremony.

“Many people are looking forward to the next awards. Those who were nominated, are you excited? Now let’s take a look at who the Best Supporting Actress is?”

Among the nominees for Best Supporting Female was Shen Chuxia from ‘Interstellar Mecha’.

Although Shen Chuxia didn’t have many scenes, she was the authentic heroine. In the end, because of the change of the ending, Shen Chuxia had completely become the most important supporting actress. Therefore, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

This nomination was unexpected for Shen Chuxia. After all, if it were for the female protagonist role, she may not have gotten nominated at all.

Although she was nominated, the Best Supporting Actress was taken away by another actress. Shen Chuxia was a bit regretful, but she didn’t feel too much of a loss.

Next up was the nomination for Best Supporting Actor. When everyone saw Luo Lingxing’s name and picture shown on the big screen again, they were a bit surprised. After all, this teenager left a deep impression on them. Whether it was a clip from ‘The Enchantress’ or the calmness he showed when he went onstage to accept the award.

Luo Lingxing was nominated for Best Supporting Actor this time because of ‘Interstellar Mecha’. When the nominee’s work was played, it was naturally a clip from ‘Interstellar Mecha’.

Luo Lingxing played the role of a military advisor and doctor. He wore an improved version of a military uniform. Not only did he have the strictness and rigor of a soldier, he also had a touch of elegance. He stood out among the group of burly and strong soldiers. Especially in his decisiveness and bravery when he gave Qin Shaohui combat advice. He was also gentle and serious when saving lives and treating the wounded. This all left a deep impression on them, as if he was born to be a soldier. As long as the wounded were in his hands, the King of Hell wouldn’t be able to take them away. As a logistics personnel, he gave people a sense of security.

After watching this one minute film for the nomination, it left a deep impression in everyone’s hearts. If they hadn’t watched ‘The Enchantress’ earlier, they would have thought Luo Lingxing was only suited to interstellar films, and perhaps his acting career would only be limited to interstellar films in the future as well.

However, the little prince in ‘The Enchantress’ left just as deep of an impression on them. They were very impressed by this youth. Whether it was the little prince from the ancient film or the interstellar soldier, he played it very well. His acting skills might be a bit immature, but it will definitely improve with enough experience. For a person with such wide acting abilities, he would definitely go far in the entertainment industry in the future.

And after this film festival ended, scripts for movies and shows would float to Luo Lingxing like snowflakes.

It was a pity that nobody knew Luo Lingxing wouldn’t take on any jobs within the next month. Chen Hongliang and Guan Anhua could only look at those scripts, which were enough for other artists to go crazy, to continuously flow in. It was all money and popularity sent to their door, but it would all go to waste. What a shame.

Of course, this would all happen in the future.

After watching Luo Lingxing’s nominated films, the films of the other nominees seemed much inferior.

Everyone thought that Luo Lingxing’s performance in ‘Interstellar Mecha’ compared to everyone else’s, it would be no problem for him to win Best Supporting Actor, provided there was no Best Newcomer.

It wasn’t uncommon for a celebrity to win two awards at the same film festival, but it was very rare, and each of them were talents. It was almost impossible for newcomers. The film festival would also make trade-offs for the sake of balance. If Luo Lingxing didn’t win the Best Newcomer, then he may still have a chance to win Best Supporting Actor.

It really was a shame. Many people silently felt sorry for Luo Lingxing. However, Luo Lingxing, the person involved, didn’t feel anything. After all, he entered the entertainment industry for fans, in order to gain Power of Faith to cultivate. As for awards and such, he didn’t feel an urgent need for them.

“The winner of Best Supporting Actor is in my hands. Let’s take a look at who will present the award first, shall we?” The host quietly looked at the name of the award presenter in his hand and was momentarily in a daze, looking very surprised.

“I feel like I’m hallucinating. Let me double check,” the host said exaggeratedly, making everyone curious. They all had guesses on who the award presenter would be, but who could it be to shock the host so much?

After looking at it for a while, the host put the paper away and took a deep breath, trying to calm their excitement.

“It seems I wasn’t hallucinating, plus he’s really here. I really couldn’t believe it, but I have to believe it. I trust everyone will be as surprised as I am. Now let’s invite our award presenter—Ye. Luo. Han!” the hostess’ voice trembled, showing how excited she was at the moment. Trying to calm herself down earlier was useless.

All the celebrities there couldn’t help but widen their eyes when they heard this name. They used all their self-control to not scream on the spot.

As everyone knew, Ye Luohan never attended film festivals or award ceremonies. He never even went to receive his awards, let alone be an award presenter. How could they not be surprised?

Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing were the finale for the red carpet. There weren’t many celebrities who knew he was attending. Many thought Ye Luohan was only attending to accept his awards, but they never expected him to actually be an award presenter as well.

Ye Luohan calmly walked to the host. Some of the celebrities in the audience, especially the female celebrities, really tried their best to maintain their image.

“God Ye, your presence tonight is really surprising, but it seems like everyone is very happy about this surprise,” the host said playfully, trying to maintain the atmosphere and not allow the mood to stiffen.

Ye Luohan didn’t speak but stared at the card with the winner of Best Supporting Actor written on it. The host was a very observant person. When she saw him like this, she hurriedly handed the card to Ye Luohan.

Ye Luohan opened the card and saw the name of the expected person. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise a bit. This made his cold expression melt instantly, like winter turning into spring. The screams below could no longer be suppressed. The female celebrities didn’t care about their image anymore. seeing Ye Luohan like this, they just wanted to scream even louder. Even the male celebrities looked at that flawless face and felt all sorts of inferiority.

“The Best Supporting Actor goes to Luo Lingxing, congratulations!” Ye Luohan’s deep voice spread through the entire venue through the microphone. When Luo Lingxing went onstage to accept the award, nobody had a surprised expression. Nobody even remembered that Luo Lingxing had already received the Best Newcomer award.

The only thought everyone had was how lucky Luo Lingxing was. He was able to personally have Ye Luohan present his award to him. They also wanted this honor. They were so jealous.

After receiving the trophy and bouquet from Ye Luohan, Luo Lingxing thanked him, “Thank you.”

“Congratulations,” Ye Luohan congratulated him again, but this time in a whisper so only the two of them could hear.

Until Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing walked off the stage together, the audience still hadn’t gone back to their senses. The next awards were the heavyweights: Best Male Protagonist and Best Female Protagonist, but nobody paid attention. Especially for Best Male Protagonist, there was absolutely no suspense since Ye Luohan was a nominee. They didn’t have to guess who the winner would be. Although the other nominees were a little disappointed, they felt that Ye Luohan deserved it. They needed to work harder.

The Golden Fox Film Awards ended on this note. This year’s Golden Fox Film Awards would probably be the topic of conversation for a while, just on the sole fact that Ye Luohan and the way he came on the red carpet, as well as being an award presenter. It was enough for everyone to talk about.

The Golden Fox Award would also be able to hold its head up high against the other four awards for a very long time. It couldn’t be helped. It was all because of Ye Luohan. This was the first film festival he participated in. How could they not boast?

From this, it could be seen how high and important Ye Luohan’s status was in the entertainment industry. It was a position that everyone else looked up to all their lives, and the position they strived to obtain.

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