IMG Chapter 73 Reign of Terror

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“You’ll surpass him very soon,” Han Junzhan said with a smile.

“Ding, you have three new fans.”

“Ding, you have ten new fans.”

“Ding, you have thirty new fans.”

Weibo’s notification sounded nonstop, notifying him that his fans were increasing constantly.

Han Junzhan discovered that with every new Weibo notification, Luo Lingxing’s smile grew deeper. It was clear that he really liked the new fans.

“If you don’t want notifications, you can turn it off here,” Han Junzhan said,

“It’s fine. I really like this sound.” It meant that my followers were increasing. Luo Lingxing happily thought in his heart.

Since Luo Lingxing hadn’t started sending out Weibos, therefore there was only the post about him just creating an account that the official Weibo account automatically sent out. That was why there was an increase of fans on his page leaving messages and comments for Luo Lingxing to post original Weibo content.

When the news of Luo Lingxing creating a Weibo account was discovered by the bored fans scrolling through Weibo, they spread the news. Those fans crying everyday for more content finally had a place to set up base.

“My sincerely touched heavens, my little prince finally created a Weibo account. This is amazing,”

“Ahhhh… I was actually one of the little prince’s first hundred followers. I’m so lucky. I need to try buying a superball.”

“I’m the little prince’s tenth follower. The previous poster is excited for nothing.”

“Can I say that I’m his second follower?”

“Who is so lucky to be the little prince’s first follower? I’m desperately asking.”

“Same. Who is the lucky fan who got to be the first person in the little prince’s harem? Please come out.”

“Come out…”

“Is the previous poster the lucky first fan? Drag them out and beat them a hundred times. They dare take the position of the little prince’s first fan.”

“Previous poster, count me in. Drag them away!”

The sound of agreement came from below. Who knows if the one getting pulled through the mud was just slow or they did it intentionally, but the comments had tens of new comments before they posted again.

“T.T I wasn’t the first one. I just wanted to say that I discovered something hugeeeeee. But you guys didn’t let me finish before dragging me through the mud. You guys are too much. Sob sob sob…”

“Giving the previous poster pets. Hurry up and tell us the news or else you’ll be executed on the spot.”

“Be cool and say it and we’ll take mercy on you!”

“Didn’t you guys see the big verified account in his fan’s list? Moreover, it was the only one in the column.”

After that fan mentioned this, everyone began scrolling through Luo Lingxing’s following and follower list. When they returned, the fans had a change of style.






“What did I just see? I actually saw the Male God following the little prince. Moreover, the little prince is also following the Male God. My two idols are actually following each other. Is today April Fools’ Day?”

“Today isn’t April Fools’ Day. My life is now complete after seeing my two favorite idols follow each other.”

After the fans discovered this fact, the internet blew up again. Moreover, Luo Lingxing’s Weibo kept attracting a lot of attention. There were nonstop notifications of new Weibo followers, and even though Luo Lingxing liked hearing this sound, he still got annoyed by the constant ringing. And so he turned off the sound, as well as Weibo, because there was delicious food made by Aunt Lin waiting for him.

On this side, Luo Lingxing was still enjoying his meal and didn’t know that another storm was brewing online because of him. It wasn’t inferior to a level 12 storm, thus bringing him again into the eye of the storm.

Fans passed on the news of Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan following each other one by one until hundreds of people knew. The more keen reporters all worked overtime to write an exclusive to report numerous variations of this incident.

If it only involved Luo Lingxing, the situation wouldn’t have blown up so large. Although Luo Lingxing attracted many fans from ‘The Enchantress,’ he was still a small celebrity who had only just made his debut, after all. His following wasn’t that large so reporters would only write a few exclusives then move on.

Moreover, once Ye Luohan was involved with something, the scale of the news would be completely different. He was the Male God that had the most fans in the world and his identity in the entertainment industry was like that of a mythical existence. Even a single sneeze from him could stir up the entire entertainment industry, not to mention a situation that involved someone else.

Opening Ye Luohan’s Weibo, the number in his following list was only in the double digits. Moreover, those that he followed either all had high status or made high accomplishments in a certain area. And amongst these people was someone who had just debuted, a newcomer with only one work under his belt. No matter how one looked at it, it seemed out of place.

The reason for this incident was what every single person was extremely curious about. And the online media outlets were hit with a surge of energy, making all sorts of guesses, causing the fans to discuss. These kinds of actions angered Ye Luohan’s fans.

“Don’t believe everything you hear. How could my Male God follow some newcomer? Even if you want to hype this up, please don’t drag my Male God into it, okay?”

“Who doesn’t know that my Male God has refined tastes. There are so many big celebrities in the industry, yet my Male God has never played favorites by following them. Don’t stir up a fuss by saying he followed some newcomer who had only just made his debut, okay?”

“That’s right. Some people just love making up their own conclusions. It’s fine if you do it by yourself, but why must they insist on dragging our Male God into this?”

“The previous poster shouldn’t speak so soon. Nobody is hyping up anything. Our little prince doesn’t need to be hyped up! If you don’t believe us, then go take a look at our little prince’s followers list. It’s clearly shown there. Don’t speak nonsense if you haven’t seen it yet. Aren’t you afraid of getting a slap in the face?”

“Their faces have probably been slapped red. They’re probably in too much pain to speak now. I hate these kinds of crazy fans the most. The truth is right in front of their face yet they still don’t believe it.”

Luo Lingxing didn’t have many fans. Although there were a few that popped up to defend their idol, they couldn’t beat the numerous Ye-fans. Those explanations were quickly covered by all the other comments. The Luo-fans could only watch in anger, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Regarding the matter of Ye Luohan following Luo Lingxing, it wasn’t only the fans who paid attention to this. Even the celebrities of the entertainment industry followed closely to the development of this incident.

Although many fans didn’t believe it actually happened, thinking that the one following was a fake account, the more experienced and knowledgeable celebrities all knew the account was real, and that this incident was also real. In a blink of an eye, numerous ideas popped inside people’s heads. There was envy as well as jealousy.

The jealous celebrities would even use their side accounts to stir up trouble in murky waters and use this chance to slander Luo Lingxing.

Everyone online was currently bustling with activity. On the other hand, neither of the two main characters came to speak out. Who knows if they were frightened or they simply weren’t paying attention to this matter. Of course, everyone was leaning towards the former.

But the truth was actually the latter.

In the short timeframe of a single meal, things had been shaken up online. However, the people inside the Han residence were still enjoying their warm lunch.

Luo Lingxing ate his fill and patted his small belly. He planned on going online to look at the situation on Weibo, but ended up picking up Chen Hongliang’s video call instead.

“Xiao Luo, did you create a Weibo?” Chen Hongliang asked as soon as his silhouette appeared on the screen.

“Yes, I just created one. It was Jun…”

“Don’t go on Weibo for now and don’t send any updates either, okay? You can go back on after I take care of this matter. Do you understand?” Chen Hongliang felt that in the short span of a day, he had worried enough to age a few years.

He was still digesting the situation between Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing when he received a message from  his good friend, telling him to take a look online. When he did, he almost fainted. How did this worry-free actor give him so many problems? It was only supposed to be the simple matter of creating a Weibo, but it somehow stirred up so many problems. And most importantly… What in the world was that person thinking? Doesn’t that person know how much influence he held? How could he so casually follow someone like this?

Hahh… He really didn’t know if this was good or bad.

“Oh,” Luo Lingxing replied, his brain full of fog.

Chen Hongliang came and went in a hurry, the video call immediately cutting off. Luo Lingxing still wasn’t clear what had happened, but guessed that it had something to do with Weibo.

Although Han Junzhan, who was sitting on the side, didn’t appear on the screen, he didn’t miss a single of Chen Hongliang’s words. His eyebrows furrowed as he opened his own terminal only to discover that everyone online had already been shaken up.

He didn’t expect that his small action would bring Luo Lingxing so much trouble. At first, he only wanted to see himself appear as Luo Lingxing’s first Weibo fan, and he was also the first person he (LLX) followed. However, he forgot how hungry for battle his fans were.

He was originally going to use his Han Junzhan account to follow Luo Lingxing, but considering that the two of them weren’t in the same circles, following Luo Lingxing using that account would have an even greater impact, and not all positive. That was why he used that account since they were both in the entertainment industry so even if there was an impact, it should all be good. It would even help Luo Lingxing gain followers. However, he didn’t expect the impact to be this big.

That was correct. Ye Luohan’s account also belonged to Han Junzhan. Besides Ye Luohan’s agent, no one else knew that Ye Luohan and Han Junzhan were actually the same person.

When Han Junzhan’s system awakened, he gained one more system than others. In this world, almost everyone only had one system, but he naturally owned two systems. One was a military system and the other was a celebrity system.

Being a celebrity was Han Junzhan’s hobby, and being in the military was the family tradition. It was one he couldn’t go against. When he thought his interest in being a celebrity would never come to surface, the possession of owning two systems gave him renewed hope.

Since he had two systems, he wouldn’t waste them. However, if he entered the entertainment industry as a Major General from the major General, this news would cause a lot of problems if others knew. Fortunately, those with two systems would also gain an extra human skin face mask. Moreover, this mask could change one’s appearance, turning him into a completely different person. And thus, this was how Han Junzhan used his identity as Ye Luohan to become a celebrity and reached the highest point.

Everyone knew that if one wanted to obtain popularity and have everyone remember you, one needed to increase their exposure rate or else it would be really easy to be forgotten. However, once one reached Ye Luohan’s level of being a superstar, he couldn’t be measured like a normal celebrity. Even if he didn’t act for a year or appear on camera, his popularity would still be high and not decrease.

Therefore, Han Junzhan’s dual identities as a military man and a celebrity didn’t make him flustered. Instead, they were coordinated well together and he handled the two identities with skill and ease.

Meanwhile, Luo Lingxing was also reading the news online. Seeing that all of this happened because of Ye Luohan who was the first person who followed him as well as the first person he followed, Luo Lingxing used three minutes to finally recall who this Male God was.

No wonder when he saw that person’s Weibo, he thought it was a bit familiar. Wasn’t this the interstellar Male God?

Although he figured out Ye Luohan’s identity, Luo Lingxing still didn’t understand. Weren’t they just innocently following each other, so why did it stir up such a huge commotion? Perhaps all the fans online only ate and had nothing else to do?

“It’s not that they have nothing to do,” Han Junzhan replied with a smile.

Luo Lingxing finally realized that he accidently said the words he was thinking out loud.

“It’s fine. After a while, those people won’t talk about this anymore,” Han Junzhan comforted Luo Lingxing.

In fact, Luo Lingxing didn’t take this matter to heart. On the contrary, he realized that because of this incident, the Power of Faith surrounding him had increased a lot. Although he didn’t understand the cause of this, it still ended up being a good thing for him.

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