IMG Chapter 17 Seeing Junzhan

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Lingxing prepared the pumpkin first. He then put it in a pot specially made to cook congee and cooked it on a low fire. Once the congee thickened, he grabbed a small bit of spiritual ingredients from his space ring and placed it in the pot to continue cooking. The spiritual ingredient he used completely mixed in with the congee.

This space ring was a magical treasure that Luo Lingxing used in his previous world. He never imagined that it would actually follow him into this new life. It wasn’t a high grade ring, the inside only contained some spiritual ingredients that he often gathered. However, to him, it was very useful. Especially since he’s an ordinary human right now so it was better for him to eat more foods that contained spiritual energy to refine his body.

The humans in this world were roughly categorized with A-F rank physiques, with A rank being stronger and F rank being the weakest. Of course, there are some physiques that have higher potential and are able to reach a rank higher than A. Those ranks are S rank, SS rank, and SSS rank. However, there were very few people with these ranks. There was only one person in the whole Empire who had an SSS rank, with the previous one having appeared more than a couple hundred years ago.

Luo Lingxing was originally tested to have a C rank, not too strong and not too weak either. However, after he was injured a year ago, his physique dropped to a F rank, a rank that is as scarcely seen as a SSS rank. You could say that those with F rank were considered wastes. If it wasn’t for the fact that in the past year, the Luo Family provided all kinds of tonics, searched for all different methods, and Luo Lingxing also secretly used his spiritual ingredients to nurture his body, then he probably would still be laying in bed right now. With all their efforts, he was able to raise his physique to E rank. 

While Luo Lingxing was lost in thought, the congee was just about finished cooking. The scent slowly drifted out, containing a dense pumpkin fragrance. It also contained another alluring yet indescribable scent that really stimulated the appetite and made others can’t help but want to taste it.

“Did you make this?” a low voice suddenly sounded from behind him. Luo Lingxing was startled and instinctively turned his head back. He saw a handsome man in a military uniform standing behind him, his eyes staring straight at… the pot of congee in his hands.

Luo Lingxing recognized who this person was. This was the same guy that video chatted with him yesterday, his nominal fiancé as well as the owner of this house.

“Did you make this?” Han Junzhan saw that the person in front of him kept staring back blankly without saying anything. He slightly wrinkled his brows, the delicious scent coming from the congee stimulated his taste buds, making him repeat himself. 

 Luo Lingxing nodded and casually asked, “Do you want some?”

“Mn,” Han Junzhan answered with a rare affirmative. He rarely ate things made by a stranger. Although Luo Lingxing is his nominal fiancé, they were still complete strangers to each other, so it was unusual that he didn’t refuse the offer. It was probably because the congee smelled too delicious. Han Junzhan excused in his heart. 

Luo Lingxing didn’t mind. Thankfully he made a lot when he was cooking. He was planning on giving some to Aunt Lin and Xiao He to try, but since the owner of the house is here, then of course the owner has a higher priority. He still understood the basics on how the world worked.

Luo Lingxing scooped two bowls of congee and carried them to the table. He pushed one of the bowls to the man in front of him and then picked up his spoon and completely focused on eating his own bowl of congee.

Han Junzhan looked at the bowl of congee for a while. It clearly looked like a normal bowl of pumpkin congee, but the scent it released was completely alluring. He picked up the spoon and gently picked up a spoonful and put it in his mouth. His eyes suddenly slightly widened. The amazing flavor danced on the tip of his tongue, causing him to eat bite after bite.

Unknowingly, Han Junzhan finished off the whole bowl but still had the feeling of wanting to continue eating. He shocked himself when he realized what he was doing. 

He was never one to place great importance on delicious food. As long as it wasn’t too hard to eat, then it tasted all the same to him. No food ever enticed him as much as this before, and yet this small bowl of ordinary pumpkin congee made him want to eat without stopping. He even thought to have another bowl of it, but thankfully his senses came back to him and stopped him from saying out that he wanted another one.

Luo Lingxing didn’t say anything to Han Junzhan and proceeded to clear away the finished bowl and chopsticks to the kitchen. This natural action made it seem like the two of them have lived together for a long time already.

Han Junzhan silently watched Luo Lingxing bustling away in the kitchen. All the exhaustion that built up from the last couple of days greatly dissipated and his energy increased a lot. If he was able to eat foods that revitalize his energy everyday, then perhaps having another person live here isn’t such a bad thing.

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