IMG Chapter 16 Spirit Pumpkin Congee

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Su Lingping knew that he wouldn’t be able to gain anything today. He didn’t feel like purchasing a car now to embarrass himself. He pulled Xi Liangqing and quickly left the dealership. Xi Liangqing couldn’t help but turn and look back at Luo Lingxing in the end, his eyes filled with a complicated expression.

Luo Lingxing didn’t have the time to pay mind to those clowns. He was extremely happy after buying two cars today. He wanted to try driving it but discovered that the interior of the White Tiger was designed differently from ordinary cars, and… he didn’t know how to operate it. Thus, he could only turn to the salesperson and say, “Please deliver the two cars to the Xian Villa. Uh… which house number?”

The later half was said to Xiao He.

“Xian Villa No. 6,” Xiao He replied.

“Will do. We’ll send it over right away.” The salesperson was extremely happy while sending this very wealthy young lord out of the dealership. The people who live on the Xian Villa are all ultra wealthy. If a couple more wealthy lords like this showed up, then she would quickly become a millionaire.

After leading the dealership, Luo Lingxing went to the mall. He planned on buying some clothes but he wasn’t satisfied after shopping around a bit. He arrived in this world more than a year ago, but he still wasn’t used to the clothes that the people in this world wore. He still prefered the comfortable and relaxed robes from his past.

When he was still at the Luo Family home, he was able to have someone custom make them for him. In any case, he didn’t leave the house often and nobody would say anything if he wore them at home. However, after arriving at the Emperor Star, he realized that there didn’t seem to be anyone wearing robes. If he wore his robes out here, he’d definitely be stared at. He could only buy some loose and comfortable clothes to wear.

This is the first time Luo Lingxing was really experiencing this world so he found everything he saw to be very strange. Unknowingly, he wandered around for an whole afternoon and bought many things. Although some things were only good to look at and not very useful, he was still pretty happy buying them.

“Xiao He, let’s head back.” Luo Lingxing felt a bit tired. His body felt like it couldn’t hold up much longer.

Although this body is a lot better than it was when he was first reborn, it’s still very weak. He needed to strengthen his body more. He only walked for a bit and he was already this tired. What if he was filming in the future? Wouldn’t he just delay everyone?

“Alright,” He Yi replied.

He followed behind Luo Lingxing the whole day and discovered that this seemingly aloof little young master actually had a pure and childish heart. His eyes would start shining brightly especially when he saw little toys and trinkets. He unknowingly attracted the eyes of others.

It wasn’t quite yet four in the afternoon when the two arrived home. Luo Lingxing tidied up all his purchases and afterwards, felt a bit hungry. It wasn’t mealtime yet so he felt bad making Aunt Lin specially go make something for him, so he decided to head into the kitchen to make something to eat.

In his previous world, Luo Lingxing’s cultivation was at the level where he didn’t need to eat. He didn’t have many hobbies except his desire for good food. The food bought from outside was too ordinary and meant for normal humans. It wasn’t good for his body if he ate too much of it. However, most cultivators who reach the Stage where they can fast don’t particularly like cooking. So if Luo Lingxing wanted to eat something, he had to cook it himself. After practicing a lot, his cooking skills greatly improved.

He hasn’t cooked anything since coming into this world. Moreover, most of the ingredients here were different so he didn’t know what he would be able to cook.

The ingredients in the kitchen were all freshly delivered today. They were also all already processed so someone must have prepared it for Aunt Lin to cook dinner. 

Luo Lingxing decided to make some congee. He could pad his stomach for now and have his real meal at dinner. If he made anything else, he definitely wouldn’t be able to eat at dinner and would get hungry again in the middle of the night. That would be more troublesome.

Luo Lingxing glanced at the ingredients and decided to make spirit pumpkin congee. The main ingredient for the spirit pumpkin congee are naturally pumpkins. Spiritual ingredients would also be added to make it into the congee. The result would preserve the natural flavors of the ingredients, as well as contain a certain amount of spiritual power. The spiritual power it contained wasn’t much and generally wouldn’t be of much help to a cultivator, but it was especially good for an ordinary human.

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