IMG Chapter 15 The Mystical Beast Series

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“Because the mystical beast series is limited edition and there were only forty produced in the whole empire, the only one we have left is the White Tiger1,” the salesperson cautiously said. This was a VIP client. She needed to act with caution. 

“Take me to see the White Tiger then,” Luo Lingxing said.

He already knew that it was a limited edition series because his third brother owned a Vermilion Bird. It had a fiery red body and ultra sleek appearance that was extremely eye catching. Just like a vermilion bird wishing to soar into the sky, the car was just as ardent and flamboyant.

It was precisely because he saw his third brother’s Vermilion Bird that he wanted to come and buy a mystical beast series himself. Furthermore, the one he liked most out of the series was White Tiger. His mood improved having heard that they still had a White Tiger. He was completely unaware that those people behind him were utterly shocked after hearing him say he wanted to buy the White Tiger. 

“Young master Ping…” the two attendants quietly called out. He never imagined that the Luo Lingxing who had just returned would be so rich. He just bought Hou Yi, which is worth 100 million, and now he wants to go look at the limited edition White Tiger. All of the cars in the mystical beast series were valued over 500 million. One of them would cost five Hou Yis. They couldn’t figure out if he really had the money or if he was just saying it to provoke them.

Su Lingping didn’t have a good look on his face. He didn’t believe that Luo Lingxing was really going to buy the White Tiger. Even if Luo Lingxing found a financial backer who was willing to spend on him, he spent a lot buying the Hou Yi already, and now he wants to buy the White Tiger? Dream on. Who would be willing to waste this much money? Even if Luo Lingxing had a good appearance, it still wasn’t worth spending this much money.

“Let’s follow and see. I don’t believe that he’d really dare buy it,” Su Lingping said while gnashing his teeth. Everything he suffered today, he’d make sure to pay it back!

A couple people with horrible expressions followed behind Luo Lingxing. Of course Luo Lingxing was aware of this, but he didn’t care.

The salesperson brought the group to the top floor. A single white hover car occupied the whole room. Under the surrounding lights, it looked like a hibernating tiger, giving out a fascinating and dangerous aura. It was clearly warning others of the dangers ahead, but the people were still compelled to move forward.

As expected of the hover car that third brother designed. You could tell with just a glance that this car was worth the price and treatment. If it was like those cars below, all squeezed together in one room, it would be disgracing this car instead.

“I also want this car.” Luo Lingxing didn’t hesitate at all and handed the purple car to the salesperson.

The salesperson excitedly took the purple card. She actually sold two ultra high end hover cars today in such a short time. The total price for everything was 600 million star coins. Even if she was only taking a percentage of that, it was still more than what she made in a whole month. She truly was too lucky.

Since she was motivated, the salesperson’s efficiency was shot up. She quickly finished the procedures and handed the car keys to Luo Lingxing.

Su Lingping knew that Luo Lingxing was stuck with great luck this time, to be able to meet an idiot who was so careless with his money. Their card was swiped twice and they didn’t even blink an eye. He was really curious how this person could make so much money.

At this moment on the Flowing Cloud Star, Luo Bingze, who was sitting in his office in the Ze Cheng Corp headquarters, sneezed twice.

“Is someone talking bad about me behind my bad?” Luo Bingze murmured. The corners of his lips slightly curved and he revealed a very charming smile.

If someone who knew him very well was here, they would know that this person was scheming in his head. Somebody was about to be out of luck.

Soon after, Luo Bingze received two pieces of news. After he looked at the information, his smile became even brighter.

“Ah… Our family’s little brother finally learned how to spend money. As the older brother, I feel deeply gratified,” Luo Bingze said while shaking his head.

He wanted to take his little brother shopping in the past, but his little brother would rather go to the forest to sleep2 than go out. So even though Luo Lingxing had the money, he didn’t spend any. He was depressed by this before, but now his little brother finally learned how to spend money. He finally felt a sense of accomplishment as the older brother.

Little brother, you need to continue doing your best3

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  1. White Tiger: The car names in the mystical beast series refer to the Four Symbols of China. Click here to read more. ↩︎
  2. Sleep: He’s talking about the second chapter when the MC was sleeping on the hammock in the forest. ↩︎
  3. Best: Meaning doing his best to spend more money. ↩︎

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  1. That’s the best reaction for spending money lololol! Love the Luo family! Let’s face-slap the Su family some mo~re!

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  2. My heart hurt with envy just looking at the amount. Seems like I have to cut out my spending. I have to work hard to have that much of many! And Surname Su, please don’t talk bad about people behind their back, soon you will find other talking right on your face. Heh. Thx for the chapter~~~

    1. In somebody iterations of the group, the Vermillion Bird, the Black Turtle , the White Tiger and the Azure Dragon are headed by a Golden Dragon so Yes and No.

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