IMG Chapter 14 Give Me the Car

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“Your service here is too lacking. That purple card definitely doesn’t belong to him. You guys are actually letting him use someone else’s card to buy a car? Isn’t this very disrespectful to the real owner of the card? How would anyone dare to buy from you guys in the future?”

The purple card is user specific. One person can only possess one of them and who wouldn’t carefully guard theirs? How would they let someone else use it. Therefore, Su Lingping firming believes that Luo Lingxing must have used some dirty tricks to obtain this purple card.

“Young master Su, I’ve already contacted the owner of this card. We only processed the payment after receiving the approval from the owner,” the salesperson politely replied to Su Lingping’s criticism. Her heart was left with a bad impression of the young master Su, and at the same time, more respect for Luo Lingxing was garnered.

Although she wasn’t the one who personally contacted the owner of the purple card, after the manager contacted them, the manager instructed her to take good care of the customer. She needed to fulfill whatever demand the client wanted. She knew then that this person’s background wasn’t normal.

“How is that possible?” Didn’t couldn’t believe it. He wanted to continue arguing, but was pulled by Xi Liangqing instead. 

“Xiao Ping , didn’t you also like the style of the Hou Yi car? How about I also buy you one?” Xi Liangqing said.

Su Lingping was unwilling to be pacified like this. Ever since the fantasy series came out, he’d always had his eye on Hou Yi. However, 100 million star coins really is too much for him. He never could have afforded it. Although the Su Family is also a top tier family in the Emperor Star, their political position was a bit low. They also had a weak standing in the business world so the Su Family’s funds couldn’t be compared to the Xi Family’s. If he really gave Su Lingxing 100 million to buy a car, then this would undoubtedly become a topic of gossip.

Although Xi Liangqing did have 100 million, the majority of his capital would be shrunk after he swiped his card. That’s why he never agreed before.

They had originally come to buy a car from a different series, but they didn’t expect to bump into Luo Lingxing. His mood may have been ruined, but he was able to profit from this misfortune by getting the Hou Yi car that he’s been longing for.

However, the salesperson spoke up, “I’m sorry. This was the only remainder Hou Yi car left.”

“What? Why is that? There were still a few of them when I came to look last time,” Su Lingping said while furrowing his brows. It was easy for him to get the chance to buy it, and yet he was informed that there weren’t any more. Moreover, the last one was bought by someone he hated. This truly crushed his heart.

“I’m very sorry but this model has been selling very well lately, so we’ve run out of stock,” the salesperson said while maintaining a slight smile.

Su Lingping’s face was becoming very unsightly. He turned around and fiercely glared at Luo Lingxing, very rudely telling him, “Give me that car.”

Luo Lingxing acted as if he didn’t hear him. He didn’t plan on paying him any mind.

“I said to give me that car. Did you not hear me?” Su Lingping was used to arrogantly ordering people around in the Su Family. Especially this person in front of him who could only be bullied. Of course he wasn’t going to be polite when he spoke to him.

“No way!” Luo Lingxing turned his head back and threw these two words at him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he thought this person who was chirping away in his ear was too annoying, then he would’ve been too lazy to even say these two words.

“What did you say? How dare a stray like you refuse me? If my father finds out about this, you’ll definitely get in trouble.” Su Lingping was about to be angered to death.

“Where are the mystical beast series?” Luo Lingxing asked the salesperson.

His purpose in coming here was for the mystical beast series. As for the Hou Yi, well that’s just a convenient gain.

His third brother wanted to develop a new hover car before, but he didn’t know what name to use. He, Luo Lingxing, randomly said the words “fantasy” and “mystical beast”, but he never imagined that his lazy third brother would actually use these names. However, after he saw Hou Yi, he became even more excited to see the mystical beast series.

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