IMG Chapter 13 I Want this Car

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Su Lingping saw that Luo Lingxing was only looking at the car he liked and didn’t have any reaction to his words. He was extremely dissatisfied and therefore, suddenly went pushed Luo Lingxing away from the car and said,” This is Ze Cheng Corp’s newest launch in their Fantasy Series, Hou Yi1. It’s worth 100 million star coins. You think you can buy it? I’m afraid you can’t even afford to touch it.”

Luo Lingxing steadied his body and coldly glanced at Su Luoping. If it wasn’t for the fact that all his attention was focused on the car, then it would’ve been easy to dodge Su Lingping’s intentional attack.

He didn’t plan on arguing with Su Lingping, but in the end, this person kept on provoking him.

Luo Lingxing didn’t say anything to Su Lingping and directly told the car salesperson, “I want this car.”

“Haha… young master Ping, I feel like I just heard the greatest joke,” an attendant standing next to Su Lingping ridiculed, trying to suck up. 

“You guys didn’t hear that wrong. Some person said he was going to buy this Hou Yi which is worth 100 million. You guys heard it very clearly. I really want to see how he’s going to buy it,” Su Lingping put his arms around his body, calmly waiting to mock Luo Lingxing.

A cold sweat slid down the salesperson’s forehead, who was standing on the side. She2 knows who Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing are. These two young masters came here just to gang up and ridicule someone. She couldn’t help but sympathize with the person.

However, this person was actually able to remain calm during those two young master’s ridiculing. That means this person also isn’t someone ordinary. Therefore, the salesperson didn’t go along with the tide.

Luo Lingping ignored Su Lingping’s taunt and directly handed the purple card to the salesperson. He said again, “I want this car.”

The purple card was given by his third brother and he’s going to buy a car at his third brother’s dealership. So in the end, the money would just go back to his third brother. Luo Lingxing was extremely pleased with this.

On the other hand, some people couldn’t remain calm, “A purple card. How do you have a purple card?”

Su Lingping didn’t dare believe it and stared at Luo Lingxing and the purple card. He couldn’t believe that someone who was kicked out of the family would possess a purple card. It’s known that if you want to own a purple card, then it must have at least 10 billion in it. Even in the entire Su Family, his father was the only one that owned a purple card.

Xi Liangqing’s eyes became complicated while looking at Luo Lingxing, his thoughts unreadable.

“Young master Ping, it must be a fake. How could he have a purple card? He must have taken out a fake one to deceive us,” the attendant guessed.

Su Lingping didn’t reject the statement. That’s because he couldn’t believe that Su Lingxing would own a purple card.

Luo Lingxing, on the other hand, didn’t have time to watch these people fuss about. Instead, he directly focused his gaze on the salesperson, the look in his expression evident.

“I’ll handle the formalities for you now,” the salesperson said while hastily taking the purple card before leaving.

The salesperson quickly came back, her attitude more respectful than before. She said, “Young master Luo, here are the documents for your car purchase as well as your purple card. Here you go.”

Luo Lingxing nodded and looked again at the car he just purchased. He was in a great mood. Although he didn’t intend on this car when he came to the dealership, the car was indeed absolutely beautiful.

Su Lingping saw that the salesperson not only didn’t berate Luo Lingxing for having a fake card, but he was also acting extremely respectful. He realized then that the purple card was real. He was immediately jealous out of his mind.

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If we assume the star coin is similar to the Chinese Yuan, then converting that to USD is over 14 million… A 14 million dollar car… |ʘ‿ʘ)╯

  1. Hou Yi: The name of a mythological archer. Click here to learn more. ↩︎
  2. She: The author actually says “he” but refers to the salesperson as “she” in future chapters so gonna stick with she. ↩︎

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