IMG Chapter 12 Flaunting His Coyness

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“I was waiting for you, Ah’Qing1. Why did you only just come?” When Su Lingping saw the person that just arrived, his once overbearing expression suddenly became docile. That person’s voice was as smooth as a flowing river. Hearing it, Luo Linxing couldn’t help but break out in shivers.

Luo Lingxing could tell who the arriving person was just by the voice. This was the scumbag that abandoned Su Lingxing2 and threw himself in the embrace of another.

Luo Lingxing felt very differently towards Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing. Su Lingping may treat Su Lingxing with hate-filled disdain, but that was brought on because of their identities. To him, it was a fight between brothers. This was a common occurrence in large families and he’s seen it happen many times already.

As long as Su Lingping doesn’t provoke him, he wouldn’t actively make a move against him. Su Lingxing, after all, was the one who lost in the fight between brothers in the family. It couldn’t be blamed on others.

As for Xi Liangqing, his behavior was truly abominable. 

From the host’s memories, Xi Liangqing once dearly loved and pampered Su Lingxing. During the time that Su Lingqing stayed with the Su Family, the only hope and support he received was from this person. The Su Family didn’t treat him well back then, but as long as he had that lover of his, he was willing to quietly endure everything.

However, once he found out that Su Lingxing didn’t possess any type of system at the age of eighteen, he, who was once gentle and caring, abandoned Su Lingxing and threw himself at the little brother who had already awakened a celebrity system. This affected Su Lingxing greatly, even more so than getting kicked out of the Su Family. You could say that Xi Liangqing held the most responsibility in Su Lingxing’s death.

Since Luo Lingxing is currently occupying Su Lingxing’s body, he of course has to do something for him. Luo Lingxing never liked seeing scumbags like this guy anyways.

“It was a bit busy at the company today so I had to come late. Tell me which cars you like later and I’ll buy them all to make it up to you, alright?” Xi Liangqing gently placated Su Lingping. 

“Alright. Oh right, Ah’Qing, I want to show you someone. You’ll definitely be interested in this.” Su Lingping acted as if he just suddenly remembered Luo Lingxing’s arrival. He purposely dragged Xi Liangqing in front of Luo Lingxing and planted a huge kiss on him in front of Luo Lingxing.

Xi Liangqing was stupefied for a moment when he saw Luo Lingxing. A complicated expression passed through his eyes, but he didn’t reject it when Su Lingping gave him a kiss.

Luo Lingxing wasn’t in the mood to stay and watch them put on a performance, so he entered the dealership without a word. The most important thing right now was buying a car.

Since the person Su Lingping wanted to flaunt in front of left, he didn’t have the desire to continue giving out sweet kisses. He hooked his arm through Xi Liangxing’s and followed Luo Lingxing inside. He even purposely said in a loud voice, “Ah’Qing, they have the best cars in the entire Emperor Star here. Each one costs more than ten of millions. Say, do you think some poor trash would be able to afford them? This isn’t a place where anyone can come in to just look around.”

“They probably can’t afford it. But you tell me which one you like and I’ll buy it for you,” Xi Liangqing happily played along with Su Lingping.

“Ah’Qing, you’re so great! I’m so lucky to have you. I never have to spend my own money. Some people must be super jealous,” Su Lingping purposefully said for Luo Lingxing to hear.

However, it’s a shame that Luo Lingxing’s entire focus was currently on these hover cars. He completely didn’t hear what Su Lingping was saying.

Men always had a special sentiment towards cars. Even Luo Lingxing, who came from a cultivator’s world and who had never seen a car before, was attracted to these hover cars as soon as he entered the dealership.

The smooth design, the beautiful body of the car, and harmonious colors gave off the feeling of either uniqueness, majestic grandeur, or luxurious grace. It caused people to be unable to shift their gaze away.

This was the first time Luo Lingxing saw the hover cars his third brother’s company designed. He was extremely shocked.

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  1. Ah’Qing: Ah’ is a cute way of saying someone’s name. Like -Chan. ↩︎
  2. Su Lingxing: The MC will refer to the host to this name ↩︎

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  1. “Men always had a special sentiment towards cars. Even Luo Lingxing, who came from a cultivator’s world and who had never seen a car before, was attracted to these hover cars as soon as he entered the dealership.”
    What a load of bullsh*t. I personally have no interest in cars and it has nothing to do with gender. If I (male if you didn’t catch on) who has seen cars and know what looks good or not, why the h*ll would a cultivator care for a car?

    1. Agree on “all men have boners for cars” being nonsense, but I think that cars have a lot of qualities (big, metallic, holds cup, goes vroom) that would seem novel and interesting to someone from a cultivation world.

  2. Aw, poor Su Lingping. Trying so hard to get noticed. Too bad, you’re not worth Luo Lingxing’s time.
    Thank you for the update ❤️

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