IMG Chapter 18 Hitting a Wall at Every Turn

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Chen Hongliang dragged his exhausted body back home. He left the house burning with enthusiasm, but returned home feeling lifeless.

He ran around so much today that he felt like his legs were going to fall off. He met with many people who, in the past, would happily greet him in a familiar way but now seemed to have become completely different people. They’ve become distant. Regardless of what he said, the other person would brush him off. With some, it felt like they were holding back what they really wanted to say, while some spoke curtly to him. 

He searched through so many people and none were willing to help him.

“Heh. So these people are my so-called friends? They were the first to come beat me while I was already down,” Chen Hongliang said with a sneer. In his mind, those people’s words were still like daggers stabbing him.

“Xiao Chen, it’s not that I’m looking down on you. It’s just that I’d have a better chance at representing a newcomer than Luo Lingxing. He doesn’t have a celebrity system. He won’t be able to make it far in this industry. Moreover, I heard that Hua Hai Entertainment wants to shelf him. By doing this, wouldn’t you be directly going against Hua Hai Entertainment? There’s no need to give up your entire future for a person like that,” Director Yu, someone who worked with Chen Hongliang before, said sincerely.

“Director Yu, even if Luo Lingxing doesn’t have a system, his acting is one of the best. As long as he gets an opportunity, he’ll definitely succeed. I hope that you can give him a chance for the sake of our work history together. Even if it’s just a supporting role, it’s fine,” Chen Hongliang persisted, but he only got a shake in return.

“Director Li, the web series you direct all get really good ratings. I heard that you are planning to shoot <Road to Ascension>. Our Luo Lingxing is handsome and has great acting skills. I hope you can give him a chance to audition.”

“Sorry, the auditions are already over. If there’s another chance in the future, I’ll definitely contact you.”

“Director Liu…”

“Xiao Chen, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but Hua Hai is currently trying to shut him out. The Su Family is also watching from the background, nobody’s going to want him. You should quickly give up on him and go represent a different artist.”

“Yo! Isn’t this the great agent, Mr. Chen? Why did you disappear for a year and now reappearing all of a sudden? Oh, right! I heard that the artist you were representing disappeared for over a year. No wonder we haven’t seen you around. Even if you wanted to come out, you didn’t have an artist to represent anyways,” Chen Hongliang’s coworker mocked.

The people that rolled their eyes at him, mocked him, and brushed him off today, added up, was more than ever before. It made Chen Hongliang clearly see the true face of those in the entertainment industry.

“As expected, you have to be realistic in the entertainment industry,” Chen Hongliang said in a low voice full of pain and despair. 

His so-called contacts won’t help him and he can’t rely on his agent system for help either. Luo Lingxing also doesn’t have a system. He suddenly felt that his future was once again plunged in darkness.

At this moment, Chen Hongliang’s terminal rang.

Picking up, Luo Lingxing’s handsome face appeared on the screen. His expression was duller than before, but Chen Hongliang wasn’t in the right mind to pay attention to that right now.

“How is it going?” Luo Lingxing asked frankly.

Chen Hongliang shook his head and said, “I’ve contacted everyone I know who I was even remotely friendly with, but in the end…”

Although Chen Hongliang didn’t finish the sentence, the person listening could guess what he wanted to say.

“It’s fine. Today’s only the first day. There’s no rush. Come pick me up tomorrow so I can re-enroll to my classes. We can take our time finding a role. Also, do you have a driver’s license?” Luo Lingxing asked.

Since he’ll be in close contact with this agent in the future, then it’s natural that he should get more familiar with him. Of course, he would never admit that he doesn’t know his way to his school or the fact that… he doesn’t know how to drive a hover car.

It was only after he bought the hover car that he realized that driving it wasn’t only a matter of seeing it a few times and then trying. You needed to test for a driver’s license first. Furthermore, testing for the license wasn’t something that could be done in a couple of days. Therefore, he needed a personal driver, and the person he chose was naturally none other than Chen Hongliang.

“I have a driver’s license,” Chen Hongliang replied. As an agent, driving was an absolutely necessary skill. Of course he had a driver license. However… “I don’t have a car.”

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