IMG Chapter 19 I’m Not Eating the Congee

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“I have a car. Come pick me up at this address tomorrow morning. I’ll send the address to your terminal in a second.” Luo Lingxing hung up after he finished speaking. He then opened the text interface and used the speech recognition option to send Chen Hongliang the address.

He wasn’t able to learn this world’s worm-like alphabet even after being in this world for over a year. Thankfully, the text interface had a speech recognition option. Although there were some incorrect characters, as long as the tones1 were the same, then the accuracy was still pretty high.

Chen HongLiang dazedly stared at the address for a long time. Xian Villa was a district where the wealthy and powerful lived. The people that lived there were all very respectable. From what he knew, Luo Lingxing was already kicked out of the Su Family. So how is he able to live in the Xian Villa, a place where even the Su Family had a hard time getting in?

Now wasn’t the time to think about this, however. He needed to concentrate. Just like Luo Lingxing said, they should take it slowly. If he couldn’t use his contacts from before, then he’ll just make new contacts.

If Luo Lingxing doesn’t make a comeback, then his career as an agent will also probably end in a couple years. When that happens, if he wanted to change careers then he wouldn’t be able to get far because of his age.

Moreover, he truly loved this profession. He didn’t want to have to change careers. Now that Luo Lingxing returned, his hope was renewed. Even if it’s only a sliver of hope, he still couldn’t give up. A nineteen year old youth knew how to persist, so what right did a twenty-five year old man like him have to give up!

Early the next morning, Chen Hongliang arrived at the address Luo Lingxing sent him and waited.

Chen Hongliang couldn’t help swallowing his saliva after seeing the luxurious villa. He couldn’t compare himself to others. As expected, you’d only be angered to death if you compared yourself with others. Even if he worked hard his whole life, he would never be able to buy a villa like this.

At that moment, he was more curious about how Luo Lingxing was living here. Even if he was only friends with the owner of the villa, it was still an extraordinary matter.

The news that Luo Lingxing didn’t have a system when he was tested had probably spread throughout the whole empire. He was the first person in the last hundred years that hasn’t had a system. Even if some only had low grade systems, it was still better than not having one at all.

Everyone enthusiastically discussed it. Immediately after that incident, Luo Lingxing was also kicked out of the Su Family and shelved by Hua Hai Entertainment. It seemed like a just recently matured youth was being beat down shot by shot. If this had happened to someone with a weaker willpower, then they probably wouldn’t be able to recover from this. They might have even committed suicide.

Afterwards, Luo Lingxing disappeared from everyone’s sight. Everyone thought that he wasn’t able to deal with all these pitfalls and committed suicide. After pitying him for a bit, everyone returned to their own daily lives. Nobody remembered this youth who was hit with these major events. Those that did remember were ones who wanted to strike him while he was still down.

If those people that wanted to strike him while he was down found out that not only did Luo Lingxing not commit suicide but was living very well and had a very powerful friend, then many people would probably be angered to death.

Thinking of that, the corner of Chen Hongliang’s lips couldn’t help but lift in a mocking sneer. After going through all that, he saw the real faces of many people, none of them good.

At this moment, Luo Lingxing was sitting in the dining room eating the congee Aunt Lin made. Although it didn’t contain any spiritual energy, it still tasted very good.

“Young master, you’re awake. Hurry over. The congee just finished cooking.” Aunt Lin saw Han Junzhan coming down the stairs and scooped a bowl of congee for him with a smile.

Luo Lingxing politely nodded to Han Junzhan as a greeting and continued eating his congee. 

Han Junzhan didn’t say anything either and glanced at Luo Lingxing before his sight landed on the congee. Speaking truthly, the appearance of the congee was very appealing. It caused anyone who looked at it to stir up an apatite. 

Han Junzhan picked up his spoon to try it and then calmly placed the spoon down. He didn’t touch the congee again and only had the simple bread and coffee.

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Aunt Lin, don’t give up! Junzhan just wants to eat his hubby’s congee again \( ̄▽ ̄)/

  1. Tones: For those that don’t know, Chinese is a language that has many words that sound the same but written differently. Like in English: Were/we’re/where/wear
    Also, even though he doesn’t know the characters, that doesn’t mean he can’t read them. Writing in Chinese is A LOT harder than reading it. TT ↩︎

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