IMG Chapter 112 Comforting Fans

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Looking at the concern of these strangers, Luo Lingxing could clearly feel it. He found a couple comments to reply to and hurriedly edited a Weibo post to send.

Luo Lingxing V: Thank you for your concern. I’m fine. I’m sorry for making everyone worry.

As soon as Luo Lingxing sent out this Weibo message, a large number of fans immediately poured in, leaving messages one after another. Some fans even left voice messages, their voices choked with emotion or they were crying directly.

“The little prince has finally returned. The little prince is fine. He’s fine. This is great.”

“Thank heavens that the l came back safe and sound. Thank you!”

“Little prince, you must rest well. Those space pirates will definitely be brought to justice. You must protect and take care of yourself.”

“Little prince, sob sob sob… I’m feeling so emotional. I can finally see the little prince’s Weibo message.”

Luo Lingxing read the comments and saw that more and more Power of Faith was pouring toward him, making him feel very warm and satisfied in his heart.

Luo Lingxing V: Everyone must take care of themselves as well and save your strength to watch the ‘Interstellar Mecha.’

It was rare for Luo Lingxing to send out such a playful Weibo message. It was also rare for him to take the initiative to send out a Weibo message. In the past, he would post something only when there was a matter or if Chen Hongliang urged him. However, he sincerely wanted to post this message, and it felt pretty good. No wonder so many celebrities liked to post Weibo messages. It seemed that he could also post more in the future as well.

“I will definitely go watch ‘Interstellar Mecha.’ I will definitely always support the little prince.”

“As long as the little prince is okay, I can watch ‘Interstellar Mecha’ multiple times with no problem.”

“Little prince, you have to take good care of yourself. Don’t overwork these next few days and rest well.”

“Hehe… Kidnapped by space pirates? It’s more like it’s all a hype. Your true intention has been exposed. You just wanted to promote the ‘Interstellar Mecha.’”

“Doing this kind of hype is really disgusting. You’re using this kind of lie to trick your fans into watching a movie? Don’t you think it’s too evil?”

“Haters, get lost. Hype, my butt. We’re more than happy to support our little prince. What can you do about it?”

“Not to mention this movie is directed by Director Qian and it stars the Male God. Even if it was only my little prince who was in it, I would still watch it ten times, so do they even need to hype it up?”

“Brainless haters should get lost. Don’t pollute my little prince’s Weibo!”

Luo Lingxing read a few more comments before closing Weibo. To him, it was enough to reassure his fans. As for those haters, he didn’t care about them at all.

Celebrities couldn’t make everyone like them, let alone a single person. There would be those who liked him and those who hated him. All he needed to care about were those who liked and supported him, and he wouldn’t give a thought to those haters.

After a great night’s sleep, Luo Lingxing felt a lot more energetic. While he was at Planet Seyfert, he was never able to rest well. The bed at home was the best, after all.

The next day, Luo Bingxu came over as promised to take Luo Lingxing out to play. However, Luo Lingxing suddenly remembered that he hadn’t uploaded anything on Bilibili for a long time. Therefore, he decided to make something first before heading out to play.

“You’re going to make it yourself? What are you going to make?” Luo Bingxu heard Luo Lingxing was going to make pastries and was a bit shocked but also a bit expectant.

“Do you have any dessert that you like?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“Can you make anything?” Luo Bingxu excitedly asked. He never knew that this younger cousin of his knew how to make desserts.

“I can try.” Even if he didn’t know how to make it, he could always look it up online. He also found the recipe for the tiramisu online last time, therefore Luo Lingxing didn’t find it difficult.

“Hong Kong style pancakes. Do you know how to make Hong Kong style pancakes? I heard it was a very ancient food. I’ve always heard that it was delicious, but you can’t buy it,” Luo Bingxu excitedly said. He once read in an old book the description of this dessert. During that time, he kept drooling, but unfortunately, he searched all over the Flowing Cloud Star but was never able to find a place to purchase this dessert.

He mentioned this dessert today not because he expected Luo Lingxing to be able to make it, but because he was just trying his luck.

Needless to say, Luo Bingxu’s luck was pretty good. Even if Luo Lingxing didn’t look it up online, he knew how to make this dessert.

“Sure. What flavor would you like?” Luo Lingxing prepared the ingredients as he asked.

“Any flavor is fine.” It was fine as long as he could eat it, so how could he be picky about the flavor? Luo Bingxu excitedly circled Luo Lingxing, curiously watching as he prepared the ingredients. He noticed that the prepared ingredients were all very simple and could all be purchased from the grocery store.

“Xiao Xing, can you make a delicious Hong Kong style pancake with these?” Luo Bingxu asked with some doubt.

He didn’t want to doubt him, but no matter how he looked at it, the ingredients were too simple. If these really were all the ingredients, how come not a single person outside was able to make it?

“It’ll be fine,” Luo Lingxing replied.

In fact, Hong Kong style pancakes weren’t hard to make. What was most difficult was when frying the batter for the pancakes, one needed to have full control of the fire. Of course, this wasn’t a problem for Luo Lingxing.

Since he wasn’t sure what flavor Luo Bingxu liked, Luo Lingxing prepared all sorts of fruits.

The ingredients for the desserts were ready, and the next step was to prepare the camera.

Luo Bingxu watched Luo Lingxing work, then leaned in front of the camera and asked, “Why did you prepare a camera as well? Are you going to film?”


“Hello, I’m Luo Bingxu. I’m Luo Lingxing’s fourth brother,” Luo Bingxu stood in front of the camera lens and greeted them with a handsome look. He wasn’t aware that the greeting he just did was mercilessly deleted by Luo Lingxing.

This video was going to be uploaded online, so how could he reveal his real identity?

“Fourth Brother, why don’t you go out first? I’ll bring it to you when it’s done,” Luo Lingxing said. He was worried that Luo Bingxu would speak during the video, and all his efforts would go to waste and he would have to rerecord.

“Can’t I stay here and watch?” Luo Bingxu showed a pitiful expression.

Luo Lingxing was defeated but instructed, “You can watch, but you can’t speak.”

Luo Bingxu vigorously nodded, then made a zipping action across his lips to indicate that he would be obedient.

Luo Lingxing had no choice but to brace himself and start recording.

At first, Luo Bingxu was obedient as promised and didn’t speak, but as the Hong Kong style pancake took shape, the sweet scent continuously wafted to his nose, making him forget Luo Lingxing’s instructions. “Can I eat one first?” he asked.

Luo Lingxing swept a cold look over to him, instantly making Luo Bingxu’s words freeze. He made another zipping motion over his lips, ensuring that he wouldn’t speak again.

Sob sob sob… The TV lied. Wasn’t his younger brother supposed to be adorable? So why was his expression so cold just now?

Luo Lingxing looked at Luo Bingxu pretending to be pitiful, then looked at the completed Hong Kong style pancake in his hands. Thinking of how the previous sentence didn’t reveal his identity, he didn’t plan to rerecord it. Luo Lingxing turned to the camera and said the final sentence before turning it off. He then handed over the just completed Hong Kong style pancake to the pitiful looking Luo Bingxu. Luo Bingxu instantly threw the thought that “younger brother is terrifying” to the back of his head and tasted the sweet and sour Hong Kong style pancake. In his mind, only the thought that “younger brother is so adorable and even knows how to make desserts. How is my younger brother so amazing?” echoed.

“Wow, Xiao Xing. You’re amazing. This is delicious. The book didn’t lie,” Luo Bingxu ate as he exclaimed in admiration.

The book said that Hong Kong style pancakes were a favorite in ancient times and that it was very delicious. Sure enough, the ancients didn’t deceive him. He was finally able to taste this amazing flavor. He was so blessed.

Luo Lingxing cooked all the prepared fruits into Hong Kong style pancakes and made a total of a dozen flavors. This should be able to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Luo Bingxu stayed in the kitchen, eating non stop. His mouth was stuffed full, making him look like a little squirrel. He also held more desserts in each hand. His eyes were tightly fixed on the plate, and he was eager to try each flavor.

Luo Lingxing wanted all his older brothers and Uncle to try it, so he made a lot this time. It was enough for everyone.

In the afternoon, the other three older brothers returned. The servants immediately brought out the Hong Kong style pancakes and said, “The little young master made this this morning.”

“Xiao Xing made it?” Luo Bingze asked in shock. He looked at the delicate dessert on the plate and couldn’t help but pick up a piece to taste it.

The sweet flavor instantly overtook his taste buds, making Luo Bingze pick up another one after finishing his first.

Luo Binghan didn’t really like sweets, but in order to cheer on Luo Lingxing, he also picked up a strawberry Hong Kong style pancake. The cream was a bit sweet, but the sourness of the strawberry counteracted the sweetness. The sweet and sour flavor made him want to eat more.

When Luo Bingxu learned that his three older brothers had returned, he went downstairs to take a look and found that those three had already eaten a lot of Hong Kong style pancakes. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Ah, save a couple for me!”

As if the wind was blowing under his feet, he quickly ran over. He was afraid that if he was a step too slow, not even crumbs would be left.

Although he had eaten a lot in the morning, he wasn’t opposed to eating more.

“Enough. You’ve already had enough.” Luo Bingze saw Luo Bingxu reach out his hand toward the plate again and very impolitely smacked it.

“Ah, I’ve only eaten three,” Luo Bingxu said pitifully.

“You’ve been home all day, so you must have eaten a lot. You’re not allowed to have any more,” Luo Bingze unceremoniously said, then placed another Hong Kong style pancake into his mouth.

“When did I eat it? Xiao Xing said to wait for you guys to come home before eating,” Luo Bingxu held a straight face as he said. In order to eat, he was giving it his all.

“I’ll give you this piece. I don’t really like sweets,” Luo Binghan pushed the plate of sweet Hong Kong style pancakes to Luo Bingxu. However, the more sour flavored ones were left out.

“What are these called?” Luo Bingshuo asked. This was the first time he opened his mouth since coming home.

“Hong Kong style pancakes. You can’t buy this anywhere. I never expected that Xiao Xing would actually know how to make it. Moreover, I was the one who had Xiao Xing make these, so I should eat more. If it wasn’t for me, you guys wouldn’t even be able to have any,” Luo Bingxu said with dissatisfaction.

“That makes sense. Xiao Xing just returned and you actually made him make you food,” Luo Bingze glared at him, instantly scaring Luo Bingxu.

“Xiao Xing was the one who said he was going to make dessert, and I just said that this was what I wanted to eat.”

Luo Bingxu quietly muttered, but the others were too busy eating to pay attention to him.

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