IMG Chapter 113 I’m Back

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“Little young master, the masters are waiting for you in the study,” a servant said to Luo Lingxing.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll head over now,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Why are my dad and the others looking for you?” Luo Bingxu followed Luo Lingxing over and overheard, so he couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t know either. I’ll go take a look.” Luo Lingxing headed toward the study. “Uncle, were you guys looking for me?” Luo Lingxing opened the study door and saw the three uncles inside.

“Xiao Xing, we asked you to come here to discuss something,” Big Uncle, Luo Jinggen, kindly said.

“What’s the matter, Big Uncle?”

“Xiao Xing, what do you think of the Su Family?” Luo Jinggen hesitated, then asked. They needed to resolve this matter sooner or later. Since he was back, it was better if they took care of it earlier.

“The Su Family?” Luo Lingxing searched his memory, before realizing that the Su Family that Luo Jinggen was asking him about was his father’s family. It had been too long since he left that place, and adding on the fact that he wasn’t the original owner of this body, so he wasn’t able to react immediately.

“Xiao Xing, you also know that your mother was our beloved younger sister. The Su Family turned their backs on her and even hurt you. We can’t leave them off that easily, so we wanted to ask your opinion. Do you… have any lingering affection for the Su Family?” Luo Jingfu explained.

In fact, they had wanted to deal with the Su Family when they had originally brought Luo Lingxing back. However, they were worried that this child still had affection for the Su Family, so they were patient and never took action against the Su Family.

While Luo Lingxing was recuperating, they were worried it would affect his mood and didn’t discuss this matter. Afterward, the child returned to the Emperor Star in order to pursue his acting career, so they missed the chance to discuss it with him.

Now that he was finally back, they needed to grab hold of this chance.

Did he still hold lingering affection for the Su Family? Luo Lingxing thought about it. He definitely didn’t have any lingering affection for them since he wasn’t the real Su Lingxing. When the real Su Lingxing was cut off by the Su Family, he broke off all bonds with the Su Family. Therefore, if the Luo family wanted to deal with the Su Family, he didn’t have any opinions about it. However…

“Uncle, can you not do anything against them for now? I want to take revenge myself,” Luo Lingxing looked at the three uncles and firmly said.

The Su Family deeply hurt Su Lingxing, and he was currently occupying Su Lingxing’s body and obtained the happiness that should have belonged to the original owner. Since that was the case, he would help the original owner take revenge. If he took someone else’s happiness for nothing, it would be bad karma and would become a huge obstacle in his future cultivation progress. Therefore, he would personally take revenge.

“You want to take revenge yourself? Although the Su Family can’t be considered the top family in the Emperor Star, they’re not a family you can deal with by yourself.” The third uncle, Luo Jinglun said worriedly.

When they heard him say not to do anything for now, the three of them hesitated, worried that this child still had lingering affection for the Su Family. It wouldn’t be good if they took revenge against the Su Family and it created estrangement with him.

Later, when they heard that he wanted to take revenge himself, everyone’s hearts were finally relieved and were brimming with praise for this child. It was just that this child didn’t have enough power right now.

“Uncle, I don’t have enough power right now, but I’m working hard. I’ll need your help with the Su Family, but I want to deal with Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing first. I will leave the others to you, Uncles,” Luo Lingxing said.

The ones who wronged Su Lingxing the most were these two. Therefore, he just needed to take care of those two. And all the sins created by the Su Family, including the suffering Luo Xueqing endured, it was more appropriate for his uncles to deal with.

“Haha, as expected of my nephew. This is how it should be. If you’re bullied, you need to return it a hundredfold. Otherwise, wouldn’t you be letting them run all over you?” Luo Jinggen happily said. He was very satisfied with Luo Lingxing’s reply. He was worried that his sister’s son would be soft-hearted, but seeing him now, he was relieved.

Although one couldn’t have an evil heart willing to hurt others, they couldn’t forgive others after being bullied either. This wasn’t returning good for evil, it was taking sides with the evildoer. If you don’t teach those people a lesson in time, they would only hurt more people.

Therefore, the three uncles were very satisfied with Luo Lingxing’s performance and expressed, “Let us know if you need anything in the future. Our Luo family will back you completely. As a child of the Luo family, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone.”

“Thank you, Uncle,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile. He really liked the three uncle’s personalities. It was no wonder the Luo family could develop to this stage.

These past few days it had always been Luo Bingxu who brought Luo Lingxing around. Although Luo Lingxing stayed on this planet for a year previously, he was nursing himself most of the time and rarely went out. Therefore, he wasn’t very familiar with the Flowing Cloud Star.

These past few days of going out made him have a general understanding of the Flowing Cloud Star. Compared to the Emperor Star, Flowing Cloud Star was more suitable for human habitation. The atmosphere was more suitable. There were numerous important figures who chose to stay on this planet to recuperate or to spend their golden years.

After being back to the Flowing Cloud Star for about a week, Luo Lingxing spent the time very leisurely and comfortable. He would wake up very early to do his morning exercises, since his current physique grade wasn’t high and needed to continue improving. After his morning exercise, he would have breakfast.

In fact, as for breakfast…there was a female chef who was specifically in charge of breakfast. One day, Luo Lingxing wanted to eat porridge and made some himself, and the Luo family were instantly addicted. And so, Luo Lingxing became in charge of breakfast later on.

Luo Lingxing liked to cook, so he didn’t think anything of it. It was the four Luo brothers who felt very embarrassed and would bring back all sorts of things for him everyday.

“It’s so delicious. It would be so great if we could eat Xiao Xing’s meals three times a day.” Luo Bingxu ate a total of four bowls of porridge. His belly was bulged as he said with emotion.

”If you want to eat, cook it yourself. Xiao Xing doesn’t have the time to always cook for you,” Luo Bingze said with a glare.

In fact, he also wanted to eat it every meal. But when he thought of how he had to spend his lunch at the company, if Luo Lingxing really did make lunch, he would definitely feel very regretful. Therefore, it was better if they could only eat it for breakfast.

This was the typical “if I can’t eat it, then you shouldn’t be able to eat it either” mentality. It was a good thing Luo Bingxu didn’t know about this or else who knew what he would do.

“I’m just saying.” Luo Bingxu muttered.

“Brothers, if you can come back early tonight, I can cook barbecue for you all,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. He didn’t think cooking was tiring.

Every time he saw his four brothers scrambling to eat his food, his sense of accomplishment shot up. Moreover, he also found that his four brothers also produced Power of Faith. This situation was similar to Zhang Xuan and the others, making him feel a bit funny. “What is barbecue? Is it delicious?” Hearing that Luo Lingxing was going to cook tonight, Luo Bingxu’s eyes started to shine as he asked.

“It’s roasting some meat and vegetables above a fire,” Luo Lingxing simply said. He discovered that the types of foods here weren’t as plentiful as ancient times. Not many people knew about barbecues. It was because Zhang Xuan and the others really liked barbecue that he thought of making some for his brothers to try.

“Can it be eaten like that? I’m excited. I won’t go out today. Let me know if you need help with anything.” As soon as Luo Bingxu heard it was food, he refused to budge.

“What else do you need? I can bring it back for you tonight,” Luo Binghan asked. Although he was able to control his emotions, if one looked closely, one could see the expectation in his eyes.

“There shouldn’t be anything important today. I shouldn’t have a lot of work,” Luo Bingshuo said. His meaning was that he would be able to come back home early tonight.

“My company doesn’t have anything big that needs to be taken care of today either. I should also be back early,” Luo Bingze quickly expressed, completely tossing the matters his secretary informed him about to the back of his head. If his secretary heard the boss’ words, he would definitely cry and faint in the bathroom. 

“Okay, then I’ll prepare the ingredients tonight, and we can have a barbecue tonight.” Luo Lingxing made up his mind. He also hadn’t had a barbecue with everyone in a long time. Although they barbecued on Planet Seyfert, their choices were limited, and the seasonings were lacking. He felt that the meat he barbecues wasn’t satisfactory.

After breakfast, the three brothers immediately left by car, heading to their respective posts to quickly handle their business affairs, all for the sake of getting off work early. As for Luo Bingxu, who was on winter break, he was the most blessed since he could stay home all day and not have to worry about missing the barbecue.

As Luo Bingxu was pestering Luo Lingxing about the barbecue, a man wearing casual clothes with a cold expression was guided over by a servant. When that person saw Luo Lingxing, his cold expression turned softer.

“Junzhan?” Luo Lingxing called when he saw the person.

“Luoluo, I’m back.” Han Junzhan’s mouth was slightly curved, with a faint smile.

Luo Bingxu stood to the side, watching the man. Hearing Luo Lingxing call out that name, he knew the identity of the person in front of them. Wasn’t this the man who had the same rank as their eldest brother and Xiao Xing’s fiancé?

He knew that Xiao Xing had been living at this man’s house in the Emperor Star for the past six months, and he also knew that their engagement was decided by the elders of the two families. However, seeing him now, Luo Bingxu had a sense of seeing an unpleasant brother-in-law.

If this was the past, he would have admired this young man who had the same rank as his eldest brother. However, after this man “stole” his younger brother, any admiration he had disappeared!

“Did you take care of everything?” Luo Lingxing asked. He knew that this person had some matters he needed to take care of before he could go on vacation. Was he able to take care of it all in a few days?

“Mn. I can take my New Year holiday now. I just have to head back after the new year,” Han Junzhan said.

Normally, it would have taken a few more days before he could have his vacation, but since the space pirates appeared, his mission changed. After he escorted Luo Lingxing to the Flowing Cloud Star, he immediately led his troops to the Sophie Space Pirates’ hideout. And in the shortest time possible, he annihilated them all and earned a contribution. The military district released him for his annual leave, and so he rushed back to the Flowing Cloud Star.

In fact, the main house of the Han family was in the Emperor Star, but since the Flowing Cloud Star was suitable for the elderly to nurture their bodies, Grandpa Han, who retired from his high level position in the military, came to Flowing Cloud Star to rest. And so, the Han family would usually come to the Flowing Cloud Star every year to celebrate the new years with the elders.

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