IMG Chapter 114 A Great BBQ

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“I heard Uncle Luo and the others say that you’re going to have a barbecue tonight? Can I join?” Han Junzhan asked.

 He returned to the Flowing Cloud Star and came back to the Luo family. Although he wanted to see Luo Lingxing as soon as possible, he still needed to follow the rules and etiquette. So naturally, he needed to greet the elders first before coming to find Luo Lingxing. He had also heard from Luo Jinggen that Luo Lingxing was preparing a barbecue.

“Okay,” Luo Lingxing replied. Adding on or taking off an extra person was all the same.

“Are the ingredients prepared already? If you’re missing anything, I can take you out to buy it,” Han Junzhan continued to say. He spoke more than he did before, but he was only like this when faced with Luo Lingxing.

After the mission, he looked up a lot of information online and learned that not speaking enough won’t promote feelings between them. Although he wasn’t good at talking, he would do his best to try.

“Mn, we are missing some seasonings as well as some meats. I’m planning to go out now,” Luo Lingxing replied. He took a look in the kitchen earlier and saw there were enough vegetables, but since it was a barbecue, the focus was on the meat. And if there are more types of meats, everyone could choose to have a bit more.

“Xiao Xing, I’ll go with you.” Hearing that they were going shopping, Luo Bingxu naturally didn’t want to be left behind.

However, as soon as the words were spoken, he felt a cool gaze shooting toward him. Luo Bingxu involuntarily shivered, and when he followed the gaze, he saw Han Junzhan’s warning eyes looking at him with coldness. 

What was happening? Luo Bingxu didn’t really understand, but he could tell that the other party didn’t want him to go with them.

“Um, Xiao Xing, I probably shouldn’t go. I suddenly remember that I have homework that I haven’t done yet. I need to finish my homework quickly so that I can relax and have a barbecue tonight,” Luo Bingxu said with tears in his heart.

God knew that he actually really wanted to go, but Han Junzhan’s gaze was too terrifying. It was as if his eldest brother was angry with him. The gaze could almost freeze people to death. For the sake of his life, he was better if he didn’t go.

“Alright.” Luo Lingxing was completely unaware of the struggle between the two people. He was focused on what meat he was going to purchase.

This was the first time Han Junzhan took Luo Lingxing out shopping by themselves in Flowing Cloud Star. Although the date spot was a supermarket, as long as it was the two of them, it should still be considered a date.

Luo Lingxing looked at the dazzling lineup of goods and was a bit overwhelmed. He never needed to go to the supermarket himself before in the past. This was his first time, and he found everything to be very novel.

He never expected humans to advance this far to even have a place like this that had everything a human needed. There was no need to run to multiple stores and you could buy everything all at once here.

“Let’s go buy meat. Where is the meat section?” Luo Lingxing asked Han Junzhan. Since this was his first time here, he wasn’t clear on where specific items were located.

However, the person he was also clearly didn’t come here often either. They both came to the supermarket being ignorant of the place.

In the end, the two could only walk beside each other as they threw into the cart whatever they saw that they needed. If they didn’t need it, they would continue walking until they finally arrived at the meat section.

“Junzhan, what kind of meat do you like?” Luo Lingxing didn’t forget to ask Han Junzhan preferences as he picked out the right kind of meat.

“I like everything,” Han Junzhan replied. There was a tiny curve at the corner of his mouth. As long as Luoluo made it, he would like it.

Since he liked everything, Luo Lingxing picked using his own preferences. He saw numerous meats from animals he didn’t recognize. Since he was curious, Luo Lingxing also bought a lot of him. Not long later, the carting cart was stuffed full of meat. The surrounding housewives who were shopping turned their heads to look at them. It seemed that it was the first time they saw someone coming to the supermarket to only buy meat. Moreover, he was buying so much. They all signed one after another about how much this person must like meat to buy that much.

“Boy, although meat is delicious, it’s important to have a balanced meal. Eating more vegetables is good for the body,” a middle-aged aunt couldn’t help but say to Luo Lingxing.

The two young men really were handsome, but only eating meat wasn’t okay.

“Thank you. We still have a lot of vegetables at home,” Luo Lingxing politely thanked her.

The middle-aged aunt couldn’t help but glance at the two again before pushing her shopping cart away.

“Do you have anything else you like to eat?” Han Junzhan suddenly asked Luo Lingxing. He remembered them saying online that one had to understand their lover’s likes, especially regarding food. There was an ancient saying “the way to someone’s heart was through their stomach.”


“There’s also a lot of good food there. We should go see if there’s anything you want to eat. We can buy it and take it home,” Han Junzhan pointed to the snacks section not too far away. Although he didn’t think those things tasted very good, it seemed that a lot of young people liked them.

Luo Lingxing was taken to the snack area by Han Junzhan. Seeing all the various snacks, he was a bit surprised. And to Han Junzhan, this looked like a pleasant surprise and he liked it.

Therefore, each and every snack Luo Lingxing looked at, Han Junzhan accurately picked them all out and stuffed them into the shopping cart. Since one cart wasn’t enough, he brought over another cart until both were stuffed completely full.

In the end, the two carried four large bags of food out of the supermarket. Two and half of the bags were the snacks Han Junzhan had purchased for Luo Lingxing.

When Luo Lingxing returned back to the Luo residence, Luo Bingxu was still lazing around in the courtyard basking in the sun. Moreover, the so-called unfinished homework had been thrown to who knew where by him.

Seeing Luo Lingxing return, Luo Bingxu’s eyes shone. He immediately ran forward to help the other person carry the bags. In fact, Han Junzhan had wanted to carry all the bags, but Luo Lingxing saw that his hands were full while his hands were free and felt bad. So he took two of the bags. The two bags Luo Lingxing took were full of snacks, so they were lighter.

“Wow, Xiao Xing, you bought a lot of snacks.” Luo Bingxu’s surprised voice resounded. “Can I have some?”

After speaking, Luo Bingxu once again felt a cold gaze shoot toward him, shocking him. He only wanted to eat some snacks, so did he have to go that far?

“You can,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“Hehe… I’ll eat some later.” Luo Bingxu was reluctant to give up the snacks. He then saw Luo Lingxing take out the meat.

Barbecuing was a bit more troublesome than roasting meat. Since you could roast meat in large sections, but you could only barbecue small pieces, and it would be flavorful and tastier this way. However, the preparations were more cumbersome. Fortunately the Luo residence had many servants, and the preparation could be left to them.

“Xiao Xing, when should we start?” Luo Bingxu looked at the prepared ingredients and boredly asked.

“We can start when the brothers return home.” Luo Lingxing looked at the clock and saw it was almost time and placed the charcoal in first. That way, when the others returned, they could start the barbecue immediately.

“Xiao Xing, Third Brother is back.” Luo Bingze’s voice came through before his person even appeared.

“You’re finally back. Xiao Xing, can we start now?” Luo Bingxu immediately became energized.

Luo Lingxing looked at the time again, and felt that their Eldest and Second Brother should be back soon, and said, “Call the uncles over first.”

It would be lively if there were more people. And it was more interesting to have more people for barbecues.

“I’ll call Dad and the others.” In order to eat as soon as possible,” Luo Bingxu immediately took on the task of getting the others.

Luo Jinggen, the three of them had never heard of something like a barbecue before, but they were middle-aged men already, after all. They were more mature and serious than their sons and weren’t as curious about new foods. However, when they came to Luo Lingxing’s courtyard and smelt the constant attractive scent that was floating in the air, they couldn’t help but be attracted to the scent like hungry bugs.

“What scent is this? Smells so good,” Luo Jinglun sniffed hard as he asked.

“Xiao Xing must have started barbecuing already.” Luo Bingxu’s eyes lit up, ignoring the three elders as he took the lead to run toward Luo Lingxing.

It smelled so good. Just by smelling this scent, it was already so amazing. So wouldn’t it be even more delicious once eaten? That would be great!

Luo Jinglun and the three of them glanced at each other and quickly followed Luo Bingxu’s footsteps.

Not long later, the four of them saw Luo Lingxing standing by a special iron shelf. There were iron nets on top and small pieces of meat placed on top of the iron nets. The delicious scorched scent came from these roasted meat.

“It looks delicious.” Luo Bingxu looked at the roasted meat and drooled.

“There are some already barbecued over there. You should have a taste first,” Luo Lingxing pointed to the plate on the table and said.

“Ohh… it’s hot. Sho sho good.” Luo Bingxu picked up a piece of meat and placed it in his mouth but forgot that the just roasted meat would be hot. He instantly jumped up and down but still refused to spit out the meat in his mouth. 

“Look at how you’re acting,” Luo Jinglun said with disgust, but his gaze landed on the meat on the plate. His hand movement wasn’t slow as he picked up a piece of meat to taste. He absolutely didn’t think it was a loss of his image.

“Mn, it really is delicious. Xiao Xing, how did you think of making food like this?” Luo Jinglun asked, but it didn’t affect his speed at picking up meat.

“I thought of it when I was bored one day,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. It was impossible to speak of matters of his past, so he could only laugh it off. These people were so attracted by the flavor of the barbecue that they didn’t continue investigating this matter.

“I’m back,” Luo Binghan and Luo Bingshuo said at the same time. Seeing how those people were already eating, their eyes flashed. They didn’t say anything, but their hand speed wasn’t slow.

“Ah, that piece is mine,” Luo Bingxu suddenly cried out.

“Who told you to be so slow? It belongs to whoever grabs it first,.” Luo Bingze laughed as he boasted.

Although Luo Binghan and Luo Bingshuo didn’t speak much, the chopsticks in their hands were very quick and very accurate. They would often use their chopsticks to rise above the others, making others itchy with anger. But it couldn’t be helped. Who told them to be slower than the others?

“Can you guys slow it down? Xiao Xing hasn’t eaten yet. As older brothers, all you guys know how to do is steal,” Luo Jingfu couldn’t help but reprimand.

The four older brothers finally reacted. Luo Lingxing had been barbecuing for them this whole time and hadn’t eaten much. Their faces instantly reddened.

Luo Binghan walked before the barbecuing rack and said to Luo Lingxing, “Xiao Xing, you go eat. I’ll barbecue.”

“Xiao Xing, I can barbecue too. You should hurry up and eat or else Third Brother will eat it all,” Luo Bingxu said.

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