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“What do you mean I’ll eat it all? You clearly ate the most, okay?” Luo Bingze muttered.

“It’s fine. I ate a lot too. I’m almost full,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. He didn’t stop barbecuing while he spoke.

When the others heard this, some didn’t believe it. However, after seeing Han Junzhan standing next to Luo Lingxing and the almost overflowing pile next beside them, the corners of their mouths twitched.

They were wondering how all the meat that was roasted that could fill a few plates disappeared in a blink of an eye. They thought the others had stolen it, but it was actually all right here.

However, no one was dissatisfied with Han Junzhan taking away so much meat, since these meat were all prepared for Luo Lingxing. If they let him suffer all night by working all night and not being able to eat his fill, then they would be way too inhuman.

On this night, Luo Lingxing’s courtyard was full of laughter. The Luo family brothers hadn’t laughed to their hearts’ content in a long time. Moreover, they had it along with the delicious barbecue. They all thought this was a wonderful night.

Meanwhile, what were the people of the Han family doing?

Han Shuxin was in the living room watching her favorite ‘The Enchantress.’

“Xinxin, haven’t you watched this drama numerous times already?” Han Shuxin’s mother, Lin Yalan, helplessly asked.

“It’s good. I won’t get tired of it,” Han Shuxin replied, her gaze not leaving the TV.

Hearing this, Lin Yalan felt helpless. Her daughter was clearly only five years old, and she was already in love with this kind of drama. She didn’t know if it was good or bad.

“What is our Xinxin watching?” Old Man Han came down from the stairs and heard the conversation between the mother and daughter.

“Grandpa.” Little friend Han Shuxin was finally willing to move her line of sight away from the TV and happily waved to Old Man Han. “Great-grandpa, quickly come here. Big brother is acting in this one. It’s so, so, so good.”

Han Shuxin used three “so” all at once. Hearing this, Old Man Han was also curious. What kind of person could make his little great-granddaughter so obsessed?

Luo Lingxing was just returning to the palace on TV, recalling each memory that happened in the Jianghu. The man, who was wearing a beautiful ancient robe that seemed to have been tailor-made for him, revealed an elegant and graceful temperament. This kind of temperament was different from the noble temperament of the current young masters and mistresses of the large families. This was a real noble. This unique temperament of a royal was high above the others and couldn’t be touched by the normal people.

“This person looks a bit familiar,” Old Man Han couldn’t help but say.

”Grandpa, he’s Junzhan’s fiancé,” Lin Yalan reminded him from the side.

In fact, she didn’t recognize him at first either, since the other party didn’t appear when the engagement was set. She had only seen him in pictures before. Moreover, the appearance of this person seemed to have changed a bit. He was a lot more handsome and elegant than in the photo. No wonder her daughter was so fascinated.

“Oh, so it’s him.” Old Man Han continued to stare at the TV. In fact, his thoughts had already drifted to another place.

He had heard about the incident between the Su family and the Xi family. But he never thought that the Su family’s eldest young master was actually the Luo family’s little daughter’s son. The Han and Luo family had been friends for generations. When they heard someone from the Luo family was bullied, the Han family offered assistance, even if it was in this way.

The scene on the TV continued. Little Prince Luo recalled an intense memory and couldn’t help but lift his pen to permanently fix the image onto the fine paper. The hand quickly scribbled, and the clear image appeared vividly on the paper. The lines were coherent and continuous. It looked like he practiced frequently.

Old Man Han didn’t realize that his line of sight was unconsciously attracted to Little Prince Luo. More accurately, he was attracted by the drawing and couldn’t help but exclaim, “This drawing is very good. I never knew he also had this talent.”

Hearing this, Lin Yalan’s lips moved. She wanted to say something but stopped. In fact, she wanted to tell Old Man Han that in these situations, the actors wouldn’t draw the image themselves. Usually, there are replacements. However, seeing Old Man Han’s expression, she couldn’t say it out loud.

“Big brother is so amazing.” Hearing someone praise Luo Lingxing, Han Shuxin acted like she found a comrade and told everything she knew about Luo Lingxing to Old Man Han. Her words were full of admiration and fondness. Of course, everything she said was from her knowledge. A lot of the information made those who heard it not know if they should laugh or cry. However, who made Han Shuxin the Han family’s little princess. Everyone happily spoiled her.

“Great-grandpa, I heard big brother came back as well. Little Uncle also went to find big brother today. I wanted to go, but he wouldn’t take me. Can you invite big brother to our house tomorrow?” Han Shuxin hugged Old Man Han’s neck and playfully said.

“Okay, okay. I’ll invite your big brother over tomorrow.” Old Man Han was happily coaxed by Han Shuxin into laughter. It seemed that he would have agreed to anything.

“Xinxin, he’s your Little Uncle’s fiancé and is your future Little Auntie. You can’t call him big brother.” Lin Yalan corrected the title in case she wouldn’t be able to change it in the future. Wouldn’t they be messing up the generation order, then?

“I don’t wanna. I want to call him big brother. Xinxin wants to marry big brother in the future. Big brother doesn’t belong to Little Uncle,” Han Shuxin muttered with her small mouth and said with dissatisfaction.

“Haha…” Hearing her childish words, Old Man Han couldn’t help but laugh.

“Great-grandpa, you said you’ll invite big brother over tomorrow.” Han Shuxin didn’t understand what was so funny, but she didn’t forget her request.

“Okay. Your great-grandpa will give your Little Uncle a call and have him bring the person over tomorrow,” Old Man Han said with a smile. It was about time he met that child. Although he trusted the Luo family, he never met him before, and it was a bit inexcusable. After Han Junzhan received his grandfather’s call, who knew what he said, but after hanging up, he returned to Luo Lingxing’s side and continued doing the great undertaking of feeding him.

Han Junzhan cut the barbecued meat into small pieces then placed it on the plate. Afterward, he would bring a piece to Luo Lingxing’s mouth every so often.

Luo Lingxing felt awkward at first, but his hands were full, so he could only let the other person feed him. Slowly, he got used to it.

“Luoluo, Grandpa just called me and told me to bring you home tomorrow,” Han Junzhan retold the purchase of the call just now.

“Huh?” Luo Lingxing cried out in confusion. Would would Junzhan’s grandfather tell him to bring him (LLX) home.

The current Luo Lingxing probably had probably forgotten that he and Han Junzhan were fiancés in name.

“That’s true. Xiao Xing, you’ve been back for so long and haven’t gone to greet Old Man Han yet. It’s due to our lack of manners.” Hearing Han Junzhan’s words, Luo Jinggen remembered this matter and was vexed for a moment.

Regardless of what they say, they were now family with the Han family. They should have gone to greet them the second day he came back, especially since the two children didn’t meet when they first got engaged. They should have at least met everyone to meet them.

And they should have been the ones to take Luo Lingxing, but in the end, it was Old Man Han who actually reminded them. This was too rude.

Especially seeing Han Junzhan, this boy came to greet them the first day of returning. Thinking of this, Luo Jinggen and others were very regretful. Would this leave some kind of bad impression on the Han family? If that was the case, once Xiao Xing married into their family, they didn’t know if he would suffer or not.

The three uncles had already begun to worry about the life of Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan after they were married. The worries of the elders really were pitiful.

Han Junzhan saw that Luo Lingxing was still dazed and continued to say, “Xinxin kept whining about finding you after coming back. When she found out that I was coming over today, she insisted on coming, but I refused her.”

This was his first time greeting the elders, so why would he bring his niece? Even if it wasn’t the first time, he didn’t plan on bringing Xinxin over to become the third wheel. And this way, he could trick the other person to go to his home. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Needlessly to say, the usually straight-laced Major General could sometimes be two-faced.

Hearing Han Junzhan mention Han Shuxin, Luo Lingxing remembered that cute little girl. She was probably the youngest of his fans. She was obviously just a little kid, but the amount of Power of Faith released from her body didn’t lose to others. It was hard not to like her.

“Eldest brother, if Xiao Xing is going to greet Old Man Han tomorrow, what gifts should he bring? Will there be enough time to prepare it now?” Luo Jinglun asked.

“Let’s go prepare the gift Xiao Xing needs now. He can’t forget his etiquette for the first meeting.” Luo Jingfu added.

“Yes, let’s go prepare now,” Luo Jinggen made the final decision.

As a result, the three elders couldn’t focus on eating barbecue anymore. Each person grabbed a skewer, then disappeared from the courtyard as they watched the younger generation stare in a daze.

“Dad, where are you guys going?” Luo Bingxu’s eyes widened. He hadn’t returned to his senses yet.

“They should be going to prepare tomorrow’s gift for Xiao Xing,” Luo Bingshuo said.

“This is good. Now there’s three less people fighting over food with us,” Luo Bingze happily said, then grabbed another plate of barbecued chicken wings.

“You only know how to eat.” The always stable Boss, Luo Binghan, rolled his eyes. Unfortunately, Luo Bingze and Luo Bingxu only focused on eating and weren’t paying attention.

They had the barbecue until 8-9 in the night. Everyone’s belly was bulging, and they could only walk in circles in the courtyard to digest, or else they would sleep comfortably tonight.

“Then I’ll head back first. I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow morning,” Han Junzhan reluctantly said. In fact, he wanted to spend the night here, but he was worried of looking rash to the Luo family, so he could only agree to pick him up tomorrow.

“Okay. Be careful on the road,” Luo Lingxing sent everyone back, then returned to his room and began to think about what gifts he should bring to greet the elders tomorrow.

He also didn’t know what the elders in this world liked. If it was his previous word, giving them spiritual plants was pretty good. But the people in this world couldn’t cultivate, so giving spiritual plants seemed inappropriate.

However, if the people of this world ate spiritual food, it was very beneficial to the body. It could remove disease, strengthen the body, and prolong life.

Luo Lingxing took out the spiritual plants and spiritual foods stored in his space to take a look and see if there were any suitable gifts.

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