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Luo Lingxing’s gaze was suddenly attracted to the large bundle of tea leaves. He remembered the people of this world loved to drink tea, especially older people. They loved sipping on tea when they were free.

These tea leaves were inadvertently obtained in his previous life. They were all high quality spiritual tea leaves. He had planned to use them to entertain his good friends who had come to visit him, but he never expected that they wouldn’t be used. But now it seemed they still had a use.

Luo Lingxing, who decided what to give, was finally at ease and fell into a deep sleep.

Early the next morning, Han Junzhan hadn’t come over yet and Luo Jinggen, the three uncles, had already come over first.

“Uncles, morning,” Luo Lingxing greeted.

“Xiao Xing, morning. Quickly come over here,” Luo Jingfu waved his hand and greeted.

Luo Lingxing walked over and saw the numerous gift boxes in front of his three uncles.

“Today is your first day going to the Han residence to greet the old man. We can’t forget our etiquette. Us uncles prepared these presents for you. Take them with you to the Han residence,” Luo Jinggen carefully instructed Luo Lingxing.

When Han Junzhan came to visit yesterday, he had also brought over a lot of presents. They couldn’t be defeated or else they would be looked down upon by the Han family in the future.

Luo Lingxing looked at the gifts piled so high that it had almost become a small mountain. Remembering the gift he prepared, he was a bit ashamed. Regardless of the quality, there was a world of difference with the quantity.

“Uncle, I also prepared a gift,” Luo Lingxing said. Although he didn’t prepare a lot, he still took it out.

“Oh? Xiao Xing, what did you prepare?” Luo Jinglun curiously asked Luo Lingxing what he prepared.

After all, there was only one night to prepare it, and he didn’t have time to go out to choose a gift. That meant Luo Lingxing had something he usually had on hand, so everyone was very curious.

Luo Lingxing took out the prepared spiritual tea leaves. There were a total of two boxes, with each box being about 500 grams each. The box was made of top-tier white jade and the design on it was very exquisite. Each detail was clear and intricate. One could tell from a glance that it was the work of a famous master.

As soon as the box was taken out, Luo Jinggen and the other’s eyes glowed.

People of their position have basically seen everything before and wouldn’t be shocked by most things. However, this fine white jade box still surprised them.

Luo Jinggen couldn’t help but take the box to carefully stroke it, and he felt even more so that this box wasn’t anything ordinary. It felt smooth and sleek and looked transparent. This present was more than enough to give Old Man Han as a present.

“Haha, not bad. We were too anxious. These two jade boxes are more than enough. I believe Old Man Han will like them very much,” Luo Jinggen said with a smile.

Luo Lingxing blinked, not understanding why his three uncles were only looking at the jade boxes instead of opening it up. Although the box was finely made and the jade it was made from was rarely seen, it wasn’t anything special. The imperial family had many items like this. When he left his home back then, his imperial brothers prepared a lot of items for him. Meanwhile, what he wanted to give as a gift were the spiritual tea leaves inside the box. It was because this box was pretty that he used it to store the tea leaves. “Uncle, you can open it to take and take a look,” Luo Lingxing reminded them.

When the three of them heard his words, they wondered if there was something inside the box. Wasn’t it too wasteful to use such an invaluable jade box to store things?

Although they thought this, Luo Jingfu and the others still carefully opened the box. Instantly, a fresh and clean fragrance entered the nose, making them slightly squint their eyes as they enjoyed the delicious smell. They felt like their insides were being purified by this fragrance.

What in the world was stored inside of this? How could there be such a magical smell?

The three opened their eyes, then saw a handful of tea leaves laid inside. The aroma of the tea leaves tempted them.

Luo Jinggen and the others loved tea. They probably tried all the famous teas in this word and were able to distinguish a few as well. When they saw these tea leaves, they knew tea leaves had to be of the highest quality. The highest quality Fengshan Tea they drank before wasn’t even half as aromatic as these teas.

Fengshan Tea cost ten million Star Coins. It was enough to show how precious it was. Then the tea in their hands must be even more precious.

Thinking this, the three turned to Luo Jinglun with fire in their eyes. Luo Jinglun couldn’t hold back and directly asked, “Xiao Xing, what kind of tea is this?”

“This is Cloudy Mist Tea,” Luo Lingxing replied.

Cloudy Mist Tea or Cloudy Mist Spirit Tea was a tea that cultivators loved to drink. When the Cloudy Mist Tea Tree bloomed, it would often be accompanied by dense spiritual energy. Moreover, the dense spiritual energy almost liquefied into a mist, revolving around the tea three. Hence its name.

“Cloudy Mist Tea?” Luo Jinggen and the others had never heard of this kind of tea before. But now seeing it, they knew it was precious and there probably weren’t much of it in the world. It was normal that they never heard of it before.

The three’s gaze toward the Cloudy Mist Tea became even more fervent. Drinking such good tea would definitely be very fragrant. Remembering that Luo Lingxing had prepared this tea as a present for Old Man Han, they felt that they would gain a lot of face, but they were also envious and jealous.

They haven’t tried this tea yet. How about they found a reason to visit the old man on another day. Xiao Xing was giving him so much, so the old man wouldn’t be stingy and refuse to serve some to his guests, right? Mn. He definitely wouldn’t. The three slightly had a tacit agreement to visit him later.

The three uncles liked the Cloudy Mist Tea. How could Luo Lingxing not notice? Since he could give some to others, he naturally couldn’t not give some to his own family members. This spiritual tea was beneficial to the body, so it was natural to give priority to one’s family.

Luo Lingxing took out three identical jade boxes from his space and handed them to each of the three uncles and said, “These all contain Cloudy Mist Tea. I prepared them just for you uncles.”

“For us?” Luo Jinglun took the box and asked in surprise. However, his hands tightly gripped the jade box like someone could snatch it away at any moment.

“Yes. Drinking this tea often is good for the body. Uncles, if you finish it, I still have a lot more,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

“Haha… Xiao Xing, you’re so considerate.” Luo Jinggen laughed and kindly patted Luo Lingxing on the shoulder. He said a few more words, then rushed back to try the Cloudy Mist Tea.

When Old Second and Old Three saw that Luo Jinggen had already left, they did as well.

“Xiao Xing, you can take care of these gifts. This third uncle of yours is leaving.”

Looking at the uncles who rushed away, Luo Lingxing helplessly laughed. He then turned to the presents and decided to take them with him. Although he was confident in his spiritual tea, the quantity wasn’t much. It was better to bring a bit more presents over.

Han Junzhan also rushed over to pick up Luo Lingxing. This was the first time Luo Lingxing was visiting someone else’s house after coming to this world, and he felt inexplicably nervous.

Although the Han family’s old residence wasn’t on Flowing Cloud Star, since Old Man Han liked Flowing Cloud Star’s environment, their house on Flowing Cloud Star was also naturally spacious and luxurious.

“Master, Second young master brought Young master Luo,” the butler, Uncle Li, respectfully said.

Old Man Han came down from the stairs and heard his great-granddaughter laughing in the distance. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but rise. He walked to the first floor and saw an elegant youth patiently coaxing his great-granddaughter.

The youth’s appearance couldn’t be said to be shocking, but it was well worth a second look. He belonged to the type where the more you looked at him, the more handsome you thought he was. Adding on the gentle aura surrounding him, it made those close to him unwittingly feel relaxed and calm.

Old Man Han’s first impression of Luo Lingxing was very good.

“Great-grandpa, big brother came to visit me today.” Han Shuxin held onto Luo Lingxing with one hand and waved at Old Man Han with the other. She was clearly very happy.

“Grandpa,” Han Junzhan called.

“Grandpa Han,” Luo Lingxing also greeted him obediently.

“Everyone, come and sit. Don’t just stand there,” Old Man Han beckoned everyone to sit and talk.

He Zhentian joined the army when he was young and stayed until he reached the highest Marshal position. It wasn’t until recent years that he slowly pulled back to work behind the scenes. Therefore, he had the solemn air of a soldier and a sharp gaze.

However, when facing his own family, he was a kind elder. Of course, this was only if they didn’t make a mistake, and he only gave preferential treatment to females. Han Junzhan and his older brother, Han Junyu, for example, were trained by grandpa since they were young.

“This is a small gift that I prepared for you. I hope you guys won’t dislike it.”

Luo Lingxing distributed the gifts his uncles prepared one by one to everyone there. Han Junzhan’s parents, who weren’t present, even had a share. It could be seen that his uncles thoroughly prepared everything.

Lastly, there was also the Cloudy Mist Tea that Luo Lingxing had personally prepared.

“Grandpa, this is Cloudy Mist Tea. The flavor isn’t too bad.” Luo Lingxing handed the two white jade boxes to He Zhentian.

When the white jade boxes were taken out, everyone’s gaze immediately landed on them. Those expressions and gazes were exactly like Luo Jinggen and the others. They were clearly shocked by these white jade boxes.

However, when they heard the three words, Cloudy Mist Tea, they learned that these beautiful and precious boxes were merely containers for tea leaves. They instantly felt that it was a waste but were also very curious about this Cloudy Mist Tea. They all guessed how rare this tea was for it to be stored in such precious boxes.

Han Zhentian wasn’t fond of many things, but he loved tea. When he heard Luo Lingxing say it was tea leaves, he immediately opened the box and a fragrance spread out.

“It smells so good. Great-grandpa, what’s inside? It smells so good,” Han Shuxin innocently asked.

“What good tea!” Old Man Han was clearly very happy and beckoned the butler to bring his tea set. He planned to brew tea for everyone.

“Father, you haven’t brewed tea in a long time. We’re in for a treat,” The Han family’s eldest daughter-in-law, Lin Yalan, couldn’t help but say. She had a very good impression of Luo Lingxing.

“Haha, there aren’t many youngsters who know how to brew tea these days. If I want to drink good tea, I must brew it myself,” Old Man Han made a rare joke, showing that he was in a very good mood right now.

The butler quickly brought Old Man Han’s treasured tea set and placed it on the table.

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