IMG Chapter 117 Retracting the Engagement

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Luo Lingxing quickly watched. The tea set was very fine with a charm of the ancient times.

“Grandpa Han, is this a Cold Sand Teapot?” Luo Lingxing asked as he looked at the tea set.

“You have a good eye. You can actually tell that this is a Cold Sand Teapot. Have you studied the art of tea?” Old Man Han asked Luo Lingxing with admiration in his eyes.

“I know a bit,” Luo Lingxing modestly said. In fact, he always brewed the tea he made in his previous life.

“Everyone now knows that the Purple Sand Teapot is best for brewing tea, but it’s not actually true. There’s a better tea tool that is even more suitable than the Purple Sand Teapot and that is the Cold Sand Teapot. However, it’s rare for anyone to recognize it. Do you know how to brew tea?” Old Man Han suddenly asked.

“Just a bit,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“Then you should brew some for everyone,” Old Man Han happily said.

There weren’t many youngsters who knew the art of tea, and there were even less who knew how to brew tea.

Luo Lingxing didn’t act coy and directly sat in front of the tea set. He started by calmly pouring hot water over the tea set, putting in the tea, warning the cup, rinsing the leaves, and pouring the tea all at once. His movements were fluid. It didn’t look like he was brewing tea but putting on a performance instead. No one could move their gaze away.

“Grandpa Han, please have some tea.” Luo Lingxing handed the poured tea cup to Old Man Han. Old Man Han first smelled the scent, his face full of enjoyment. He then took a sip. It was a bit bitter and sweet, the fragrance overflowed his senses. It was a rare tea. Most importantly, when he sipped the tea, he felt his spirits lifting a lot.

“Good, good. Very good,” Old Man Han said three “goods” all at once. The tea was split with everyone else and they couldn’t wait to drink it. Although they haven’t studied the art of tea as much as Old Man Han, they could distinguish between good and bad tea. The quality of these tea leaves were obviously several times higher than the ones they usually drink.

“Luoluo is so amazing,” Lin Yalan couldn’t help but praise.

“Luoluo’s tea brewing skills isn’t inferior to professionals. I never expected you to be so skilled at such a young age. It’s a rare sight. Very rare,” Old Man Han didn’t hesitate to dish out the praise.

Luo Lingxing smiled and accepted the praise, but he didn’t act arrogant. Han Junzhan’s face was full of pride. Just look at who’s partner he (LLX) was.

“Wow, it smells so good. Grandpa, what good tea are you secretly drinking?” A clear and bright voice came from the doorway. The voice came before the figure even appeared.

“You little brat. You actually remembered to come back to visit your grandpa? How could you act like this? We have a guest,” Old Man Han scrunched his face and scolded. It was like he and the kind man who was laughing earlier were two completely different people.

“Hehe… Didn’t I just get back? Who’s the guest?” Han Junhao asked. He then saw Luo Lingxing who was sitting beside Han Junzhan. After staring for a bit, he stuttered, “You… Aren’t you that very famous celebrity?”

“Big brother is a celebrity. Uncle Hao, do you also like Big brother?” Han Shuxin asked innocently. She was very excited.

“You brat. Hurry up and greet him. This is your future second sister-in-law,” Old Man Han knocked Han Junhao’s head and said.

“Ow. I know, Grandpa. Can you not hit my head? What if I become stupid?” Han Junhao muttered.

Second sister-in-law?

Han Junhao finally realized the title his grandfather mentioned and evaluated Luo Lingxing again. He finally remembered that his second brother was already engaged and had a fiancé. Could it be him?

At the same time, Luo Lingxing was also surprised by this title. If Grandpa Han hadn’t mentioned it, he would have forgotten that he and Han Junzhan were nominal fiancés.

After interacting with each other for so long, Han Junzhan hadn’t mentioned it, so he had forgotten about it. Now that he was reminded, he suddenly felt… a bit shy.

“Second sister-in-law, hello. My name is Han Junhao. I’m Junzhan’s older cousin’s younger cousin,” Han Junhao introduced himself to Luo Lingxing.

“Hello, I’m Luoluo. You can call me Luoluo.” Luo Lingxing gave a simple introduction. His mind was still on the matter of his fiancé.

Han Junhao’s attention had been captivated by the fragrance of the tea a long time ago. After coming closer and exchanging greetings, he was finally able to raise the cup to have a taste. As a result, it tasted amazing. The intense flavor instantly conquered his taste buds. He gulped the rest in one shot.

“Wow, Grandpa. This tea is so fragrant and delicious. You’ve been keeping this to yourself. When I asked you for tea last time, this wasn’t what you gave me,” Han Junhao said pitifully.

“You brat. Your second sister-in-law gifted this to me just now. This is also my first time tasting it.” Old Man Han suddenly narrowed his eyes again. Especially when he saw him gulping the tea down, he felt like it was wasteful, and his heart felt heavy. He (HJH) didn’t know how to appreciate it. It was too wasteful.

Han Junhao immediately hid behind Luo Lingxing and stuck out his tongue toward his grandpa. Although it hadn’t been long since he arrived, he could see that his grandpa was very kind to his second sister-in-law. As long as he hid here, he could avoid his grandpa’s criticism.

Sure enough, when his grandpa looked at his second sister-in-law, his expression became kinder.

“Um, Grandpa Han, you can just call me Luoluo,” Luo Lingxing quickly said. Hearing “second sister-in-law” all the time was too awkward.

“Brother Luoluo, do you have any more tea?” Han Junhao readily followed orders and changed his form of address as he asked flatteringly.

“Do you think this is cabbage or something? Come here. So shameful,” Old Man Han immediately scolded. He felt embarrassed for this thick-skinned grandson of his.

One could tell this was top-grade tea leaves with just a glance. Moreover, he had received so much of it. Even if he (LLX) had more, it was too shameful to ask for more.

“Then, Grandpa, give me some,” Han Junhao took the chance to say.

It wasn’t good for Old Man Han to always flip out in front of Luo Lingxing. It wouldn’t be good if he gave his grandson’s future wife a bad impression. But he couldn’t help it when faced with this grandson of his that always made him angry. So he could only say, “I’ll give you some later, so be good.”

He’d discipline him later! Old Man Han thought in his heart.

“Luoluo, is your grandfather back yet?” In order to avoid being angered to death by his grandson, Old Man Han changed the topic.

“Grandpa should be back in a few days,” Luo Lingxing replied.

Thinking of his grandfather who was always smiling, Luo Lingxing’s mood lifted.

When he first came to this world, Grandpa Luo always stayed by his side. Since his three uncles and brothers all had work, the one who was with him the most was his grandpa. Therefore, Luo Lingxing had good feelings toward his grandpa.

When his body recovered and he went to study in the Emperor Star, Grandpa Luo went on vacation. He called a few days ago saying that he would come back soon.

“Mn. I haven’t seen him in a while. When he gets back, tell him that I’ll visit him when I have time,” Old Man Han said with a serious expression. People who weren’t familiar with him would think that he was trying to find fault.

“I will,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“It’s getting late. I’ll go to the kitchen and have Sister-in-law Li cook. Luoluo, you’ll be trying Sister-in-law’s cooking for lunch.”

“Then I’ll be troubling you.”

Big brother, Xinxin wants to eat your tiramisu,” Han Shuxin pulled Luo Lingxing’s hand and said as she blinked her large eyes. Her cuteness blinded everyone.

“Xinxin, don’t be rude. Luoluo is a guest. How could you let a guest cook?” Although Old Man Han usually doted on Han Shuxin, he was still strict on etiquette and on her education. He never spoiled her.

“Great-grandpa, the desserts Big brother makes are delicious. Really.” Han Shuxin had become Luo Lingxing’s little fan and was constantly telling everyone how delicious Luo Lingxing’s sweets were. In order to express her deep feelings, she even nodded her head vigorously.

“Even if it’s delicious, you can’t have Luoluo make them now, okay? He’s a guest. He can make it for you when you go over to his place as a guest in the future,” Old Man Han said.

Han Shuxin only half understood, but it didn’t affect her understanding of the second half of the sentence. She hurried to Luo Lingxing’s side and said, “Can Xinxin visit your house tomorrow?”

As soon as Han Shuxin’s words came out, she heard people laughing uncontrollably.

“Okay. Come to Big brother’s house tomorrow as a guest. Big brother will make you something delicious,” Luo Lingxing also laughed as he said.

“Then it’s a date. I’m not taking Little Uncle with me.” Han Shuxin remembered that Han Junzhan visited the Luo residence without her yesterday.

“Haha…” Everyone laughed again.

“Little brat,” Han Junzhan quietly muttered. The corners of his mouth rose slightly.

“I’m not bringing Little Uncle. Who told Little Uncle to go to Big brother’s place yesterday and not bring me,” Han Shuxin muttered with dissatisfaction.

Lunch at the Han residence was very good, making Luo Lingxing relax.

When he left the Han residence, everyone tried to urge him to stay. Instead, they agreed on the next time he would visit.

“Luoluo, you should stay over next time. Make yourself at home here,” Old Man Han said enthusiastically.

“We are all family. Come over whenever you want. Xinxin also really likes you,” Lin Yalan said.

“Second sister-in-law, you’re welcome over for the new years,” Han Junhao teased.

As soon as Luo Lingxing heard “second sister-in-law,” his face reddened. He quickly said goodbye to the people of the Han family and rushed into the car. He was a bit too embarrassed to face Han Junzhan.

He was clear about the engagement that happened back then and also knew that he and Han Junzhan didn’t have any feelings for each other back then. They had never even met when they became engaged. Therefore, he never took the engagement seriously. He had even wanted to talk to the other person about breaking off the engagement, but since he got busy with school and filming, he forgot about this matter.

Now that it was mentioned, he finally remembered that this still had to be resolved.

“Junzhan, the engagement between us…” Luo Lingxing hesitated before finally saying, “Let’s retract it.”

“Why?” Hearing this, Han Junzhan was stunned. His eyes widened in surprise. It took a while before he could calm himself.

“I know you got engaged with me because you were following your elder’s orders, and you don’t have any feelings for me. In fact, I’m the same. Since neither of us like the other, it’ll cause the elders to misunderstand if we’re always together,” Luo Lingxing said. He didn’t know why, but he felt an inexplicable throbbing pain in his heart.

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