IMG Chapter 111 Returning to Flowing Cloud Star

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Han Junzhan led the third legion and personally sent Legions back to Flowing Cloud Star and back to the hands of the Luo family.

“Thank you for sending Xiao Xing back. We prepared some food at home.  You should stay here for a few days.” Luo Jinggen was very grateful when he saw Han Junzhan together with Luo Lingxing.

What he was worried most about right now was Luo Lingxing’s relationships. He knew that Luo Lingxing once liked a young master from the Xi family, but unfortunately, he was a scumbag. He hoped that Luo Lingxing could forget that person and start over. Therefore, nothing made him happier than seeing these two people together in harmony.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Uncle Luo, but we need to return and report back on our mission. I will come back in a few days to pay a visit,” Han Junzhan politely said.

“Okay, alright. Since you’re currently doing a mission, I won’t make you stay. The next time you come, you must stay for a few days and have a drink with me,” Luo Jinggen happily said.

“Sounds good. Then we’ll take our leave first.” Han Junzhan gave Luo Lingxing a profound glance, then turned to leave with his first legion.

Zhang Xuan and the others, who were behind Han Junzhan, felt that there was a problem with the previous conversation. Why did it seem like it was a father-in-law speaking with his daughter-in-law? It really was strange.

Zhang Xuan couldn’t keep it to himself. He couldn’t understand the situation so he directly told Zhao Chongzhuo and Lin Mingying. The two were suspicious at the start, but after thinking of what happened these past few days as well as the boss’ changes, they suddenly felt that they shouldn’t think more into it. The thought was too terrifying.

“If you have time to let your daydream, then you might as well practice your martial arts more. Look at how Xiao Luo was able to kill a wild beast by himself. Can you do that?” Zhang Xuan said to Zhang Xuan.

”Tch. If you don’t know, then you don’t know. Why are you trying to switch the topic? I can’t kill a wild beast bare-handedly, but can you?” Zhang Xuan retorted in dissatisfaction.

“I can’t either, therefore I will do my best to practice fighting instead of gossiping about others.” Zhao Chongzhuo looked at him with contempt.

On the way back, they passed through the Seyfert galaxy. Han Junzhan’s expression was very cold. Although he was usually expressionless, everyone knew that their boss was currently in a bad mood. In a very bad mood. Therefore, everyone was obediently doing their tasks, lest they provoked their boss and became a target.

“Where are you guys now?” an old man asked through the screen.

The old man looked very kind, but his eyes revealed a sharpness to them that only those who had experienced the battlefield for a long time had. 

“We’re in the Seyfert galaxy now. Marshal, the regimental commander of the first legion, Han Junzhan, requests permission to annihilate the Sophie Space Pirates,” Han Junzhan said respectfully, but his tone was firm.

The Sophie Space Pirates were the space pirates who robbed Chang’e No. 10 this time. In fact, there were numerous space pirate gangs in the universe, and the military district wouldn’t annihilate them one by one. As long as they didn’t they didn’t bother them, they could usually live in harmony. However, the Sophie Space Pirates robbed a spaceship from the Chinese empire, so the military district naturally couldn’t let this go or else the general public would not be at ease.

“Okay, go ahead and come back soon. Call us immediately if you need anything and I’ll send you reinforcements.” The marshal understood Han Junzhan’s character. In any case, they would need to send the army to destroy the space pirates this time. Since Han Junzhan volunteered, he had no reason to refuse.

“Yes, sir!” Han Junzhan gave the military salute and loudly answered.

Zhang Xuan learned that they wouldn’t be returning to the Emperor Star for now and would annihilate the space pirates instead. If they hid inside their mechas, they would avoid damage.

Luo Lingxing wouldn’t know this, but because of Luo Bingxu’s care for him, the world-famous defense mecha would come in the future, causing a sensation.

“Brothers, don’t worry. I can protect myself,” Luo Lingxing smiled and said. His heart felt warm facing the concern of his four brothers.

Although he had the ability to protect himself now, he still enjoyed the care of his older brothers.

“Alright. If there’s anything else, we can talk tomorrow. Xiao Xing must be tired from these past few days. Let him rest for the night first,” in the end, it was the oldest, Luo Binghan, who spoke while the third and fourth brother would definitely ask Luo Lingxing nonstop questions.

“Xiao Xing, you should rest then. I’ll find you tomorrow to play,” Luo Bingxu immediately said.

Back inside the room, although he had been away for half a year, nothing felt strange to him. This place gave him a sense of belonging, making him feel that he also had a home here rather than having to wander around like in his previous life.

“Xiao Bai, this will be your home in the future,” Luo Lingxing lay on the bed, petting Xiao Bai’s silky fur as he said.

“Aoo…” Xiao Bai seemed to understand. He looked around the room and seemed to have been satisfied, before finding a comfortable place beside Luo Lingxing’s body and fell asleep with small snores.

He was still young and needed a lot of sleep to build up strength.

The notification for the terminal sounded. Luo Lingxing saw the name on the screen and answered.

“Thank goodness, it finally connected. God knows how many times I tried calling. You really scared me to death. You only went home to celebrate new years so why were you so unlucky that you encountered space pirates? And it’s one thing to encounter space pirates, but why was it that everyone was saved yet I wasn’t able to reach you? I was so scared and thought that you… You…” Once Chen Hongliang’s call connected, he rambled and said multiple sentences at once. He had spent these past few days in panic that he couldn’t even express himself.

Luo Lingxing looked at Chen Hongliang’s haggard face on the screen and felt a bit guilty.

“I’m fine. There was a problem with the life-saving ship I was on, and I was sent to a strange planet,” Luo Lingxing concisely told him and didn’t tell him the exact planet. If Chen Hongliang knew that he was sent to Planet Seyfert and had fought against wild beasts, his eyes would definitely roll back and he would lose consciousness.

“If Major General Han hadn’t insisted that you were okay, I don’t know what I would have done. Do you know how the internet is blowing up right now or how many reporters are trying to dig up information about you? Fortunately you’re not on the Emperor Star right now or else you definitely wouldn’t be able to live peacefully. Since you’re back, you should send a Weibo message. Your fans have been blowing up your Weibo these past few days. If you don’t go on, they might go mad.” Chen Hongliang finally let out a breath of relief.

He also didn’t know how news of Luo Lingxing on the Chang’e No. 10 was leaked since Luo Lingxing wasn’t very famous yet and he doesn’t have any fans that would stalk him yet. And even he only found out that Luo Lingxing rode the Chang’e No. 10 from the internet. God knew how terrified he was in that moment when he learned of this. Thankfully, everything was all in the past. Thankfully, nothing happened.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll send a Weibo message in a second,” Luo Lingxing comforted Chen Hongliang again, then hung up the call and opened Weibo. He saw the explosive amounts of comments and tags.

Casually opening the comments, all the comments were basically fans who were worried about him. Some fans were very attached and would leave a comment every couple minutes.

“I’m praying that the little prince will be fine. Little prince, the heavens help the worthy. Everything will absolutely be okay. The little prince needs to come to film even more movies and shows. Nothing will happen to him.”

“Little prince, where are you now? Can you please reply to me? Even a punctuation mark is fine. Just please reply.”

“This can’t be true. Who’s going to tell me that this isn’t true?”

“Oh my god, why was the little prince on Chang’e No. 10? I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it!”

“Sob sob.. How is the little prince doing? Does anyone know? Can they tell us?”

“Kill all the space pirates! I hope you guys get run over when you leave the house, drown in water when you wash your face, and choke when you eat!”

“Those damn space pirates! Isn’t the military district going to dispatch the army to get rid of them? If they’re left alone, they’ll be a danger to society. I’m begging the military district to dispatch someone to eliminate them @Military District Official Blog”

”Begging the military district to dispatch someone to eliminate them @Military District Official Blog” Most of the comments were from Luo-fan who were worried and crying for him. Among them, a few comments from haters were also mixed in, but they were quickly rebutted by the Luo-fan, and slowly, there weren’t any haters commenting during this critical moment. 

After all, the Luo-fans were on overdrive right now. They didn’t know if their idol was dead or alive so they were very worked up with nowhere to vent their feelings. It could be said that whoever came across the Luo-fan right now would become their punching bag, and there was no possible chance of survival.

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