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Meanwhile, Han Junzhan led Zhang Xuan to Planet Seyfert to search for Luo Lingxing. In order to search as accurately as possible, this small squad was further split into two more smaller squads. One squad would take the small flying ships to search the ground from above, and the other would personally be led by Han Junzhan to search on land on their mechas. In order to not miss searching any place, looking on land was a lot more difficult since there were numerous large beasts on land. Han Junzhan and the others would often encounter sneak attacks by the beasts, but fortunately they were riding their mechas. Otherwise, regardless of how amazing they were, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the joint attack of these beasts. However, even in this kind of situation, the mechas were still damaged to varying degrees. This was due to the fact that they dared not use any thermal weapons while fighting or else the noise would attract more than just a few beasts. If that happened, even if they had their mechas, it would still be difficult for them to escape. However, due to this reason, the search became even more difficult. 

But no one complained since everyone knew how important Luo Lingxing was to Han Junzhan. Besides, even if the last survivor wasn’t Luo Lingxing, as soldiers, they were responsible for civilians and would definitely find that person.

After searching for an entire day and night, they still turned up empty-handed. The mechas had already been riddled with damages and if they didn’t repair it, the mechas would be ruined. Moreover, no one had a chance to close their eyes in days, and they were already extremely exhausted.

“Boss, let’s rest on the spaceship for a while before continuing. If we don’t, our bodies won’t be able to hold on any longer,” Zhang Xuan said with worry.

Han Junzhan looked at the dangers in their surroundings. He had no intention of resting at all. In this kind of environment, how could a single weak person survive? He wouldn’t be at ease until he found Luoluo.

“You and Mingying go rest. I’ll look in the East.” Once Han Junzhan finished speaking, he piloted his mecha, heading to the East.

“Boss, boss. We found something.” Lin Mingying’s voice came through the communication device, making Han Junzhan and Zhang Xuan immediately perk up.

“Where?” Han Junzhan eagerly asked.

“In the 11 o’clock direction, three kilometers away,” Lin Mingying said.

Once the conversation was over, the two mechas that were originally standing in place immediately disappeared. Han Junzhan and Zhang Xuan rushed to Lin Mingying’s location, then in the distance, they saw a broken life-saving ship lying there. From the symbol on the life-saving ship, it could be seen that the life-saving ship was from Chang’e No. 10.

“It’s a life-saving ship from a survivor,” Zhang Xuan excitedly said.

Both Han Junzhan and Zhang Xuan got off their mecha, leaving only Lin Mingying to keep guard.

Zhang Xuan walked to the front of the life-saving ship and prodded the pile of fire ash a bit before excitedly saying, “Boss, the fire was put out not too long ago. That means someone was here not too long ago. They shouldn’t be too far from here.”

Hearing these words, Han Junzhan immediately jumped back into his mecha and searched in the direction that the person could have gone off into. He couldn’t push down the excitement in his heart. Perhaps he would find him soon. Soon…

The three people ran in one direction for ten minutes, faintly hearing what seemed to be fighting before them.

“Boss, there seems to be a fight in front of us. We should go take a look?” Zhang Xuan asked. Ever since they arrived here, they had encountered more than one fight between beasts. If they were lucky, they could go around them. If they weren’t they’d be implicated, and then they would become the target of the two beasts that were fighting. Thinking of it, it was very miserable.

“Check it out,” Han Junzhan ordered. He had a premonition that the person he was looking for could be before him.

Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying walked with Han Junzhan, one in the front and one in the back, cautiously guarding against their surroundings. In fact, if they recollected their mechas and moved forward, it would be less likely for them to alert the enemies. If they were discovered by the beasts, quickly boarding their mechas wasn’t an easy task to do. Therefore, they could only quickly sit in their mechas.

Very slowly, their vision became wider, and the sound of fighting and roars of beasts was transferred over even clearer. However, what was strange was that regardless of how long they listened, there was only the sound of one beast. Was that beast playing by itself?

However, the painful sounds coming from the roar didn’t sound fake. Zhang Xuan and the others suddenly were buzzing with ideas.

However, as they got closer and closer and were finally able to see the true scene of the battle, even those who have experienced the waves of battle couldn’t help but be flabbergasted.

“Ying, am I dreaming?” Zhang Xuan dazedly rubbed his eyes, not daring to believe what he was seeing.

“I think I might also be dreaming or hallucinating,” Lin Mingying also replied in a daze.

If their comrades saw these two, who were usually astute, in their current state, they would definitely be ridiculed for a lifetime. But if they (the comrades) had seen this scene, they wouldn’t be in a better state either.

Han Junzhan’s state was a lot better than those two since his eyes stayed on a certain someone.

That was correct, the scene the three were witnessing was Luo Lingxing fighting a beast. A petite human using his own advantages quickly moved to all four corners, hitting from the east then west and constantly adding new wounds to the beasts. Although the strength of each attack wasn’t large, since the beast was huge, it had a difficult time moving and could only stiffly bear the attacks.

Probably since it was very painful to be beaten, the beast started greatly struggling. The surrounding trees were all knocked upside down, and in the process, it was causing itself even more injuries. In the end, it collapsed due to weakness.

Han Junzhan and the other two people watched this battle in a daze. Or perhaps, it was better to call it a one-way massacre. They were still unable to react, let alone go forward to help.

The sound of the beast falling startled the three awake again. Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying finally realized that they actually stood there dumbfounded instead of going up to help. If anything had happened to Luo Lingxing, they definitely wouldn’t be able to forgive themselves.

Luo Lingxing didn’t pay attention to the beast on the ground, instead he was cautiously looking at the three mechas that had suddenly appeared in the forest. He had seen these things in the military district when he was training before and knew they were called mechas. It was just that he had been here for a few days and hadn’t encountered any person, so where did these people come from?

There was a fierce light gleaming in Luo Lingxing’s eyes as he cautiously stared at them. Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying greatly felt the pressure. They knew that Luo Lingxing was very powerful, but who knew that he was this amazing? He had faced such a large beast all by himself, and he was able to beat the beast down with the strength of his human body. If they told others about this, no one would believe them.

The two of them simultaneously recalled the battle between Zheng Xuhe and Luo Lingxing. After considering it, Luo Lingxing must have gone easy on him back then or else Zheng Xuhe wouldn’t have been able to go out on missions with them right now.

At the same time, the two also secretly decided that if they were to provoke anyone in the future, it absolutely could not be Luo Lingxing or else they wouldn’t even know how they would die.

Han Junzhan reacted faster than the other two. Once he came back to his senses, he quickly jumped off of his mecha, running to tightly take Luo Lingxing into his embrace.

Although they had been apart for only a few days, to him, it felt like years. God knew what kind of mood he had been in these past few days. His heart was hung in his throat, and it was only when he saw Luo Lingxing that it finally fell down back into his chest.

“Junzhan?” Luo Lingxing called out in a daze.

When Han Junzhan jumped out of the mecha, Luo Lingxing subconsciously relaxed. And when he was tightly hugged, he still had some doubts. Where did this person come from?

“Luoluo, I finally found you.” Han Junzhan’s voice was trembling with emotion and excitement.

“I’m fine.” Seemingly feeling the uneasiness and excitement coming from Han Junzhan’s body, Luo Lingxing’s little hand quietly patted Han Junzhan’s back, comforting him. The corners of his lips also slightly rose.

Sure enough, he came to find him.

Seeing this heartwarming scene, Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying didn’t dare interrupt them, but… “Boss, let’s head back to the life-saving ship first. A wild beast could come here at any time.”

“Okay.” It was rare for Han Junzhan to not get angry at having his heartwarming scene interrupted. He carried Luo Lingxing and jumped back into his mecha.

“Wait. Wait a second,” Luo Lingxing quickly stopped him, then ran toward a certain direction.

Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying were dumbfounded, completely unaware of what was happening. Why did the person they expended so much energy to find suddenly run away from them?

However, they didn’t have to dwell for too long when Luo Lingxing had come back with a tiny and round white ball in his arms.

“Let’s go,” Luo Lingxing said to Han Junzhan.

Han Junzhan didn’t ask and directly carried the person inside the mecha. Perhaps they were unlucky, but right as they were preparing to leave, another wild beast appeared.

“Dammit. They must have been attracted by the smell of blood,” Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but mutter curses.

Han Junzhan also became nervous. If he was by himself, his guard wouldn’t be up as high, but currently, Luo Lingxing was also inside his mecha. He didn’t dare move too boldly for fear that he would hurt Luo Lingxing.

“Boss, take Xiao Luo away first. Zhang Xuan and I will stall it,” Lin Mingying obviously understood Han Junzhan’s situation and quickly said.

“Be careful and don’t get into a deathmatch. Find a chance to follow us immediately,” Han Junzhan instructed.

“Yes, sir!”

After speaking, Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying went forward to issue the first attack. Luo Lingxing sat in Han Junzhan’s mecha. It was his first time watching a mecha fight in person. Those poses, those attacks, it was definitely more breathtaking and moving than what he saw on the training ground. Watching this, Luo Lingxing felt his entire body burn with excitement.

Don’t think that just because the mecha was tall that it was also very bulky. In fact, if the mecha master was good at operating it, the mecha could be as agile as a human. Moreover, its attack power was a lot higher than a human’s. Watching this, Luo Lingxing was very envious and secretly decided that he would also learn how to operate mechas in the future. He would also operate a cool mecha like this.

However, before he could watch his fill, Han Junzhan took him away from the battle scene. It was regrettable that he couldn’t watch the marvelous battle.

If Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying knew what Luo Lingxing was thinking, they would bitterly cry inside. A mecha’s battle might look cool, but only the mecha masters would understand the bitterness of this occupation. If he had a choice, he definitely wouldn’t choose to fight against a beast. When they returned this time, their mecha might be scrapped.

That wouldn’t do. When they returned, they had to make their boss give them a new mecha each!

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