IMG Chapter 109 The Charm of Barbecue

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Han Junzhan directly took Luo Lingxing back to the area of the life-saving ship, but they didn’t get off the mecha. Instead, they were always on guard waiting for Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying to return.

During this time, Han Junzhan contacted Zhao Chongzhuo who was still searching in the air.

“We’re 500 kilometers in the ten o’clock direction. Come pick us up,” Han Junzhan said.

“Yes, boss!” After receiving the information, Zhao Chongzhuo immediately led his squad to the location.

It had been quite safe while they searched the past few days. Although there would be a couple or a dozen or so beasts passing by them, it was all on the land, so it was no threat to them. Moreover, who would have thought that right when they found their target and were rushing to them, they would encounter a small group of flying pterosaurs.

OMG, God must want to kill them.

“All set, began the battle!” Zhao Chongzhuo quickly ordered. He didn’t forget to send a message to Han Junzhan as well to have them wait a bit longer.

Over on this side, Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying finally managed to escape the pursuit of the beast. The originally cool mecha had become a bit tattered. The two who saw this felt very distressed. “I’ll repair them for you when we head back. I’ll guarantee to make them like new again,” Han Junzhan said to his two subordinates, and those two were finally happy again.

The military district usually had mecha repairmen since mechas were an important equipment for battle. If they broke and they had no one to repair them, there wasn’t a single person that could constantly change their mecha.

“Xiao Luo, you’re so amazing. Tell me how you fought against the beast bare-handedly. You actually killed such a large beast by yourself. You’re so strong,” as soon as Zhang Xuan reached Luo Lingxing’s side, his eyes lit up with admiration as he said.

If he hadn’t known that Luo Lingxing’s body was Grade D, then he would have thought that his body was Grade S or even higher. But since it was like this, he was even more shocked. If a Grade S killed a wild beast with their bare hands, it would be considered amazing, so what Luo Lingxing did was basically heaven defying.

However, Luo Lingxing didn’t answer Zhang Xuan’s question right away. Instead, he stared at Zhang Xuan’s body, or strictly speaking, stared at the area surrounding Zhang Xuan’s body.

In Luo Lingxing’s line of sight, there were bits of white light floating from Zhang Xuan’s body and gushing toward him. This white light was the Power of Faith that Luo Lingxing needed. He never thought that just by beating a beast, he would obtain one, no, two fans since Lin Mingying also had white light overflowing from his body, although it wasn’t as much as Zhang Xuan’s.

“The wild beasts might be large, but that is also their weakness. As long as you’re agile enough to avoid them and look for a chance to counterattack, you can slowly beat them to death,” Luo Lingxing calmly explained. He didn’t tell them that he had used his spiritual energy since that wouldn’t have been easy to explain.

“That’s so amazing,” Zhang Xuan wanted to keep pestering Luo Lingxing with questions, but he was pulled away by the collar by Han Junzhan.

“Boss, when is Zhao Chongzhuo arriving?” Lin Mingying asked.

“They seemed to have encountered a problem on the road, so they’ll probably be here a bit late,” Han Junzhan said.

“So will we be spending the night here? It’s already getting late, and it isn’t convenient to travel at night,” Lin Mingying said, looking at the weather.

“Fine, and here I thought we’d be able to head back and have a hot meal, but I guess we’ll have to continue staying here.” Zhang Xuan looked very pitiful, but he was being overdramatic. In fact, every time they went out on missions, they wouldn’t have a good meal or a good place to stay. They were all already used to it. They were also used to say a sentence or two of complaints, but they didn’t really mean it.

Moreover, the rations they brought on their missions were a lot better than the nutrient packets the army ate. At the very least, the rations were still a bit tasty.

“You guys can put your mechas away. It’s relatively safe here,” Luo Lingxing said to the three people.

And even if there was danger, he could protect everyone. The spiritual energy that he had consumed during the day had replenished a bit already, and he was certain he could beat a beast that wasn’t too large. And if he couldn’t, he’d be able to stall the beast for them to take out their mechas again. So it was no problem.

The three were very obedient and immediately put them away, then pulled out the rations. They were planning on eating dinner quietly.

“Here, eat a bit.” Han Junzhan handed his best rations to Luo Lingxing.

“No need. I have food,” Luo Lingxing replied, then picked up the leftover firewood from earlier, placed them in a pile and ignited them.

“Huh? Xiao Luo, you know a lot about living in the wild. You even know how to light a fire to drive away wild beasts,” Zhang Xuan said with a grin.

“Not only can it drive away beasts, it also has another use.”

Before Zhang Xuan could ask, he saw Luo Lingxing take out a piece of unknown beast meat from his space button, skewered it on a tree branch, then placed it above the fire to roast. A tantalizing aroma quickly wafted from it.

Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying looked at the tempted barbecue then at the rations in their hands. The rations that they had previously thought were delicious suddenly lost all flavor and became difficult to swallow.

Why could others eat barbecue while out in the wild but they could only eat dry rations or nutrient packets. The difference in treatment was too obvious. They also wanted to eat barbecue.

When Han Junzhan saw Lin Mingying’s barbecue, he put away his rations and sat there waiting for the barbecue to be ready like it was the most natural thing in the world. Luo Lingxing didn’t think anything of it. When the barbecue was ready, he gave the first portion to Han Junzhan. Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying, who were watching, were full of envy.

Luo Lingxing was about to grab the second piece of barbecued meat when he realized that the Power of Faith surrounding him increased. His exhausted body instantly felt relief as he watched the orbit of the Power of Faith. The white balls floating around Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying became even more condensed. Although Luo Lingxing didn’t know why these two admired him so much, he liked it and was very happy about it. Seeing the two stare at the barbecue in his hands, he generously handed it to them.

In any case, he had a lot of meat in his space, so he could grill some more if they ate it all.

“This is for us?” Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying took the barbecue and asked in disbelief.

“Mn. I still have a lot. If there isn’t enough, I can grill some more,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile.

Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying instantly felt happy, and even more white dots were produced.

“Hmph.” Han Junzhan unhappily let out a sound. Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying pretended not to see their boss’ bad expression for the sake of barbecue.

The heavens were important, but food was more important. And they didn’t know about anything else.

After getting the barbecue, Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying couldn’t resist the temptation anymore and stuffed it into their mouths.

“Oh, is sho good. Dis is ma first time eating sus good barbecue,” Zhang Xuan mumbled as he stuffed his face.

Lin Mingying didn’t speak, but one could tell based on his expression that he was enjoying it. The two of them quickly finished all the barbecue, then anxiously looked at the meat Luo Lingxing was currently barbecuing.

“Don’t overdo it!” Han Junzhan couldn’t hold back anymore and knocked down each person. Luoluo still hadn’t eaten and all the food went to those two bastards. If he knew this was going to happen, he would have had them kill the wild beast and bring it back.

Zhang Xuan looked at his boss with tears in his eyes, trying to obtain sympathy so that he could gain another piece of meat. Unfortunately, it was clear that he was asking the wrong person, so he stopped the tears. Even if he really cried, the always cold Han Junzhan may not sympathize with him.

Of course, if he cried to Luo Lingxing, then the result might be different. “Aooo…” Xiao Bai quietly cried out.

Luo Lingxing took out Xiao Bai’s special bowl, crushed the pastries, poured in a bit of water, and fed it the paste.

“Huh? Is this a little white tiger?” Lin Mingying only now noticed that this white ball was actually a tiger cub, and it looked very young.

“Mn. Its mother died, so I picked it up.”

“What a pitiful little tiger. Xiao Luo, are you planning on raising it?” Zhang Xuan asked.

“Mn. I really like it. Can I raise it?” Luo Lingxing asked. It seemed that he rarely saw people raise pets in the Emperor Star. And even if they did, it was pets like puppies or kittens, pets that didn’t have any attack power.

“Of course you can. If you like it, raise it,” Han Junzhan sat beside him and said. He took a glance at the little white tiger.

The corners of Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying’s mouths couldn’t help but pull up. Why did they suddenly think that their boss was using flattery? They must have seen it wrong.

“Here, I grilled more this time. You can eat more as well.” Luo Lingxing gave more barbecued meat to Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying.

Afterward, even more Power of Faith was produced. Luo Lingxing smiled as he thought that every time he gave them meat, the speed and concentration of Power of Faith produced by their bodies increased. He was happy to absorb it all. He didn’t feel that roasting meat was tiring at all. If Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying knew that Luo Lingxing was roasting meat because he considered them a Power of Faith manufacturer, who knew what they would think.

However, it was better not to tell them such cruel things. Just let them enjoy the barbecue.

Luo Lingxing almost barbecued all the meat he had collected these past few days, and also fed the three large men. If all that meat had been for him, it would have taken him several days to eat it all.

But there was no other choice. Why did Han Junzhan and the others have such high grade physiques? The higher one’s physique was, the more energy they needed and they would eat more as well. Luo Lingxing was Grade D, so even if he tried his best to eat, he wouldn’t be able to eat too much.

“Xiao Luo, you barbecue really well. This is my first time eating such delicious barbecue,” Zhang Xuan said as he reflected on the taste. His hard hand rubbed his small belly nonstop. He had eaten too much.

“I think so too. It is a lot tastier than the ones restaurants have.”

Lin Mingying also didn’t hesitate to praise him.

If Zhao Chongzhuo, who was still hiding from the pterosaur, knew that his two good brothers had eaten to their fill, he would definitely be angered to death. He was risking his life to avoid the pterosaur’s attack, yet they were enjoying delicious food over here. Where was the brotherly love?

Everyone had eaten and drank enough. Xiao Bai also ate his fill, his belly protruding out as lay to the side snoring. In this kind of environment, Xiao Bai was probably the only one who could sleep so soundly.

At night, Han Junzhan had Luo Lingxing enter the life-saving ship to sleep. The others, including himself, took turns for the night watch. It was most dangerous at night in the forest so someone always had to keep watch.

Luo Lingxing didn’t shirk his duties either and kept his vigilance. If anything dangerous came, he could sense it immediately.

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