IMG Chapter 107 Saving Xiao Bai

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After spending the night in the life-saving ship, Luo Lingxing decided to have a look further away.

Luo Lingxing had already surveyed the surrounding forest and it wasn’t too dangerous. At most, there were some small beasts, which had eventually become his meals.

Luo Lingxing’s eyes flashed with starlight. He was a bit excited. He had originally planned to cultivate his spiritual energy when he went back, but this world was different from his previous world. It wasn’t conducive to cultivating spiritual energy.

The best way to cultivate in his previous life was naturally to head into the forest and continuously consolidate one’s strength by fighting wild beasts. If that didn’t work, one could spar with their peers.

Unfortunately, it was different here. He wouldn’t be able to find peers to spar with even if he wanted to since he didn’t dare use his spiritual energy to fight others. He was worried of exposing his secrets before he was strong enough.

Now that he was in a forest without any people, if there were some more powerful beasts inside the forest, then wouldn’t it be the natural place to gain some experience?

Thinking of this, Luo Lingxing was a little eager to try.

Perhaps Luo Lingxing was bursting with luck and whatever he wanted, happened. Ten miles away from the live-saving ship, he suddenly found claw prints of a large beast. Looking at the size of the marks, that beast must have been over three or four meters, which could be considered a really large beast.

Luo Lingxing followed the direct of the beast’s claw marks, his mental consciousness released to guard against any situation as the air seemed to be drenched with the stench of blood.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, Luo Lingxing locked in toward a direction and rushed there. Very quickly, he heard beasts fighting, screams, and even felt slight tremors in the ground. It could be seen that it was two very large beasts fighting.

Luo Lingxing, with his small human body, hid behind a tree trunk as he quickly approached. He then saw a giant white tiger fighter with a giant python. The python must have been at least ten meters long and so thick that a human wouldn’t have been able to wrap their hands around its body. The python was currently wrapped around the white tiger’s body.

The white tiger was also three to four meters long. Its body was bloodstained, and it was obviously gravely injured. However, its fighting spirit didn’t decrease as its sharp teeth constantly tore at the python’s body and its sharp claws seized the opportunity to create more injuries on the python’s body.

However, that was all it was to it. Luo Lingxing could tell that the white tiger was at the end of the line. It would only be able to persist for a bit longer. For the white tiger who still persisted even while at a disadvantage, Luo Lingxing was very appreciative of it. This reminded him of the little guy who was always by his side in his previous life.

After he self-destructed, he didn’t know what happened to that guy. Fortunately, he had signed an equal contract back then, so even if he was gone, it wouldn’t hurt that guy in the slightest.

The white tiger’s physical strength was getting weaker and weaker, and it was obvious that it was now powerless. The tiger’s round eyes flared with hatred but also a trace of worry.

Worry? Luo Lingxing saw the white tiger’s expression then glanced around the surroundings. Not fair from where the fight had happened, there was a cave. Subtle whining sounds came from that place. The earlier fight had covered the sounds and one wouldn’t have heard the whining unless they were listening carefully.

So that was it. It turned out that this tiger mama fought the python to this degree in order to save its child. However, if the tiger mama died, that tiger child would probably become the python’s meal.

His little friend in his previous life was also a tiger, but a black tiger instead. It was usually very silly and only knew how to act cute toward him to beg for food. He was very cute. After arriving in this world, he would occasionally think of that black tiger. However, with how busy he was with life and work, he had less time to think of his previous life. And now, he greatly missed him, probably because he had seen one of his kind.

Forget it. In any case, he wanted to gain experience, and now that he had finally found a large beast, he wouldn’t let go of this chance.

Just as the white tiger was falling over, Luo Lingxing stood on top of the trunk and shot a thread of spiritual energy toward the python. The white spiritual energy was like a sharp sword, directly attacking the python and cutting a large wound into the python’s thick skin.

“Hiss…” The python cried out in pain. The tail that was wrapped around the white tighter couldn’t help but loosen a bit. The vicious python glared at Luo Lingxing who was standing on the trunk. The snake’s forked tongue constantly flicked in and out of its mouth, causing terror in others.

Suddenly, the python spewed out a stream of liquid from its mouth, aiming at Luo Lingxing. Luo Lingxing naturally wouldn’t stand there and let the enemy hit him. His body flexibly moved from one tree to another. He witnessed the stream of liquid land on the tree trunk and instantly corroded out a huge hole. It was clear that the liquid the python spewed was highly poisonous. If a human had been standing there, they would have likely died.

Luo Lingxing wasn’t the least bit afraid, but was more excited instead. The more powerful his opponent was, the more helpful it was to his cultivation.

Luo Lingxing kept bouncing from tree to tree, and at the same time, his spiritual energy also struck the python’s body one after another, leaving countless wounds on it.

The python seemed to have been played by Luo Lingxing like this and became angry. He released the white tiger, then focused all its attack on Luo Lingxing, and it seemed to have wanted to use the same move on Luo Lingxing as it had used on the white tiger.

Unfortunately, compared to the huge python, Luo Lingxing was very small. Since the target was tiny, the python had a lot harder time trying to wrap him in. In the end, Luo Lingxing jumped around from different parts of the python’s body, making it knot itself and unable to break free momentarily.

Luo Lingxing saw this as a good opportunity and condensed all of the spiritual energy inside his body to create a spiritual energy ball, then threw it at the python.

The spiritual energy ball might have only been the size of a basketball and the size was minuscule toward the python, but its power couldn’t be underestimated. It was no less powerful than a hand grenade, or maybe it was even more powerful than one seeing how the python’s body was charred from the explosion.

The python could no longer struggle and softly slumped to the ground. Its tail had almost been blown off. There were wounds all over its body and green liquid kept flowing out of them. It probably wouldn’t live much longer.

However, Luo Lingxing had always been cautious. He wouldn’t be relieved until his enemy was completely dead. Therefore, the python was Luo Lingxing’s first experience since coming to this world. Who knew it had good luck or bad luck.

After taking care of the python, Luo Lingxing walked over to check the white tiger’s situation. Probably sensing someone coming over, the white tiger bared its teeth to threaten Luo Lingxing. Other than that, it couldn’t move at all. The situation was worse than he had thought and she probably couldn’t be saved. Luo Lingxing walked past the gravely injured white tiger toward the cave. Instead indeed was a little tiger cub that probably had only been born a few days ago. It opened its eyes crying out “aoooo” and looking very cute. Luo Lingxing’s heart instantly softened.

In his past life, he began taking care of that little tiger starting from when it had been recently born, and they rarely were apart from each other. Even during training, the little tiger would follow behind him, training and fighting with him. It could be said that in that world, that little tiger was his most important partner.

Unfortunately, he would never see him again.

“Aooo…” the little tiger cub softly cried out. His little nose kept sniffing, his body also slowly moving toward Luo Lingxing as if it wanted to get close to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but stretch out his fingers to pet the little white tiger’s body. The little white tiger let out a purring sound, its body also subconsciously rubbed against Luo Lingxing’s fingers as if it really liked Luo Lingxing.

“Hehe, how cute. Since we chanced upon each other today, it must mean we were fated to meet. Come with me in the future,” Luo Lingxing gently said.

“Aoo…” The little tiger cub seemed to be replying to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing took the little tiger cub into his embrace. The little tiger cub was very comfortable and immediately started purring again. Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but break into laughter. He carried the little white tiger and left the cave, walking beside the tiger mama.

“I’ll take good care of him in the future. You don’t have to worry,” Luo Lingxing quickly said to the tiger mama. He saw the longing and motherly love for the cub the tiger mama had in her eyes all the way until they dimmed completely.

“I’ll call you Xiao Bai1Little White from now on,” Luo Lingxing said, touching the tiger cub’s head.

If his other friends from his previous life were here right now, they would definitely express contempt for the name Luo Lingxing chose, since in his previous life, that little guy’s name was Xiao Hei2Little Black. Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai are common pet names..

Luo Lingxing sliced off the most tender and delicious part of the python’s body and placed it into his space. Afterward, he took Xiao Bai to his temporary residence.

Luo Lingxing placed Xiao Bai onto a soft cushion. The cushion was removed from the life-saving ship.

“Aooo…” Xiao Bai called out softly. Luo Lingxing probably thought he3In Chinese, they refer to pets as 它/it. It sounds the same as he/she but the gender isn’t revealed unless it’s explicably said. So I have no idea what gender Xiao Bai is, but I am going to assume male until the author clarifies. was hungry. However, Xiao Bai, who had only been born a few days ago, was probably still drinking breast milk and probably wouldn’t be able to eat meat.

Luo Lingxing searched his space to see if there was anything Xiao Bai could eat and found some exquisite pastries. These were given to him by Han Junzhan before he had left. It could be said that even if he didn’t go hunting, he wouldn’t go hungry for ten to twelve days.

Luo Lingxing took out the delicate small porcelain bowl, crushed the pastries inside the bowl, poured in some water, and stirred it until it was even. Xiao Bai should be able to eat it now.

Sure enough, after carrying Xiao Bai to the small bowl, the tiger cub used its eating instincts to bring itself to the bowl and licked the contents until the bowl was empty. The bowl was licked so clean that it didn’t even need to be washed.

Luo Lingxing fixed another bowl for him and it was once again licked clean. Worried that Xiao Bai had eaten too much and would be too full, Luo Lingxing didn’t make a third bowl for him. Instead, he placed Xiao Bai on top of the cushion again and started preparing his own dinner.

In the following days, Luo Lingxing brought the little white tiger to fight large beasts to gain experience during the day. During the fight, he would usually place Xiao Bai onto a flat and wide tree so that he could focus on fighting the beast. Otherwise, he would always worry if Xiao Bai would be swallowed whole by the beast.

At night, Luo Lingxing would continue cultivating inside the life-saving ship, replenishing the spiritual energy he had used during the day. With the continuous consumption and absorption, Luo Lingxing could clearly sense that the spiritual energy inside his body was even more condensed, and the lethality of the spiritual energy had also increased. It was clear that his training was indeed effective. 

However, one of the biggest drawbacks was that his body couldn’t keep up. He could only fight one beast per day, and after each battle, his body would be exhausted. If he had encountered a second beast during that time, it would be a disaster.

Therefore, he couldn’t stop his physical training. He needed to persist.

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