IMG Chapter 106 Obvious Feelings

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He remembered that Luo Lingxing was heading home yesterday, and the boss had personally driven him to the space station in the morning. In the end, who knew that this would happen? The boss was probably really distressed right now.

Those damn space pirates. They actually robbed Xiao Luo’s spaceship. They were courting death.

Zhang Xuan and the others were currently full of anger. If they encountered the space pirates, they would blow them up until there wasn’t a single speck of them left!

The Seyfert galaxy was only a day’s journey away from the Emperor Star, but in order to quickly save more people, the battleship increased its speed and they reached the Seyfert galaxy in half a day’s time. In the distance, they saw the crushed passenger spaceship.

The warship surrounded the spaceship and tried to communicate with the spaceship, but the spaceship was too badly damaged and they couldn’t connect at all.

Han Junzhan saw the spaceship, his eyes teary, and he wanted to immediately board the ship to find if Luo Lingxing was safe or not. However, his remaining shred of reasoning told him that he couldn’t be impulsive right now or else it would put them in an even more dangerous situation.

“This spaceship is too damaged. If there’s anyone living inside there, they won’t live for long. I think those space pirates should have left already,” Lin Mingying analyzed.

“Send a small spaceship to investigate.” Han Junzhan tried his best to calmly issue the command, his eyes never left the spaceship on the screen.

“Yes, sir!” Once the small spaceship was sent out, it brought back news very quickly. “Regimental commander, there are no living people inside the spaceship, and the other survivors have already left in the life-saving ship.”

The scene inside the spaceship was transmitted onto the screen of the warship through the camera lens of the small spaceship. Everyone looked at the bloody scene, silently watching.

The scene was too tragic. There was blood and limbs scattered all over. The whole lace was stained red with blood. One could imagine how savage the space pirates were as they faced these weak and innocent civilians.

Those who saw this scene couldn’t help but clench their fists. They hated the space pirates to the bones and wanted to bring them to justice or let them have a taste of their own medicine.

In reality, the situation at that time wasn’t as tragic as what Zhang Xuan and the others had seen. The reason why it had become so chaotic was because the survivors had scrambled to get into the life-saving ship.

After all, when it was a matter of life and death, who would care about the cleanliness of the deceased? The deceased had become the steps of the living.

Han Junzhan’s eyes were fixed on the screen. His gaze swept from one corpse to the next, his heart was thumping loudly as if it would jump out of his chest.

He had never thought that the parting they shared yesterday would be forever. If he had known, if he had known earlier…

At this moment, Han Junzhan clearly realized the position the teenager, Luo Lingxing, had in his heart and how much space he took inside his heart.

At the beginning, when the Han family betrothed him, he wasn’t unhappy, but he wasn’t happy either. Marriage was a mission to him, and it didn’t matter who his marriage partner was. Later on, his fiancé arrived at his home, lived with him, and that was the first time he saw Luo Lingxing.

When they got engaged, Luo Lingxing was too weak and he (HJZ) was also busy. Therefore, everything was handled by the two families and the two people had never met each other before or after the engagement. It could be said that there had never been a more hasty engagement than theirs. However, after interacting with Luo Lingxing, Han Junzhan gradually felt that this person was very interested and very cute. He lacked common sense and loved cooking. With everything he learned, this person had become even more important to him.

When Luo Lingxing filmed ‘The Enchantress’ and everyone on the internet started the Yang-Luo ship, his heart felt very uncomfortable. He didn’t know the reason why, but he still listened to his heart. He hadn’t wanted there to be gossip about Luo Lingxing with other men, since he was Luoluo’s real fiancé.

Therefore, when ‘Interstellar Mecha’ sought him, his brain suddenly thought of how the fans forcibly created the Yang-Luo ship. If he and Luoluo filmed together, would the audience also tie him together with Luoluo?

Thinking of this, Han Junzhan introduced Luo Lingxing to Director Qian Xuewen. The later events were exactly as he had predicted. The Han-Xing ship had been created, rose, and even crushed the Yang-Luo ship. This made Han Junzhan extremely happy.

Feeling accumulated and fermented little by little, and at the most critical moment, finally broke out and became clear.

It turned out that he had unconsciously fallen in love with Luoluo. Feeling anxious at hearing that he could be in danger was called “love.” Looking over these corpses and selfishly wishing that that person wasn’t one of them was called “love.”

Han Junzhan clenched his fists, his nails embedded into his flesh. But he didn’t feel any pain since this pain was nothing compared to the heartache he felt.

“Reporting to the Regimental commander. There are a total of 253 corpses, of which 21 belonged to the space pirates,” the person in charge of the small spaceship reported to Han Junzhan.

“Was there a…” Han Junzhan opened his mouth, but found that he was choked up and he couldn’t say the fourth word.

This was the first time Zhang Xuan and the others witnessed Han Junzhan acting like this. They also realized how important Luo Lingxing was to Han Junzhan.

“Boss, Xiao Luo is still alive. He must be alive.” Zhang Xuan didn’t know how to comfort others and could only say this. “Regimental commander Zhang has already gone to rescue those who rode the life-saving ships and will be back soon.”

As soon as he finished speaking, they received a message from Zheng Xuhe.

“Regimental commander Zheng, how’s the situation? Have you found everyone?” Zhang Xuan immediately asked. He knew that his boss was too worked up at this moment and was not able to speak.

“We found everyone. There are a total of 542 survivors,” Zheng Xuhe said.

“Then…Is Xiao Luo included?” Zhang Xuan paused before asking. There was an unspeakable premonition in his heart. If Xiao Luo was still alive, he would have been brought over a long time ago, but…

Sure enough, his premonition was accurate as he watched Zheng Xiao Luo shake his head. His voice was full of sadness as he said, “Xiao Luo wasn’t there.”

He had also really liked that little teenager and was looking forward to sparring with him again. Who knew that something like this would happen? God really was unfair.

“H-How could he not be there?” Zhang Xuan’s eyes widened as he asked in disbelief.


“Boss!” Lin Mingying and a few others screamed in panic. They didn’t know that Lin Mingying was this important to him. So important that once he heard this news, the boss had actually vomited blood.

Han Junzhan waved away the person who was supporting him. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression was fierce and frightening. Along with the blood that still lingered on the corners of his mouth, he looked like he was Asura, climbing out of the depths of hell. No one dared come close to him.

Luoluo. His Luoluo. Was this how he left him? He hadn’t had the chance to tell him his feelings yet.

Han Junzhan was extremely remorseful at this moment, hating himself for being too slow in realizing his feelings for Luoluo. Hating himself for not being capable enough to protect Luoluo. Hating himself for…

“Reporting to the Regimental commander. We found the passenger list for this spaceship. Including the captain, there were a total of 775 people.”

775? Lin Mingying quickly calculated in his mind, his eyes suddenly glimmered with hope. He quickly turned to Han Junzhan and said, “Boss, Xiao Luo might not be dead.”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Xuan hurriedly asked.

“The total number of passengers was 775. The number of deaths was 232, and we found 542 survivors. That means there is still one survivor that we haven’t found. We can just ask the people we rescued if any of them have seen Xiao Luo. We didn’t find Xiao Luo amongst the corpses, right? Then there’s still hope,” Lin Mingying said.

When Han Junzhan heard this, hope couldn’t help but rise in his heart. He quickly boarded the small spaceship and docked it on Zheng Xuhe’s warship.

From the survivors’ descriptions, it seemed that the youth who had directed them to escape was Luo Lingxing. Since they didn’t find him amongst them and there was only one last survivor they hadn’t found yet, then it should be that person.

“Boss, don’t worry. Perhaps Xiao Luo landed on a nearby planet,” Zhang Xuan hurriedly comforted Han Junzhan. He was worried about what the boss would do.

“The only nearby planet suitable for human life is Planet Seyfert, but Planet Seyfert is full of large beasts. If you land on that planet by yourself, I’m afraid…” Lin Mingying couldn’t finish his sentence.

In fact, Planet Seyfert had been developed by the empire in the early days, but Planet Seyfert had too many large beasts. They were huge and strong. The humans fought the beasts for a long time, incurring heavy losses, but still failed to eliminate the beasts. In the end, they gave up trying to develop this habitable planet.

“Can’t you say something nice? If you provoke the Boss, it’s your responsibility,” Zhang Xuan said with dissatisfaction. He naturally knew what Lin Mingying had said was true, but the most critical point was that he was adding fuel to the fire.

Han Junzhan tried very hard to calm himself down since there was still a sliver of hope. He couldn’t give up yet, and he turned to Zheng Xuhe and said, “Your third legion can bring the survivors back to the Emperor Star first. I’ll head to the nearby planet in search of Luoluo’s whereabouts.”

“Boss, we’ll go with you!” Zhang Xuan immediately said.

“We’re going too!” Lin Mingying and the others also hurriedly expressed. They were truly worried of their boss going by himself since it was too dangerous.

“I can just go by myself. You guys follow Regimental commander Zheng back first,” Han Junzhan said.

“Boss, Xiao Luo is not only our friend, he is also a victim and survivor. Even if this survivor wasn’t Xiao Luo, as soldiers, we can’t abandon him. Therefore, we want to go with you. We’re stronger together,” Lin Mingying said.

“Junzhan, let them go with you. Our third legion will safely escort these survivors back. You should take your first legion to find the last survivor,” Zheng Xuhe added.

Han Junzhan finally nodded. He didn’t want to waste any time since he didn’t know which corner of the universe Luoluo had landed on, waiting to be rescued. He didn’t know what he was facing now. If he wasted even a single second, perhaps something irreversible might happen.

After Han Junzhan returned to the warship, he immediately issued orders. There were numerous planets in the Seyfert galaxy. If they had to search them one by one, it would be very unrealistic. And thus, Han Junzhan split everyone into ten squads so that they could investigate the surrounding planet at the same time. Meanwhile, he led Zhang Xuan and the others to the only habitable planet, Planet Seyfert.

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