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The space pirates were enraged and opened fire toward Luo Lingxing and the ordinary people with “bang bang.” The entire hall was instantly filled with sounds of chaos. There was crying, screaming, cursing, shrinking, all happening in succession.

Luo Lingxing’s figure instantly flashed back and forth so quickly that others could only see a partial shadow. The bullets in his hands were all returned to the space pirates. The power behind his throw was no less than if the bullet was shot from a gun.

However, Luo Lingxing was only a single person and there were over ten people on the other side. It was natural that he wouldn’t be able to make it in time to save everyone.In the end, some screamed while covered in blood. Others ran to the nearest room to escape.

Luo Lingxing relied on his strong skills and his high level martial arts (it was purely martial arts and he rarely used spiritual energy) and very quickly took care of the space pirates in the hall. He swept his eyes across the room and realized that the one they had called Boss was nowhere to be seen. At this time, a warning bell sounded from the space spaceship.

“Warning, warning. The spaceship is severely damaged. Passengers, please head back to the life-saving ships and escape!”

The warning repeated three times and everyone seemed to have heard it.

Everyone seemed to have fallen into despair. Now that they had been saved from the space pirates, were they going to be buried in the boundless space along with the spaceship.

“Excuse me, where are the life-saving ships?” Luo Lingxing pulled the closest man to him and asked. He didn’t quite understand. Since there were life-saving ships, why did everyone have faces full of despair?

“Right, there’s still the life-saving ships. The life-saving ships.” It seemed that everyone was only just remembered as they all rushed toward the life-saving ships, afraid that they would be left behind if they were too slow. They all did their best to push forward, and the entire scene was very chaotic. Some even ran so fast to escape for their lives that they didn’t care about the lives of others and pushed the others behind them. Some didn’t even hesitate to step over others.

Luo Lingxing watched the chaotic scene and couldn’t help but frown. He thought that if these people didn’t die at the hands of the space pirates, they would be trampled to death by their fellow passengers instead. If it continued on like this, not a single person would be able to escape at all.

“Calm down!” Luo Lingxing picked up the guns the space pirates had left on the ground and recalled their postures as they opened fire.

The sound of gunshot naturally made everyone quiet down. Many people looked at the gun in Luo Lingxing’s hands, fear flashing in their eyes.

“Everyone calm down. If you keep pushing, you’ll stay here forever!” Luo Lingxing said in a sharp tone. As someone who had been in a superior position for a long time, he was more than capable of dealing with these people. “How many life-saving ships are there?” Luo Lingxing asked the group.

Everyone looked at each other. They were all ordinary passengers, so how could they know how many life-saving boats there were?

“Um, there are a total of 200,” a man timidly came out from the crowd and replied.

“How many people can each life-saving ship fit?” Luo Lingxing continued to ask.

“Three.” That person put up three fingers.

Luo Lingxing flashed a cursory look at the people on site. If all the previous passengers were still alive, there might not be enough space. However, with the current number of people, it was more than enough.

“There’s no need to push. Everyone lined up. Everyone will be able to ride in the life-saving ship. If anyone dares to mess up the order, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Don’t underestimate Luo Lingxing just because he was young, he was still very imposing. Especially the scene earlier of him ruthlessly killing the space pirates forced the others to not blindly act without thinking and obediently listen to his words.

Under Luo Lingxing’s orderly procession, everyone obediently sat on the life-saving ship and were floating in the boundless space, waiting for the military to come rescue them.

Luo Lingxing was the last person to board the life-saving ship. Who knew if this life-saving ship was broken or what, but while other life-saving ships quietly floated when discharged from the spaceship, he continued to shoot at a fast past to an unknown location. Moreover, he obviously didn’t know how to operate the life-saving ship.

Who knew how long later when Luo Lingxing had regained consciousness again, he realized that his life-saving ship had landed already. Moreover, it was on a planet he was unfamiliar with.

“Ugh…” Luo Lingxing moved his body and a sharp pain flowed from his chest. He also felt very dizzy.

When the life-saving ship landed, it had probably crashed into the ground, causing some injury to the person inside of it. Fortunately, the person inside had a way to protect himself or else he would have already stopped breathing.

This miniscule pain was nothing to Luo Lingxing. He pulled out a medicinal pill to restore his body, since he needed to be in his most optimal state in this foreign land.

Luo Lingxing looked at the porcelain bottle in his hand. He had crafted it in his previous life, and he had probably casually tossed it in his space back then as well. When he was searching for food in his space earlier, he had accidently found it, and there was only this one bottle inside his space ring, but it was enough for him to use. This item could save his life in the most critical moment.

While waiting for his body to recover, Luo Lingxing opened the door to the life-saving ship and looked at the endless tall trees outside. He was a bit shocked. If he hadn’t had the life-saving ship beside him, he would have felt like he was still in his previous world.

Besides the tall and large trees surrounding him, there were also some short bushes. Of course, these bushes were only short compared to the trees, but they were in fact as tall as a person. Looking around, Luo Lingxing thought that he was probably thrust into a forest.

Luo Lingxing securely shut the life-saving ship to prevent any animals from sneaking inside. If nothing unexpected happened, he would stay inside there for a few days.

Once that was done, Luo Lingxing walked toward the forest to check out the situation of his surroundings.

In fact, Luo Lingxing wasn’t unfamiliar with forests. In fact, one could say that was more familiar and comfortable in a forest than in a city since he had often stayed in the forest in his previous life.

Forests were also full of all sorts of food, and there would of course be various beasts as well. Inside the forest, Luo Lingxing could look for food as well as use the beasts to train his spiritual energy. This would make his spiritual energy and strength even stronger. 

Although this forest was in a foriegn world, the essence was the same. Inside the forest, Luo Lingxing released his mental scope to as wide an area as he could. He cautiously evaluated his surroundings so that he could immediately counter-attack if anything were to happen.

Who knew if it was because Luo Lingxing was lucky today or if it was because he was near the edge of the forest, but Luo Lingxing walked for a long time and didn’t encounter any large beasts. He had captured a couple wild chickens and wild rabbits, so it looked like he had secured his dinner.

Moreover, even after walking this long, Luo Lingxing didn’t encounter another person, much less any inhabitants. He didn’t know if there were any people on this planet or if he was too far away from any cities or towns. In any case, this was both good and bad for him.

It was bad since no one discovered that he was here and he didn’t have a way to leave this place either. But the good thing was he could use this time where he wouldn’t be discovered by anyone to cultivate his spiritual energy. If he didn’t cultivate his spiritual energy now, the strength of it would decrease.

Luo Lingxing returned to the area beside the life-saving ship, gathered some dry branches and grass, then used the little fireball technique to light the branches and grass. He placed the prepared wild chickens and rabbits on the fire to roast, then opened his terminal. Naturally, it didn’t have any signal. He tried calling Han Junzhan’s number, but the sweet operator lady’s voice reminded him that he wasn’t within the service area.

As he expected, he wasn’t able to contact him. Forget it, he should use this opportunity to cultivate. That guy would find him eventually. Luo Lingxing didn’t know why, but he strangely trushed Han Junzhan.

Moving to the military district’s side, ever since Han Junzhan sent Luo Lingxing to the space station, he had a bad premonition and was very uneasy. He didn’t know where this bad feeling came from, but he couldn’t even focus on his work.

All of a sudden, Han Junzhan felt like his heart was being tightly squeezed. His large hand caressed the area above his heart while a thin gleem of sweat formed on his forehead. The unease spread in his heart, causing the usually calm Han Junzhan to panic.

Meanwhile, the military district receives a distress signal from a spaceship in space. The military leaders all gathered for a meeting to discuss how to move forward.

“Boss, the marshals are gathered in the meeting room for a meeting,” Zhang Xuan said to Han Junzhan.  “What happened?” Han Junzhan pushed down the sense of unease with much difficulty, and others weren’t able to see anything wrong with him.

“I heard a spaceship encountered a space pirate’s looting. I’m not sure of the specifics,” Zhang Xuan told Han Junzhan what he had heard.

“A spaceship?” Han Junzhan muttered in a deep voice. The worry in his heart came closer and closer to the surface, and he suddenly felt flustered from an unknown origin, causing him to rush toward the meeting room.

“Chang’e No. 10 was attacked by space pirates near the Seyfert galaxy. I’m afraid this is a very bad omen. We’re already sent a rescue party to them,” the person who received the help request, the marshal of the second legion. said to everyone.

Han Junzhan brows furrowed tightly. When he heard Chang’e No. 10, his eyes opened in shock. “Marshal, which spaceship did you say again?” Han Junzhan suddenly asked. This was the first time that he had lost himself during a meeting.

Everyone stared at Han Junzhan in shock, but Han Junzhan didn’t care. The only thing he cared about right now was to figure out exactly which spaceship it was?

“The long-distance travel spaceship for civilians, Chang’e No. 10.” The marshal was shocked that Han Junzhan was acting like this and subconsciously replied.

Chang’e No. 10. It really was Chang’e No. 10. He had personally dropped Luo Lingxing to this spaceship that very morning. If he had known that something like this would happen, he would have never let Luoluo leave by himself.

“Dammit,” Han Junzhan mumbled curses, trying to maintain his calm. He then said to the marshal, “Regimental commander of the first legion, Han Junzhan, requests to provide support!”

No one knew why Han Junzhan was this worked up, but since this was the first time seeing him acting like this, it must mean that someone important to him was on that ship. Therefore, they also worried along with him. “Regimental commander of the third legion, Zheng Hexu, also requests to provide support.” Zheng Hexu quickly followed to stand.

“Okay, then your two armies will go. You must protect everyone’s safety,” the marshal said.

“Yes, sir!” Han Junzhan and Zheng Hexu immediately responded solemnly.

Han Junzhan couldn’t stay there for a second longer and he couldn’t wait any longer either. Once the meeting concluded, he immediately went to gather his army.

“Boss, what in the world is going on?” Zhang Xuan and the others asked after boarding the warship.

Han Junzhan’s entire focus was on Luo Lingxing, wishing that he could appear by that person’s side in an instant. Naturally, he didn’t have the heart to bother with the people around him.

Zhao Chongzhuo replied, “Chang’e No. 10 was attacked by space pirates.”

“Chang’e No. 10. Chang’e No. 10?” “Wasn’t that the one Luo…” Zhang Xuan suddenly stopped spreading and turned to look at Han Junzhan. No wonder the boss had been acting weird since earlier. Was it because of this?

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