IMG Chapter 133 Auditions for Jun Ling

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Chen Hongliang also knew that once Luo Lingxing decided on something, changing his mind wouldn’t be easy. It was just like when he terminated his contract with Hua Hai Entertainment.

“What will the name of the studio be?” Chen Hongliang breathed out a deep sigh. He could only help him register the studio. Regarding if Luo Lingxing would really be the only artist in the studio, that was something for later.

Luo Lingxing thought for a moment then said, “Jun Ling.” Jun Ling was the sect that he belonged to in his previous life. When he first entered the sect, his master was still the sect leader, but his master later handed it to him. Unfortunately, in the end, all he could do was watch as Jun Ling perished. So he planned to establish a studio that belonged to him in this world, then this name was very suitable.

This would also be considered a memento of his previous world.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll give you the scripts that I’ve screened through these past few days. Take a look and see if there are any roles you’re interested in,” Chen Hongliang said dispiritedly. He could already predict how many people would have questions and wait to see a show when the news of Luo Lingxing creating his own studio spread out.

There weren’t many celebrities who would create their own studio or company, but those who did all had one thing in common: They would form their own company after achieving fame. Those who established their own company when they had only just entered the company, to others, would be considered an arrogant child who “wants to run before they could walk.”

Sigh…Forget it. Who told him to be tied to Luo Lingxing. Since Luo wanted to start a studio, he could only support him.

“Mn. Come to me if the money isn’t enough,” Luo Lingxing said. He knew that it would definitely take a lot of money to start a studio. Fortunately, he wasn’t short of money now.

“Got it. I won’t be polite with you.” Chen Hongliang would not be polite in this matter, since he wasn’t as rich as the person in front of him, after all.

All of Luo Lingxing’s income was currently in Chen Hongliang’s hands. It wasn’t that he was being harsh toward Luo Lingxing, but this child really wasn’t lacking money, so Chen Hongliang kept on to it temporarily since finding new opportunities needed money, after all.

Moreover, in addition to the purple card given by his Third brother, Luo Lingxing also had the black card given by Han Junzhan’s grandpa. It wouldn’t be a problem even if he spent lavishly.

After hanging up the video, his terminal rang. It should be the scripts the other part sent over. Luo Lingxing clicked to accept the scripts.

Chen Hongliang sent a total of three scripts to Luo Lingxing. Two of which were movies and the last one was a TV drama. The role for the TV drama was male one. It was an ancient cultivation-type series. The roles for the two movies were both male two. Although the directors weren’t as famous as Qian Xuewen, they still had a bit of fame and the content of the scripts were good. These three scripts were carefully selected by Chen Hongliang out of all the other scripts. If any other celebrity received any of these scripts, they would all be fighting for the role, and in the end, they landed in Luo Lingxing’s hands. And he could even pick and choose. If others found out about these, they would be filled with so much envy and jealousy.

Luo Lingxing spent two days reading over the three scripts. Generally speaking, actors who have acted in movies will very rarely return to doing TV dramas since the quality of TV dramas couldn’t compare to movies, after all. Even if the role of the movie was male two, it was still a better role than the male one of a TV drama. However, this issue didn’t matter to Luo Lingxing at all since he only divided them into his likes and dislikes. He didn’t consider any other factors.

The schedules for the two movies were staggered, but unfortunately, one of the movies conflicted with the TV drama. Luo Lingxing liked the script for the TV drama very much, since the drama told a tale that was very similar to his previous life, so felt inexplicably familiar with it. He naturally didn’t want to give up this TV drama, so he could only give up the movie that conflicted with it.

And so, Luo Lingxing accepted the TV drama called ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ as well as the movie called ‘My Brother-in-Law’.

‘Supreme Duel Heros’ was adapted from the novel of the same name. Just by hearing the name, one can tell that the TV drama had two protagonists. The two protagonists are cultivation brothers under the same master. The senior brother was an orphan. He was adopted by their master when he was young and taught to cultivate. Although he wasn’t very talented, he was very diligent. So even though he was young, his cultivation was very profound. On the other hand, the little junior brother was a son from the royal family with a noble temperament, handsome appearance, and was extremely talented in cultivating. Their master accidently encountered him when he was passing through the imperial city, and then accepted him as a disciple.

The relationship between the two brothers was very good, and after cultivating to a certain extent, they were driven down the mountain by their master to practice. The TV drama was mainly about what the two brothers experienced outside.

If one looked at the name of ‘My Brother-in-Law’, they would think that the male protagonist of this movie was the one called brother-in-law. However, it was not. The brother-in-law could only be considered male two, which was the role Luo Lingxing wanted to audition for. The male protagonist was someone else.

This low-production movie was a light-hearted comedy. The male and female protagonists fall in love and were now talking about marriage. Unfortunately, the female protagonist has a younger brother who is very dependent on her. After learning that her sister has a boyfriend and wants to marry her boyfriend, he creates all sorts of trouble for the male protagonist. In the process of preventing his sister from marrying the male protagonist, various ridiculous scenarios occur.

Luo Lingxing read the various scenes of the script and found it very interesting. He sometimes couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he read it.

After choosing the scripts, Luo Lingxing sent Chen Hongliang a text message. He knew that Chen Hongliang would arrange an audition for him with the director.

‘Supreme Duel Heros’ started filming in March. There was still one month until then, so they were good on time. On the other hand, ‘My Brother-in-Law’ didn’t start filming until July, which was in the second half of the year. They had even more time with that one.

Chen Hongliang received a text message from Luo Lingxing, and after seeing the content, he was very satisfied with Luo Lingxing’s choices. If it were other artists, they might choose both of the movies. Chen Hongliang was previously worried about this. Although the roles for the two movies were the male two, which held a lot of weight, it wouldn’t have been good for Luo Lingxing.

He hadn’t debuted for long, and his last two works were both male side characters.If he continued to play the supporting roles, this will give others a perception that he could only play supporting roles, which wasn’t good for this future. Although the quality of the TV drama wasn’t as good as the movie, to the current Luo Lingxing, who urgently needed the role of a male protagonist, it came at the perfect time. Fortunately, Luo Lingxing chose this TV drama, which made Chen Hongliang even more confident in Luo Lingxing’s vision for choosing roles.

If a celebrity wanted to go far, in addition to having excellent acting skills, they must also have the ability to choose good roles.

Since Luo had chosen his works, Chen Hongliang naturally helped him contact the directors. The matter of creating a studio was also underway. Chen Hongliang suddenly felt that there wasn’t enough time, and he even wanted to use his sleeping time. However, he was only a single person and not a god. He couldn’t go without sleeping.

At this time, Chen Hongliang suddenly thought that it was about time to find an assistant for Luo Lingxing. He had thought about this before, but since Han Junzhan drove him to and from school as well as to the programs he was in, he had forgotten about this matter. 

Sure enough, it was time to push this matter up his agenda. This way, when he entered the crew in the future, the assistant could follow him and deal with the miscellaneous things. Especially when the studio opened, he would become even busier, and he would need a few more people to help.

“Sigh… There really is a lot of work that must be done.” Chen Hongliang let out a long sigh and continued his work.

In contrast, Luo Lingxing was much more relaxed. In addition to attending classes during the day, after class, he would stay in the dorm to cultivate, make desserts, and shoot videos. His daily life was very comfortable.

In a blink of an eye, a week passed. Chen Hongliang video called Luo Lingxing again. This time it was to inform him to head to the ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ set for the audition tomorrow.

Although he had read the script numerous times before, Luo Lingxing still read the script from beginning to end twice more that day to figure out that character’s personality and mentality. He strived to become one with the character.

In the past, Chen Hongliang would find someone to create an AI script for Luo Lingxing, but he later saw that Luo Lingxing didn’t read it, so he didn’t bother making one for him anymore. He just let him read the text script.

Early the next morning, Chen Hongliang came on time to the gate of the Imperial University to wait. Luo Lingxing came out carrying only a small backpack.

This audition wasn’t as big as the previous one, and there weren’t many people who came to audition. It was said that today’s audition was only for the role of Huangfu Yue.

Huangfu Yue was one of the male protagonists in ‘Supreme Duel Heros’. He was also the most beloved son of this dynasty’s emperor.

It was said that Huangfu Yue was very delicate, cute, and a bit eccentric since he was young. After he grew up, he possessed great beauty, and since he was very well protected by the emperor, his personality was very willful but not cruel, proud but not arrogant, naughty but not evil. He would occasionally irritate others but also make them reluctant to scold him. He was a very likable character. It was said that in the original, about 80% of the people were his fans.

The scene that was used for the audition today was the scene where Huangfu Yue sneaked out of the palace to meet his senior brother. Since there was no partner for this scene, everything had to be accurately grasped by themselves, making the audition very difficult.

There were several people who auditioned before Luo Lingxing, but when they came out, their expressions weren’t good. It seemed that the results of their audition weren’t good either. As soon as it was Luo Lingxing’s turn, he arranged his clothes and slightly shut his eyes before opening it again. An astute gleam slightly flashed in his black eyes before he walked into the audition room.

Chen Hongliang blankly stared at Luo Lingxing’s back. In that instant, Luo Lingxing’s aura had suddenly changed, but after carefully looking, he couldn’t see where the change happened. He could only enter the audition room with some doubts. standing in a quiet corner, he watched Luo Lingxing audition. This scene was when Huangfu Yue sneaked out of the palace and walked the streets. When they officially shoot this scene, he would probably be wearing a glamorous outfit. However, right now, Luo Lingxing was only wearing a casual shirt and jeans, but it still gave off the feeling that he was wearing a glamorous outfit. It was impossible to take one’s eyes off of him.

Huangfu Yue was originally strolling around by himself when someone suddenly flew over his head. He raised his head just in time to see the handsome face of the male protagonist. He saw his swift skills and otherworldly aura and instantly held a deep impression of him.

Afterward, Huangfu Yue ate at a tavern and bumped into that person again. His interest was aroused. In the past, he did whatever he wanted and no one stopped him. So he took the initiative to stand up and walk up to the male protagonist. He placed a smile on his face, but his eyes flashed a hint of cunningness, giving others a sense that he had successfully cheated and won. Everyone couldn’t help but like this expression.

From Huangfu Yue’s words and actions, the male protagonist could sense the pureness, liveliness, as well as the trace of cunningness of the person in front of him. The male protagonist, who had face paralysis and rarely showed any expression, unconsciously lifted the corners of his lips. This was the first time these  two met.

During this scene, Luo Lingxing’s partner was nothing but air. This meant that the parts that belonged to the male protagonist, Luo Lingxing needed to act it out himself to continue the scene. This required the actor to have high acting skills.

The people watching, which included Chen Hongliang, the director, screenwriter, and producer, were all immersed in Luo Lingxing’s performance. It was as if they really saw the scene of when the two protagonists met for the first time. They couldn’t return to their senses for a while, and they were naturally very happy with the final results.

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