IMG Chapter 134 Returning With Injuries

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After Luo Lingxing’s successful audition, Chen Hongliang focused on obtaining the business license for the studio. As for Huan Xing Entertainment’s invitation, he could only tearfully reject it. Even now, Chen Hongliang still felt heartache when he thought about it.

Such a good opportunity was rejected just like that. How could he not feel any  heartache? Huan Xing Entertainment was filled with film kings and queens. And when someone signed with them, even if they weren’t a film king or queen, that company would lift them to the status of one. This was the biggest reason so many celebrities fought to the death to enter Huan Xing Entertainment.

However, with Luo Lingxing’s qualifications and talents, there wouldn’t be a lack of opportunities even if he didn’t join the agency. Just like the scripts he held in his hand, it was enough to make some B and C list celebrities scramble to fight for them. He believed that as long as they were not suppressed, Luo Lingxing would one day obtain the title of film king. Not to mention that starting their own company was indeed better than being limited by an agency.

After thinking it through, Chen Hongliang was no longer conflicted. Right before they entered the set for ‘Supreme Duel Heros’, they finally registered the license for the studio. Since he wasn’t planning on recruiting anyone or signing any artists for now, therefore Chen Hongliang was very low-key. However, this news still spread like wildfire. There was endless news related to this online, and most people were saying that Luo Lingxing was too arrogant and had no self-awareness.

Hater 1: A certain artist surnamed Luo actually opened his own studio. How much backside funds did he need to allow someone who had just debuted to open their own studio? Tsk tsk tsk… You’re really capable. Does your financial backer know about this?

Hater 2: Running before even learning to walk. Is he not afraid of falling and cracking a skull? I’ll sit here and wait for a certain arrogant person’s studio to close.

Fan 1: What is the previous poster thinking? Aren’t you just jealous? It hasn’t been long since the little prince debuted, but his results have been very obvious. Besides, what does this even have to do with opening a studio?

Fan 2: There will always be people who look down on others. This is the typical mentality of bashing something when they can’t have it. Do you really think the little prince is like you all, a group of brainless people?

Fan 3: There will always be some brainless people who jump around every day to have a sense of existence. Let’s just sit and wait for the little prince to ruthlessly slap them in the faces.

Fan 4: Little prince, good luck. I support you. Do you need employees for the studio? I can talk, act cute, and eat. I even graduated college.

Fan 5: Do you need a janitor? I can sleep and eat. I don’t even need a salary. As long as I can see the little prince everyday, I’ll be satisfied. [obsessed]

Fan 6: Little prince, do you need someone to hang off your coattail? I can act cute and warm your bed.

Fan N: …

The topic was quickly changed by these fans. They all asked if the studio needed employees and that they could work for free as long as they could see their idol.

Besides the enthusiastic fans stirring things up online, some celebrities were also waiting to watch Luo Lingxing make a joke of himself. Since they were all part of the same circle, they had more information than the fans. They knew that Luo Lingxing had received an invention from Huan Xing Entertainment. When that happened, numerous celebrities were jealous of Luo Lingxing. When they heard that he had rejected Huan Xing Entertainment’s invitation to open his own studio, there were many celebrities who couldn’t wait to see his misfortune.

One had to know that the entertainment industry was different from other circles. Changes were common in this circle. One might be a popular movie star one second and become a thing of the past in the next. Even agencies stand with a blade against their necks and will be accidently cut if they’re not careful. There are plenty of those with family background or high popularity that plan to move to the background and open their own studio. As a result, not only do they lose the savings they accumulated over the years, they’ll have to go back to working to make money in their old age.

Therefore, studios weren’t easy to set up.

However, none of this will have any large impact on Luo Lingxing since he hasn’t surfed the internet these past few days. The reason for that was because Han Junzhan had returned, so Luo Lingxing was taken home.

It was unknown what kind of mission he was on, but Han Junzhan had returned home with a body full of injuries. This was the first time Luo Lingxing saw Han Junzhan in such a sorry state.

“Are you all right?” Luo Lingxing hurriedly walked over and asked with concern.

He saw Han Junzhan at the school gates. At that time, Zhang Xuan was driving and Han Junzhan was laying down in the back seat. He heard Zhang Xuan say that Han Junzhan didn’t have time to return home and came directly from the military district to come pick him up.

Luo Lingxing’s brows furrowed slightly. This person was so badly injured, yet he didn’t go get treated first and instead, came to pick him up from school. He really didn’t cherish his body at all! However, at the same time, there was a throbbing and sour feeling in his heart that made him feel uncomfortable.

“I’m fine. It’s just a small injury,” Han Junzhan said with a smile.

In fact, his injuries this time were very serious. His external injuries had already been treated with a medical instrument, otherwise he wouldn’t have even been able to get out of bed, let alone come here to pick up Luo Lingxing.

The military district suggested that he go on bed rest until he was completely cured. Instead, Han Junzhan couldn’t wait to see Luo Lingxing. He wanted to see him. While on his mission this month, the figure of this person appeared countless times in his brain, smiling, acting indifferent, frowning, or just being happy. In short, every expression had clearly appeared in his mind. However, no matter how clear it was, it wasn’t the real person, and it wasn’t as satisfying as seeing the real person.

Therefore, after being able to get out of bed, he left the military district without any hesitation and had Zhang Xuan take him to pick the person up. He didn’t even return home since he wanted to see him as soon as possible.

Zhang Xuan glanced at the Major General, who was doing his best to hold on in the back seat, as well as the gaze he used to look at Luo Lingxing, and he suddenly shivered. A ridiculous idea gradually surfaced in his mind, but he could only shake his head, unwilling to believe it.

“Lay down and rest.” Luo Lingxing also saw Han Junzhan’s persistence. He helped him lay down flat on the back seat and let his head rest on his own leg so that he could be more comfortable. He didn’t know why his heart twisted when he saw Han Junzhan like this.

“Okay,” Han Junzhan said gently. The corners of his mouth rose, and his expression became softer.

Zhang Xuan’s thoughts were slowly being affirmed. He had never seen the Major General act this gentle before, let alone to another person. Combined with the previous interaction between Major General and Luo Lingxing, the current situation seemed inevitable.

Ahh… It seemed that he had really discovered something incredible. Zhang Xuan felt like his heart was about to explode. The iceberg-like Major General actually showed a gentle expression.

Zhang Xuan tried hard to maintain the expression on his face and not let it collapse. If he was discovered by the boss, he would definitely die a miserable death.

After finally arriving at Xian Villa, Zhang Xuan helped Luo Lingxing carry Han Junzhan into the room then left immediately. He didn’t even stay for dinner since he was really afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his expression, and he urgently needed to head back to vent right now.

“Xiao Luo, you should treat the young master.” Aunt Lin held their family’s small treatment device. Ordinary wounds could be treated with this. Moreover, she didn’t make a huge fuss over Han Junzhan’s injuries anymore since the young master was a soldier, after all, and soldiers will always get injured when they go on mission. She was already used to it.

“No need, Aunt Lin. I’ve already used the healing instrument,” Han Junzhan said. His injuries would now heal if he just recuperated, so the healing instrument was useless to him.

“But you still have a lot of wounds on your body.” Aunt Lin was still a bit worried. Since he had already used the healing instrument and there were still a lot of wounds, it was enough to see just how grave his injuries were before. “Young master, you should rest. I’ll go cook you something to eat.”

Luo Lingxing looked at Han Junzhan, then turned to Aunt Lin and stopped her as she was about to walk out. He said, “Aunt Lin, I’ll make dinner tonight.”

He had lived here for nearly two years already, so he had learned some common sense. He knew what a healing instrument was and how it was used. Therefore, he also knew that Han Junzhan’s body could only be nourished, but it would take a lot slower. However, he still had a lot of spiritual plants in his space. If he used them to make food, it would be good for the body.

Aunt Lin looked at Han Junzhan then turned to Luo Lingxing and agreed. “Okay.”

Luo Lingxing was ready to make some easy to digest porridge and pastries, since Han Junzhan still had a weak body.

However, was the truth what Han Junzhan thought it was? In fact, it wasn’t. Han Junzhan’s body was indeed full of injuries, and it looked quite scary. If it was someone else, then they would have been greatly affected. However, who was Han Junzhan? He was the youngest major general in history with a S level physique. Don’t even mention these small injuries, even if it was a serious injury, no one has ever seen him act so weak.

However, seeing Luo Lingxing’s worried expression, Han Junzhan felt that this was also very good. Therefore, little Top Han waited like this for Luo Lingxing to take care of him.

The pitiful sheep that was being plotted against, Luo Lingxing, was currently in the kitchen concentrating on cooking porridge. He was worried that the porridge and pastries would be tasteless, so Luo Lingxing also made two more flavorful dishes. These dishes were all made with spiritual plants. Normally, he rarely used spiritual plants to cook since there were only so many spiritual plants. If he ate some, then there would be less of them. That was why he would normally use it during critical moments. However, Luo Lingxing acted as if the spiritual plants were inexhaustible and took out anything he thought would be suitable to eat.

Dinner was ready very quickly. Luo Lingxing had only made Han Junzhan’s portion. After seeing Aunt Lin, he said with a bit of embarrassment, “Aunt Lin, I still have to trouble you to make dinner.”

Aunt Lin looked at the food he was holding and was very pleased. With a smile on her face, she said, “No problem. I’ll serve it to you later when it’s done.”

She was naturally very happy to see Luo Lingxing’s relationship with the young master develop more. Especially when she saw the expression the young master used to look at Xiao Luo. As an experienced person, how could she not understand it? The young master was really captured.

How great!

In the past, although the young master had treated Xiao Luo well, his feelings were not clear. She saw it all and worried about it, but she knew that feelings were the one thing that others could not interfere with. One needed to figure it out themselves. Looking at it now, the young master had already thought it through. Now they just needed to wait for Xiao Luo. She really hoped to see them get married soon.

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