IMG Chapter 137 NG Three Times

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Yao Qingqing originally wanted to gain some popularity, but as a result, she had to go to the side, and now she had no chance to appear in front of the camera. These were all the consequences of her own actions.

Han Yameng glanced at Luo Lingxing, who was beside him. In his heart, he blamed the woman for dropping the pot at the most critical moment. This kid really had good luck, but it was a shame that he (HYM) wouldn’t let him (LLX) have a good time.

Luo Lingxing naturally felt Han Yameng’s gaze on him. Although he didn’t know how he had provoked the other party, he obviously couldn’t condone it. His actions against Yao Qingqing were just a little warning. He didn’t like arguing with others, and he didn’t think the other party was worth it. However, this didn’t mean that he was a pushover.

“Since everyone is here, let’s start.” Xueyou said to everyone before starting the opening ceremony. All the reporters quieted down as they filmed.

After the opening ceremony finished, it was time for the reporters to ask questions. The reporters first briefly asked the director and Han Yameng a few questions before aiming the microphone at Luo Lingxing.

“Luo Lingxing, it’s said that you received an invitation from Huan Xing Entertainment. Are you planning to sign with Huan Xing Entertainment?”

“I heard you turned down Huan Xing’s invitation to open your own studio. Is this true?”

“I heard you opened your own studio. Are you publicly announcing your challenge against Huan Xing?”

These questions were quite piercing, especially the last one. Hearing this, everyone was frightened but was also ready to watch his downfall. After all, he had dared to reject and challenge Huan Xing. If that was the case, it would have been better if he didn’t mix in the entertainment industry at all. After all, who didn’t know that the backers behind Huan Xing were very powerful. Offending Huan Xing basically meant ruining one’s future. They really didn’t understand what was going on in this child’s head. There were so many people fighting for this chance, yet he just threw it away. He really had a problem with his brain.

Although everyone thought this way, they were also taking joy from his misfortune and were waiting to watch a good show. Who told this child to be so showy recently? He had caused countless people to feel jealous.

Han Yameng stood to one side and wasn’t irritated that the spotlight had been stolen. Instead, he smiled and waited to watch Luo Lingxing make a fool of himself.

“I’m very grateful to Huan Xing Entertainment for their consideration. I did indeed receive an invitation from them, but my current ability is still too weak, so I don’t plan to join them and lower their reputation. As for opening my own studio, it’s to be able to smoothly develop in the future. After I cultivate my abilities, perhaps I’ll be able to cooperate with Huan Xing then…” Luo Lingxing answered the reporters’ questions in a relaxed tone, especially the question about rejecting Huan Xing. His modest excuse gave Huan Xing enough face, and didn’t make others think that he was too presumptuous. It could be said that this reply was quite clever.

Han Yameng had worked hard in the entertainment industry for years, so he could naturally hear the underlying meaning. He knew that if he let Luo Lingxing continue talking, there was a high possibility that he would completely steal away all the limelight this time. So before the other party finished speaking, he interrupted him. “Today is the opening ceremony. Everyone, please don’t make things difficult for our newcomer. You all can see that our director is about to get angry as well,” Han Yameng joked. To others, he was helping Luo Lingxing solve a problem. However, he was also reminding him that “you are a newcomer, so know your place.” His words had double meanings.

The reporters were all intelligent, so they could naturally sense that there was a problem between Han Yameng and Luo Lingxing. Therefore, all the upcoming questions revolved around the protagonist, Han Yameng.

After all, compared to Han Yameng, Luo Lingxing’s popularity was lower. Of course, as the other protagonist, it was impossible for the reporters to completely ignore him. However, they quickly found that as soon as the reporters asked Luo Lingxing a question, Han Yameng quickly turned the topic back to himself. In just minutes, Luo Lingxing didn’t have as much screen time as the supporting characters. This was a huge insult as a protagonist.

Han Yameng glanced at Luo Lingxing with a proud expression while no one was looking, as if he was saying “look, even if you are one of the protagonists, I won’t let you get any attention.”

Luo Lingxing wasn’t annoyed in the slightest. The corners of his mouth even raised into an enchanting arc. His aura spread out, making others feel that he was a very elegant and responsible young master. Especially since he was wearing the royal outfit belonging to Huangfu Yue. This temperament as if he was from the royal family was hard for others to ignore.

Gradually, the reporters’ focus turned back to Luo Lingxing. They would occasionally say a few words about Han Yameng, but they were all turned to Luo Lingxing.

The current situation was completely different from earlier, but it didn’t feel as deliberate as it had before.

That was correct. The reporters had noticed Han Yameng’s actions against Luo Lingxing. They were happy to go along with Han Yameng, but now they were honestly revolving around Luo Lingxing, even if it was unintentionally. Especially when the interview was over, all the reporters finally realized what they had just done. They didn’t understand how they were so dazzled by Luo Lingxing. Their faces were full of confusion.

With how smart they were, they carefully scrutinized the entire situation, and how could they not realize that this had been Luo Lingxing’s intention all along? However, his means were of a higher class than Han Yameng’s.

The reporters found that Luo Lingxing, who was only twenty years old and had a gentle and cordial smile, was not a person who could be underestimated. Someone who could accomplish so many achievements in such a short period of time really couldn’t be without any abilities.

After the opening ceremony, the reporters also left the set. The shooting officially started.

“Xiao Luo and Xiao Han need to prepare for the first scene. We’ll shoot the scene where you meet in the Imperial City,” Director Sun said to the two. He thought of the scene Luo Lingxing used when he’d auditioned. That scene shocked him very much.

He had also watched the films Luo Lingxing had shot before, ‘The Enchantress’ and ‘Interstellar Mecha’. He really appreciated Luo Lingxing’s acting skills, but he wouldn’t believe in it until he saw it with his own eyes. So when he saw the scene Luo Lingxing did as Huangfu Yue, it left a deep impression on him. He really wanted to see how the scene would be acted out during the official shooting with Luo Lingxing wearing period clothing and acting against other people.

He was really looking forward to it. He believed it would be much better than the audition.

The two were soon ready. The camera and everything else were also ready. Luo Lingxing was wearing Huangfu Yue’s gorgeous costume, giving others a stunning feeling that they couldn’t tear their eyes off of. During the opening ceremony, everyone’s attention was on the reporters. At this moment, there were no outside disturbances, so everyone now realized how exceptional Luo Lingxing was. At least in appearance.

His every single move revealed the temperment of Huangfu Yue. It was no wonder his online fans called him “little prince”. When others saw him, he really gave off the feeling of an honorable little prince who had just come out of a play.

His temperament couldn’t be recreated with simple imitation. He must have had deep roots from a large family and must have listened and seen these scenes since he was young. This made everyone suddenly curious about Luo Lingxing’s family background.

“Ready, action!” Director Sun ordered. All the machines were ready. Luo Lingxing and Han Yameng were also ready.

Luo Lingxing closed his eyes. When they opened again, he became the pampered but not arrogant Huangfu Yue.

Huangfu Yue walked the streets with his attendant. He was interested in everything he saw, and he couldn’t help but pick them up to play with before throwing it behind him to his attendant. He would leave to go to the next stall while the attendant paid for the goods.

Huangfu Yue wandered from one stall to another, clearly very interested, when he suddenly saw a figure quickly fly past above him. Huangfu Yue subconsciously looked up and saw a young man with a cold face flash by. His heart trembled.

He knew from his royal brother that there were cultivators in this world, but he had never encountered one before. The person just now gave off the feeling of a cultivator, just like the ones his royal brother spoke of. He was very interested, but unfortunately, that person was too fast and had already disappeared.

Huangfu Yue went to the inn to eat sullenly, but he didn’t expect to actually meet the person who had left a deep impression on him. At this moment, that person was sitting at a table. He hadn’t disappeared.

Huangfu Yue happily ran in front of the table and sat down unceremoniously. His beautiful face had on a beautiful smile, giving others a very pleasing feeling that he couldn’t be hated. That person slightly lifted his head to look at Huangfu Yue before continuing to eat. “My name is Huangfu Yue. What’s your name?” Huangfu Yue curiously asked.

As if that man hadn’t heard anything, he continued to eat gracefully. Huangfu Yue was not angry, but the attendant who followed him was angry. Daring to ignore his highness, this was a crime that deserved death. However, he was stopped by Huangfu Yue with a look.

The man seemed to have finished eating and was planning to get up to pay and leave. For some reason, when his body stepped forward, he almost fell to the ground.

“Cut!” Sun Xueyou looked at Han Yameng with dissatisfaction. The previous scene was clearly perfect and could have passed in one shot, but there was a problem at the last moment. How could he not be full of regrets?

“Xiao Luo, at this moment, you need to use your hand to stop me, not your feet,” Han Yameng “gently” said to Luo Lingxing, as if he didn’t mean to blame him at all.

However, to those who heard this, it sounded like it was Luo Lingxing who made a mistake at the final moment, and he had almost caused Han Yameng to fall. Everyone’s gaze toward Luo Lingxing changed.

The corners of Luo Lingxing’s mouth curved up in a small arc. He was wondering why when he was just about to stretch out his hand, Han Yameng had directly fallen over. It turned out that he had set this up for him.

Where the camera couldn’t see him, Han Yameng didn’t even try to hide his provocative expression. He showed a malicious smile toward Luo Lingxing. When he turned his head, the polite and gentle expression returned as he walked to the side to touch up his makeup.

Sun Xueyou was very depressed, but it was very normal to NG during shooting. IIt wouldn’t be good for him to say something, so he could only remind Luo Lingxing to pay more attention next time.

As a result, he didn’t expect that the second and third time were also NGs. On the surface, it seemed to be Han Yameng’s fault, but he would add a sentence each time and throw the blame to Luo Lingxing. The actors who were waiting to shoot their scenes complained endlessly about Luo Lingxing, especially those who were jealous of him. This made them think even more that he was very unworthy of acting as the male protagonist.

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