IMG Chapter 138 If Anyone Should Leave, It’s You

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Sun Xueyou was a bit helpless, but there were hints of clarity in his eyes. He had naturally seen Luo Lingxing’s acting skills, and there were many big issues in his acting the previous times. There were only some small problems that had nothing to do with acting.

For the artists in his hand to openly fight, as long as it didn’t affect  the shoot, Sun Xueyou generally wouldn’t pay attention to it. After all, it was very normal in the entertainment industry. Even if he wanted to stop it, he couldn’t. Moreover, it would give their TV drama another point of topic. However, once it affected the shoot, he definitely wouldn’t tolerate it anymore. Regardless of the status of the other party, he couldn’t tolerate someone sabotaging his hard work.

“You go to the side and rest for now. I’ll shoot you guys’ scene later,” the director said to Luo Lingxing, then beckoned the other actors. He intended to shoot other scenes first.

Luo Lingxing and He Yi walked to the side and found a place to sit. He Yi was watching Luo Lingxing film from start to finish. He was in a different position than the director, so he was able to clearly see those small mistakes.

“It’s clear that Han Yameng is the one playing tricks, but all the blame was pushed onto you.” He Yi was angry and couldn’t wait to confront Han Yameng in person.

The young master asked him to be Young Master Luo’s assistant, not to stand there and watch Young Master Luo be bullied with his own eyes. If the young master knew that Young Master Luo was being bullied, he definitely wouldn’t be spared and neither would that person.

“Calm down. No one will believe you even if you tell them,” Luo Lingxing comforted He Yi.

Han Yameng could see the problem, so he didn’t believe that the other artists hadn’t either. However, they all chose to keep their mouths shut. It was natural because Han Yameng’s status was higher than theirs. Even if He Yi spoke up now, no one would believe him.

“Do you want to let him continue to bully you like this?” He Yi clenched his fists, feeling for the first time that he was really useless. He couldn’t even protect Young Master Luo. This was also the first time that he realized there were so many dark, hidden, and filthy incidents within the bright looking entertainment circle.

“Don’t worry. It won’t happen again,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

Of course he wouldn’t let himself be bullied over and over again. The only reason he didn’t fight back previously was to find out why the other party saw him in such an unfavorable manner. If the reason was the same as others where they thought he was climbing too fast, making others jealous and threatening their positions, he really couldn’t believe it.

Even if he was currently very popular, he still only had two works under his belt. He didn’t have much qualifications, and there was still a long way to go to catch up with an A-list celebrity like Han Yameng. He (LLX) didn’t threaten him (HYM) at all, so there must be another reason. Moreover, he just overheard the actual reason.

He couldn’t be blamed for eavesdropping. It was because his hearing was too sharp. The other party knew they were far away, so they didn’t try to lower their voice. That was how he was able to overhear it.

Luo Lingxing focused his eyes on the actors who were doing their scene. Since some actors had fewer scenes, those who didn’t have scenes today left first after the interview, Su Yang being one of them. Therefore, Luo Lingxing didn’t know anyone who was currently on set, so he could only quietly watch others do their scenes.

Han Yameng seemed to have finished his call and walked toward Luo Lingxing. Everyone else’s attention was focused on the person filming, and Luo Lingxing was standing by the corner, so nobody noticed this.

“You don’t suit the role of Huangfu Yue. If you have any self-awareness, you should leave yourself and give this role to someone else.” Han Yameng never had the intention of hiding his hostility toward Luo Lingxing from the start, so he wasn’t going to start hiding it now. He spoke very bluntly.

“Whether I suit the role or not, it’s not up to you,” Luo Lingxing replied flatly.

“Heh. You’re just a newbie. If I don’t want you here, I have a hundred ways to make you leave. When that happens, you’ll be leaving this set in a sorry state. It’s better if you gain a bit of self-awareness now and leave on your own,” Han Yameng said with a sinister smile.

“Is that so? I’m looking forward to it then.” The corners of Luo Lingxing’s mouth slightly rose. He wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

Han Yameng didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to be so stubborn. He suddenly felt a wave of anger burning in his heart. No one dared to go against him in a long time.

Alright, fine. Since this person wouldn’t give him face, he didn’t need to give this person face either. He would definitely make this person leave the set today!

“Then you wait and see!” Han Yameng threw out these words, then turned and left.

“Young master Luo, let me inform Brother Chen.” He Yi clearly heard that Han Yameng was going to go against Luo Lingxing. Before he came, Chen Hongliang had reminded him to give him a call immediately if anything happened.

“No need. I can handle this tiny matter myself.” Luo Lingxing waved his hand. Chen Hongliang must have a lot going on right now. It was better not to worry him.

“But…” He Yi wanted to say something but Luo Lingxing stopped him. He didn’t notify Chen Hongliang but quickly sent Han Junzhan a message to briefly report this matter to him.

The first scene was quickly filmed. Sun Xueyou saw Luo Lingxing and Han Yameng and thought that they had already adjusted their moods, so he asked them to come over to shoot their previous scenes. He wanted to finish the scene now.

“Do your best in your scene. If you don’t, you won’t be able to eat lunch at noon,” Sun Xueyou teased with a smile, then commanded everyone to get ready. When he passed Han Yameng, he sent him a warning with his eyes.

Han Yameng acted as if he didn’t see it. Even the director couldn’t stop him from what he wanted to do. Moreover, he didn’t think that the director would glare at him for the sake of a mere C-list celebrity.

After they officially started filming, Han Yameng still had many NGs. Small problems also appeared, and even the densest people started to realize something. Moreover, Han Yameng seemed too lazy to make any excuses.

“Cut! Han Yameng, what the heck are you doing?” Sun Xueyou was finally angry.

“Director, I can’t act with Luo Lingxing. I can’t find my muse,” Han Yameng lazily said.

When the actors and staff members who were present heard this, they couldn’t help but gasp. They didn’t expect Han Yameng to disrespect someone so openly. Although they all knew that Han Yameng was usually very arrogant and willful, they didn’t expect him to be this willful. Just because he didn’t like someone, he did countless NGs so that the scene wouldn’t pass.

“Weren’t you doing fine before? As long as you fix the small problems, this scene can pass!” Sun Xueyou tried to control his anger so that it wouldn’t leak out. He was the one who found these two protagonists, and they had also fit the characters. However, they didn’t take into account that Han Yameng wouldn’t like Luo Lingxing.

In a crew, if the protagonists couldn’t get along, then the film couldn’t be properly produced unless they changed a protagonist.

Sun Xueyou was shocked. He looked at Han Yameng and finally understood why he acted out so much. Was it to get Luo Lingxing replaced? Sun Xueyou tightly furrowed his brows. He was very displeased with the current situation.

“Director Sun, I believe you understand my meaning. I don’t want to act with him,” Han Yameng bluntly said. Countless artists gazed at Luo Lingxing with eyes full of sympathy. Of course, there were also some who reveled in his disaster as they watched the fun.

Since things had come to this point, either Han Yameng or Luo Lingxing had to go. As for who would stay and who would go, everyone knew in their hearts. Even if Director Sun liked Luo Lingxing, he definitely wouldn’t offend Han Yameng for him. Not to mention Han Yameng’s popularity was many times more than Luo Lingxing’s.

Han Yameng naturally believed that Director Sun would choose him. That was why he dared pull this act in public. He wanted to let the newcomer know that mixing in the entertainment industry wasn’t that easy.

“Director Sun, you don’t have to worry about who would replace him as Huangfu Yue. I have a candidate. Not only is Liu Guanghua more popular than Luo Lingxing, his acting skills are also better. He’s more than enough to play this role. Not to mention that the investors also like him very much,” Han Yameng said confidently. Now that he specifically mentioned the investors, he believed that Director Sun would naturally know who to choose.

Sun Xueyou currently hated Han Yameng. He didn’t know that Han Yameng was such a foolish person. He even dared to use the investors to pressure him.

Although he didn’t have a big temper, he was very set on one thing and could even become stubborn for this point. And that point was selecting actors. His requirements for shooting a film were very high, and the actors he chose all fit the character of the role. Even if the person wasn’t very popular, as long as they had high acting skills and fit the role, he would choose them. This could be seen from the fact that he chose Luo Lingxing as a protagonist.

Moreover, he hated actors who entered through investments. He considered them the rat poop of the crew. They were a complete mess. If the person Han Yameng spoke of, Liu Guanghua, entered the crew, he would be entering through investments since the largest investors of his film was the Liu Group. Moreover, Liu Guanghua didn’t have a good reputation.

Sun Xueyou was really in a dilemma. He really didn’t want to replace Luo Lingxing, but if he loses his investors, he wouldn’t be able to continue this TV drama. Han Yameng was banking on this fact.

Han Yameng also saw that Sun Xueyou was struggling. In order to have him make up his mind as quickly as possible, he threw out another heavy bomb, “Director Sun, you should think this through. Either he’s leaving today or I am. Of course, if I leave, the Liu Group will probably withdraw their investment. It wouldn’t be a smart move to lose your chance on filming this drama just for the sake of a newcomer.”

If his previous threat was tactful, this one was humorous. Sun Xueyou’s expression was very dark.

He had heard of Liu Guanghua’s reputation. The rumors weren’t good. If Han Yameng was able to turnt he crew upside down just by himself, he could imagine just how chaotic the crew would be if they also added in Liu Guanghua. Moreover, he really hated being threatened.

“Since you want to leave, then go,” Sun Xueyou tried his best to calm his emotions as he calmly said.

“What?” Han Yameng obviously didn’t expect Sun Xueyou to give such an answer. His expression instantly changed. “Director Sun, do you know what you’re saying?”

“Our little film won’t be able to satisfy someone of your league,” Sun Xueyou firmly said. Even if he couldn’t continue filming this drama, he definitely wouldn’t let anyone ruin his drama.

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