IMG Chapter 139 The Male God Arrived

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Han Yameng obviously didn’t expect Sun Xueyou to be serious. He just wanted to chase Luo Lingxing away so that he could bring Liu Guanghua onto the set, killing two birds with one stone. However, he didn’t expect to dig a pit for himself. Sun Xueyou really didn’t know what was good for him.

Han Yameng looked at Sun Xueyou with a sarcastic smile and said, “Director Sun, don’t forget that if I leave, the Liu Group will definitely withdraw their investment. When that happens, you won’t be able to continue to film your drama. Are you sure you want to offend the Liu Group for the sake of a newcomer?”

Sun Xueyou naturally knew this, but he would rather not shoot at all than shoot a shoddy film!

Luo Lingxing stood to the side. He didn’t speak from beginning to end, as if what these people were discussing had nothing to do with him. He didn’t act like an involved person at all.

“Director Sun, how much did the Liu Group invest?” Luo Lingxing finally spoke up, making everyone focus their eyes on him. Their expressions were complicated, but it was a pity that Luo Lingxing didn’t pay attention to them.

“600 million Star Coins,” Han Yameng proudly replied before anyone else could.

‘Supreme Duel Heros’ received a total of 800 million in investments. The Liu Group contributed more than half of that. It was no wonder Han Yameng was so confident and without any fear.

“I’ll invest one billion,” Luo Lingxing casually said as if he was commenting about the good weather today. He was very calm.

On the other hand, the others were not as calm as Luo Lingxing. His words were the equivalent to a slap on the face to Han Yameng. Even Han Yameng was a bit stunned.

“If that’s not enough, I can add more,” Luo Lingxing continued to drop another bomb so casually. Those who witnessed this bomb lost themselves.

“Hehe, anyone can talk big. If you have this ability, then do it.” Han Yameng was worthy of being a film king. He quickly recovered his calm and shot Luo Lingxing a poisonous gaze.

Luo Lingxing glanced at He Yi, who was beside him. He Yi stepped forward and handed the purple card to Sun Xueyou.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the purple card. No one suspected that Luo Lingxing was just talking big anymore. The purple card was different from other bank cards, after all. Only the richest of the rich were qualified to have this card. Regardless of if this card belonged to Luo Lingxing or someone else, since he was able to take it out, it meant that the billion Star Coins was a trivial amount to him.

Sun Xueyou didn’t actually believe in Luo Lingxing’s words at first. He just thought that this kid was boasting. However, when the purple card was handed to him, he felt that it was all surreal.

Han Yameng’s face distorted. His originally handsome face only made others feel terrified when they saw him, making them not dare to look at him, lest they had nightmares.

The present artists felt like they were in a dream. They never would have expected the situation to take such a magical turn. Of course, there were still more unimaginable things to come.

“Director Sun, you need to think this over carefully. If I don’t participate in this drama, how much of the audience will you lose?” Han Yameng said through gritted teeth. This was his final card.

Since Sun Xueyou only valued acting skills and not popularity, there weren’t many popular actors amongst the ones who were chosen. The person with the highest popularity was naturally Han Yameng. This was also the reason why Sun Xueyou chose Han Yameng amongst those who had similar acting skills. It was to use his popularity to increase ratings.

However, now that things have come to this point, Sun Xueyou couldn’t turn back, and he didn’t want to look back. If he allowed a person who even dared to threaten the director to stay, then how would he be able to keep the other actors under control in the future?

“You don’t have to worry about this. I’ll act the role.” A deep voice suddenly entered everyone’s ears. It was refreshing and numbing as well, and it couldn’t help but encapture everyone.

Everyone followed the sound, and one by one, their eyes widened. They couldn’t believe what they saw. Many people rubbed their eyes, then looked again, but the person was still there. Even many of the female artists couldn’t help but exclaim out loud and scream.

“My god. The Male God! It turned out to be the Male God. Why is the Male God here?”

“Did I hear incorrectly? The Male God said he was going to act the role? The Male God is going to act in this TV drama?”

“OMG, I must be dreaming. That’s why the Male God is here. If this really is a dream, I hope I never wake up.”

“Doesn’t the Male God only pick one movie a year? The ‘Interstellar Mecha’ was just released not too long ago.”

“You’re stupid. Isn’t it a new year already? Besides, if the Male God is willing to take on the role, it’s fine regardless of how many he takes on. We’re too fortunate. We’ll have a new TV drama to lick our screens to. This year is too lucky.”

“With the Male God here, why would we need Han Yameng? Compared to the Male God, he’s nothing. With the Male God joining us, the ratings for our drama will definitely break records.”

“Ahh… The Male God must have come for the little prince. The Male God knew that the little prince was being bullied, so he rushed over to give his little shou a place to belong. They’re really too loving.”

The female celebrities couldn’t stop discussing this like crazy. They were obsessed. No one had any energy to spare to give to Han Yameng. And Han Yameng, who was being completely ignored, had a dark face as dark as the bottom of a burnt pot.

In fact, it wasn’t just these girls, even Sun Xueyou felt like he was in a dream. He was originally worried about who would act as the protagonist and the investments, but it was solved so easily. He had thought that he would have to postpone this drama indefinitely. Now, not only has the investment increased, the protagonist was now Ye Luohan. He was super popular. He could already see how hot the drama will be when it’s released.

No one could remember that Han Yameng was still here at this moment. As long as the director had a little bit of brains, they would know who to choose.

Han Yameng angrily stared at the group of actors who were originally surrounding him and who had no run to Ye Luohan’s side. He also stared at Ye Luohan, who was standing in the middle. And of course, his hatred toward Luo Lingxing had increased so much that it made his teeth hurt.

Han Yameng glared at Sun Xueyou again, turned around, and left with his agent and assistant. He didn’t want to continue being insulted here. He wouldn’t easily let go of what he had received today.

“Male God, do you really plan on taking the role of Shen Anyang?” a staff member asked the question everyone was thinking.

“If Director Sun allows it, I don’t mind taking on this role.” Ye Luohan rarely said this many words at once.

And so, everyone’s eyes fell on Sun Xueyou. They stared at him with an expression that seemed to say “if you dared to disagree, we’ll stare at you to death.” It was quite a spectacular scene.

Sun Xueyou couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. Even without them, he wouldn’t reject Ye Luohan, of course. He wasn’t an idiot.

“You are exactly who I’ve been looking for. Welcome to the crew.” Sun Xueyou quickly reached out his hand and expressed his friendliness.

Ye Luohan also stretched out his hand for the handshake. The others couldn’t help but cheer. The atmosphere of the crew became very harmonious and beautiful in an instant. Even if some people had opinions regarding Luo Lingxing before, they didn’t dare speak them out now.

“With Ye Luohan joining us, I believe that this drama will definitely be filmed to perfection. Ye Luohan, take a look at the script first. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can come find me at any time,” Sun Xueyou instructed someone to give a text script to Ye Luohan since everyone knew that Ye Luohan only used text script.

“No need. I’ve read the original novel before. If there’s any need, I can act how I see fit,” Ye Luohan said.

“Sure, sure. No problem.” Sun Xueyou hadn’t closed his mouth since Ye Luohan entered the set. Even if someone made an NG, he would amiably correct them without any anger. This made the actors who were given training feel full of favor.

“We meet again, and we’re working together again,” Ye Luohan sat beside Luo Lingxing and said with a smile.

“I hope we work well together,” Luo Lingxing blinked and replied. He felt like the person in front of him was a bit different from the last time he saw him, but he couldn’t figure out how. There was an inexplicable sense of familiarity as well. Was it because they had worked together on a film previously?

‘Supreme Duel Heros’ was different from the ‘Interstellar Mecha’, where the cast list had been announced early, so many reporters were present on the day of the opening ceremony. In fact, it could be said that they had already started the promotion way before they started filming.

Therefore, the media learned the news of Ye Luohan joining ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ as soon as it happened and was released all over the internet, attracting the attention and comments of the majority of fans.

When Han Yameng was replaced, Han Yameng’s fans were originally angry. If it was someone else who had replaced him, the Han-fans would definitely curse until the ends of the Earth. However, the one to replace Han Yameng was Ye Luohan, so the Han-fans suddenly dared not to speak since in regards to numbers or combat effectiveness, the Ye-fans could definitely slaughter them all.

Moreover, Han Yameng asserted his weight on set, bullied others, and even used his own status to threaten the director to replace the newcomer. All of this had been exposed. All of a sudden, the crusade against Han Yameng became even stronger online.

Luo-fan 1: I really didn’t expect Han Yameng to be this kind of person. I used to like him in the past. Now all the fans have turned into haters. Luo-fan 2: He actually dared to bully our little prince. Does he think we don’t exist? It’s so disgusting. Fortunately, our Male God saved the day or else who knows how our little prince would have been bullied. 

Han-Xing Fan 1: Ahhh… Did the Male God accept this role just because of the little prince? They have true love. The Han-Xing ship is the way. Han-Xing ship all the way. 

Han-fan (Han Yameng) 1: The previous poster must be brain dead. Get lost. It’s clearly our prince who was bullied. Can you stop acting like the victim? It’s so disgusting. Han-fan 2: Exactly. Luo Lingxing is acting all innocent when he’s not. Our prince was forced to leave the crew by him, yet he’s the one acting like the victim? Just how shameless can he be? 

Luo-fan 2: Do you guys have any shame in saying that? I’m sure everyone can clearly see who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong. Can’t you see that our little prince hasn’t said a single word from start to finish? It makes us worried to death. Luo-fan 3: Little prince, don’t cry. Little prince, stand up. (It seems like something inharmonious was mixed in). The Male God is still standing beside you. Don’t be afraid of those brain dead fans of Han Yameng who wouldn’t even dare to fight against Ye Luohan’s fans but aren’t afraid of other people’s fans, especially Luo-fans. 

After experiencing this matter, Han-fans and Luo-fans won’t be able to get along anymore. The internet was full of posts of fans from the two sides fighting. As long as the Han-fans said something bad about Luo Lingxing, Luo-fans would definitely counterattack.

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