IMG Chapter 140 Continuous Attack

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In general, the reports and discussion of Han Yameng online were very disfavorable. Han Yameng’s agent and agency were also very clear about this. When Han Yameng first wilfully begged to have Luo Lingxing replaced, they didn’t stop him since the target was only a newcomer. There was nothing to be afraid of, but who knew that at the end of it all, the newcomer would have the avantage. And they almost offended Ye Luohan. This made Han Yameng’s agency regret their past deeds.

However, Han Yameng was the pillar of their agency, after all. They still needed him as a cash cow. They naturally wouldn’t allow his reputation to be ruined here. As for the online reports, they were working overtime to deal with it. However, it seemed like there was someone controlling those reports from behind. It didn’t matter how many they dealt with, new ones would continuously appear.

Han Yameng was so angry that he shattered his quantum computer. Those malicious comments about him on the internet had been echoing in his mind, unshakeable. His handsome face became distorted. Where was the appearance of the spirited actor now?

“Yameng, the other party this time isn’t a small timer. We can’t suppress the comments online with just our company’s abilities. It’s better if you ask that person.” Han Yameng’s agent had been so worried these past few days that his hair had turned white. He originally thought it was just a small newcomer. Who would have known that they would stir the pot.

They were able to take out a billion for the investment at all, and Ye Luohan even rushed to the rescue. He wouldn’t believe it if someone said that he didn’t have a background.

Han Yameng breathed the frustrations in his heart. He could swallow it and he couldn’t spit it out either. It had long been uncomfortable. It seemed that besides finding that person, he had no other choice. So he could only open his terminal to contact that person.

At the same time, Su Yang was sitting beside Luo Lingxing, asking with concern about what had happened these past few days. He had seen online how Han Yameng had tried to pressure Luo Lingxing off the set these past few days.

“Luoluo, you have to be careful of Han Yameng. He definitely won’t stay silent. Besides…” Su Yang started but stopped again. He wanted to warn Luo Lingxing, but when he remembered his cousin’s warning, he hesitated. But after a few minutes, he made up his mind and said, “And he has the Liu Group behind him. I’m afraid the Liu Group will deal with you.”

Luo Lingxing had previously offended Liu Guanghua because of the matter of the ‘Interstellar Mecha’. Now he had offended Han Yameng because of this crew. He obviously didn’t have any connections with the Liu Group, but he had someone offended the Liu Group. Since Liu Guanghua was the Liu Group’s President’s son, and Han Yameng was the person Liu Guanghua’s father was keeping.

As for the matter of Han Yameng being kept by Liu Guanghua’s father, many insiders knew about this but everyone tacitly didn’t say anything to their faces. The Liu Group was the largest investors this time, and that was why Han Yameng dared to act this way toward Luo Lingxing and also dared to plot against him to have Liu Guanghua replace him. Unfortunately, in the end, he was the one that was replaced.

Luo Lingxing was also quite surprised after knowing about the relationship between Han Yameng and Liu Guanghua. However, what shocked him wasn’t the fact that Han Yameng was being kept by someone, but that Liu Guanghua had such a good relationship with his father’s mistress. This was really incomprehensible.

However, he was only shocked for a few seconds. What others did had nothing to do with him. He naturally wouldn’t put that much energy on someone else. He was already on a tight timeline with just filming and cultivating, so he naturally didn’t have extra time for unrelated people.

On the other side, Han Yameng helplessly gave Liu Guanghua’s father a video call and pitifully told him everything, emphasizing that he did it all for Liu Guanghua.

When he heard that Luo Lingxing would play Huangfu Yue, Liu Guanghua thought up this idea. It was also because of this that Han Yameng targeted Luo Lingxing from the start or else how could he fall to this point?

Liu Guanghua’s father naturally comforted Han Yameng in various ways and promised to deal with the things on the internet. He comforted him, saying that he would withdraw his investment to teach Sun Xueyou a lesson. He would take revenge for him.

After the video ended, Han Yameng’s mood was better. But at this time, he didn’t know that there was a bigger “surprise” waiting for him.

“Oh my. Who is so charming that it is worthy for you to deal with a little star?”

Ye Luohan looked at the man hanging on the other side of the video call and didn’t speak a single word.

It seemed that the other part was long accustomed to Ye Luohan acting like this and continued speaking, “Let me guess. It can’t be Luo Lingxing, right? You even suggested that I accept him into Huan Xing. It’s a shame he rejected us. Tsk tsk tsk… As expected of someone you favor. He has quite the personality, just like you. For you to go against Han Yameng, it must also be because of that boy. Han, don’t tell me that you actually fell for this boy?:

“Mn.” It was rare for Ye Luohan to answer him, causing the man on the other side of the screen to directly fall off the chair and onto his butt.

However, he couldn’t care about his painful butt. He didn’t dare believe it and had to confirm. “You really admitted it? Are you serious?:

This news was more surprising than the zergs attacking the Emperor Star. Ye Luohan, who had always been cold and emotionless, will also have a day where he likes someone. If this news spread out, the media would go crazy.

“When have I not been serious?: Ye Luohan raised his eyebrows slightly, which was a sign that he was about to get angry.

“No, no. You’ve always been serious,” the man quickly said. It was because he was overly serious that he had never had any scandals. Therefore, many media outlets would spread rumors that he was someone who would never get married and even had a hidden physical illness.

It was just that they never expected that Ye Luohan would actually fall for someone one day. Hearing this, he became very interested in that youth. He wanted to know exactly what kind of youth could make the icy Ye Luohan fall for him.

“You are not allowed to bother him,” Ye Luohan could see his friend’s thoughts at a glance and warned.

“I got it, I got it. I won’t go look for him.” Seriously, this dude who values his lover over his friends. The man pouted dissatisfied. However, he was even more sympathetic toward Han Yameng. “What are you going to do with Han Yameng? Are you going to continue?”

He had a lot of blackmail against Han Yameng in his hands. He believed that with a single word from Ye Luohan, all of them would end up on the internet, which would be never for him (HYM) to never be able to turn over a new leaf.

“Keep it first. If the Liu Group still dares to target Luoluo, I don’t mind letting them fall to ruin,” Ye Luohan seriously said. His eyes were cold. The man had no doubt about Ye Luohan’s determination.

“I got it. You can come find me when you need it. I’m ready to make the information public at any time.” The corners of the man’s mouth raised up in a wicked smile. He loved to do these kinds of things the most.

Ever since Han Yameng withdrew from the crew, the number of arguments on set greatly decreased, especially after everyone realized that Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing had a good relationship. There were a lot more people who now curried favor with Luo Lingxing, but Luo Lingxing was too lazy to pay attention to them. At most, he would give them a nod and say a word or two.

The happiest person here, though, had to be Director Sun Xueyou, since not just anybody could invite Ye Luohan to act the protagonist, especially since Ye Luohan only took on one role a year. Even those super famous directors needed to blow up his mailbox with invitations. How could a little director like him ever get a chance? However, this meat pie now fell on top of his head, banging him until he was dizzy, but he was still smiling happily about it.

Especially when he went back yesterday, he received numerous calls from his friends confirming this matter. He very patiently explained (boasted) about the situation. In the end, he received a lot of envy and jealousy. The other party was so sour that he could feel it over the screen.

Ye Luohan’s skills weren’t superficial. All the directors who had worked for him knew that his acting skills were simply as high as the sky. As long as you cooperated with him, you didn’t need to worry about NGs. Of course if his acting partner NGed, it was a different matter. Regardless of how good your acting skills were, you couldn’t wrestle with a pig.

However, Luo Lingxing wasn’t a pig. Sun Xueyou was most excited about seeing the two of them film together because the two of them could always tactfully cooperate with each other. Their shoots always came out perfect! Most of them passed on the first shot. Sun Xueyou was floating on a cloud and refused to come back down.

Whenever these two acted together, the shooting would always go smoothly, and their work would always finish early.

Luo Lingxing returned to the hotel early and suddenly remembered Xia Yuan, who he hadn’t seen in a while. He said he was going to participate in a singing competition in March. He wondered how it was going. Since that guy was the first friend he made in this world, he would take more care of him.

“Brother Chen, do you know any singing competitions that are happening recently?” Luo Lingxing wanted to look it up online, but unfortunately, he couldn’t remember the name of the competition.

“Are you talking about ‘Interstellar New Singer’?” Chen Hongliang was stunned for a moment, then quickly searched his memory and gave the name.

As an agent, he had to be well informed of everything that was happening in the entertainment industry.

“It should be that one.” Luo Lingxing thought the name was familiar when he heard it, so it should be the one that Xia Yuan was participating in.

Chen Hongliang looked at Luo and said, “When did you become interested in singing competitions?”

He obviously didn’t even watch that many TV shows.

“I just suddenly thought about it. If there’s nothing else, I’ll head back to my room first,” Luo Lingxing waved his hand and said.

Returning back to the room, after dealing with his personal problems, Luo Lingxing opened his terminal and slowly typed the words ‘Interstellar New Singer’. Although he now recognized pinyin and could type a few words with much difficulty, he was very slow. However, Weibo still allowed users to input words using brush strokes, photos, as well as using voice.

There was a lot of news online regarding the new singer of the interstellar era. Many unfamiliar names were mentioned, and fans were also enthusiastically discussing it. Luo Lingxing carefully searched through it and even saw Xia Yuan’s name occasionally. It could be said that his achievements were pretty good.

After looking for a while, Luo Lingxing suddenly found that there was a live broadcast of ‘Interstellar New Singer’ tonight. It was currently less than half an hour before the start of the broadcast.

‘Interstellar New Singer’ adopted a form of a live competition. There was one competition a week, so everything was made public. There was even a fan voting session.

Luo Lingxing had never seen such a show, so he was a bit curious. Especially with Xia Yuan competing and the fact that he currently had time, he really wanted to watch it.

And so, Luo Lingxing connected to the virtual network.

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