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In the next moment, the surrounding environment changed. The big stage for ‘Interstellar New Singer’ appeared before him, surrounded by the audience watching on the virtual network like he was. It all looked very lively, and everyone was able to communicate with each other.

A certain amount of Star Coins were required to be paid to enter the ‘Interstellar New Singer’. These were the so-called tickets. Although the virtual network looked real, there was still some distortion compared to the actual place, so the price of these tickets were cheaper than the price of live tickets. These were mainly for fans who  couldn’t be at the live scene but still wanted to see the show.

This was the first time Luo Lingxing entered the virtual network. Everything looked like the real place. He couldn’t help but sigh again at the power of future technology.

“Ahhh!” A deafening scream suddenly erupted around him, pulling Luo Lingxing’s thoughts back to the big stage.

“It looks like everyone is very enthusiastic, so enthusiastic that I almost didn’t dare to go on stage.” The host of the big stage humorously joked, carrying on the light atmosphere.

Luo Lingxing looked at the two hosts on the stage. They were acquaintances. They were Yang Leyao and Liu Ziqian, the hosts of ‘Entertainment Review and Rumble’.

Liu Ziqian looked at the audience and asked, “We haven’t seen each other in a week. Did you all miss me?”

“No,” the audience heartlessly replied.

The host pretended to be hurt and said, “Oh, I knew it would be like this. Although I knew, I still couldn’t help but ask with some hope. Can’t you all say you missed me, even if it’s just to trick me?”

“That’s enough. With you being like this, everyone is too lazy to even lie to you.” Yang Leyao heartlessly retorted.

“Then do you think they all missed you?” Liu Ziqian asked, unconvinced.

“If I can make them say ‘yes’, what will you do?” Yang Leyao playfully said.

Liu Ziqian thought it over, then said unconvinced, “If you can make everyone say that, I’ll buy our return ticket home.”

“Tch. You’re so insincere. Isn’t the ticket already reimbursed by the company?” Yang Leyao pouted, dissatisfied, causing the audience to laugh. “Then… I’ll buy you a month’s worth of snacks when we get back,” Liu Ziqian ruthlessly said.

“Deal.” Yang Leyao smiled darkly, then turned to the audience and said, “Everyone, did you miss our contestants?”

“Yes!” Everyone said “yes” like Yang Leyao wanted. Yang Leyao immediately turned to Liu Ziqian, looking proud.

Liu Ziqian’s eyes widened as he said, “You cheater!”

“I only said if I could make them say ‘yes.’ I didn’t say that it had to be because of me.” Yang Leyao felt proud of her intelligence.

Yang Leyao vs Liu Ziqian, complete victory!

“A good man doesn’t fight with women. Since everyone missed our players so much, we won’t continue being an eyesore. Up next, our contestants will come up,” Liu Ziqian shouted, then today’s contestants walked up and lined up next to each other.  Xia Yuan, who Luo Lingxing was most familiar with, was also amongst them.

In fact, Luo Lingxing could also be considered lucky. Since ‘Interstellar New Singer’ had just started, there were currently more contestants, and it was filmed in batches. This week was batch one and the next week would be batch two. Therefore, some contestants would only appear once in several years. Luo Lingxing just so happened to be able to catch this week.

Each week, there were a total of twenty contestants. The stream would showcase them singing the song they chose, then the judges would comment before the fans voted. By the beginning of next week’s show, voting would have ended. The five contestants with the fewest votes would be eliminated. This way, there was a week for voting, which would make it fairer.

Luo Lingxing thought a competition like this was very novel. Moreover, he rarely had the opportunity to listen to music from this world. Of course, he didn’t count the songs he heard in the movies he acted in.

Xia Yuan was to appear seventh. Except for the first contestant, everyone else went backstage to rest.

As soon as Xia Yuan arrived backstage, he pounced on Yang Zekai. “I was so, so nervous.”

Yang Zekai touched Xia Yuan’s head and comforted him, “It’s not like you were the first one. It’ll be the same as always.”

“But I’m still nervous.” Xia Yuan’s big, gleaming eyes gazed at Yang Zekai.

Yang Zekai’s heart skipped a beat before beating faster and faster. He tried his best to stabilize his emotions. To comfort Xia Yuan, he said, “Yuanyuan, you should prepare to go out. You’ll experience more stages like this in the future and maybe even bigger ones. You should get used to it quickly.” 

“I know. Then can we get a snack after the competition finishes?” Xia Yuan asked expectantly.

Yang Zekai suddenly felt powerless. After all of this, this was this kid’s real goal. But seeing Xia Yuan’s face full of expectation, he couldn’t refuse.

Forget it. Just let him eat since this guy was too skinny. It would be better if he ate more. He really couldn’t understand. This guy was as round as a ball as a kid, so how did he grow up to be so skinny?

Yang Zekai nodded, and Xia Yuan immediately jumped with cheers. The other contestants looked at him strangely, then turned their heads back to make their own preparations.

Xia Yuan’s terminal sounded. His eyes widened in surprise when he opened it. He happily said to Yang Zekai, “It’s Xiao Luoluo. Xiao Luoluo said he was sitting in the audience and came to see my competition. I’m so happy.”

Xia Yuan looked at the message as he wiggled his body. Yang Zekai was also very surprised. If he remembered correctly, the other party should be filming now. How could he have time to come watch a competition? However, seeing how happy Xia Yuan was, he thought it was great to have made this kind of friend. In any case, he could tell with one look that he (LLX) was the same kind of person as Yuanyuan. It wouldn’t be bad.

Yang Zekai couldn’t help but remember the imposing person in his dorm before and felt even more at ease.

“Then you must work even harder,” Yang Zekai took the opportunity to say.

“Of course, I must amaze the audience tonight. I want to show Xiao Luoluo how amazing I am,” Xia Yuan proudly said.

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re very amazing,” Yang Zekai dotingly said.

Time quickly passed while they were chatting up a storm, and it was quickly Xia Yuan’s turn.

Xia Yuan took a deep breath, adjusted his mood, and planned to walk on stage, but was stopped by Yang Zekai at the last moment.

Xia Yuan looked at  Yang Zekai suspiciously, not understanding why Xiao Kai had stopped him.

Yang Zekai knew that this guy was confused. He didn’t say much and just bent onto one knee and helped him re-tie his loose laces. “Okay, go on. Believe in yourself.” Yang Zekai encouraged with a smile.

“Mn, it’s definitely not a problem,” Xia Yuan’s gaze was firm as he walked toward the stage.

Xia Yuan was different as usual when he stood on stage. At this time, he put away his usual giddy smile and became very serious. It could be seen that he had a very sacred attitude toward singing, at least in Luo Lingxing’s eyes.

“The dandelion next to the fence in primary school. It was a scenery that had flavor in my memory. Taking an afternoon nap, cicada noise comes from the playground. After many years, it still sounds good. Fold up the dreams into a paper airplane and send it as a letter. Because we can’t wait for that meteor. I seriously throw the coin that decides fate. Yet I don’t know where I can go.” 1The song he’s singing is Dandelion’s Promise by Jay Chou.

It was a slower song. This was the first time Luo Lingxing earnestly listened to a song from the world. Although he thought the tune was a bit weird, he had to say that Xia Yuan’s singing was very infectious.

Many people around him screamed when Xia Yuan appeared. They were hoping that their encouragement could be heard by the singer. However, when the singing started, everyone became silent as they obediently listened to the cute boy singing on stage.

“A promise we made when growing up together. It’s so clear I believe it since we made a pinky swear. We said we would go on holiday together. Nowadays it’s your only willful persistence.”

Luo Lingxing was immersed in Xia Yuan’s beautiful singing voice just like all the other fans. The refreshing voice, gently singing made everyone feel comfortable, as if they were enjoying a feast.

“Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan, I’ll support you forever!”

“Yuanyuan, I love you!”

“Yuanyuan, look over here!”

“Yuanyuan, I only love Yuanyuan!”

The fans crazily called out. The surrounding area was full of Xia Yuan’s name, which also called Luo Lingxing back from the realm of the song. He realized that Xia Yuan had finished singing. His special, sweet smile was on his face, and this smile only made his fans go even crazier.

“Oh, Yuanyuan’s charm is too great. You can see how crazy the fans are going for him. Even us, who are off stage, can’t help but scream out! What to do? Yuanyuan, I’ve also become your little fan,” Yang Leyao came on stage and joked with Xia Yuan.

Xia Yuan’s true character would only be revealed with those he was familiar with. To outsiders, he had a prince-like, well behaved personality. Which was very likable, not only to girls, but even some of the male fans were screaming excitedly.

Hearing Yang Leyao’s joke, Xia Yuan’s cheeks couldn’t help but redden. There was a hint of shyness in his smile.

At this moment, the fans were even more enthusiastic. If they weren’t on the virtual network, they might not have been able to resist running onstage.

“Sister Leyao, I’ve long been your little fan,” Xia Yuan said shyly.

Yang Leyao pretended to be frightened and quickly waved her hand as she said, “If you say that, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to leave the TV station today. I will definitely be surrounded by Yuanyuan’s fans.”

“That’s right!” the fans said cooperatively.

“Ah, we should quickly let Yuanyuan go rest or else I feel like I won’t even be able to leave the stage later. Fans of Yuanyuan, don’t forget to cast your vote for Yuanyuan later,” Yang Leyao said exaggeratedly. She didn’t forget to help Xia Yuan get votes either. She then continued to announce the next contestant onto the stage.

After getting off the stage, Xia Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. When he saw Yang Zekai, he immediately threw himself into his arms. It was only then that he felt even more relieved.

“I was so nervous just now.” Xia Yuan’s refreshing voice softened a bit.

Xia Yuan was that kind of person. When on stage, he could make others feel his love and earnestness toward music. He could make others completely devote themselves to music and let them feel his seriousness, his efforts, and his commitment. However, when the music stopped, he would return to his shy self. He always had a sweet smile on his face. It was only when he completely left the stage and everyone’s sight that he could recover his true self. He had a silly smile as he threw himself into Yang Zekai’s arms and shared his happiness.

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