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<Shocking news! Insider Scoop!> Paparazzi Gossiper V: I recently received an anonymous letter. The contents made my expression change like this. The contents are really rich and colorful. This editor can’t wait to share it with you all.

First of all, let’s talk about the main character of the story. He has been talked about all over the entertainment industry recently. News of him is endless and always full of twists and turns. He could completely clear himself of slander and even pull down those who dared slander him. It’s like he has the protagonist halo surrounding him. All mortals who slander him will have to face backlash.

Therefore, even if he has only debuted not too long ago, his name has quickly spread to everyone. I believe that even if I don’t say it, everyone will still know who this person is. He is Luo Lingxing, a magical existence in the entertainment industry.

Everyone knows that Luo Lingxing is well known for his debut in ‘The Enchantress’ directed by Yang Chuanzhi, but what you all don’t know is that he isn’t a newcomer within the entertainment industry. He has participated in many TV series and movies during his childhood. He can not be regarded as a child star. You all may not have heard of him before because he used a name different from Luo Lingxing previously.

The earlier fans might not be familiar with Luo Lingxing, but there should be some impression of Su Lingxing. This is the child actor who participated in ‘Little People Big Ghosts’. At that time, how many people liked, were excited for, and praised his acting skills. However, no new works came out in the future. As he grew older, his acting career became smaller and smaller. At the very least, he would play extras all the way until he was 18. It was then that something changed in his life.

In fact, I believe everyone has heard of this matter more or less. It is the fact that the eldest young master was kicked out of the Su family because he didn’t have a system.

In fact, Su Lingxing is the eldest young master of the Su family. However, because he doesn’t have a system, he was labeled as useless and was chased out of the Su family. He disappeared for an entire year, and when he returned, he became the Luo Lingxing we know now.

No one knows what happened during this year. Everyone is very sympathetic to what happened to him, but returning to the entertainment industry under a new name could be considered deception. Even if he returned as Su Lingxing, I believe that old fans who liked him would continue to support him. But he didn’t do that. This makes the fans who used to like him feel hurt and very sad.  This article was originally posted on Weibo. The Paparazzi Gossiper V could be regarded as a large account with many followers. His posts had attracted a lot of attention from netizens. After seeing this insider scoop, many netizens began to follow the story and commented.

Passerby 1: I’m just a passerby. I recently watched a lot of online reports and fan fights. At that time, I thought this person was too capable at jumping around and thought I saw him everywhere. I never expected him to be a child star. Even if he was a child star, to change his name and come back like this is deceiving everyone’s support and affections. This is too disgusting.

Passerby 2: There really are people in this world who don’t have a system. What will he do to live in the future?

Luo-fan 1: OP, if you have the ability, then show us proof. It’s all empty words. You can’t do anything but talk. I believe that you’re also brain dead.

Luo-fan 2: OP, we can sue you for slander.

Luo-fan 3: Let’s take a step back. Even if our little prince is Su Lingxing, so what? How does it affect you? Ever since our little prince debuted, people with eyes can see how hard he works. What does this have to do with his past?

Su-fan 1: No way. It’s impossible! Our Susu hasn’t been seen in so long. I thought he left the industry. When I saw this Luo Lingxing, I thought he looked familiar. But other than that, they’re not similar in any other aspect. Could Luo Lingxing really be Susu?

Su-fan 2: My Susu was actually chased out of the Su family. This Su family is truly shameless. It’s just that he doesn’t have a system. How could they treat their own child like this? Are they still human?

Hater 1: I’ve seen some of Su Lingxing’s words. They don’t look as good as they do now. You can tell with one glance that they got plastic surgery. Otherwise,  how could he dare change his identity and come back.

Hater 2: This is my first time knowing someone without a system. It’s hilarious. Even a flower arrangement system is better than not having a system. No wonder the Su family removed him from the family register. The Su family is a large family. Unless it’s another person without a system, they’ll definitely be laughed to death.

Paparazzi Gossiper V reply to Luo-fan 1: I will continue to report in the future. Don’t rush on the proof. I’ll send it over right away.

Paparazzi Gossiper V: These are the works Su Lingxing has filmed over the years. Although he has gotten plastic surgery, if you take a close look you can see that it’s the same person.

Su-fan 11: These are all TV dramas that my big Susu was in before. II haven’t seen them all before. You were actually able to gather them all.

Su-fan 12: It really is big Susu. I’m running away with all the videos.

Su-fan 20: Although big Susu looks a lot more beautiful and mature now, if you take a closer look, you will be able to tell that Luo Lingxing is big Susu.

Luo-fan 30: Even if Luo Lingxing is Su Lingxing, so what? He hasn’t done anything over the top. Aren’t there a lot of artists in the entertainment industry who change their name? How could you surround my little prince just because he did it? I think you all are just jealous of our little prince fans.

Luo-fan 66: Our little prince had to experience such a tragic past? I feel so sorry for our little prince.

Luo-fan 67: I feel sorry for our little prince +1

Luo-fan 68: Feel sorry for our little prince +2

Luo-fan 100: Feel sorry for our little prince +10086

Hater 1: It can’t be such a coincidence. It’s true that some artists change their name, but nobody would completely erase their past and enter the entertainment industry as a newcomer. This deception and a different matter from him changing his name. Such things cannot be tolerated or else the entertainment industry will be chaotic in the future.

Hater 10: Luo Lingxing must be severely punished or else other celebrities might learn from him. Are they all allowed to get plastic surgery, change their names, and start over new?

Paparazzi Gossiper’s long Weibo had caused a sensation in the fan circle. Many fans, passersby, and haters had begun to pay attention to this Weibo. Especially after Paparazzi Gossiper said there would be future updates, many netizens called their friends to come watch the show.

The passersby purely wanted to join in the fun. Haters came to watch the show and hit a person while they were done. Luo-fan came ready to roll up their sleeves and fight for their idol.

Because of word of mouth, there were many people paying attention to this incident. Even countless celebrities were hiding and watching quietly. Those who were more active would use their side accounts to comment a sentence or two. As for their main accounts, no one dared to use it.

Since this Weibo became so popular, Chen Hongliang wouldn’t be able to live up to his name as an agent if he didn’t know. He naturally heard about this as soon as it happened, but he didn’t deal with it immediately. The reason was because Luo Lingxing stopped him.

“Xiao Luo, if this continues, your past will be completely revealed. And you’re still not in a rush?” Chen Hongliang was so anxious he was getting angry. As a result, this child was still using the expression of an old god and calm as always. Exactly what kind of situation would finally get him fired up?

“They’re speaking the truth. Don’t be anxious. Just wait,” Luo Lingxing looked at Paparazzi Gossiper’s Weibo and said.

In fact, he had a hunch that this period of time wouldn’t be calm. Han Yameng was only the start. There would definitely be other flies popping up one after another. And this was exactly what he was looking for. Rather than let these fleas pop up every once in a while, it was better to take this chance to improve his mood. He’d clean them all up in one shot. Since he had to clean them up, he must cut them from the roots, save new sprouts and cause more trouble later. This is the principal on how he does things.

Since the fate of these people was to never turn over a new leaf, then let them do everything they could before being pressed down. He could also use this chance to see how capable these people were. In any case, this news didn’t hurt or hinder him in any way. There was nothing to fear.

Chen Hongliang naturally didn’t have the same mentality as Luo Lingxing. If he knew what Luo Lingxing was thinking at this moment, he would definitely vomit blood out of anger.

In fact, they didn’t deliberately hide Luo Lingxing’s past, but there was no need to mention it. They never thought that others would use this matter to attack Luo Lingxing. In his opinion, these people were really too unreasonable.

Luo Lingxing had been removed from the Su family, so wasn’t it normal for him to change his surname as well? These people were really brainless.

Although Chen Hongliang was very anxious, he continued to patiently pay attention so that he could take corresponding countermeasures at any time.

Paparazzi Gossiper V: I am very pleased to see so many people commenting and forwarding the post. In order to thank everyone, I’m going to leak the news. If after reading this, the Luo-fans can still feel righteous, then I really admire them.

What I mentioned above was only just the appetizer. Su Lingxing was completely expelled from the Su family because he didn’t have a system. He had also just been accepted to Imperial University but was forced to take a year off. This teenager who had just come of age was helpless without any support. So how did he survive? I heard that his mom was an orphan. She passed away early and didn’t have any family. To have survived in such a situation, and even live so freely, this matter is really worth investigating.

Su Lingxing returned to the Emperor Star again after disappearing for a year. On the first day of his return, he bought two hover cars from Ze Cheng Group at once, one was Houyi and the other was the white tiger from the mythical beast series. One must note that the mythical beast series from Ze Cheng Group is the most advanced hover car so far. Ze Cheng Group launched them in limited quantities. One may not necessarily be able to buy them even if they had the money. So how could someone who didn’t have any support afford to buy a luxury car within one year when other people may not be able to buy it even in several lifetimes? There’s no need to even think about it. [picture of buying car]

Some time ago, there were rumors that Luo Lingxing was a kept man, but all these reports were suppressed. Even the person who leaked the news was severely punished. If he says he doesn’t have someone backing him, then I don’t believe it.

Buying luxury cars is only one matter. After Luo Lingxing returned to school, many of his classmates said they saw him being picked up by luxury cars every weekend, and these aren’t the cars he purchased himself. According to reports, he lives in Xian Villa at the moment. This is where all the noble families live. It’s not a place one can live just because they have money. They must have money and power. So how is a person who was kicked out of his family living there? [picture of Luo Lingxing entering Xian Villa]

Not to mention when he returned, all the TV dramas and movies he filmed were directed by famous directors. Although he didn’t play the protagonist in the beginning, each of his roles were outstanding. Moreover, each role was more important than the last. Now he’s even the male protagonist, and even shooting with the Male God of the entertainment industry. Can I ask if a newcomer is really able to accomplish this?

Don’t say that he has good acting skills and good looks. There are many newcomers these days with good acting skills and the looks, but no one has such a smooth path like him, especially when he has something from the past to compare to.

It is also said that after the Liu Group withdrew their investment in ‘Supreme Duel Heros’, he directly invested 100 million, which is not a small amount. However, he invested without a blink of an eye. Where did he get this money from? I don’t believe that he’s not a kept man! I don’t believe it!

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