IMG Chapter 164 Prelude to Counterattack

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As soon as the rest of the report from Paparazzi Gossiper came out, the comments were silent for a second before a barrage of haters and passersby became active. There wasn’t a single comment from the Luo-fans, as if they still hadn’t come back to their senses.

Hater 1: Haha, what a turn of events. Doesn’t Luo Lingxing like such twists? Doesn’t he like washing himself clean? I really want to see how he’ll wash himself clean this time. This is real evidence. All the Luo-fans must have their faces slapped now.

Hater 2: I always say that those people who jump around won’t have a good ending. Sure enough, they will get their retribution sooner or later. Getting popular so quickly really isn’t normal.

Passerby 1: You really can’t judge someone by their appearance. He looks like such a well-behaving child. How could his private life be so messy? Sigh…

Passerby 2: Actually, I can understand. He doesn’t have a system and was driven out by his family. How could a young child who had just come of age survive? In my opinion, this is all the Su family’s fault. The Su family forced his hand. Even if he doesn’t have a system, he’s still their family. How could they kick him out just because of this?

Su-fan 1: I don’t believe it. Our Susu is so cute. How could he be a kept man?

Luo-fan 1: This picture must be photoshopped. Technology is really advanced nowadays. Anyone can casually photoshop some photos. How can this be considered proof?

Luo-fan 2: Exactly. Even if you are jealous of my little prince, you can’t do this. How shameless.

Passerby-Skill King: After analyzing the photo, the photo is real. There are no traces of it being photoshopped.

Hater 6: Haha, the Luo-fans got their faces slapped today. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much. Take a look at what kind of person your favorite idol is. You guys even took him as your baby, but in fact, he’s rotten to the core.

Luo-fan turned passerby 1: I used to really like the little prince. He’s very handsome, has good acting skills, and good character. I would look up news related to him every single day. But after seeing this post, I am really disappointed. I never expected him to be this kind of person. Was he acting a good person this entire time? I feel so tired. I’ve decided to switch from being a fan to a passerby. I won’t become his hater, since I used to like him, but I won’t support him in the future. I hope he can behave well in the future.

Luo-fan turned passerby 2: I will also convert to a passerby. See everyone later.

Luo-fan 1: Just because of an unconfirmed report from someone, fans are turning into passersby. Don’t even dare say that you loved our little prince. If you really like someone, you would always support and trust them. You wouldn’t turn your back on them just because of someone’s nonsense. You never loved him. You are too easily swayed.

Luo-fan 2: I firmly trust that our little prince isn’t that kind of person. I’m waiting for our little prince to come out and explain.

Luo-fan 3: I also believe in him. Waiting +1

The messages from the Luo-fans who’d turned into passersby instantly aroused a fire into many Luo-fans.

They all truly loved Luo Lingxing. It didn’t matter who involved themselves in the unspoken roles, their fans would never accept it, because it was the basic ethics of a person. If they couldn’t even meet the basics, then it was really too disappointing.

Of course there were Luo-fans who had turned into passersby or even haters, but there were also many who stayed. They firmly believed in Luo Lingxing’s character and believed in his actions.

This matter had stirred up a ruckus online. Countless people were following it, waiting for the parties involved to come forward and explain. They wanted to see the result of this scandal. They couldn’t wait for it, but it seemed that Luo Lingxing hadn’t heard about it yet. There was no response from him.

The reporters came rushing forward once they heard about this and surrounded the set and hotel. They hoped to block Luo Lingxing and get firsthand information. It was a shame that they failed to do so.

It was as if Luo Lingxing was isolated from the word. Except for the crew, no one could get close to him. What no one knew was that Luo Lingxing had been paying attention to this matter from the beginning. He had always been paying attention.

“Xiao Luo, how do you plan to deal with this situation? Even if you don’t want to come forward, you should at least post a Weibo to explain. If you let it continue like this, all your previous efforts will be in vain. Look, look, you’re already losing a lot of followers on Weibo.” Chen Hongliang was really anxious right now, so he grabbed Luo Lingxing and tried to get him to go forward and explain. He could even explain in place of Luo Lingxing, but he couldn’t do that.

Luo Lingxing ignored Chen Hongliang and looked around him instead. In other people’s eyes, he seemed indifferent about this matter and had given up. In fact, he was looking at the Power of Faith that nobody else could see.

Chen Hongliang’s words were correct. His Weibo following had decreased at an astronomical rate. In this case, the Power of Faith surrounding him should have also greatly reduced, but it was actually the contrary. The Power of Faith around his body not only didn’t reduce but increased instead. It became purer, making it more effective for cultivating.

Luo Lingxing knew that this was because the fans who remained firmly believed in him from the bottom of their hearts. They weren’t defeated by those rumors. He’d lost the Power of Faith from those wandering fans, but he gained fans with purer Power of Faith. This was definitely a good thing for Luo Lingxing.

Therefore, in this regard, he should thank the person who spread the rumors.

However, this didn’t mean that he wouldn’t punish those people. Even if it was just to repay the fans who had always believed in him. In order to give them a peace of mind, he would handle this matter well. He would handle it beautifully.

“Contact reporter Miao Honghong from Media Bulletin. Tell her I want to leak some information,” Luo Lingxing said to Chen Hongliang.

Previously, he anonymously punished Han Yameng, but this time, he didn’t plan on only giving a warning. He could count his previous transgressions in as well. He believed Su Lingping would like this surprise.

“Who’s Miao Honghong?” Chen Hongliang had a question mark on his face. How come he hadn’t heard of this person before?

“Since our studio is on track, cooperating with the media is inevitable. Instead of having to find someone from the media every time something happens, we might as well establish a good relationship and cooperate with someone,” Luo Lingxing said.

“That’s fine, but you still haven’t told me who Miao Honghong is.”

“She’s the same reporter who asked me questions in the last press conference,” Luo Lingxing replied. He wasn’t talented at managing a studio, but he had a good eye for people. He knew what kind of person he could cooperate and make friends with and what kind of people were only superficial.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll contact them immediately.” Chen Hongliang was relieved. This child was finally going to make a move. As long as it didn’t involve him, it was fine. God knew how suffocated he felt these past few days.

Chen Hongliang happily planned to leave Luo Lingxing’s room, but as soon as he opened the door, he turned around, as if thinking of something. “Do you know who’s spreading these rumors?”

Luo Lingxing nodded. Chen Hongliang was so angry that he couldn’t help but almost step up and choke him.

“You knew from the start?” Chen Hongliang asked through gritted teeth. No wonder this kid never panicked from the beginning. It turned out that he knew who the person behind the scene was. This matter would be much easier to handle if he knew who was behind it.

However, since he (LLX) knew who was spreading it, why didn’t he tell him (CHL)? He lost so many nights of sleep because of this.

Luo Lingxing nodded again, confirming what he’d said.

Chen Hongliang tried to endure it. He couldn’t walk up and choke this child. Instead, he slammed the door shut and vented his inner dissatisfaction in a loud voice that seemed to have shook the room.

Luo Lingxing didn’t mind it. The good show had just begun. Who knew who the final victor would be in the end.

On this side, Luo Lingxing was as calm as ever. On another side, Su Lingping and Liu Guanghua were clinking their glasses together in cheer.

“Haha, I want to see how that wench, Luo Lingxing, will turn the tables this time. You didn’t see how many fans he’s lost. It’s really amazing,” Su Lingping was in a very joyful mood as he drank his cup of wine. He was very happy.

Since Luo Lingxing returned to the Emperor Star, he felt that nothing went right. Firstly, he was sneered at when he bought a car. Everyone thought he was an eyesore at school. Especially inside the entertainment industry. That person never had to worry about getting new roles, but in order to obtain just a small role, he (SLP) would have to attend countless auditions. He didn’t have as many fans as the other party nor was he more powerful than the other party, but he was suppressed by the other party at every turn.

How dare he? He (SLP) was the eldest young master of the Su family, the real noble. So why was his life worse than a dog’s that was chased out of the home?

This time, he wanted to see how that person would turn the tables. He couldn’t defeat him last time, but this time, things wouldn’t go as that person wanted.

“You’re amazing! I never expected you to have this kind of relationship with him. He was actually the eldest young master of the Su family in the past. He’s actually your brother. Haha…he must be very familiar with the feeling of falling down from the highest peak,” Liu Guanghua said maliciously. There was a hint of perverted pleasure in his eyes.

Whether in life or inside the entertainment industry, things had always gone smoothly for him. No one dared to confront him like Luo Lingxing had. Hehe, he really thought he was powerful, huh? But wasn’t he just an abandoned dog in the end?

Those who dared go against him wouldn’t have a good ending!

“Who’s his brother? He’s not worthy. I made him fall in disgrace before, so this fall shouldn’t hurt as badly as the last. That’s why I added a bit more kindle to the fire. To ensure that he will never be able to turn the tables around! If he wants to blame anyone, then he can only blame himself for being too off guard and being photographed by someone. He deserves this.” Su Lingping spoke, then drank another mouthful of alcohol. That burning feeling flowed down all the way to his heart, making him feel very happy and willful.

He originally thought that the information of him being chased out of the Su family wasn’t enough, and in the end, someone sent over this information too. It was perfect timing. Although he spent a lot of money to get it, it was worth it. Completely worth it!

“Haha, let’s toast. Cheers to our victory!” Liu Guanghua raised his cup and arrogantly said.

“Cheers!” Su Lingping clinked Liu Guanghua’s glass then lifted it to pour all the alcohol into his stomach.

At this moment, a notification sounded from his terminal. Su Lingping was a bit dizzy from drinking and randomly clicked on the terminal. His originally misty eyes instantly widened and he half sobered from the alcohol. He didn’t dare believe the image he saw on the terminal. He posed his head very close as if he wanted to get a closer look to see if he was seeing it incorrectly.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Guanghua noticed Su Lingping’s strange actions and casually asked.

Su Lingping suddenly looked at Liu Guanghua with sharp eyes filled with hate, like he wanted to completely peel Liu Guanghua’s skin from his bones.

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