IMG Chapter 165 A Big Gift

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Su Lingping suddenly looked at Liu Guanghua with sharp eyes filled with hate, like he wanted to completely peel Liu Guanghua’s skin from his bones.

Liu Guanghua was taken aback by Su Lingping’s sudden glare. He couldn’t help but take a step back and widen the distance between him and Su Lingping.

“Lingping, what’s wrong? Are you drunk?” Liu Guanghua asked with a bit of fear.

He thought that Su Lingping acted the way he did earlier because he was drunk. He secretly decided in his heart that he would definitely not drink with the other party in the future. When he (SLP) was drunk, he looked like he wanted to murder someone, so he (LGH) didn’t dare drink with the other party. If he really was murdered, it would be too terrible.

“What’s wrong? You’re still asking me that? Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Su Lingping tried his best to control his answer as he spat out.

He originally came out to happily drink, but he knew that he would receive such a huge “gift”. If it weren’t for the anonymous email that was sent to him, he wouldn’t have known. It turned out that his good friend actually hooked up with his own man. It was simply intolerable!

“I…what did I do?” Liu Guanghua asked, flustered. In his heart, he was also dissatisfied with Su Lingping. What right did he have to speak in such an accusatory tone? He (LGA) didn’t think he did anything wrong to the other party. Besides, weren’t they happily drinking just a while ago?

“What do you think this is?” The photos on Su Lingping’s terminal were brought up for Liu Guanghua to see. His eyes fixed on Liu Guanghua intently.

Liu Guanghua was confused. After seeing the photo, his face paled with fear. His heart was even more flustered. He hurriedly explained, “Lingping, it’s not like that. Listen to me. It really isn’t like that. You can tell with a look that this photo was digitally edited. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Liu Guanghua didn’t have the heart to care about Luo Lingxing’s affairs right now. His heart felt like it would thump out of his chest. They had obviously hidden it very well, so how was the photo taken? It was even sent to Su Lingping. What could he do now?

“Edited? Do you think I’m an idiot? Then what about this? This couldn’t have been edited, right?” Su Lingping was about to explode from anger. He directly brought the video in front of Liu Guanghua to see.

A picture could have been edited, but a video couldn’t have been completely edited, right? If it was edited, then that person had really good skills. It was too amazing.

Liu Guanghua watched the short video and his face paled. If the lights were a bit dimmer, it would have looked like a ghost had come out to roam around. Liu Guanghua refused to believe the sight of the two people’s limbs tangled together. His face was full of terror. That had made the plans last minute, so there was no way someone had the time to set up a camera. It was also impossible that someone secretly recorded them. Where in the world did this video come from? Did Xi Liangqing have this sort of hobby?

Liu Guanghua was instantly filled with regret. If he had known that this person had this kind of hobby, he would never have climbed into his bed.

Correct. The two main protagonists “fighting” in this video were Liu Guanghua and Xi Liangqing.

When Liu Guanghua was still the ambassador for Dark Horse Apparel, Xi Liangqing had come over for an inspection. Behind Su Lingping’s back, he secretly played around. It had happened a few times already, but he never thought that they would be recorded. The video was even sent to Su Lingping.

Su Lingping saw that Liu Guanghua didn’t speak after seeing the video. His expression became even uglier, and even his face became distorted. He raised his hand and ruthlessly smacked the other party.

“I never thought that you would be this kind of person. Ah’Qing is my man, yet you still tried to seduce him?” Su Lingping was filled with anger and gave Liu Guanghua a huge slap. He must have been blind in the past to have believed that this person was interesting and even befriended him. Looking at it now, all he did was let a wolf into his life.

Having been slapped, Liu Guanghua was shocked into a daze. This was the first time he’d been slapped in his entire life. The clear burn on his face told him that he had indeed been slapped by someone. In an instant, Liu Guanghua glared at Su Lingping with a gaze full of hate.

“You’re glaring at me? You dare glare at me? What right do you have to glare at me? You did something like this, yet you still think you have a right? Don’t forget, your dad is merely a board member within the Liu Group. If I wanted to, I could have my dad fire your dad within minutes. When that happens, you’ll be nothing,” Su Lingping threatened with a vicious tone.

Liu Guanghua came back to himself. He knew that Su Lingping was a petty person. If he was angered, who knew if his dad really would be fired. Although his (LGH) family had money, it only mattered in the business world. As soon as they encountered an official, they would be powerless to resist.

If they lost the Liu Group, then he really would be nothing.

He had to endure it for the bigger picture. He had to endure this for the sake of the Liu Group. Liu Guanghua quickly processed this fact and changed his hate filled gaze to a pitiful one.

“Lingping, listen to my explanation. It really isn’t like that,” Liu Guanghua acted pitifully to Su Lingping and tried to explain.

If the Su family didn’t have a high official position, then how could he shamefully lower his head in front of Su Lingping?

In the Emperor Star, other than the first-rate aristocratic families, it were the Su and Xi families that had the higher position. Moreover, these two families had a high official position with a lot of power. The Xi family had a slightly higher position than the Su family. This was also the reason why as soon as the Su family kicked Su Lingxing out, they immediately had Su Lingping replace him in the engagement with young master Xi. The Su family wanted to be tied to the Xi family through marriage and use the Xi family’s help to raise their status.

When he had first hooked up with Xi Liangqing, he also had this thought. If he was able to successfully hook Xi Liangqing, then he wouldn’t have to curry favor with Su Lingping. It was a shame that before he could succeed, the matter came to light, making him have to lower his head in front of Su Lingping now. It was terrible!

“Explain? Is there a need to explain this? Liu Guanghua, I definitely won’t forgive you,” Liu Guanghua ruthlessly said. He grabbed the glass of alcohol that hadn’t been drunk yet from the table and threw it, then left Liu Guanghua standing there, cutting a sorry figure.

Alcohol dripped from his hair to his clothes. His clothes were completely ruined. A strong alcohol scent wafted from his body. At this moment, Liu Guanghua looked like he was at the lowest of the lows. Since the time he’d been born, this was his most unluckiest day of his life. Moreover, this was all caused by Su Lingping.

There was a hint of ruthlessness as he watched Su Lingping’s disappearing figure. Liu Guanghua’s heart was filled with hate. Although his family wasn’t as powerful as Su Lingping’s, as a young master who had been held close to the palm of his hand since he was young, he had never suffered like this before. There would come a day where he made Su Lingping pay him back a hundredfold!

Seeing the hate filling in Liu Guanghua’s eyes through the Spirit Mirror, Luo Lingxing thought it was very interesting. When he was previously monitoring Han Yameng and Master Zou, he suddenly thought of Xi Liangqing and changed the image to what that person was doing. He never thought that he would witness such a filthy matter. Although the scene was bad for the eyes, he was able to use it to deliver a “big gift”. That was why he’d saved it. And look, didn’t it come in handy now?

While the outside world had turned into chaos because of the rumors surrounding him, Luo Lingxing was still as calm as ever. He knew the person behind these rumors. He was thinking of when to deliver them a “big gift”. Since he was free, he was monitoring their actions in his room and just so happened to see Su Lingping and Liu Guanghua celebrating with alcohol. If he didn’t use such a good opportunity, then it really would be a shame.

Moreover, this was only just the beginning. He would make sure that everything they did would come to light and they would pay for it.

On the other hand, Su Lingping, who had just received this  “big gift”, felt that his heart and lungs were about to explode from anger. He never thought that Xi Liangqing would play around with others even after getting engaged. This kind of situation wasn’t uncommon among the children of aristocats, and if he had seen this video regarding someone else, he wouldn’t have batted an eye. However, once it involved himself, he thought it was unbearable.

Su Lingping wanted to rush to find Xi Liangqing and get an explanation. If it were under normal circumstances, he might have considered the relationship between the two families, but today, his mood had shot from the highest heights to the lowest low. He was feeling moody. Adding in the alcohol he’d drunk, the logical side of his brain was being pushed aside. He couldn’t think straight. All he wanted to do was find Xi Liangqing.

Xi Liangqing had a private residence in the Emperor Star. Su Lingping would occasionally spend the night here as well, so he had the keys to the place.

Xi Liangqing had just finished showering and was planning on resting. He suddenly heard a loud sound coming from the door, scaring him. His expression was a bit bad as he carefully prepared to check if his house encountered a thief.

Before he could even go check, the door inside his room was kicked open. It almost hit Xi Liangqing, who was preparing to walk out. Xi Liangqing’s expression turned even more colorful, but when he clearly saw who the person was, his expression turned back to normal.

“Ah’Ping, what’s wrong? Why are you being so tempermental? Did you get bullied outside?” Xi Liangqing saw that Su Lingping had walked in with a bad expression, so he walked up and gently said.

Seeing Xi Liangqing’s handsome face full of concern, the anger Su Lingping had suppressed inside his belly had disappeared about 70-80 percent. However, when he thought of that video and pictures, he felt terrible again.

“Ah’Qing, tell me the truth. Do you have someone else outside?” Su Lingping carefully watched Xi Liangqing’s expressions as he waited for a while.

Hearing this, Xi Liangqing was stunned. An unnatural expression flashed through his face, but he quickly schooled his expression. Su Lingping didn’t notice it.

“What are you asking that? Is someone talking behind my back? I’m already engaged to you, so of course I wouldn’t have anyone else. The person I like is you. I’m still waiting for the day you marry me.” Xi Liangqing hugged Su Lingping and patted his back in comfort.

Su Lingping ruthlessly pushed him away and yelled, “Liar! You obviously have someone else, but you still won’t admit it!”

“Ping’Er, calm down. You’re making me sad. I really don’t have anyone else. You’re the only person I’ve loved. Even when I was engaged with Su Lingxing, I still liked you.” Xi Liangqing quickly pledged his loyalty because he knew that as long as it involved something bad happening to Su Lingxing, it was enough to lift Su Lingping’s mood.

This might have been the case in the past, but it was a shame that it didn’t work this time. Perhaps Liu Guanghua and Xi Liangqing’s matter had stimulated him too much, but the surefire method of belittling Su Lingxing didn’t work this time.

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