IMG Chapter 166 Problem And Solution

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“Why don’t you take a look at this? The evidence is already in front of me. The video was sent to me, yet you’re still denying it. Who do you think I am?” Su Lingping couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. Especially after continuously seeing those photos, the person inside the images felt like a thorn stabbing him. 

After Xi Liangqing watched the video, his eyes widened and his heart was chaotic. However, he looked calm on the surface.

“Ping’Er, someone is trying to break the two of us apart. You can’t believe it. You really are the only person I love,” Xi Liangqing said in a gently, coaxing tone. He hoped the other party would calm down.

Although the Xi family was quite powerful, if they were able to form a connection with the Su family, there would only be benefits.

“This wasn’t edited, and Liu Guanghua already confessed. Ah’Qing, I love you so much, so how could you betray me like this!” Su Lingping was filled with pain. It was all very painful.

He really liked Xi Liangqing. Even when Xi Liangqing was Su Lingxing’s fiance, he still liked him. If it wasn’t for snatching this man, he wouldn’t have plotted to get Su Lingxing kicked out of the Su family. He had liked Xi Liangqing for so long, so why did Ah’Qing choose to betray him in the end!

Although Su Lingping had a huge problem with his character, he was quite loyal to his love. That was why the “big gift” he received today had disappointed him so much.

As soon as Xi Liangqing heard that Liu Guanghua had admitted to it, he started to panic. He was afraid that Su Lingping really might break up with him because of this. If he wanted to inherit the Xi family, then he needed the Su family’s help.

“Ping’Er, don’t believe Liu Guanghua. He’s trying to train our relationship on purpose. This matter is my fault. I must have been possessed to have been lured by that sl*t. I was deeply filled with regret afterwards. Ping’Er, you have to believe me. I really do love you. I only love you.” Xi Liangqing tried his best to think of how to make up with him and tried all the endearments and sweet words to curry to him.

Su Lingping liked Xi Liangqing and was naturally unable to resist those sweet words. Although he was still angry, his anger had subsided a lot, especially when he heard Xi Liangqing say that Liu Guanghua had seduced him. He transferred most of his anger to Liu Guanghua.

When Dark Horse was looking for an ambassador, he had recommended Liu Guanghua because of their good relationship. He didn’t expect the other party to seduce his man and betray him. How wretched! So wretched!

Xi Liangqing saw that Su Lingping’s expression was improving a bit, so he continued to add. “Ping’Er, don’t worry. I sweat that in the future, I won’t be intimate with anybody besides you. I only want you.”

“What if someone else seduces you?” Su Lingping snuggled into Xi Liangqing’s arms and asked.

“I promise to make that person pay a heavy price. I’ll get back at them for you!” Xi Liangqing couldn’t think too much right now. He would say whatever was needed to appease Su Lingping.

Sure enough, Su Lingping was gradually pacified. However, he still didn’t plan to let Liu Guanghua go just like that.

“Then I’ll let you handle Liu Guanghua. If I’m not satisfied, I…I’ll break up with you!” Su Lingping threatened.

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely satisfy you. Ping’Er, I want you,” Xi Liangqing said and kissed him. His hand casually stroked his upper body. A sweet and warm sound gradually came from the bedroom.

As soon as Luo Lingxing waved his hand, the Spirit Mirror disappeared from in front of him. His expression still had a sense of disappointment in it, probably because he didn’t expect Su Lingping to forgive Xi Liangqing so easily. He originally thought that he would be able to watch a good show, but it had turned out to be a letdown.

He didn’t know if Su Lingping would be able to forgive Xi Liangqing just as easily when he received more “big gifts” in the future. He had full expectations for the moment to come.

After that, Luo Lingxing didn’t monitor Su Lingping any longer because he didn’t want to contaminate his eyes from seeing something dirty.

After Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing’s lovemaking, the two snuggled up in bed, satisfied. Although Su Lingping forgave Xi Liangqing, his mood was still a bit low.. He opened his terminal to read reports and comments related to Luo Lingxing, especially the comments that cursed Luo Lingxing. The harder the criticism, the happier he was. He was able to soothe his unhappy mood in this way.

“Huh?” When Su Lingping saw one of the comments, he couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Liangqing asked.

“Ah’Qing, take a look at this comment,” Su Lingping enlarged the terminal screen so that Xi Liangqing could clearly see the comment.

Passerby 112: Isn’t this the young hero from Chang’e No. 10? He turned out to be a celebrity. Although I hadn’t seen his works, I believe that he isn’t that kind of person.

When this comment came out, it was quickly drowned by a barrage of other comments. No one noticed it. If Su Lingping wasn’t trying to take pleasure in other people’s pain, he wouldn’t have carefully read each comment either.

“Is there anything special about this comment?” Xi Liangqing asked.

“Ah’Qing, do you still remember the incident with Chang’e No. 10? It was the one that was hijacked by space pirates. Many people died on the ship. I heard that Luo Lingxing was on the ship at that time, but unfortunately, he had good luck and didn’t die. Those space pirates are simply too stupid.” As soon as Su Lingping thought of this, he couldn’t help but be filled of contempt for the space pirates. They couldn’t even kill a teenager. They were so useless.

“I remember. The incident was on the news and caused a huge uproar. The military district later sent troops to take down the space pirates’ den,” Xi Liangqing faintly said, but he didn’t pay much attention since this matter had nothing to do with him.

“Look at the comment. This person is probably a survivor from the incident. But why is he calling Luo Lingxing the young hero?” Su Lingping didn’t understand. His mood also worsened because someone was complimenting Luo Lingxing.

“Forget about them. This matter happened so long ago.”

Su Lingping didn’t speak, but his head rapidly turned. He kept thinking that there was something more to this matter that he could use to his advantage. If there was more negative news, Luo Lingxing probably wouldn’t be able to turn the tables around.

“Xiao Luo, Miao Honghong contacted you. When do you plan on meeting her?” Chen Hongliang walked to Luo Lingxing’s side and asked.

“We can meet on the virtual network after we finish shooting for the day,” Luo Lingxing replied. After all, the other party was on the Emperor Star and he was in the Film World. It was a bit troublesome to meet, so it was more convenient to meet online.

“Alright, I’ll make arrangements,” Chen Hongliang said.

Since the news that Luo Lingxing was a “kept man” was leaked, the haters and supporters online haven’t stopped for a second. More and more people have joined in instead. Regardless of which side was more powerful, Luo Lingxing had become famous. He was explosively popular, regardless of if it was for a good or bad reason. In this short time, numerous people learned about him. Countless celebrities dreamed of this happening but were unable to do so.

Especially since after Luo Lingxing was involved in this series of bad news, he didn’t appear at all. More people began to look forward to seeing his attitude and response later.

On set, there were also many celebrities paying attention to this matter. They discussed it with the people they were close to in private, but the ones who spoke about it out loud were very few. Especially after being seriously warned by Sun Xueyou to not speak about this matter, there were even fewer people discussing it.

However, just because they didn’t talk about it didn’t mean that they had forgotten this matter, especially those artists who were jealous of Luo Lingxing. They couldn’t wait to watch the good show Luo Lingxing would put on. At the same time, they also wondered why the director acted as if nothing had happened despite Luo Lingxing’s reputation sinking so badly. Not only did they not replace him, they even filmed without rushing. They had the stance of protecting Luo Lingxing.

In fact, Sun Xueyou wasn’t worried about this matter, because while the netizens were talking about Luo Lingxing, they were also discussing ‘Supreme Duel Heros’. It was because Luo Lingxing was one of the main protagonists, so ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ fame also increased. Although there were more people scolding, it could still be regarded as marketing. Of course, Sun Xueyou didn’t plan on using Luo Lingxing for this.

Luo Lingxing usually knew how to behave a bit on set. Although he (SXY) didn’t fully understand the situation, he still had a good eye for people. He knew that Luo Lingxing wouldn’t act like how the people online were saying. That was why he didn’t view Luo Lingxing through colored lenses and let others continue to talk about ‘Supreme Duel Heros’. He knew that once Luo Lingxing came forward, he would clear up this incident. Then ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ would naturally also turn out for the better.

Of course, his decision to not allow the artists to discuss this matter came about last night.

At that time, Sun Xueyou was studying the scenes that had to be filmed the next day. He was thinking of how to make the actors’ performances more in line with the characters they were playing. During this time, the assistant director ran over with a worried look on his face.

“Director Sun, something happened.” Director Sun’s face was filled with worry as he said with a sad tone.

“What happened?”

“Director Sun, take a look at the comments on the official blog. God Ye’s fans are overtaking the official blog,” the assistant director said.

As soon as Sun Xueyou heard this, he immediately opened his terminal and went to the Weibo page. He looked at the comments below, and sure enough, it was filled with comments from Ye-fans. Comments from others, even passersby, were very few.

Ye-fan 1: Asking the crew to replace Luo Lingxing. I won’t make any comments regarding Luo Lingxing being a “kept man”, and I don’t care if he’s in the right or wrong, but this matter has greatly impacted his reputation. Even ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ is being bashed online, which will affect the reputation of the drama. Our Male God is also one of the protagonists of this drama and will also be affected by this. So please replace Luo Lingxing.

Ye-fan 2: Our Male God has never had any negative news since his debut. If he gets stained for the first time because of Luo Lingxing, us Ye-fans won’t let him off. So in order to not ruin the TV drama our Male God is in, please replace Luo Lingxing.

Ye-fan 3: People like Luo Lingxing should get out of the entertainment industry. Keeping him here just pollutes the entertainment industry and pollutes our Male God’s eyes.

Ye-fan 28: I don’t care what kind of person Luo Lingxing is, but he absolutely cannot affect our Male God.

Ye-fan 66: I hope the official team can deal with this matter as soon as possible and give us a satisfactory solution.

Ye-fan 98: Official blog, please come forward and clarify. Don’t let ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ reputation get affected.  Ye-fan 1000:…

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