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Sun Xueyou looked at the long list of comments from Ye-fans and his head hurt. He could ignore other celebrity’s fans, but it was only Ye Luohan’s fans that he couldn’t ignore. It was because he had too many fans, and their combativeness was also high. There were many capable people. If they weren’t on guard, then those fans might really do what they said.

Sigh…It felt like their crew had suffered a lot from the start until now. Things had finally become smoother recently, but now they were back to the beginning.

“Director Sun, what should we do? We already filmed a third of the drama. If we change the protagonist now, we’ll have to start all over again. Moreover…Xiao Luo is one of the investors now. If we replace him, we might not be able to finish filming at all.” The assistant director was very worried.

“Let’s wait a bit longer and watch the situation,” Sun Xueyou said. He was really conflicted. He didn’t want to replace Luo Lingxing. Not only was he an investor, his acting and image was very much in line with Huangfu Yue. He felt that beside Luo Lingxing, he wouldn’t be able to find another Huangfu Yue.

“That’s all we can do.” The assistant director sat on the side and carefully observed the official blog to keep up with the latest news of the blog.

As a result, less than an hour later, the comments on the official blog had changed directions.

“Director Sun, take a look. The comments have changed,” the assistant director happily said.

“Let me look.” Sun Xueyou opened the comments again, and sure enough, the comments that were berating Luo Lingxing before were gone. More of them supported Luo Lingxing now and even said, “Since our Male God supports him, then I can only support him as well. So I can trouble people to not rudely discuss Luo Lingxing or else our Male God will get angry.”

The reason for such a drastic change from the Ye-fan, without even having to guess, was definitely because of Ye Luohan. Therefore, the two went to Ye Luohan’s page, and sure enough, they found a new Weibo that was posted a few minutes ago.

Ye Luohan V: I trust Luoluo.

There weren’t any unnecessary words or explanations. Just these three words, including the punctuation. However, it instantly pushed the flow of the topic in another direction. The only person who could do this was probably Ye Luohan.

“This is great. There should be a lot less negative comments online now. As expected of God Ye. He’s the only one with such influence,” the assistant director said with admiration. Not even superstars may be able to accomplish this. He really was worthy of being called the number one in the entertainment industry.

With Ye Luohan’s support, at least the Ye-fans wouldn’t post comments on this matter anymore. However, fans of other celebrities were still very active.

After they finished their afternoon shoot, Luo Lingxing entered the virtual network and found that Miao Honghong was already waiting there.

Miao Honghong was actually very nervous. In the past, the celebrities she’d interacted with weren’t big names, so her reports were never valued. Her status within the company naturally couldn’t advance either. Ever since she attended Jun Ling Studio’s conference, her status within the company was elevated immensely, and the reports she wrote were always the headliners. This was all because of luck. However, she was always thankful to Jun Ling Studio since the turning point in her career was made possible by them. When Luo Lingxing encountered the incident this time, although the editor-in-chief asked her to try and get close to Luo Lingxing to get an insider story, she refused. This was a matter that could ruin someone’s life, and this person had helped her advance her career. Even if it were all true, she didn’t want to go. However, she never thought that without doing anything, the other person would reach out to her instead. She just didn’t know why he was looking for her.

“Hello, I’m Miao Honghong.” Seeing that Luo Lingxing had arrived, Miao Honghong immediately stood and greeted him.

“Hello, I’m Luo Lingxing.” Luo Lingxing walked over and stretched out his hand.

“May I ask if you’re looking for me for a reason?” Miao Honghong was conflicted because she was worried that Luo Lingxing had come to ask her to write a clarification report. This kind of thing wasn’t uncommon in the industry. If that was true, she was happy to help, but most celebrities only wrote lies to wash themselves clean. She wasn’t willing to do that.

“Miss Miao, don’t worry. I didn’t find you today regarding my personal matters.” Luo Lingxing observed Miao Honghong’s expression and probably guessed what she was thinking. He was very satisfied with this reporter.


“After our studio is on track, I also want to cooperate with a media outlet. I think Miss Miao’s reports from the last conference were very good. I have also seen your subsequent reports, and they were all good as well. I appreciate someone like you who tells the truth and is practical. That’s why I hope we can cooperate in the future,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

“Mr. Luo, you’re exaggerating. I’m just doing what I should do. It would be my honor to cooperate with you.” Miao Honghong couldn’t help but blush having Luo Lingxing look at her like this. Although the boy in front of her was less than twenty years old, much younger than herself, he didn’t act any younger than she did. By how he acted, she couldn’t tell that he was younger than her, but instead, it felt like she was facing an elder. She unconsciously put herself in a lower position.

“As long as Miss Miao can maintain your current ways, then we can hand over the interviews of studio’s artists to you in the future, Miss Miao.”

“Really?” Miao Honghong opened her eyes wide in disbelief. This was simply a meat pie falling on her head, countless times larger and better than last time.

One had to remember that Ye Luohan was now part of Jun Ling Studio. Did that mean that she might have an opportunity to interview God Ye in the future? If that was the case, then she wouldn’t have to worry about not having anything to report in the future. Her status within the company would raise another level as well.

“Of course, as long as we work well together,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

“Then…What should I do this time?” Miao Honghong hurriedly settled her mood and calmly asked.

Luo Lingxing appreciated the woman in front of her. At the very least, she was smart and had a good grasp on emotions.

“I have a piece of information here that is absolutely real. I need you to spread it out at the right moment,” Luo Lingxing said, then copied the data from his terminal to Miao Honghong’s terminal.

Miao Honghong quickly scanned the information, suppressed the confusion in her heart, and said, “No problem. When Mr. Luo needs it, just send me a message.”

“Okay. I wish us a happy cooperation.”

“Happy cooperation.”

After leaving the virtual network, Luo Lingxing sent the information that he had sent to Miao Honghong to Su Lingping as well before going to cultivate. Because of countless matters these days, he hadn’t been able to properly cultivate.

Looking at Ye Luohan’s side, Ye Luohan was currently sitting opposite Xiao Ming with a serious expression. Seeing him like this, Xiao Ming wanted to find an excuse to return to his room, but the other party wouldn’t allow it. He could only helplessly ask, “What exactly do you want to say? Just say it. I’m listening.”

“News of Luoluo being a kept man all started because of me, but Luoluo and I are legal fiances. Nobody is being kept. If I come forward and clarify it, do you think Luoluo would blame me?” Ye Luohan hesitated for a moment before finally saying.

In fact, he had been thinking about this for several days. He had been thinking about it since the first report came out. He really wanted to stand up immediately to clarify it. If the entire world knew that Luoluo was his fiance, then it would be harder for Luoluo to back out of the marriage in the future. It was a good opportunity for him.

However, he hadn’t discussed this with Luoluo yet. He was worried that Luoluo wouldn’t agree to it. If he made it public under such circumstances, he was afraid that Luoluo would be unhappy.

When Xiao Ming heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely. He said, “Which identity do you plan on using when you reveal this? Han Junzhan or Ye Luohan?”

Ye Luohan looked at him as if he was an idiot and said, “Of course, Han Junzhan.”

As of right now, Luoluo of his identity as Han Junzhan. If he used Ye Luohan’s identity, then wouldn’t he just be seeking death?

He felt miserable speaking of this. He had never planned to hide the fact that Ye Luohan was Han Junzhan from Luo Lingxing. However, he never took the initiative to say it because he thought there was no need in the beginning. When he felt that it was necessary, he found it hard to speak. After all, he had already missed the best time to come forth.

Therefore, he wanted to go with the flow. He was waiting for Luoluo to discover this fact himself or wait to find a suitable opportunity to confess this secret. However, the other party seemed to be a bit dense and hadn’t figured it out so far, and the right time hadn’t appeared either. So this was all he could do for now.

“Anyway, you two are legal finaces. Going public is no big deal, but I think you should discuss this with Luoluo first,” Xiao Ming suggested.

“Do you think he will agree if I discuss it with him?” Ye Luohan asked in a gloomy mood, but there was a hint of hope in his tone.

“Maybe. Probably. It’s possible. It seems…uncertain.” Xiao Ming carefully considered his words, but in the end, he couldn’t say what Ye Luohan was hoping for most. After all, Ye Luohan was still in the process of chasing the other party.

If someone had told him that anybody could refuse Ye Luohan’s show of love, he would have ridiculed that person until he was full of cuts and bruises. After all, Ye Luohan was voted the most eligible bachelor by most men and women in the Emperor Star. Moreover, he threw the second past long into the dust.

However, when he saw it with his own eyes, he felt that the world really was mysterious. There really was someone who could reject him. Ye Luohan was irritated and angry, but  still continued to pursue him.

As expected, every person had a weakness?

Hearing Xiao Ming’s answer, Ye Luohan’s expression seemed to be covered in a layer of ice, which caused others to shiver when they saw him.

“As my agent, shouldn’t you help me think of a way?” Ye Luohan said coldly.

“A way…for what?” Xiao Ming asked carefully.

He couldn’t have thought of that, right?

No way, right?

“Shouldn’t an agent solve all of their artist’s problems and issues?” Ye Luohan continued to press. His voice was even colder than before.

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but shiver. He resisted the urge to move away from Ye Luohan and said, “I have helped you solve your problems and issues. You don’t have any other issues besides emotional issues now, right?”

After he finished speaking, he thought of something. Xiao Ming suddenly realized the problem Ye Luohan was referring to and carefully confirmed, “You…You can’t mean that you want my help chasing your wife, right?”

Ye Luohan raised his brows slightly and didn’t speak, but his meaning was very obvious.

My god, he must have heard wrong. Otherwise how did he hear that Ye Luohan actually asked him to find a way to chase his wife? Xiao Ming couldn’t believe it. He tightly pinched his thigh, and the pain made him instantly realize that this was all real.

Xiao Ming wanted to cry but no tears came out. He didn’t even have a wife, so how could he have any experience chasing a wife? Was he trying to anger him for being single?  Although Ye Luohan wasn’t a harmonious couple with Luo Lingxing, they still were legal finaces. It was only a matter of time before the two became a couple. However, why was his wife still nowhere in sight?

That damned Ye Luohan was truly trying to anger him. He would demand a raise!

Moreover, weren’t they discussing how to clear Luo Lingxing’s name before? Why did the topic suddenly change to chasing a wife? They were seriously off topic!

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