IMG Chapter 168 Reports Escalates

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In the suburban villa district in the Emperor Star, each building was a three or four story villa surrounded by green trees and blooming flowers. The environment here was very good. The land was very expensive, and the families living in the area were bound to be rich and powerful.

Inside one of these villas, a child around three or four years old was energetically watching the oversized TV on the wall. It was unknown who had pressed the button, but the cartoon that had been playing on the screen had changed to something else.

The small child grabbed the remote, looked left and right, and wanted to turn the screen back to the previous show. However, since he didn’t know how to operate it, the screen switched between multiple scenes and changed to a new station where a reporter seemed to be interviewing someone. Their hand held a few photos as they asked the other party a question. The small child carefully examined those photos and seemed to have thought of something. He suddenly shouted towards the upstairs rooms, “Mommy, Mommy, it’s big brother.”

The small child shouted as he ran upstairs, looking very excited.

Upstairs, there was a beautiful woman who caught the small boy who had run away. She affectionately poked his oise and said, “Don’t run so fast. What if you fall?”

“Mommy, I saw big brother,” the small boy said excitedly. He took the woman’s hand and guided them downstairs.

“Big brother?” Liu Xueqing’s expression was full of disbelief for a moment, as if she thought of something. She had also become a bit excited and half squatted in front of her son. She seriously asked, “Ruirui, the big brother you’re speaking of, is it the same big brother from the ship last time?”

As far as she knew, Ruirui didn’t call anyone else big brother except that person. He was the only one.

After she had returned, she sent people to find that teenager, but unfortunately, she couldn’t find him. Because of this, she never had a chance to thank the man. “Mn! It’s big brother.” Ruirui nodded.

“Ruirui, where did you see big brother?” Liu Xueqing looked very excited. She had finally found her lifesaver. If it wasn’t for the teenager, perhaps she wouldn’t have existed in this world a long time ago.

“Mommy, inside the TV. Big brother is on TV.” Ruirui pulled Liu Xueqing downstairs to the living room, then pointed to the news that was playing and said, “Insider there. Ruirui just saw him.”

Liu Xueqing looked at the direction Ruirui pointed to and saw the TV. Currently, a beautiful reporter was leading the cameraman and the others to tour an average community. The reporter looked at the camera and said, “The survivor we’re looking for lives in this community. I heard that ever since he experienced the Chang’e No. 10 hijacking incident, it left a huge emotional scar. He refused to ride another spaceship, so he stayed on the Emperor Star.” Liu Xueqing, who was being pulled by Ruirui, heard of Chang’e No. 10 and her expression turned to one of confusement. Her brows furrowed as if she didn’t understand something. When the incident occurred on Chang’e No. 10, all the news outlets were very diligent in reporting this matter. After the military district sent out troops to eliminate the space pirates, this matter gradually disappeared from the media.

Now that so much time had passed, there was almost nobody reporting it anymore, so how come they were bringing up the past now and even going around to interview the survivors?

Liu Xueqing didn’t speak but continued to watch.

The beautiful reporter led the cameraman and knocked on a door. As soon as the door opened, it revealed a middle-aged man who looked slightly scuffed up. The man looked at the people outside the door and asked timidly, “Who are you looking for?”

“May I ask if you’re Li Daqi?” the beautiful reporter amicably asked.

The middle-aged man nodded.

“Are you one of the survivors from Chang’e No. 10?” the beautiful reporter directly asked.

As soon as the middle-aged man heard Chang’e No. 10, he immediately looked frightened. He planned to close the door without saying anything, but he was stopped by a bulky man.

“Mister, don’t be afraid. We’re not bad people. We just want to understand what happened during the incident. Countless viewers are very interested in the incident, so I hope that you can share it with everyone. Is that okay?”

Perhaps it was because the woman’s voice was very gentle, or perhaps exquisite beauties always lowered people’s defenses. The middle-aged man slowly relaxed a lot under the reporter’s comforts. Although he didn’t dare face the camera, he didn’t refuse to speak.

“I rode the Chang’e No. 10 back home from visiting family on Planet Suoda, but I never thought something like that would happen. I was terrified when it happened.” The middle-aged man seemed to have thought of something and fear clouded his eyes.

In fact, the audience watching this could understand. After all, his ship was hijacked by space pirates, and those space pirates were very inhumane. They would kill those who didn’t cooperate, making anyone at the scene terrified.

“Can you tell us more about what happened?” the beautiful reporter asked.

“At the time, the space pirates asked us all to gather in the main hall. We were afraid of disobeying, so we went to the main hall. The space pirates searched each room one by one, and when they encountered people who resisted, they would shoot and kill them. Therefore, nobody dared to resist. The space pirates said that as long as we didn’t resist, they wouldn’t kill us.”

“Then in the end, why did the space pirates kill so many people?” the beautiful reporter asked, provoking the same question in the hearts of many of the viewers.

“Because…because…” the middle-aged man didn’t seem to want to reply. His actions made everyone’s curiosity grow.

“It’s okay. You can tell the truth. Our program is very genuine and fair. I believe the country will protect you well.”  “Because during that time, there was a youth who refused to comply and even injured the space pirate, angering them. That’s why…why…sob…” It seemed the middle-aged man didn’t want to remember. When he thought of the past, he couldn’t help but cry.

“Can I ask if you see the youth you speak of here?” The reporter took out some photos and placed them in front of the man.

The middle-aged man examined them and suddenly pointed at one. He said, “It’s him!” He looked very stimulated, and regardless of what the reporter asked, he didn’t reply again.

The reporter saw that the situation wasn’t good, turned to the cameraman, and said, “It looks like we asked the general questions. Let’s go interview the next survivor. I hope Mr. Li Daqi can overcome the space pirates’ shadow and live a peaceful life.”  “Mommy, look. It’s big brother,” Ruirui said as he pointed at the photo held by the reporter.

When Liu Xueqing saw the reporter take out the photo, she had a bad feeling. When the middle-aged man used that kind of tone to testify against the youth, a bad premonition stirred in her heart.

She and her son were also survivors of the hijacking. At that time, before the youth had come out, she was already injured and unconscious. She had learned what happened from her son’s recounts. She heard that the youth had saved her from a cruel and ill fated death. It was also because of this youth that everyone was able to escape later on.

However, this reporter told a different story than what she had heard.

“Ruirui, tell Mommy. Was it this big brother who saved everyone back then?” Liu Xueqing leaned down halfway to meet her son eye-to-eye and asked.

“Mn. Big brother is so amazing. He beat away those bad people.” When Ruirui thought of that scene, he recalled the heroic image of the youth. His eyes were full of adoration.

For a child, the most prominent memory of the scene was of the young hero’s figure and actions. All the bad things were automatically forgottening.

Liu Xueqing thoughtfully looked at the TV. Although her son was only three and a half years old and probably wasn’t able to provide an accurate recounting of all the details, he should remember the general situation. She believed her son’s words to be the truth. That meant that there was a problem with this reporter.

The reporter on the TV appeared in front of another survivor and asked the same questions as before. The answers were also very similar, as if what the two survivors said was the “truth”. When they spoke about the youth, they also pointed out the same man as Li Daqi had.

The sweet voice of the reporter came from the TV. “We interviewed several survivors just now. They all pointed out the same person. That person is someone who has recently become popular in the entertainment industry, Luo Lingxing. I heard that he was on Chang’e No. 10 when the space pirates had hijacked it. Moreover, we also obtained some exciting news. The tragic deaths and misfortune that occurred on Chang’e No. 10 is related to this celebrity. This seems to be the case. It is unavoidable for a youth to be impulsive, but they must take notice of the situation. There are huge risks involved in acting impulsive in inopportune situations. I hope the youth can learn to control his emotions in the future. This report is brought to you by Media Bulletin.”

Liu Xueqing wasn’t a simple woman who didn’t understand anything. If her son wasn’t wrong, then the person who had saved Chang’e No. 10 in the first place was Luo Lingxing. That meant the truth wasn’t as the reporter reported.

Although the reporter didn’t say it directly, everyone had the same reaction and impression after hearing this report, which was that the misfortune brought to Chang’e No. 10 was all caused by Luo Lingxing. If it wasn’t for him, perhaps those people on Chang’e No. 10 wouldn’t have died. This wasn’t a good thing. That reporter was purposely trying to mislead everyone, but why was the reporter doing this?

She seemed to have overlooked this fact earlier, but didn’t the reporter say this youth was a celebrity? Named Luo Lingxing?

Ruirui’s mother, Liu Xueqing, immediately opened her terminal and typed in the three words—Luo Lingxing. As expected, many reports appeared. She quickly skimmed through them and an idea formed in her mind. Although she rarely paid attention to what was happening in the entertainment industry, she still heard a bit about it. Liu Xueqing quickly changed the channel to a cartoon channel and said to Ruirui, “Ruirui, be good and watch your cartoons. Mommy needs to go upstairs and give your daddy a call.”

“Mn, Mommy, will you take Ruirui to see big brother? Ruirui wants to see big brother,” Ruirui raised his head and innocently asked.

Liu Xueqing touched Ruirui’s small head and said with a smile, “If Ruirui is obedient, Mommy will take you to see big brother.”  “Mn, Ruirui will be obedient.” Ruirui fiercely nodded his small head, then sat on the couch to watch TV to show that he is very obedient.

Liu Xueqing affectionately looked at her son. Her heart was warm. It didn’t matter if the youth had brought disasters to Chang’e No. 10, at the very least, this youth had saved her and had given her a chance to see her adorable son again and to watch her adorable son grow up. He was her savior. He was their entire family’s savior. She  definitely wouldn’t allow her benefactor to be reported on negativity.

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