IMG Chapter 169 Complete Break

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At the same time, there were countless viewers paying attention to Chang’e No. 10’s report. Besides the survivors who had doubts regarding this report, the other viewers who didn’t know the truth were naturally misled. Especially when they learned of the “truth”, they were all filled with indignation. The reports online were countless, and Luo Lingxing was once again dragged into the eye of the storm and became everyone’s target.

Especially the families of those who had passed, they were already very sad about the loss of their family members. As soon as this report came out, and the “culprit” who had caused their family member’s misfortune was revealed, the anger that hadn’t been quenched was stirred up again. They were filled with grief and indignation.

Family of victim 1: How could such a person continue to stay in the entertainment industry? Won’t he teach children bad things? Return my husband to me. If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t have been murdered by those damn space pirates. It’s all because of you. Get out of the entertainment industry!

Family of victim 2: My poor child. He had wanted to come see me. Who would have known that something like that would happen. How can a youth like you be so impulsive? So many people died because of you. How can you live with yourself?

Passerby 1: Silently watching. I never expected the space pirates hijacking incident to have such an inside story. It’s really scary.

Passerby 2: This world is scary. I want to transmigrate to the past. I heard there weren’t any space pirates in the past.

Survivor 1: This report is lying to everyone. If it wasn’t for Luo Lingxing, we might have all died on the ship. There wouldn’t be any survivors. Those survivors that were interviewed, are they really survivors? If they are, then how could you tarnish our savior’s name without any remorse?

Survivor 2: When the space pirates went crazy, if Luo Lingxing hadn’t done anything, we would have all died on the spaceship. I can testify that Luo Lingxing isn’t the one who harmed us but saved us instead.

Hater 1: Previous poster, how much Luo Lingxing did Luo Lingxing pay you to come out and “testify” for him? This report is broadcasted nationwide, so how could it be fake? I think you guys were all bought by him.

Hater 2: It really is amazing. I thought he just knew how to run around in the entertainment industry, but knew that he had so many lives on his head as well. How does he sleep at night?

Many reports came out online very quickly. Many people claimed to be the family members of the casualties as well as survivors teared at each other. The family members criticized Luo Lingxing while the survivors defended Luo Lingxing. Under this situation, who knew who was in the right? The viewers didn’t know either. Passersby watched the scene intently. Haters and Luo-fans actively partook in the discussion, but overall, the situation was unfavorable to Luo Lingxing.

Countless media outlets thought about all the recents reports and came to one conclusion. Luo Lingxing’s celebrity career was doomed this year. Ever since the start of spring till now, all the negative reports had almost destroyed all his efforts. The most surprising thing was that Luo Lingxing, the main person involved, had not appeared even once. It was as if he didn’t know these reports existed. All the reporters currently had their eyes on Luo Lingxing. They hoped to surround him and hear what he thought of this news. However, not a single reporter was able to see Luo Lingxing.

Everyone knew that he was currently shooting a new film and the crew had taken emergency measures because of him. Nobody dared to go near the set, and even the fans that came to visit were blocked outside.

The happiest person to hear about Luo Lingxing’s negative news was Su Lingping. In the past, every time there were new reports like these, he would go watch the fun, especially taking delight in the comments that cursed Luo Lingxing. The harsher the scolding, the happier he was and the better his mood.

However, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to Luo Lingxing’s matter this time because he received another anonymous email. Its content was even richer than last time. Looking at the different people that were being featured, Su Lingping gnashed his teeth.

Su Lingping couldn’t stay still. He had to find Xi Liangqing immediately. This time, he couldn’t forgive the other party. He thought that Xi Liangqing and Liu Guanghua were momentarily in lust and fell for the other man’s seduction. He even used this point to have his father punish the Liu Group and suppress the other party’s company, but he didn’t expect this to be Xi Liangqing’s habit. Without him knowing, he…he was riding so many boats.

Su Lingping didn’t know how to describe his mood at this moment. It was simply terrible.

“I’m leaving first,” Su Lingping picked up his coat and left the photography studio without looking back. Even the shouts of his agent and the staff members were ignored.

He wasn’t in the mood to work right now. He just wanted to find Xi Liangqing and get answers.

Ever since Dark Horse Apparel became bankrupt, Xi Liangqing had established a new company. Although the results weren’t as good as Dark Horse, it was still considered a small success.

Su Lingping slammed into the company with a gloomy expression. The people of the company knew that Su Lingping was their boss’s boyfriend, so they didn’t stop him.

Su Lingping entered the president’s office by kicking the door open. A woman’s scream came from inside, which caused Su Lingping’s expression to worsen even more.

At this moment, a woman in a low-cut suit was standing beside Xi Liangqing with her head lowered like she was making a report. However, the exposed flesh on her chest almost touched Xi Liangqing’s face. When she heard the door being kicked open, she was the one who screamed.

Seeing the person who entered, Xi Liangqing waved his hand to have the woman leave, then walked toward Su Lingping with a smile on his face.

“What are you doing here? You don’t have work today?” Xi Liangqing said with a smile.

“Take a look.” Su Lingping sent a copy of the email he’d received to Xi Liangqing. He had a dark expression as he stood there like he was about to explode.

Xi Liangqing casually glanced at it. His eyes widened as he watched from beginning to end. The longer he watched, the more his heart sank. When he finished watching it, his heart was filled with despair.

He didn’t have any impression on a lot of the people in the video, which meant that even he didn’t know that he’d had so many one-night stands. However, the person who’d sent the email was able to collect all of this. If he still wasn’t aware that he was being targeted, then he wasn’t the young master of the Xi family.

“Ping’Er” Xi Liangqing reached out to comfort Su Lingping, but he didn’t expect that the other party would suddenly extend his hand as well and instantly give Xi Liangqing a slap on the face. Five finger prints appeared on his handsome face.

“Xi Liangqing, I didn’t f*cking expect you to be this kind of person. You’re still fooling around outside even after getting engaged with me. I thought last time was just an accident, but I didn’t expect there to be this many accidents! You bastard!” Su Lingping roared. He didn’t care if the others outside heard. He couldn’t care about that right now.

Xi Liangqing’s face felt hot and there was a terrifying glint in his eyes for a second. However, he still remembered to appease Su Lingping. He tried his best to suppress his anger and explained to Su Lingping, “Ping’Er, listen to me. It’s not like that.”

“It’s all clearly shot in here. Even the time is clear. What are you trying to argue about? I really f*cking misjudged you. Xi Liangqing, you’re a bastard. I definitely won’t forgive you.” The more Su Lingping spoke, the more aggrieved he felt.

Although he was the illegitimate son of the Su family, he had been loved by his father since he was a child. He’d never suffered this kind of anger before, not to mention by someone he loved. He’d never suffered like this and the thought of it made him dizzy for a while. He faced Xi Liangqing and raised his hand again.

Xi Liangqing was hit once, so he naturally wouldn’t allow himself to be hit a second time. His dignity wouldn’t allow it. So he took Su Lingping’s hand without hesitation and held onto it tightly. His expression was a bit terrifying.

“Ping’Er, calm down,” Xi Liangqing said with a displeased expression. He felt hatred for Su Lingping in his heart, so his expression naturally wasn’t as pleasant as before either.

“Calm down, my a**. Xi Liangqing, I’m not finished with you.” His arm was pinched by the other party. It really hurt, making Su Lingping even more angry.

Su Lingping also didn’t care about the consequences as he hit Xi Liangqing with his head.

“Bam” sounded. The defenseless Xi Liangqing was knocked to the ground. Before he was able to get up, he was pressed down by Su Lingping’s body with one punch after another.

Xi Liangqing finally became angry as well as he slammed Su Lingping to the ground and began to fight back. The two fought in the office like this, and blood soon appeared.

Luo Lingxing naturally wouldn’t miss such an interesting scene. He sat in front of the Spirit Mirror, eating the snack that he’d prepared, and watched the party playing out on the other side. His mood was very good, and even the report from that afternoon couldn’t affect his good mood.

One had to know that after the report came out, many people had sent him video calls and messages, including his families, friends and all of those who cared about him. He really was fine. That matter didn’t mean much to him at all. He didn’t know why the others were so anxious. A matter of this degree could easily be solved.

Watching Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing, who were even more heated, Luo Lingxing was very satisfied with this result. It seemed that the emails he’d sent to Su Lingping were quite useful.

Everything that Su Lingxing had experienced in the past, he would repay to Su Lingping double, so that he could have a taste of what Su Lingxing had felt. Moreover, this was just the beginning.

Perhaps they were tired of fighting, but Xi Liangqing and Su Lingping gradually stopped. However, the once very presentable faces had now turned unrecognizable. If he hadn’t been staring at the Spirit Mirror, Luo Lingxing might not have recognized the two that had appeared in front of him.

“Hiss…” Su Lingping was in pain. His entire body hurt, as if he had been run over by a car. Even his bones hurt. Xi Liangqing hadn’t held back at all, making his heart feel even more aggrieved and angry.

This matter was originally Xi Liangqing’s fault, but as a result, he even dared to hit him. He even raised his hand to hit him.

“Xi Liangqing, just you wait. I definitely won’t marry you. Our marriage contract is dissolved. I won’t let you off!”

Su Lingping struggled to stand up. The pain in his body made his expression become even more distorted.

Hearing this, Xi Liangqing immediately realized what had just happened and wanted to have him stay. As a result, he realized that his entire body hurt as well. He realized that the other party was merciless, and he suddenly became angry and sneered, “You won’t let me off? Do you think I’m scared of your Su family? Let me tell you, our engagement is over. I never liked you anyway. The only reason I agreed to the marriage was to unite our families. With your looks, I wouldn’t want you even if you threw yourself at me. Anyone from this video is prettier and more gentle than you are.”

“You…you…” Su Lingping was so angered by the other party’s words that he couldn’t speak. He hated Xi Liangqing even more. He really had to be blind to have liked this scumbag. He never knew this guy had that kind of goal and had never liked him in the first place. He had been tricked for so long.

“Just you wait. Even if my Su family isn’t as good as your Xi family, I definitely won’t let you off. At worst, I’ll take you down with me,” Su Lingping said viciously, then forced his aching body out of the company. He really wanted to beat this scumbag again, but unfortunately, his body was in too much pain. His spirit was willing, but the body was lacking.

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