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Luo Lingxing watched the two who had completely broken off, and a satisfied smile finally hung at the corner of his mouth. He put away the Spirit Mirror and sent Chen Hongliang a message. Within a minute, the other party actually called with a video message.

“Have you finally thought it through and decided to come forward?” Chen Hongliang excitedly asked. God knew how annoyed he was these days with calls from those reporters. He was about to turn off his terminal to get some peace and quiet.

He thought this damn child would continue to pretend to know nothing and ignore it. He didn’t expect him to think it over clearly. Although he knew that there would eventually be a solution, letting things be was very anxiety inducing. The most important thing was that it affected his popularity.

“Mn, those people won’t be able to bring any storms either,” Luo Lingxing said with a laugh. It was guessed that those two would be worrying about their own problems and wouldn’t have time to care about him. With their abilities, they’ve probably used up all their resources already. He didn’t have to wait any longer and could start fighting back.

After dealing with the negative reports online, he could finally counterattack and let those people have a taste of their own medicine.

“That’s great. I’ll contact the reporters now and arrange a conference,” Chen Hongliang said excitedly. He then seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Xiao Luo, if you explain the luxury car, then Major General Han will get involved. I think it’s best if you talk with Major General Han first. If it’s okay, you two should disclose your relationship so that everyone will be even more convinced.”

Chen Hongliang originally wanted to propose to say that Han Junzhan was Luo Lingxing’s friend and that he lived in his friend’s house. However, after thinking about it, if they were just friends, how could they explain the luxury car? No friend would be generous enough to give two luxury cars, and if they didn’t explain it well, people might really think that he was a kept man.

Moreover, to say that a legal fiance was a friend, Major General Han probably wouldn’t agree to that. Many fans were very tolerant of idols getting married and having lovers these days, so even if they went public, it wouldn’t affect his popularity much.

Hearing this, Luo Lingxing was stunned. He never thought about going public with his relationship with Han Junzhan. He never thought of this possibility.

When he and Han Junzhan got engaged, it was the Luo family’s idea to help him get out of the shadow of a broken heart. There actually weren’t any feelings between Han Junzhan and him, so he never placed any importance on him. He planned to wait for a while before letting his family know that he never had any big emotions toward Xi Liangqing and Su Lingping, then find an opportunity to break off the marriage contract.

However, Han Junzhan confessing to him was unexpected. When there were emotions between the two parties, it wasn’t easy to break off the marriage contract, especially since it was his side who had proposed the marriage contract in the first place. IF he insisted on breaking off the engagement, it would be too cruel to Han Junzhan. Moreover, he couldn’t bear to make Han Junzhan suffer, so since then, Luo Lingxing never mentioned breaking off the engagement again.

However, he never thought about going public with his engagement.

Would he be willing to make the engagement public? If the engagement was public, it meant that he had accepted it. He and Han Junzhan would be daoist partners in the future, and he wouldn’t be able to break off the marriage contract anymore.

“I understand. I’ll discuss it with him. You contact the reporter first,” Luo Lingxing said to Chen Hongliang, then turned off the terminal. He began to seriously think about the matter of making the engagement public.

He had never seriously considered it before because there was no need, and there was no opportunity to either. He knew that if the engagement was made public, then it would simplify everything, but he didn’t want to casually go public just because of this.

Luo Lingxing thought about it for a long, long time. He had lived for over a millena and had always been alone. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to find a daoist partner, but because he never found anyone suitable who moved his heart. After coming to his world, he suddenly had a fiance, making him feel this novel experience.

What exactly did he think about Han Junzhan? The first thing he could confirm was that he didn’t hate this person and didn’t mind living with this person. They had lived together in the past. If it was with someone else…Luo Lingxing thought about it and realized that he wouldn’t have been able to accept it. Which meant that if the person wasn’t Han Junzhan, he couldn’t imagine living with another person.

Although Han Junzhan rarely spoke and didn’t show much expression, his actions had moved him. He might not have the same feelings as one does to a lover for Han Junzhan, but if had to be with someone in the future, he hoped that person was Han Junzhan. He also hoped that their interactions wouldn’t change and would be the same as before.

After thinking it through, Luo Lingxing felt relieved and became a lot more relaxed. Since he decided to be with this person in the future, then it wasn’t a problem to go public. In any case, going public didn’t change anything about their relationship.

Luo Lingxing had thought it through, but he didn’t know what the other party thought. Therefore, he decided to ask for his opinion.

Luo Lingxing was about to turn on his terminal to video call Han Junzhan, but the other party called first. “Luoluo, are you alright?” Han Junzhan’s figure appeared on the screen with unconcealable worry on his face. After he saw the report regarding Chang’e No. 10, he immediately called Luo Lingxing, worried that he would be affected by the report and feel down.

“I’m fine. I’m figuring out how to deal with the online matters now,” Luo Lingxing said to him. He had talked to Chen Hongliang first regarding these matters. Nobody else knew, but he didn’t know why every time he saw Han Junzhan, he would tell him his plans without any reservations. He fully trusted him.

“That’s good. How do you plan on handling it?” Han Junzhan asked. The question that was hidden in his heart was always there. He wanted to say it out several times, but he was worried that it would cause Luo Lingxing trouble and affect their relationship.

“I plan on holding a press conference to clarify, but Brother Chen said I’ll need your cooperation,” Luo Lingxing said truthfully.

“No problem. I’ll head over to find you once I handle matters here. You can directly tell me what I need to do,” Han Junzhan hurriedly said. As long as he could help, he was willing.

“Brother Chen said that we should make our relationship as fiances public. It will make clarifying easier,” Luo Lingxing said.

Han Junzhan’s expression immediately froze and a rare expression of surprise appeared. He asked with uncertainty, “W-what did you just say?”  Luo Lingxing blinked, thinking the other party was unwilling, so he hurriedly said, “This is just Brother Chen’s suggestions. Even if we don’t make our relationship public, I have other ways to handle it.” If they didn’t go public about his relationship, he would have to go public about the Luo family, and he would still be able to resolve this matter well. Chen Hongliang didn’t know about the Luo family, and that was why he suggested disclosing his relationship as finaces with Han Junzhan.

Although he didn’t think about this possibility at first, now seeing Han Junzhan react like this, there was still a faint sense of loss inside his heart.

“Luoluo, let’s go public. I’m fine. I don’t mind,” Han Junzhan hurriedly said, lest Luo Lingxing took back his words. How could he mind? He couldn’t wait to make their relationship public.

Perhaps god couldn’t stand watching his method of pursuing people and came to help him? He was worried about how to tell Luoluo about going public. As a result, the other party took the initiative to tell him first. Was there anything happier than this?

There. Was. Not!!!

Han Junzhan was so happy that he couldn’t say anything at first. He never believed in buddha or gods, but couldn’t help but want to thank buddha and god at this moment.

“Is it really okay? If it’s made public, there will be no room for regrets regarding our marriage contract in the future,” Luo Lingxing said to Han Junzhan. He wanted the other party to think it through.

Although the other party confessed his love to him, he knew what marriage meant for this world. Despite getting married, many people still divorced because they fell out of love, and not to mention that they were only engaged.

However, he treated feelings differently. He wanted something from beginning to the end. Once he decided on someone, it was for a lifetime, and the other person wasn’t allowed to regret it.

“Of course. I’d love to.” Han Junzhan’s mouth was about to stretch to his ears.

Couldn’t regret it? That was all he wanted, to not be able to regret it, so that Luoluo would always be his. This way, everyone would know that Luoluo belonged to Han Junzhan. There was simply nothing better than that.

If Xiao Ming and Zhang Xuan were here at this moment, they would definitely think that Han Junzhan had a stroke. He was laughing too sillily.

“Okay, since you’ve thought it through, then I’ll arrange it,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Luoluo, are you really willing to live with me for the rest of our lives?” Han Junzhan still felt like he was in a dream and couldn’t really believe it.

“Junzhan, I…I don’t really understand what it means to like someone, but I know that I don’t hate you and I’m willing to live with you. Maybe I still won’t understand what it means to like someone, even so, are you still willing to go public?” Luo Lingxing truthfully told Han Junzhan his situation, leaving the choice in his hands.”

“I’m willing. I’ll wait for you. I’ll slowly teach you what it means to like someone,” Han Junzhan earnestly promised.

Perhaps Luo Lingxing didn’t like him at this moment, but he didn’t hate him either. This was already a very good thing. He still had a long time to teach Luoluo about love. After they go public, he could teach him more openly. So why would he be afraid of Luo Lingxing not liking him in the future?

It had to be said that regarding certain aspects, Han Junzhan was quite narcissistic.

Hearing Han Junzhan’s promise, sweetness filled Luo Lingxing’s heart. He had never felt like this before. Was this what it meant to like someone? Maybe he did like Han Junzhan just a little bit, and he was looking to have Han Junzhan teach him.

“Mn. I’ll tell Brother Chen about our decision first to have him prepare. You should prepare as well. We might have to hold another conference in the future, and we’re not done with the shooting yet over here either. The press conference should be held in the Film World,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. He may not have noticed it himself, but had on a smile from the start till now.

“No problem. Luoluo, I love you.” Han Junzhan looked at Luoluo’s delicate and smiling little face and felt sweetness and warmth. Affection filled his heart as he spoke. His eyes were also full of doting.

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