IMG Chapter 171 Major General Impersonated

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“Xiao Luo, the preparations for the press conference are complete. The location is set for the virtual network in three days time. Is there any problem with the schedule on Major General Han’s side?” Chen Hongliang reported the plans to Luo Lingxing.

The reason he chose the virtual network was to allow as many journalists to participate as possible, and it would be easier to spread the word. Moreover, even if Major General Han couldn’t make it here on time, he could always go on the virtual network from his side. And most importantly, it was to avoid too many artists from attending and causing too much excitement and harm to the artists. This could all be effectively avoided on the virtual network.

“There’s no problem. He can make it in time,” Luo Lingxing said.

“That’s good. You should send a Weibo post and reply to the fans, then tell them the time of the conference. Your fans must be going crazy during this period of time. You should use this chance to comfort them. If it’s okay, you can also secretly mention Major General Han. That way there will definitely be more people who attend the conference. It will also be easier for you to explain your situation,” Chen Hongliang suggested.

Luo Lingxing thought it over, then nodded. He then opened Weibo. The majority of the comments were basically ignored by him. He knew what they would be about without even having to read them. So he started writing on Weibo.

Luo Lingxing V: I made everyone worry during this period of time. I will hold a press conference on the virtual network on March 26th to give everyone a suitable answer. There will be a little surprise when the time comes~  The last sentence was added by Chen Hongliang becausehe thought Luo Lingxing’s Weibo was too bland and boring. Therefore, he proposed to change the tone and add symbols so that it would look more lively, and it would be more in line with his age.

He realized more than once that Luo Lingxing’s inner personality was different from his outside age.Others who were older would speak cutely like a child, but Luo Lingxing was the exact opposite. He obviously had the age advantage, but he was more mature like an old man who had experienced thousands of years.

For Chen Hongliang’s proposal, Luo Lingxing said that it didn’t matter. He obediently accepted it, but if he was to create his own Weibo posts in the future, then it might revert back to his old dull ways.

As soon as Luo Lingxing’s Weibo posted, it immediately caused a huge discussion. This was Luo Lingxing’s first reply since everything started, after all. Even if it was a single Weibo post, it was better than not getting any news at all.

Fans, haters, and even passersby flooded to the comment section of the Weibo post. The media was even more unwilling to meet this opportunity. A single post opened the opportunity of imagination and created all sorts of brain holes and reports. The press conference that was mentioned in the Weibo post especially stirred them up. They all squeezed in to try and think of a way to get an invitation since personally interviewing the person was more convincing than anything anyone could think uo.

Luo-fan 1: Luoluo, you finally appeared. I trust in you. I believe in you no matter what you do. I’ll always firmly support you, so please take good care of yourself. Don’t stress out because of this. The Luo-fans will always be on your side.  Luo-fan 2: Little Prince Luo, don’t pay attention to those boring chatterboxes. They’re too bored, and that’s why they jump around when there’s even a tiny bit of excitement. We all believe you and will support you.

Luo-fan 3: Little Prince Luo, I liked you ever since your debut. I will always like and support you in the future as well.

Su-fan turned Luo-fan: When you were still Su Lingxing, I had already liked you. Although you’ve changed your name, I know that you had some unimaginable difficulties. It doesn’t matter how you’ve changed, I’ll always support you.

Luo-fan 10: Luoluo, what is the little surprise you’re talking about. I don’t think I can wait three days. Can you tell us now? I have a feeling that something big is about to happen.

Hater 1: Aiya, you finally appeared. I thought you would always hide behind the crew and dare not show your head. You’ve done so much, after all. If it was me, I would be too ashamed to appear.  Hater 2: A little surprise, huh? Are you going to officially announce your sugar daddy? That would be a huge surprise. When a certain person comes out, they’ll get their face slapped. Bam, bam. It’s going to hurt.  Luo-fan 23: We still don’t know who’s going to get their face slapped. Who knows, your face might be swollen like a pig’s when the time comes.

Luo-fans all thought that the reason Luo Lingxing didn’t post a response was because he was heartbroken by these reports and was licking his wounds alone. So most of the comments left by the Luo-fans were comforting and encouraging him, which made Luo Lingxing very moved. As for the haters who were spouting hate, he directly ignored them.

Speaking truthfully, being able to ignore hate comments was also an amazing skill. If every celebrity could practice this skill, then their moods would be a lot better.

Luo Lingxing V: Trust me, the Luo-fans won’t get their faces slapped.

Luo Lingxing was touched by the support and encouragement, so he sent another Weibo text to put them at ease. When others gave him kindness, he would naturally return the favor.

And so, Luo Lingxing sent out his second post. The Luo-fans became even more confident and confronted the haters even more vigorously. They gradually gained the upper hand and squeezed out the haters that were jumping on Luo Lingxing’s Weibo. On the other hand, Luo Lingxing’s Weibo, which was usually as empty as snow, had now posted two Weibos in one day. This caused countless people to be very excited. Of the top ten hot search list that day, Luo Lingxing alone occupied half the positions, which caused even more people to know about the press conference. They all wished the press conference could come earlier.

In the next three days, Luo Lingxing didn’t pay attention to Weibo or the internet. He devoted himself to filming instead,  exhausting all the methods from those people from finding any information on Luo Lingxing. It was as if things had reverted back to the previous state. If it weren’t for the two Weibo posts still being there, everyone would have thought it was all an illusion.

Time passed very quickly. On this day, Luo Lingxing asked Sun Xueyou for a day off. Sun Xueyou also knew that he was going to hold a press conference, so he happily agreed.

“Xiao Luo, when you hold your conference today, the reporters will definitely bring up old matters. You can choose the questions you want to answer. Don’t be caught in the pit by them and don’t be impulsive. You also can’t get mad with the reporters or else they will definitely write an unfavorable report about you. We all believe in you. You have to do your best,” Sun Xueyou instructed him.

“Thank you for your warnings, Director Sun. I’ll do my best,” Luo Lingxing smiled and replied.

Sun Xueyou was still very optimistic about Luo Lingxing. Although there were a lot of negative reports recently and he was a bit worried, he knew that as long as this teenager overcame this hurdle, everything would be much smoother in the future. Besides, which celebrity hadn’t experienced this before after coming a star? If he could face it with a calm attitude, his mental strength would strengthen as well, which was a good thing.

Not long after Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang left, Xiao Ming came over to ask for leave for Ye Luohan. And so, the two main male protagonists were missing from the set at the same time again, and they had to make major changes to the scenes.

“Do you think Luo Lingxing will be able to clear his name with this press conference?” a smaller celebrity whispered to his companion.

“Who knows. This is a big matter. Not only are there rumors of being a kept man, there was also the space pirate hijacking incident. It’s easy to clarify regarding being a kept man, but the space pirates hijacking case is a bit matter. I think just that is enough to worry about.”  “Aren’t there survivors saying that Luo Lingxing is the hero who saved them?”

“Is there any use in them saying that? What if Luo Lingxing paid them off? Nobody else saw what had happened during the incident, after all. Those victims’ families won’t give up. This matter has really been blown up.” The person who spoke shook her head with a regretful expression.

In fact, she had been very optimistic about Luo Lingxing. This teenager had good acting skills and good looks. And as a person, he was very well-behaved, and he was quite popular. As long as nobody intentionally smeared his name, he would have been able to stay in the entertainment industry for a long time.

Luo Lingxing brought Chen Hongliang back to the hotel.

Chen Hongliang logged onto the virtual network first to check the process. Luo Lingxing didn’t log onto the virtual network immediately, since he had to wait for Han Junzhan.

He had previously received a text notifying him that the other party had already arrived on the Film World. They were currently rushing to the hotel now. Besides, there was still a bit of time before the press conference.

“Beep beep beep…” The terminal notification sounded. Luo Lingxing looked at the familiar terminal number, and he inexplicably felt nervous.

It was strange. He clearly hadn’t felt this way the last time they met.

Luo Lingxing left the room and personally went to pick up Han Junzhan. He wasn’t clear why he would do this since the other party wasn’t a three year old small child who didn’t know how to navigate around.

“Luoluo.” As soon as Han Junzhan went upstairs, Luo Lingxing was walking out of the room. He wasn’t able to hold back his excitement and directly ran up to him and pulled him into a tight hug. He smelled the scent on the other person’s body, and his heart was finally satisfied.

God knew how he’d spend the last few days. Ever since they decided to make their engagement public, he had wanted to tightly hold Luo Lingxing to feel his body temperature. Although he was able to see the person everyday, he wasn’t able to go up and hug or act intimately with him. He felt so stifled. He’d almost used up his entire life’s worth of self-control. All he wanted to do was hug him to his fill. If he could, he wanted to do even more intimate acts.

However, Han Junzhan also knew that these kinds of things couldn’t be rushed. It was difficult to have the other party take a step forward. If he was too excited and scared the other party off, the loss wouldn’t be worth it.

“Junzhan?” Luo Lingxing called out his name softly while letting himself be held tightly.

When he saw Han Junzhan, Luo Lingxing clearly felt his heart beat for an instant. When he was brought into the other party’s warm chest, his heart began to beat at a violent and unusual speed again, like it wanted to jump out of his chest. He wasn’t used to this, but he was also reluctant to interrupt this moment.

“Luoluo, I got too excited. When you accepted me, I wanted to go to your side immediately. Let me hug you for a bit longer. Just a bit longer,” Han Junzhan said. It didn’t seem like he was going to let go of him anytime soon.

Luo Lingxing didn’t speak but obediently snuggled into the other party’s arms. He let the other party’s scent invade his nose and fill into his chest.

Who knew how long the two hugged for. In short, Luo Lingxing felt that his own legs were getting numb.

Fortunately, there weren’t many people living on this floor. And as one of the protagonists, both he and Ye Luohan lived in the best rooms. So at this time, there wasn’t anyone else in the corridor besides the two of them. If there were, then it would have set off another wave of chaos before the press conference.

“Junzhan, my legs are a bit numb,” Luo Lingxing gently said. There was a hint of coquettishness in his tone that even he hadn’t noticed.

“I’m sorry.” Hearing this, Han Junzhan panicked a bit and instantly let go of Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing didn’t expect him to move so quickly. He wasn’t able to stand without any support and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Han Junzhan reacted extremely quickly and caught him.

Han Junzhan placed Luo Lingxing’s hands on his own shoulders for support. He then half-knelt on the ground and gently massaged Luo Lingxing’s numb legs. His movements were gentle, and his expression was full of tenderness. It was a beautiful scene.

If Zhang Xuan and the other military personnel were there, they would definitely think that their Major General had been impersonated.

Such a gentle and affectionate person could never be their Major General!!!

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