IMG Chapter 162 Shocking the Audience

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“Brothers, charge forward. We’ll ruthlessly teach these two a lesson. Don’t leave a single person alive!” A man dressed in black seemed to be stimulated by the words of these two brothers. He viciously threw out these words in return.

The man in black rushed toward Huangfu Yue and Shen Anyang. His actions were fast. Since the system was controlling the movements, these extras didn’t have to worry about their actions. It was precisely because of this that the people watching were even more worried for Luo Lingxing. They were afraid that he would be hit and get injured.

However, to everyone’s surprise, just as the man in black’s sword was about to hit Luo Lingxing, he suddenly jumped up. Not only was he able to avoid the blade, he moved so gracefully as if he was dancing instead of fighting.

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but widen. The more they watched, the less they were able to control their expressions. The fighting scene with Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan was too thrilling. The two roamed freely among the men in black, moving back and forth without a trace, like they were playing with them. Not to mention that the men in black couldn’t touch a piece of their clothes. On the other hand, countless sword wounds appeared on their bodies as blood continued to flow out.

As the men in black fell one after another, Huangfu Yue seemed to have played enough and began to speed up his movements. He jumped, retreated, flipped, and released his sword. His movements were completed all in one go. His movements were even more fluid and pleasing to the eye than the movements designed by the martial artist.

Until the scene ended, “cut” wasn’t called once. The entire place was silent.

Luo Lingxing stood in place while still hanging from the wire. He retrieved the aura he’d just had and returned to being Luo Lingxing from Huangfu Yue. He blinked at the director.

“Cut! Xiao Luo, you’re really amazing. Too amazing. How many surprises will you give up? Tell us, what else can you do that you haven’t told us? What other surprises do you have for us?” Sun Xueyou excitedly said. He almost rushed forward to hug Luo Lingxing. When Chen Hongliang said that Luo Lingxing didn’t have a system, he wanted to replace him with a stand-in. After all, he didn’t want any flaws in his hard work. But at this moment, he felt guilty for this thought that passed through his mind.

His thinking was too narrow. His thoughts were too one-tracked for him to think that he needed a system for this role and that he would be unable to complete the role without one. However, Luo Lingxing showed him that it could be done without a system, and it could be done even more beautifully!

He was simply a treasure!

“It’s because I learned a bit of martial arts before. There are no other surprises,” Luo Lingxing modestly said.

Fortunately, this body had trained in the barracks for a long time. Otherwise, even if he could do the movements, his body wouldn’t be able to keep up. He had the will but not he means. Therefore, he had to continue to train in the future.

But after seeing this, nobody believed that he only “learned a bit of martial arts”. Even martial art masters couldn’t beat his skills. Moreover, he’d only watched the moves for a minute. If they hadn’t personally witnessed it, who would believe it?

Yao Qingqing bit her lower lip. She couldn’t believe it but had no choice but to believe it. She never thought that Luo Lingxing, who didn’t have a system, would actually act on this level. It ruined her mood of watching a good show.

“Don’t be modest. If you say this is only a bit, then what will others do? Haha…” Sun Xueyou was quite happy. He didn’t have anything to worry about right now, and he can happily film the scenes.

“Director Sun, is this scene okay?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“It’s good. It’s great, even better than I expected.” Sun Xueyou’s words were true. Watching a replay of the scene, it really was more beautiful than he’d imagined. The martial arts movements were skilled. If they continued to shoot like this, then once the drama is released, the ratings would be very good.

“Boy Luo, you have a future, haha…” Director Sun’s hearty laughter echoed throughout the set. “You guys go and rest for a bit. I’ll shoot the other scenes first.”

Chen Hongliang knew that Luo Lingxing would be able to do it, but he never expected him to accomplish it to this degree. In fact, when he spoke with Sun Xueyou previously, he was also worried. He never expected Xiao Luo to give them such a nice surprise. Even without a system, he was able to do it to this degree. Besides Luo Lingxing, there was probably nobody else who could do this.

First, he could paint traditional Chinese paintings, and now he was able to exquisitely perform traditional martial arts.

Sure enough, there was no one else with this many surprises!

Chen Hongliang felt that when Luo Lingxing showed even more skills in the future, he wouldn’t be surprised anymore. After all, he’d been surprised so much that he was calm now.

“Xiao Luo, you really are amazing. Where did you learn martial arts from? So amazing. I also want to learn,” a male staff member ran over and asked in admiration.

In the past, when Luo Lingxing was resting, only the girls would generally run over to fangirl and nourish their eyes. Who would have expected that even the boys would run over this time.

Sure enough, Luo Lingxing’s charm was so great that both men and women would fight over him.

“You want to learn martial arts with your small figure? Martial arts will crush you,” a girl unabashedly said.

“Little prince, the few moves you did were so awesome. I recorded it all! I’ll go home to lick the screen every single day.”

“Ah, the scene stunned me so much that I forgot to record it. You have to send me a copy.”

“Send me a copy too.”

“Me too.” As soon as Luo Lingxing sat to the side for a rest, the temp staff all ran over to surround him, expressing their admiration. In just a few seconds, they all surrounded the girl who recorded the scene and begged for a copy of the video.

Seeing these lively youngsters, Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but smile. The young and energetic always put others in a good mood.

Luo Lingxing, who was thinking this, probably didn’t expect that in the others’ eyes, he was younger than these staff members. It wasn’t his fault that inside this young body hid a thousand year old soul.

“You can’t release the video you shot.” Sun Xueyou instructed the other actors and yelled at this group of energetic staff at the same time.

“Got it,” the girl replied. They could just enjoy it in private. He really was too handsome. They could even lick their screens a hundred times a day.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you,” Chen Hongliang asked Luo Lingxing.

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing nodded. They shot for a long time, so he was a bit hungry.

Ye Luohan, who heard their conversation, seemed to have thought of something. He originally planned to go over to find Luo Lingxing, but halfway there, he changed directions and walked toward his exclusive car. Xiao Ming could only follow him.

A superstar like Ye Luohan naturally had the best of everything. While resting, others had to rest in the lounge, but Ye Luohan could lie comfortably in his car. Even if other actors were envious, they dare not step up, except for Luo Lingxing.

“Tired? You should go lay for a bit.” Xiao Ming recalled what Ye Luohan had told Sun Xueyou earlier. Although he felt that those words were to help Luo Lingxing, he couldn’t guarantee that he wasn’t tired. It would be easier to recover if he rested.

Ye Luohan didn’t reply to Xiao Ming, but took a bun out from his space button instead. He also felt a bit hungry.

The fragrance of the buns instantly wafted in the air, causing Xiao Ming to be dazed.

“Luohan, where did you get such a good thing? Is there more? Give me some too.” Xiao Ming felt that his saliva was about to flow out. It was obviously just a bun, but he felt that it could compare to any delicacy.

If this was the past, he would never have thought that a mere bun could be so great. After all, it was just made out of flour and vegetables. No matter how good it was, it was nothing amazing. However, ever since he ate the buns from Luo Lingxing, he finally realized how good buns could be. All the buns he’d eaten in the past were eaten in vain.

“No. Luoluo gave this to me when I left. If you want to eat some, go buy it yourself.” Ye Luohan’s words had no room for argument and at the same time, sounded like he was trying to show off.

Xiao Ming looked at Ye Luohan’s smug expression. He wanted to give him a good slap in the face.

However, he didn’t dare do it.

Forget it. It was just a bun. He could buy a hundred later. However, the ones he’d bought weren’t as fragrant as this one. As a hard-working agent, it was a pity that he had to mix with this guy.

“Huh? Did you guys see Golden Fox Award’s official blog? It seems that they updated the list of nominees,” a girl gently said.

“They updated the list? Didn’t the list already come out? Can they still update it?”

“Let me see. It says that the previous one was only a preliminary list. The current one is the final list. They added a few more nominees to it.”

Let’s see if there are any additions to the Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer?” another girl hurriedly said. These were the awards their little prince was nominated for.

“For Best Newcomer, they added someone named Su Lingping. For Best Supporting Actor, they added Liu Guanghua. F*ck, is this a mistake? Liu Guanghua was nominated for Best Supporting Actor with his shoddy acting? The Golden Fox Award must be joking. And I’ve never heard of this Su Lingping.” The girls were muttering angrily.

Their conversation was heard by Luo Lingxing, who wasn’t far away. When Luo Lingxing heard the two names, the corners of his mouth hooked up in an evil looking arc.

Meanwhile at the Su residence.

“Baby, Mommy has good news for you. You were nominated for Best Newcomer,” Wei Xinyi happily said. The scene of her son smashing everything still left a shadow in her heart. Since her son liked this award so much, then as a mother, she would naturally help him.

“I saw. Thank you, Mommy.” Su Lingping walked up and kissed Wei Xinyi’s cheek. His mood finally became better.

Although he didn’t obtain the Best Supporting Actor, didn’t they have Liu Guanghua for Best Supporting Actor? Besides, Best Newcomer wasn’t bad either, and it was even easier to get. As for the others who were nominated for Best Newcomer, especially a certain someone, hehe. He could finally use those things he’d prepared.

This time, he definitely didn’t want that person to win any awards. He also wanted to make him a laughingstock.

“Mommy, I have something I need to do. I’ll head back to my room first. Once Daddy returns, I’ll come eat with you guys,” Su Lingping said. He didn’t want to see the appearance of that person falling from his current height. It would be so embarrassing.

Even if he managed to open a studio, even if he signed a contract with Ye Luohan, this was still the entertainment industry. A little stain was enough to make someone ruthlessly fall from any height!

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